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ZEUS - ROBBINS -- Politics of British Columbia -- Budget 2010
  Mar 02, 2010

A targeted survey of 606 voters in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia. This ZEUS ROBBINS poll featuring Glen P. Robbins was conducted February 25, 26, 27 and March 1, 2010. Margin of error (approximately) 4% 19 times out of 20 (see Question #1) @ 95% confidence/competency. This "Politics of British Columbia -- Budget 2010" ZEUS ROBBINS poll -featuring Glen P. Robbins- was sponsored by Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398.

Question #1
For which leader and party would you caste your ballot if a B.C. provincial election was called tomorrow?
Premier Gordon Campbell and BC Liberal Party (186)    30.5 %
Opposition Leader Carole James and BC NDP Party (262)    43 %
Environmental activist Jane Sterk and BC Green Party (51)    8.5 %
Former BC Unity Leader Chris Delaney and BC Conservative Party (60)    10 %
Other BC Leader and Party (22)    3.5 %
Undecided (25)    04 %
Question #2
In your opinion should a homeowner in Greater Vancouver be permitted to 'opt out' of the 'heavily taxed' municipal/city garbage and recycling program -- if that homeowner has a 'legitimate alternative' for his/her garbage-recycling?
Yes (309)    51 %
No (159)    26 %
Undecided (138)    23 %
Question #3
Do you agree or disagree with an income tax increase for the wealthy people in the province earning more than $150,000.00 per year to help pay off the BC Liberal deficit?
Agree (401)    66 %
Disagree (170)    28 %
Undecided (35)    06 %
Question #4
Are (Did) you invest(ing) a significant amount of your personal time into the 2010 Vancouver/Whistler Winter Olympic Games?
Yes (457)    75 %
No (119)    19.5 %
Question #5
A citizen who supports a pro-life agenda is running for local politics in BC for the first time. Is this the type of 'new' politician you are looking for?
Yes (44)    07 %
No (164)    27 %
Abortion is not a subject for 'local politics' (384)    63 %
Undecided (14)    2.5 %
Question #6
The "Site C" hydroelectric dam concept is a proposed addition to a series of dams currently on the Peace River in northern British Columbia. Many experts agree that this dam, at a cost of 6-8 billion dollars could make the province energy self sufficient for decades to come. Are you willing to invest 6-8 billion dollars in return for energy self sufficiency for a lifetime?
Yes (286)    47 %
No (211)    35 %
Undecided (109)    18 %
Premier Gordon Campbell and his BC Liberal Team remain significantly down in public support from May 2009 general election totals in this ZEUS poll. The BC Liberal Party has lost (36%) of its 'voter' totals in Greater Vancouver.
BC NDP Leader Carole James continues to lead the pack with support totals in the lower mainland which reveal a solid lock on voter support required for electoral success.
Both Jane Sterk (BC Greens) and Chris Delaney (BC Conservatives) attract about one in ten (or less) of lower mainland totals, a breakthrough of sorts in the lower mainland of the Province of BC for the BC Conservative Party.
A very significant number of British Columbians want BC's 'wealthy' to pay for the current deficit of the BC Liberal government. This includes a majority of Chris Delaney and BC Conservatives support. (How very NDP of them).
No surprise on the 2010 Vancouver/Whistler totals. Nearly (80%) of decided voters "invested" "significant" "personal time into the" --- Games.
A pro-life agenda for a local politician attracts little support, however only a minority of voters answer "No" to this being the "type of new politician they (sic) are looking for." The majority are willing to suggest that abortion is not for local politics. How about the feds? What is interesting is that the minority of respondents who answered "Yes" came from all parties, with the highest totals relative to leader and party totals coming from Chris Delaney and BC Conservatives (27%) and Other leader and Party (23%).
Nearly (70%) of decided Chris Delaney and BC Conservatives support also answered "Yes" to investing 6-8 billion dollars in the Site C dam project. ZEUS also captured (23%) of decided BC Green support -- for this project along with (65%) of "Other BC Leader and Party" support and (64%) of Gordon Campbell - BC Liberal support. (Say hello to Blair Lekstrom and John Horgan -- (BC Liberal Energy Minister and BC NDP Energy critic --respectively).
I hope Gordon Campbell understands the sport of Curling (Go Canada Go). Not only is he mired in low voter support totals in the largest population region of the province of British Columbia (Greater Vancouver), the majority of voters want him to "tax his friends" to pay off "a deficit of his own making". Moreover, a majority of his current supporters want to the Premier to "invest" in the Site C dam project for energy "self-sufficiency", while at the same time supporting the Libertarian concept of 'opting out' of currently mandated homeowner garbage and recycling pick up -- when a "legitimate" other option is available to them.
Carole James and her BC New Democrats are still very much shot rock in BC provincial politics. The party's numbers are very solid in the lower mainland. Her political path is an easy journey to victory so long as Gordon Campbell is Premier, however perhaps less so if another BC Liberal like Blair Lekstrom (Peace River) becomes the leader of the party.
Chris Delaney may not talk about social conservatism, but many of his personal core supporters are social conservatives. The BC Conservative party supporters in this ZEUS poll (may be) reluctant to support even a whiff of any party policy that relys on this particular social conservative policy -- at least at the local level. The federal Conservative Party is also supported by many voters with a social conservative approach -- can they be drawn out in federal polling?
Jane Sterk has some problems of her own as a solid minority of her party's support also supports a significant investment in 'energy self-sufficiency' with the inferred construction of the Site C dam in the north of the province of British Columbia.
What will more adamant supporters of wind power which requires some noteworthy carbon footprint (material construction for wind power parts -- earlier regular maintenance relative to Site C)--- do to combat attention being brought to this project investment(?) which would ratchet up provincial debt to 70 billion-- a debt which has skyrocketed under Gordon Campbell -- with much of that debt used to finance 3P deals -- in the province -- a financing format which takes control of assets built with taxpayer monies and leaves control of these with private business.

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