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ZEUS ROBBINS - Gordon Campbell Has to Go - BC, WE NEED TO CHANGE
  Nov 01, 2010

Question #1
Following Premier Gordon Campbell’s $250,000 tax payer funded address on Global TV (last night-last Wednesday evening) on Global television, and generally speaking for you///… In your opinion, should Premier Gordon Campbell:
Stay on as our premier    7 %
Go/Resign    88.5 %
Undecided    4.5 %
Question #2
If an election were held tomorrow would you vote for Carole James and the New Democrats?
Yes    44 %
No    42 %
From ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) October 14, 2010
{Adjusted generally for gender) //683 ‘eligible voters’ in the province of British Columbia between October 9-13, 2010 including: Vancouver Island (171) Campbell River, Esquimalt, Nanaimo, Oak Bay, Saanich, Victoria; Lower Mainland (348) Burnaby, Maple Ridge, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Surrey; North and Interior (164) Kamloops, McKenzie, Merritt, Prince George, Vernon. Margin or error, 4.2%, 19/20 @ 95% confidence.
Which of the following response choices BEST reflects your support for leader of our province? Carole James, Leader of the BC ND-30 % Gordon Campbell, Leader of the BC Liberal-12 % Neither-44 % Undecided-14 %
From the following response choices, which one BEST reflects who, in your opinion, should pay for Gordon Campbell’s television address to British Columbians on October 27, 2010? The tax payers of British Columbia-9 % The BC Liberal Party-17 % Gordon Campbell-62 % Undecided-12 %
These numbers produced by ROBBINS on October 14, 2010 were followed by Angus Reid Strategies declaring support for Gordon Campbell at (09%).
This new poll of November 1, 2010 reveals Premier Campbell’s support numbers have dropped lower yet. Respondent’s anecdote reveals that those who watched the premier’s television address Wednesday evening on Global Television were made angrier.
There was plenty of discussion of the Premier’s tax cut announcement during his talk on Global TV -- it was disseminated well in broadcast and print media, yet there was little mention of it from respondents from anecdote and ‘telling’ bon mots derived in this poll.
Prior to conducting this poll, we predicted, that on balance of probability, it was likely that the premier’s support numbers would drop on band wagon effect alone, unless the premier had something outstanding to say in his television address, such as knocking a couple of points off the HST in combination with making the HST referendum date in the early part of 2011 (rather than September 2011).
Based on Campbell’s average showing in his television infomercial on Global TV, including a tax cut in the future that apparently interested few British Columbians his support numbers have dropped further.
The $240,000 of tax payer Premier Campbell spent on HIS television address, featuring no new information on the HST, no mention of the odd end to the BC Rail court case, a tax cut announcement relevant well over a year from now - six months after a referendum on the HST that British Columbians are not interested in, was a waste of money, and somewhat emblematic of the U.S. President Richard Nixon “I am not a crook” address (without Q and A), evidence the premier is too easily willing to use the public purse for his own self-centered political ends.
Many respondents indicated they did not watch Gordon Campbell’s television address on Global TV, and those who said they did, quickly responded “Go-Resign”. We believe this question was the precise one delivered at the precise right time in BC history as those respondents who “supported him (Campbell) in all three elections”, or “like him”, or are “proud of what he did for BC” want him to “Go-Resign” AND “Yesterday was not soon enough”.
We believe that Gordon Campbell’s past supporters are either categorized as: “I am just sick with what he has done (in the past year)” OR are “scared to death of the New Democrats getting in” profiles. Many of these types of comments were provided from respondents in the City of Vancouver, which has convinced us the percentages designated as outcomes for that region of the province and provincially overall are very well supported.
Only (6.5%) of respondents interviewed in the City of Vancouver want Gordon Campbell to “Stay on as our premier” – a most remarkable outcome on high sample number (253) (relative to the provincial total of 642). Respondents in the city of Burnaby were even more brutal to the premier in their responses averaging (4%) response support for “Stay on as our premier”.
