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British Columbians want to Rip up HST.
  Dec 03, 2009

A targeted survey of 1,009 'voters' from Vancouver city, Victoria city, Surrey city, and Kelowna city-adjusted for population-- between November 25 and December 01, 2009. MOE 3.1% -- 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence. This poll sponsored by Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398 -- feel free to give Jim a call--no HST.

Question #1
Which of the following political leaders and parties offered do you support most? (rounded to nearest one half)
Carole James and BC New Democrats    43.5 %
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals    31.5 %
Jim Van Rassel and BC Conservatives    11.0 %
Glen P. Robbins and BC Greens*    7.0 %
Other including: BC Refederation, Social Credit, Reform BC, Marijuana party    4.5 %
Undecided/Can't Answer    2.5 %
Question #2
If another party other than the BC Liberals wins the next provincial election in 2013-in your opinion will that ‘new government’ have the ‘moral authority’ to rip up the H.S.T. deal with the Conservative federal government on behalf of British Columbians?(questions designed prior to federal Conservative government’s announcement to hold vote)
Yes    54.5 %
No    36.5 %
Undecided    9.0 %
Question #3
In the last provincial election in May, 2009 Premier Gordon Campbell successfully ran on the economy and ultimately misled British Columbians about the budget--and did not mention bringing in the H.S.T. only bringing this new tax up after he had won the election. Over one half year later which of the following statements from the limited choices provided BEST reflects your views on these political facts.
I am very unhappy with Gordon Campbell as Premier    32.5 %
I am fed up with Gordon Campbell and the entire BC Liberal Party    20.0 %
I don’t like the BC Liberals and I don’t like the BC NDP    12.0 %
I am generally dissatisfied with BC politics    11.0 %
None of these/Can’t Answer/Undecided    24.0 %
Question #4
In your opinion should the Government of Canada invest your tax dollars in an International effort to stop global warming?
Yes    44.0 %
No    44.5 %
BC Liberals and BC NDP control (77%) of "political leaders and parties" that respondents in this ZEUS/ROBBINS poll "most support right now". Of this 'decided' vote, the BC NDP controls (58%) and the BC Liberals (42%).
All other "political leaders and parties" offered control (23%) of "most support right now" with BC Conservatives controlling (50%) of that vote and BC Greens controlling (31%). *Jane Sterk is the actual leader of the BC Green Party--.
The BC NDP and BC Liberals controlled (88%) of the entire vote in the most recent provincial general election (May 2009) however voter turnout shrunk by (15%).
Gordon Campbell's BC Liberals controlled (56%)+ of the provincial vote in 2001 when they were first elected to government-when most British Columbians hated the BC NDP.
Now the tables are turning with (43%) of 'decided' respondents "very unhappy with Gordon Campbell.."
70%) of 'decided' respondents are either "very unhappy with Gordon Campbell as Premier" and "fed up with Gordon Campbell and the entire BC Liberal Party" (Question #2)--although 4 of the 5 responses was either directly or indirectly a negative offering to the Premier, his governing BC Liberal Party--BC Liberals and BC NDP or 'politics in BC.'
If we include 6-12% of respondents who don't like the BC Liberals and don't like the BC Liberals and those dissatisfied with BC politics--over 80% of decided (Q#2) appear unhappy with the Premier and his government. What is most interesting is despite the fact that the responses offered {save for the last one "None of these-etc."} respondents did not exhibit resistance to these response choices.
There is evidence that some respondents who "most support" Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals are against Gordon Campbell.
Of total Respondents who say "No" to ripping up a provincial HST agreement (26.5%) of total are BC Liberals, (7.5%) are BC NDP, (2.5%) are BC Green and (00%) are BC Conservatives. The BC Conservatives have a bona fide political 'foothold' in the province over taxation--at least as questions relating to taxation (HST-global warming) are considered.
Of total respondents who want the Government of Canada to use tax dollars to help the fight against global warming--(15%) are BC Liberals, (23%) are BC NDP, (00%) are BC Conservatives (5.5%) are BC Greens.
Those against are (12.5%) BC Liberals, (18%) BC NDP, (10%) BC Conservatives, (.5%) are BC Greens, (3.5%) are from "Other parties" in Q#1.
BC Liberals are not completely onside with their party leader Gordon Campbell as he pleads and begs to tax the citizens of what it would seem --he believes-- is his province to do as he pleases--or alternatively thinks is best for his subjects.
