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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics May 30, 2003
  May 30, 2003

A survey of 350 British Columbians was conducted between May 19 and May 26, 2003, relating to travel and safety, Ernst Zundel as an "isolated" security risk, and Ernst Zundel as a security risk compared to other perceived "negative social elements". A supplementary question relating to SARS as a component of influence of "fear" on respondents was also included. This survey has an error rate of plus or minus 3.5% 19 times out of 20, @ 98% competency.

Question #1
It's approaching 2 years since the terrorist attack (911) in September 2001. Today are you concerned for your safety with respect to travel and security?
Yes    62.34 %
No    31.14 %
Question #2
Ernst Zundel has spent most of his 43 years living in Canada proclaiming that the Nazi holocaust never took place. Now the Federal Government wants to kick Mr. Zundel out of Canada on the basis that he is a security risk? In your opinion, is Ernst Zundel a security risk to Canada?
No    70.86 %
Yes    29.14 %
Question #3
Which of the following groups, if any in your opinion, are the greatest risks to security in British Columbia?
Asian Gangs    28.86 %
Indo-Canadian gangs politically motivated violence over events in India    21.14 %
Arab nationalist or terrorist with anti-American sentiments    17.71 %
Motorcycle or biker gangs    9.71 %
Holocaust deniers and White Supremists    7.14 %
Question #4
Does the SARS disease continue to seriously concern or frighten you?
No    54.57 %
Yes    45.43 %
67.71% of respondents see visible minorities collectively as a security risk.
Just under a third of British Columbians believe that Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel is a security risk when the question is framed in the context of the Federal government saying that he is a security risk. Measured against other 'negative elements' Ernst Zundel is considered far less a security risk
Few visible minorities surveyed are concerned with Ernst Zundel or biker gangs. SARS frightens more respondents than any of the other choices offered in any other category.
The hypothesis derived from this survey is that Ernst Zundel is not a bona fide security risk. Mitigating factors for Zundel included his age, and the number of years he had been in Canada to date. Many respondents believed the Federal government's action against Zundel to be politically motivated, but few if any had any sympathy for him. Many declared him to be an "idiot" or a "kook" or "crazy" but not a security risk.
During the course of this survey, media discussed the Federal government’s case on Ernst Zundel, the Air India case, the Toronto ban re-SARS and the USA going on orange alert relating to terrorist concerns in their country.

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