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ZEUS- British Columbia Abortion poll -- with leader and party totals---shasta!
  Mar 27, 2010

Question #1
In your opinion should women residing in the province of British Columbia have the option to choose to terminate a pregnancy?
Yes    72 %
No    27 %
Question #2
In your opinion should women residing in the province of British Columbia have the option to choose a government funded abortion if that abortion is not medically necessary?
Yes    43 %
No    55 %
Question #3
For which leader and party did you caste your ballot in the most recent general provincial election in the province of British Columbia?
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals    24.7 %
Carole James and BC NDP    24.8 %
Jane Sterk and BC Green    5.3 %
Wilf Hanni and BC Conservatives    3.9 %
I did not vote    34.6 %
Other/Unsure    6.7 %
Question #4
If an election were held today in the province of British Columbia, for which leader and party would you caste your ballot?
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals    21.2 %
Carole James and BC NDP    24.2 %
Jane Sterk and BC Green    5.9 %
John Cummins and BC Conservatives    6.7 %
I probably would not vote    32.3 %
Undecided    9.7 %
(27% +) of respondents are NOT of the opinion that a “woman (sic) residing in the province of British Columbia should have the option to choose to terminate a pregnancy.” However, the fact that a scant few woman respondents who also support the BC Greens and BC New Democrats – and from those respondents the anecdote that “option has nothing to do with it –it’s a right” suggests that the slightest nuance of language could account for a few unique interpretations of any question—even one which seems fairly clear on its face—but when dealing with the potential powder keg the abortion subject is :
Well, watch out!
(37%) of respondents who supported John Cummins and BC Conservatives in question #2 do not support a women’s option to choose to terminate a pregnancy.
(22%) of respondents who support Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals are not of the opinion that a women should have the option to terminate a pregnancy – as do (28%) of Carole James and BC New Democrats—however many of these respondents aren’t against a Therapeutic Abortion (TA)- per se/they are against “terminate” as to imply no time limit.
In our professional opinion it is reasonable to suggest that one out of four Gordon Campbell – BC Liberals//Carole James BC New Democrats//John Cummins and BC Conservative are against a woman have absolute control of her body.
(92%) of Jane Sterk and BC Green supporters answered “Yes” to question #1.
We believe there is evidence of support for a more moderate approach to being pro-life with full recognition – legal or not—through unequivocal public support—of a women’s right to do what she pleases with her own body. A child is not a woman’s property---life inside a woman’s body—is still part of the woman’s body and thus her personal jurisdiction—she is her own property if you will.
Abortion is back on the table—it started with ZEUS/ROBBINS “New Baby of Canada Act”
(see inside this Alice in Wonderland style experience):
And went on to follow President Obama’s health care bill:-
designed to encourage Canadian woman to have more babies with financial inducement-- /while immigration increases at a constant/ in order to bolster Canada’s population 35 million—and not be overwhelmed by The United States 340 million and Russia 150 million as much of our strategic attention begins to look north—and protecting our sovereignty.
U.S. President Barack Obama’s recent surprise political victory on health care (<52%)—
--along with his administrations’ non-proliferation agreement with Russia (Hillary Clinton)—ha$ the wind in Democrats Coupe John B//-with part of the health care deal relating to non federal funding of abortions—and Canada’s MP’s recent vote where Nay’s to federal funding were (52%) while Yea’s were (48%)—this ZEUS poll reveals that a clear majority of British Columbians support the Canadian outcome—with the codicil in the question #2 that ‘the abortion’is “NOT” “medically necessary”. (Both U.S. and Canadian outcomes referenced followed historically the start date of these questions under ZEUS/ROBBINS and this ZEUS America poll:
The BC NDP is split on this question with (56%) of its supporters answering “Yes” to the question. (38%) of BC Liberal supports answered “Yes”. (82%) of BC Conservative answered “No” to the question—while (17%) of BC Green supported “No”. (39%) of ‘eligible voters’ who do not intend to vote (question #2) answered “Yes”.