Quotes from respondents in Vancouver, British Columbia:
“Campbell’s outlived his usefulness”, “I though he was a good premier, HST has caused too many problems, time for him to go”, “Last election I changed my vote I’m glad I did, “take a hike”, “he should have resigned a year ago”, “I helped his campaign its’ time to go”, “I like his grade four idea but its time to go”, “I like him, I voted for him, the proper thing to do is resign at the (BC Liberal) convention”, “It’s time for Campbell to take one for the team”, “Didn’t see his television address, thought he should have resigned months ago – I say resign”, “Our grade fours have problems whose fault its that? –he (Campbell) is despicable”, “get rid of him”, “Campbell should take a hike”, “I don’t think anybody in politics is trustworthy, certainly not Campbell – its time for him to move on”, “he should be on his way out”, “I though he should have resigned after the drinking and driving charges”, “enough – I’m sick of him”, “don’t want him around anymore”, “I say Go”, “he can’t be trusted”, “he’s poison, very selfish”, “Campbell’s way out of touch – doesn’t have a clue about the people”, “he’s ruining our public schools –my kids don’t’ have textbooks – the classrooms don’t even have paper –he’s an awful person”, “his time is up”, “I don’t know what’s wrong with the rest of them (BC Liberals) – why they keep sticking up for him”, “let me be perfectly clear, I want Campbell to resign so the NDP doesn’t get in which is what is going to happen if he doesn’t”
The very low numbers in support of the premier “Staying on” in the cities of Vancouver, Burnaby, and the North shore region representing a total population of over 1 million British Columbians, (one quarter of the provincial total)-- at the front end of Recall Initiative eligibility set to commence in mid-November of this year (2010)--- and with the BC Liberal convention and Campbell leadership confidence vote upcoming in the same month (November 2010)---- while Gordon Campbell holds a seat in Point Grey, Vancouver----- bring us to the conclusion that it is fair and reasonable to suggest that his time as Premier is now over.
Surrey seemed to reflect a slightly higher overall outcome (of low support) for the Premier with (12%) of respondents saying “Stay on as our premier”. Residents in New Westminster, Port Moody, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, and Maple Ridge (16%), brought the eastern suburbs and Surrey (65%) higher support for the Premier “Staying on” than results from Vancouver, Burnaby and the North Shore.
Pockets of the lower mainland like Richmond (19%) support for “Staying On” and Langley (13%) were slightly than the overall average of (8.5%) for the entire lower mainland. The Fraser Valley was up and down with Abbotsford Aldergrove and Matsqui (15%) in support of the Premier “Staying (sic) on”, and Chilliwack (0%) support based on 6 interviews only. These numbers relating to support for the premier – “Staying on” east of Burnaby and including the Fraser Valley – though very low – may provide residual comfort to those BC Liberal MLA’s or others in the region who choose to replace Gordon Campbell. Which of them will have the good sense and courage to tell the premier it’s time to go right now?
In our professional opinion based on these numbers, Gordon Campbell would be successfully Recalled in the riding of Point Grey, as would -ANY OTHER- BC Liberal MLA whose constituency is located in the City of Vancouver or Burnaby—and quite possibly ANY BC Liberal constituency in the province of British Columbia.
Carole James and the New Democrats have (53%) decided in responses from the City of Vancouver, and (55%) decided support in the overall lower mainland of British Columbia including the City of Vancouver.
Ms. James has as astounding (74%) decided support on Vancouver Island, but bottoms out in the North and Interior regions of the province with (26%) decided support. In the North and Interior region of British Columbia (03%) are of the opinion Premier Campbell should “Stay on as our premier”. The combined support for Carole James and the New Democrats plus Gordon Campbell “Stay on” in regions east of Hope including Prince George and the Kootenay region is a paltry (30%).
(91%) of (73) respondents on Vancouver Island with just (2%) Undecided are of the opinion that Gordon Campbell should “Go-Resign.”
Respondents were clear in their response decisions with most providing quick clear “Go-Resign” responses, and many respondents provided additional comments, with even those that responded “Stay on as our premier” taking a moment before choosing that response.
There are many individuals, organizations and other which have had a very merry time of it - the past decade under protection of Gordon Campbell – this is going to change – and the message here from glen p – is that misery is coming your way.
BC – We Need to Change
642 respondents in the province of British Columbia October 28-31, 2010-Margin of error (3.87%), 19 times out of 20 (or better), Q#1-99% confidence – Q#2 -95% confidence.

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