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ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Most Accurate Pollster in the World nails its 3rd presidential election in a row -within 1/10 of 1%
  May 24, 2013

Based on raw numbers incumbent U.S. President Barack Obama leads former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney 48.5% to 46.1%. Based on respective numbers for both candidates grossed up to 100% after factoring for "other" and Undecided, Barack Obama has gone from a support total of 52.85% in early August to 50.8% with two weeks to go until Election Day a decrease of just less than 4%. Over the same period of time Republican candidate Mitt Romney has gone from 47.12% to 48.6% an increase of 3% for the challenger.
Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney 52.5% to 46.5% among Caucasian women. He leads Mitt Romney 81.5% to 14.5% among African Americans, and 63% to 30% among Latino Voters and 57% to 31% among Asian and “Other” likely voters.
40.5% of those respondents who initially said they were likely voters and then said they were uncertain if they would vote -- are Latino.
Hillary Clinton’s numbers are solid with 74% of likely voters judging her job as Secretary of States as either “Good” or “Fair”. 27% of respondents who support Mitt Romney in question 1 adjudged Mrs. Clinton’s job performance as either “Good” or “Fair”, while 21% of those who are Undecided support Mitt Romney in question 2.

Question #1
Who do you intend to vote for President of the United States this November? (Obama and Romney to (nearly) 100%)
Barack Obama    50.8 %
Mitt Romney    48.6 %
Undecided/Other    2.5 %
Question #2
How would you rate the job done by Hillary Clinton - Secretary of State?
Good    47 %
Fair    27 %
Poor    21 %
If Mitt Romney loses the contest for President of the United States 2012 to Barack Obama it will be based on 2 main reasons according this ROBBINS poll. The first is that Barack Obama attracts more women (including Caucasian women) and minorities then Governor Romney does, and the second is that Hillary Clinton (a woman) has high numbers as Secretary of State – supporting Barack Obama’s administration on foreign policy, historically a Republican strength.
Mitt Romney needs to attract more voters from the Caucasian demographic from the female gender classification to have any opportunity to win the presidency. According to this ROBBINS poll he has not accomplished this at this late juncture in the race.
Nearly two thirds of ALL women likely to vote in this presidential election (2012) combined support Barack Obama for President. Nearly (80%) of decided women voters combined are of the opinion that Hillary Clinton is doing a “Good” or “Fair” job as Secretary of State.
The Obama presidency is clearly dependent on the support of women, including particularly African American Latino, Asian and “other” women voters whose support for his re-election is (72%) decided.
ROBBINS believes that in a world where stark and compelling images present themselves to tens of millions of people in both mainstream news and in online news constantly – that there are some that simply stand alone above all of the others. The shooting of the young Pakastani women by Taliban forces – an image on televisions across the world - simply because she desired to promote education for women –– combined with comments by Republican candidate Mitt Romney about “binders of women” in the 2nd presidential debate, and the fact that foreign policy in the United States is being led by a women – Hillary Clinton – whose husband former president Bill Clinton – may be as popular across the world as Barack Obama is --- in a contest that is screwed down tight – will ultimately provide Barack Obama with a popular vote win of 1 per cent to 5 per cent. If Mitt Romney does not win and is close on popular vote he sets the stage for another run in 2016. If he is not close – it is probably his last run for President.
The Electoral College will follow popular vote and provide Barack Obama with a second term according to this poll on the strength of support from women and minorities.
Glen P. Robbins
Methodology-A random sampling by telephone of 2,012 "Likely Voters" in the United States of America between October 14-20, 2012. The Margin of Error of this poll is 2.12% 19 times out of 20 @95% confidence.

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