Both the BC New Democrats and BC Liberal are slightly off course with supporters to government funded abortion relative to both Canada and U.S. ‘elected official’ outcomes and to these ZEUS outcomes. BC Conservatives and BC Green are most off course—however the BC Conservatives are certainly trending in the direction of the herd—.
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals have lost (14.2%) of eligible support through questions 1-2 in this ZEUS poll. Although question #1’s outcomes do not correspond to election outcomes-(we believe that eligible voters can make mistakes either consciously or consciously).
For example, in this ZEUS poll Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals attract (42%) of respondents – yet they achieved (46%) in the general election. Should the unadjusted totals for Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals be adjusted to make this mathematically (statistically) fair? We don’t think so-- based on the number of respondents who said they “probably would not vote” in question #2 who responded they voted for Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals in question #1.
For purposes of media—I would calculate Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals at 14% below 42% or currently possessing (36%) of decided eligible voter support and----not invest too much energy in promoting a trend upward—based on the enormous numbers of BC Liberals supporters who in our earlier question from this ZEUS poll:
expressed absolute angst and anger against the HST.
Don’t rule out Gordon Campbell running for Mayor of Vancouver again.
BC NDP Leader Carole James has more respondents suggesting they voted for her than for Gordon Campbell et al—in question #1 however she has more respondents who said they did not vote in Gordon Campbell’s. (Although you never know—robbinssceresearch researchers determined that many votes in some BC constituencies were not counted in the total when they ought to be (mail in votes Burquitlam riding (2005)— #1--NOW responding that they would support her (question #2) – the opposite trend of --
In fact some of Carole James supporters leave her from question #1 to go to Jane Sterk and BC Green in question #2. Can Carole James count on these few little birdies coming back to the fold?
Carole James and BC NDP ‘score’ around (42%) in this ZEUS poll of eligible voters—however I would bet that if an election were held today—James and her party would score at least (43%), and with the HST blowing through her sails—probably (44%)---today!
For purposes of media, I would split that difference and score Carole James (43.5%)
Jane Sterk and BC Green ‘voters’ total from question #1 (09%) is obviously skewed from real general provincial election outcomes at (07%). Nevertheless she and the Greens are trending slightly upward in public support from ‘eligible voters’ --a little tributary of new support from the BC NDP.
For purposes of media, I would score Jane Sterk and BC Greens’ at (08%).
The BC Conservatives are a wild little stallion to ride. The party ran candidates in less than one third of available ridings in the last provincial election—and some of the respondents could not have voted for the party (no candidate)—as their response would suggest unless they had moved from another party of the province where the BC Conservatives did have candidates. I suspect that some of these numbers in question #1 in support for the BC Conservatives are likely wrong—or BC Liberals with remorse—resentful of Campbell (anecdotal)
Whether or not respondents support John Cummins and the BC Conservative Party for his credentials or the party label is not known. We calculate this support by the extrapolation of dividing the support in question #1 in half and than comparing it to the outcome total in question #2 described as (35/100 as 122/x. Applying this ‘adjustment’ (BC Conservatives actually achieved around (02%) support in the past general provincial election)—and multiplying the increase in support – derived from BC Liberals and “did not vote” in question #1—as 348.571 times 2 or 6.97% support. Although John Cummins and the BC Conservative Party scores at (11.5%) support from question #1—
I would out of an abundance of caution and owing particularly to the fact that John Cummins is NOT the Leader of the BC Conservative Party and his support for the HST—(which could in affect make John Cummins more of a legitimate threat to Gordon Campbell—and combined with John Cummins good friend Bill Vander Zalm being the Leader of the anti-HST rally)—make the BC Conservatives an interesting case study—in contradiction, strategy and speculation--- and THUS:
Score BC Conservative support at (07%) + (07%) plus (11.5%) divided by 3 or (8.5%).
In first place with (43.5%) of public support are Carole James and BC New Democrats; followed in second place with (36%) is Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals. In third place is Jane Sterk and BC Greens with (08%) of public support. For purposes of overall calculations BC Conservatives are considered at (8.5%) and the remainder (04%) allocated to other parties—though not provided for as a response.
