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Glen P. Robbins writes Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu seeking Criminal Libel charges against Vancouver lawyers: Tom Patch, BCHRT Chair Heather McNaughton, Lindsay Lyster and Tonie Beharell
  Jun 13, 2010

June 13, 2010
Glen P. Robbins
Vancouver Police Department 312 Main St. Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6A 2T2
Attention: Chief Constable Jim Chu.
I am writing your department to file a criminal complaint against employees with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal located in Vancouver, British Columbia. This 'criminal action' against me by these individuals has been ongoing since 2001 and continues today. Be advised that BCHRT are quasi-criminal cases making your police department responsible to investigate the complaint.
Section 300 of the criminal code describes Criminal Libel as “deliberate publication of defamatory lies which the publisher knows to be false.”
Accordingly, I want to press criminal libel charges against: Tom Patch (last seen at Community Legal Assistance Society), Heather McNaughton, Chair, BCHRT - lawyers Lindsay Lyster and Tonie Beharell. The latter - Ms. Beharell had an astonishing one years experience as a lawyer when made a Tribunal Member -- (we believe an attempt to keep her from civil prosecution).
The source of the criminality can be witnessed at the B.C.H.R.T. website Indexed as: Tannis et al v. Calvary Publishing Corp and Robbins, 2000 BCHRT 47. The style of cause has been manipulated by BCHRT to exclude one of the original complainants Sarah Clemente who refused to testify. Another complainant Kimberley Corbett (making the total 6 complainants) was also dropped when it was discovered that she was a prostitute.
Originally 5 girls accused me of staring at them (sexual harassment) for over one and one half years “each and every day” - an amount of ‘sexual harassment’-- or a total of 3,000 different instances of harassment. A 70 year old co-worker was also accused but these accusations were dropped when it was determined he was legally blind. The lead complainant Jennifer Tannis is the daughter of business partner(s) who at the time (1997) was Petitioned into Bankruptcy by B.C. Supreme Court Justice Madame Loo for kiting cheques.
Under “A Holocaust in Canada - The Cruxificition of Glen P. Robbins - Book 2”, published June 02, 2009 (confirmed by dicta from the trial which I did not attend. My lawyer at the time John Motiuk had applied to have each of the girls separated for trial (we had -- and I still have evidence that the lawyers for these women - both Tribunal Judges now -- Lindsay Lyster and Tonie Beharell--altered the women’s testimony from the point of original complaint throughout the ongoing process of affirming the evidence). The girls were not intelligent people and their stories would be seen by any reasonable person as ridiculous/and made up. There is no history prior to this case of more than one person at a time being sexually harassed. Just prior to the Hearing of the matter -- my lawyer was disbarred. With no lawyer and none of the documents necessary to go to Hearing after three years of waiting -- I filed a lawsuit in the BC Supreme Court and served it n BCHRT.
The dicta from the beginning of the Hearing reveals that the Tribunal Member Tom Patch was aware that my lawyer had been disbarred. Fearing a ‘set-up’ and having no confidence in the BCHRT --I sued but did not attend the Hearing. That lawsuit is not live.
On May 08, 2001 I filed another 100 page Statement of Claim which in part can be witnessed under
You will also see under this link from a canvass of glen p robbins that the main complainant Jennifer Tannis -- the daughter of my disgraced business partners -- is actually a co-owner of Calvary Publishing Corp. At the time of Ms. Tannis becoming my business partner she would --according to her testimony at BCHRT-- have been harassed by my staring some 400 times. Ms. Tannis sold her interest to me -- took the loot and then led the complaint against me.
In her testimony Ms. Tannis described me as a “pedophile”. She also described a friend of hers “Layla” later in testimony as a “pervert”. It is my opinion that Ms. Tannis -- who is not well educated did not know the difference between the two descriptions.
No evidence of pedophilia on my part exists --. I have no criminal record in any event, and no charges against me for any type of activity along these lines -- save for this under the BCHRT. Jennifer Tannis’s father Mitchell Tannis filed an affidavit in another BC Supreme Court matter of Coast Paper vs. Sunsphere Enterprises -- that he had never witnessed any sexual harassment ever -- and he worked in the same area as the women who complained. The women had no collaborating witnesses considered.
Mr. Tom Patch the Tribunal Member hearing the case in his Reasons describes as FACTS that I am “a pedophile” -- and further supports this description by further stating as FACTS in his Reasons that “It appears that Mr. Robbins saw the office as his sexual playground and acted accordingly.”
In 2004, Heather McNaughton - Chair of BCHRT was made aware of problems I had encountered, including a parent of a seven year old player on my daughter’s soccer team --identifying me as a pedophile to other parents. For a period of at least three years whenever my name was typed in Google Search Engine the first thing that popped up on the screen was Glen P. Robbins “Pedophile”. Ms. McNaughton refused to take appropriate action. I wrote Geoff Plant -- BC Attorney General at the time -- who made the decision to put meta tags around the information so that my name and the word pedophile would not come up on Google Search Engine.
The enormity of this egregious offence against me is accentuated with the recent arrest of a substitute teacher in Coquitlam for offenses against young students. My reports indicate that this person was recently picked up by police outside the home of one of his young students. On my web information under search yesterday came this:
--Shaw Communications ( [Label IP Address] Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, 0 returning visits Date Time Type WebPage 11th June 2010 08:44:07 Page View of coquitlam pedophile&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&redir_esc=&ei=IFkSTN4whtA0q5zAvAs
The 100 page Statement of Claim I allude to herein was a second lawsuit filed against a number of Defendants including many with the BCHRT. This action was served on the Defendant the Attorney General who did not file a Statement of Defense. This action cannot proceed further owing to an error in the Style of Cause which does not present the proper Defendant for the Government of British Columbia -- the Queen. Ultimately this and other preserves my right to re-file civil litigation (anywhere in the World owing to the Internet implications)--and there is no excuse that this is BEFORE THE COURTS.
You can imagine how difficult this has been. I am further disturbed by also knowing that the Premier of the Province Gordon Campbell has a history of having sex with his staff and his real criminal conviction for drunk driving.
We believe our efforts have contributed to the resignation of a BC Supreme Court Chief Justice in the past year. One can only imagine that if this situation is not rectified with the laying of criminal charges - it is open season for publication of any materials particularly on “public” persons - over 100 of whom we currently possess personally damning (truthful) information about.
Lastly, these reckless actions of the BC Government and specifically BCHRT caused me to lose a very lucrative publishing business -- and as you can see -- I worked hard and struggled to build an excellent public opinion firm -- which I cannot turn into a going concern with investors until the matter of these criminal libel allegations are dealt with.
This letter to you is being published on my website and will be sent to media and others including the Attorney General of British Columbia and the Prime Minister of Canada.
Glen P. Robbins

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