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ZEUS/ROBBINS -- Glen P. Robbins for Premier --'The Original Rogue'.
From the a** grabbing antics of Mayor Richard Stewart to the infidelity of Premier Gordon Campbell, Voters aren't that into you (from sponsor Jim Van Rassel)   Dec 19, 2009

A random sample of 231 residents in the Lower Mainland of the Province of British Columbia provided by residents in the City of Vancouver, City of Surrey, and City of Coquitlam--taken December 18-19th, 2009. MOE legal is about 6.45% 18 times out of 20 @ 90% confidence. Polling question development was assisted by Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398--as was sponsorship.

Question #1
Cities and Municipalities throughout the lower mainland of British Columbia including Vancouver, Surrey, and Coquitlam are implementing by-laws which propose to fine residents who do not shovel their sidewalks of snow, from $200-2,000 -- while at the same time charging homeowners additional amounts for services such as garbage and recycling pick-up. In your opinion is this fair?
Yes    11.5 %
No    83.0 %
Undecided    5.5 %
Question #2
Which of the following reasons provided BEST describes why you believe fewer and fewer British Columbians are voting in elections?
There is nothing and no-one to vote for    76.0 %
It is too difficult for many to get out and vote    2.0 %
The information relating to politics in media coverage is often unclear    7.5 %
On-Line computer voting would increase the surety that I would vote    3.5 %
Undecided    11.0 %
Question #3
For the past nearly two decades elected B.C. premiers have come from the city of Vancouver. In your opinion should the next premier of British Columbia come from another part of B.C. other than the city of Vancouver?
Yes    80.0 %
No    9.0 %
Undecided    11.0 %
A Super-Majority of respondents culled from the city of Vancouver, City of Surrey, and City of Coquitlam do not believe it is fair that they should be fined if they do not "shovel their sidewalks of snow."
Nearly as many respondents in this ZEUS/ROBBINS poll "believe fewer and fewer British Columbians are voting in elections"--is because "There is nothing and no-one to vote for"-- strongly suggests that B.C. as a viable democracy is in the deep freeze with citizens.
This is the foundation of the type of problems that Copehagen and the world environmental movement have.
Here is the problem -- you cannot bring the people onside to such heady stuff without whipping up a little environmental fire among them. The theory is clear---no matter whose language you listen to, or ignore some-- wild stuff is going on in the world--we are growing in population -- southasia and souteast asia since the 1950's has exploded into massive cities--China is just revving its turbine from factory hell---but we need China, geopolitically, economically -- this India, and my Netanyahu investment some weeks ago--sets the proper framework for the next move.
In large geopolitical undertakings, nuclear, environmental, etc. verification and accountability must be defined--how would you do it? Do verifiers come to the United States--Canada? The Tar Sands in Alberta is going to kill Canada's reputation--but if we didn't have the Tar Sands--we might go broke.
Now all you gamers--was Copenhagen actually a failure? No, it was successful -- but not because anyone planned it that way.
We are starting to put clear values on things environmental. Excellent. Let's move the next phase through less drama and put more meat on them bones.
It is more than the environment--it's the oceans--(the total environment) what will it cost to do all of this?--and set the stage for the next era of economic advancement--involving the environment. It's not enough to be involved and want it to win because you are involved. This next move will require vigourous debate and immense intelligence--and more than just science smarts.

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