This ZEUS/ROBBINS poll reflects outcomes for political leaders and party’s (questions {1,2,}3,4) which began with our poll #685 (link provided above) confirms much of the recent outcomes from ZEUS/ROBBINS under , and Angus Reid’s poll of a week or so ago.
Oddly, the support for Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals has increased slightly from our original polls post – Olympics---yet the support for the HST (asked after leader and party questions) is bone low – even among Gordon Campbell and BC Liberal supporters--.
Carole James and BC NDP health critic Adrian Dix – with have to get their stories straight while the BC Conservatives may find another angle to section off the BC Liberal Party into constituent parts.
BC Greens look how you might expect----but there are more than a few pro-life/pro woman supporters in this provincial party.
Younger woman were contradiction in our opinion supporting a woman’s option—providing the anecdote for RIGHT – and yet not necessarily supporting the government funding the abortion “For Crying out loud – are you too stupid –not-- to use protection”. But this is where we found a wedge in the demographic—anecdotally—this Jane Sterk and BC Green supporter—answers “Yes” to question #3 a woman’s option---“Yes of course—the woman always has the option”---/just not in question #4/ –when government funding comes in.
Between the ages of 20-30 is when young woman begin to plan to have a child—no-one is going to tell them what to do with their bodies—no-one---but they sure don’t believe that a woman should expect the government to fund their abortion when there is no medical necessity for it.
Young woman are actually beginning to find abortion “awful” but if a young woman wants to put a spike in her nose—and tattoo her body—try stopping her—same as “If I wanted an abortion—and I wouldn’t do it—but if I changed my mind and wanted one – I would put my own money down and get it done.”
Could it be that young woman aren’t comfortable with having an abortion—feel disgusted—because a abortion is “disgusting” – and don’t want the government or anyone else know—if this is part of this then what’s changed?
Or could it be that the younger British Columbians, particularly women understand that a total right to do as you please with your body—independence—comes with the expectation of being personally responsible—and if this is it—than we believe this is a good thing. Fewer unwanted pregnancies—and an opportunity to really promote the happiness and joy that a new child brings—particularly in a happy, healthy home environment.
At ZEUS we believe that an abortion is perceived by people of all ages groups as a “mistake”—obviously a mistaken pregnancy---“Unwanted”—and the final outcome is an outgrowth of that mistake—that is why politicians should use the word ‘abortion’ and get the velvet slipper off their lips—its what it is—a therapeutic abortion of life growing in a woman’s body—in the human experience – the most extraordinary event of all—clearly an abortion is an ugly thing more than it is an attractive thing—to most reasonable persons.
An unwanted pregnancy is perhaps also not the best place from which to initiate a new life – but how many of us middle age and older folks were ‘expected’ babies?
Obviously, teenage women under 17 will have a challenge with a new child—particularly if have not graduated from high school. “Can a child raise a child – someone who can’t have a child might benefit from THAT child”. (See one of the Robbins family favourite shows GLEE—Global Television—April??)
At the end of this—I believe we are sorting out – (or starting up) a debate on the subject of abortion—but NOW for some reason – it doesn’t seem so angry – maybe because it’s been quiet for a while.
If every abortion in British Columbia each year was government funded it would likely cost between three million and five million dollars.
In British Columbia, Canada – a majority of “eligible voters” and a higher number of woman—/yet say/ “A Woman does whatever she wants with her body—end of story.” Women aren’t looking to the Constitution for help here—the trend is to understand what most people of older age have learned—the price of individuality comes with the cost of economic independence.
Where the major fissure in the debate comes in-- is over- whether or not an abortion should be government funded when it the procedure isn’t medically necessary—and a clear majority of “eligible voters” responded “No” to ZEUS.
A telephone survey of 1,821 "eligible voters in the Province of British Columbia--March 15-26, 2010. Legal estimate to MOE - 2.3%, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence.

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