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Homosexual vs. Heterosexual Marriage
  Aug 10, 2003

This survey of 2200 respondents conducted by ROBBINS SCE Research throughout 10 provinces in Canada was taken between July 28th and August 8, 2003. This survey sought respondent’s opinions on the subject of retaining marriage as a heterosexual institution and of homosexual’s adopting children. This survey has a margin of error of 3.5% 19 times out of 20.

Question #1
Are you FOR or AGAINST retaining the word “marriage” to mean the legal union of a heterosexual man and woman?
For    69. %
Against    28. %
Question #2
Should two homosexuals be allowed to adopt children?
Yes    14. %
No    74. %
We stayed away from the term “same-sex” as it has merely become a description not found in any dictionary. Homosexual is one who has a desire for another person of the same sex. A Lesbian is a female homosexual.
There has been much discussion on providing benefits to homosexual couples but not to heterosexual couples who are not married. If government decides to extend benefits to anyone outside of marriage, then life-style should not be a determinate factor .It should be extended to all.

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