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Good-bye Evergreen Line//Hello Glen P. Robbins Jim Van Rassel WEST COAST EXPRESS
Hello U.S. President Barack Obama -please allow Marc Emery the opportunity to serve his U.S. sentence in Canada--sincerely, Glen P. Robbins Premier of British Columbia (now we've got rhythm).  Nov 19, 2009

Four questions in the Tri-City area of Greater Vancouver - including: City of Coquitlam, City of Port Moody, City of Port Coquitlam --where necessary adjusted for relative population-Coquitlam (130 k); Port Coquitlam (40k); Port Moody (25K). Question #1-283 valid ballots; Question #2-293 valid ballots; Question #3-273 valid ballots; Question #4-278 valid ballots. The size of the sample would equate to approx. 5.84% margin of error --, 19 times out of 20 @ 95% confidence -- 2009-November 19, 2009. Happy 88th MOM!

Question #1
Are you familiar with the Evergreen Line Transportation concept?
Yes    94 %
No    06 %
Undecided    00 %
Question #2
Most critical thinkers are of the opinion that the Evergreen Line is simply another ‘unkept’ promise of the current B.C. Liberal government (STOP!). Glen P. Robbins and Jim Van Rassel propose instead to pay $200million currently set aside for the 1.5 billion required to fund the Evergreen Line --to C.P. Rail in exchange for their ensuring all rail lines are properly maintained AND the full capacity use of the railway lines for the West Coast Express transportation system for passengers to travel all day and all night until 2:30 am from Mission to Vancouver. Is this proposal - plan - on it’s face acceptable to you?
Yes    62.42 %
No    34.42 %
Undecided    3.98 %
Question #3
In your opinion should ‘city taxpayers’ continue to provide tens of thousands of dollars each year to subsidize the Chamber of Commerce?
Yes    18.32 %
No    71.43 %
Undecided    10.62 %
Question #4
In your opinion does marijuana advocate Marc Emery deserve to spend 5 years in a United States jail for selling BC Bud and other world class quality marijuana seeds to willing U.S. citizens in jurisdictions where marijuana is illegal?
Yes    28 %
No    57 %
Undecided    15 %
Our baseline in question #1 informs us that nearly all of the respondents in this all ‘day time’ survey “Are familiar with the Evergreen Line - Transportation concept”.
A great crowd - serious - in response despite the obvious openings in the polling questions. My guess is average age around 50.
Decent cross section of cultures--this region is like 30% Chinese/Korean/Persian and other great people -- well mixed multi-cultures like Coquitlam are really a hoot--great neighbours--solid people--good principles -- this is a community for families.
Port Moody, a smaller quaint urban-artsy crowd --had the highest “No” in question #2 (38.5%) but the lowest "Undecided" (00%).
Coquitlam respondents had the highest “Yes” to question #2 (63.08%), but the highest Undecided.
Both Port Coquitlam and Port Moody were most in favour of a “subsidy” to the Chamber of Commerce --while Coquitlam was stone cold “No”.
Marijuana advocate Marc Emery is well vindicated in this ZEUS/ROBBINS poll with 3 times as many respondents against his spending five years in a U.S. jail than support an annual subsidy to the Chamber of Commerce -- certain food for new thinking (and some ribald comedy).
When you poll like ZEUS/ROBBINS and everything you produce is platinum quality---it’s delightful to muse about excellent circumstances -- just like this--
Glen P. Robbins --All BC Conservative Party Band
Lead Singer/Guitar-Glen P. Robbins (big creative I.Q. stinks sweet charisma--high Chuck Liddell -- Randy Couture -- Dan Hardy (UFC) kind of macho. (“It isn’t whether or not I want to kick your ass -- it’s something I’m trained to do”).
Twelve string electric Guitar- Chris Delaney (smart -- enough political experience -- and life experience -- to be a major force in B.C. politics-could be Premier tomorrow and we‘d be --instantly better off).
Keyboards-Jim Van Rassel (also selected for drums in all Canadian media band--an optician by profession -- attention to detail in the extreme--coupled with outdoor grit of Alaskan proportions).
Percussion/Rafe Maier (long time lawyer, politician, a long time talk show host (along with Bill Good Jr. of CKNW -- Corus) -- /by the way Levy is hot/ -- work this stallion but don’t stretch him too thin--dominated talk radio--and writer/author An enemy of the BC Liberal government -- and a guy I want in my Band.
Lead Guitar-Gordon Wilson (been there done that politically -- Bigass I.Q. -- any horse owner will tell you “always go with class”.
Bass-Harold Hamilton (long time friend -- Salmon Arm --p/owner Sorrento Nurseries-great business mind--Dutch and Scottish -- think about it--6’3” 230 lbs. of explosive skill boxing -- UFC style grappling--).
Drums-Marc Emery (whether you disagree with him or not -- he isn’t really hurting anyone--and stands up for his belief--manned up to go to the United States for five years--“Can’t find a better Man--Pearl Jam”). (If I get my picture taken with Willie Nelson -- I'm B.C.'s next Premier for sure).
Vocals---Vice-President ZEUS polls (Christy Clark---oh my goodness -- Glen P. Robbins and Christy Clark -- instant speculation--tabloid talk-- a Campbellian secret love child? I wouldn’t expect anything else!). Christy Clark and Sarah Palin-- together (where’s that Carolyn Jarvis?) enough -- must write -- feeling weak--.
Manager-Press Secretary--Vaughn Palmer (will pay him whatever the Premier is making plus expenses-make mental note of $250,000 annual donation from the province to Shaw Cable television -- very good--also make available for more broadcasting of local sports--i.e. U13 girls house league telecast at 4:30 am - who cares---also fund community tutorials for students-that sort of thing).
Finance-former Premier Bill Vander Zalm and his wife Lillian (what can I say--only an ass doesn’t like Bill Vander Zalm---a good God fearing human being (the truth is--once you meet Jesus--there is no going back--no matter how much you might try). (My wife Ita -- like Lillian is Croatian--has dedicated herself to the ‘trouble’ always brewing in her husband -- /besides she’s in big on the intellectual property--can we keep this a secret--with Reformer loyalist Sal Vitro -- who gets heavy promotion and a ‘serious’ Cabinet seat if he wins in Vancouver-can sell legalization of marijuana in Little Italy).
B.C. Conservative Party President /Russell Courtnall-(Victoria born -- longtime prodigy of Barry “Barack” Robbins -- N.H.L hockey player (with brother Geoff) -- and in the Hollywood rumour mill as hot and sultry Pamela Anderson’s current jockey)/.
Can I pick ‘em?

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