Not all New Democrats would rip up the HST and it would appear Carole James Opposition party based on these and other polling numbers are looking good for Government in 2013. BC Liberals against the HST would not necessarily vote for BC NDP and BC NDpers who would not rip up the HST agreement (presumably in government?) would not necessarily support BC Liberals or BC Green--who then?--.
BC Conservative 'supporters' are most clear and unequivocal are both HST or global warming taxes--however a wafer thin minority are Undecided.
BC Greens are not entirely FOR either HST or global warming.
Watch for Glen P. Robbins to announce next week. Will anti HST kingpin former premier Bill Vander Zalm join in?? A Robbins vs. Vander Zalm contest will recreate the 1999 contest for the Reform BC leadership contest that never took place---.
Post Script -- I received some information about a poll done in BC for the restaurant business. Talk about not thinking something through.
The BC Food and Restaurant business for the sake of brevity are Gordon Campbell's friends.
But they don't love Gordo any more because like all other British Columbians -- he lied to them.
The Food and Restaurant advocates think the lie is worse because apparently Campbell lied right to their face about the HST.
The first question I have is why the Food and Restaurant folks had the advantage of a direct lie--unlike the rest of us who had to wait to be deceived?
In any event the poll says that two third of respondents believe the Food and Restaurant folks should be exempt from HST.
This is precisely why I so often say the reason politics is so brutal in this province--is because so many of the insiders don't get politics in the first place.
Why would you poll into an anti-HST crowd about an exemption that benefits your own crowd--against presumably other interests also looking for an exemption. The poll is meant to benefit the Food and Restaurant business--but is so transparently self serving--it ultimately works against their interests.
To poll British Columbians about an exemption for yourself--if that is what you wish--presumes if you get your wish--the HST remains--but you get what you want. Once exempt--while others are not--makes you no better than the people you are seeking the exemption from--who the public is against. Now de facto--when you get your wish--if you are Food and Restaurant--particularly with a history of being Gordo's friends--makes you the new ass on the street. Why would you wish for this?
Secondly, to make their point in the poll--the commentary at least as it is presented in the news--suggests that many people employed will lose their job if the HST comes in--businesses will lose money--or even go out of business.
If you get the exemption on the HST--where the heck is your powder--when the population comes a calling for a wage increase from the low $8.00 wage?
Your leverage is gone now--if Campbell gives you what you want. You have now proven unequivocally that while everyone else suffers cuts--or many fear the implications of the HST--you believe you are extraordinary and special.
Eating at a restaurant is not a necessity--.
Here is what smart public relations and pollsters would have done.
Nothing--the Food and Restaurant people ought to have joined the fight along with everyone else--working campaigns--using the anti HST sentiment to get patrons onside with their cause--while they eat food and have a drink. Common enemies is the way to go especially when the common enemy is Gordon Campbell and the HST.
Afterward, when higher minimum wages are being negotiated--you have the people on your side for special treatment here (gratuities) AND HST.
And why would Tim Horton's join with McDonalds?
The former's food line up is much healthier than the latters is.
All your opponents would need to do was stitch the fast food restaurants to obesity and health care costs--and its a slippery slope to punitive measures--like a health tax?
With people screaming that 3 out of four (75%) hating the HST--and Food and Restaurant coming in at (65%) saying they should be exempt from the tax--its looks to anyone who understands politics like the Food and Restaurant folks are kissing up to Campbell (65% represents less hatred)--while seeking the exemption of a trade off.
Dumb poll -- bad public relations.
If the Food and Restaurant people knew what they were doing--they would have identified the anti HST--at baseline--and than honestly asked--how important was it that restaurants be exempt against other interests also seeking an exemption. If the numbers don't come out in your favour--don't publish--if they do--the poll looks like your intentions--honourable.
Next time call me and I can help you.

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