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ZEUS/ROBBINS -- Does Power Corrupt? 2010 Olympics; James Moore; ROBBINS
Hang down your head (Tom Waits)  Oct 16, 2009

403 random telephone interviews between October 11, 2009 to October 15, 2009 in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Margin of error 4.88%, 19 times out of 20, @ 95% confidence. Thanks to Jim Van Rassel (604)328-5398

Question #1
Of the following responses offered which best reflects where your political support lies provincially?
Carole James and BC NDP    37 %
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberal    25 %
Neither of these/Other/Undecided    38 %
Question #2
Currently, cable companies and others pay television broadcasters for the rights to sell specialty channels (the higher numbered channels), to subscribers. Television broadcasters like Global TV, CBC, and CTV in Canada say that cable ought to also pay broadcasters for the rights to lower ‘basic cable’ channels. Cable companies argue in part that subscribers enhance the ability of the broadcasters to sell advertising. Which of the following responses best reflects your opinion on this debate?
Cable companies ought to pay the broadcasters for the basic cable channels    24 %
Cable companies should not have to pay broadcasters for the basic cable channels    13 %
The federal body that regulates broadcasters and cable should make a ruling on this matter    21 %
I don’t care as long as they don’t increase my bill    38 %
Undecided    04 %
Question #3
Do you- “Positively Support” the Vancouver/Whistler 2010 Olympics?
Yes    45 %
No    44 %
Undecided    11 %
Question #4
Do you approve—of the $7.5 million contribution from Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, and James Moore MP, Heritage Minister to the Government of Canada—and the Government of Canada – in fact you the taxpayer -- to ensure that both Official languages, English and French are equally represented in ALL Material communication during the 2010 Olympics to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia?
Yes    58 %
No    25 %
Undecided    17 %
Question #5
Canada’s Heritage Minister James Moore, is spending one half a million dollars for Canadian Member of Parliament and Senators to receive – in some instances tickets to premium 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic events-which they must repay either through personal income or expense account. Our FIRST/ZEUS question on this IS: Is this decision on the part of Canada’s Heritage Minister James Moore to purchase one half of one million dollars of premium Olympic tickets - fair to other British Columbians’ who are unable to purchase tickets to the 2010 Olympics because of market demand, and/or because they are unable to afford the tickets?
Yes    23 %
No    66 %
Undecided    11 %
Question #6
Our SECOND ZEUS question on this IS: Should those Canadian Members of Parliament and Senators who “buy into” the James Moore MP plan – to purchase tickets to 2010 Winter Olympic premium events – pay for these tickets with?
Personal Income    76 %
Expense Accounts    21 %
Undecided    03 %
Question #7
In your opinion should the B.C. Supreme Court of Appeal set aside the Order of the lower court and provide an Order directing the I.O.C. to ensure that a competition for women’s ski jumping at the 2010 Winter Olympics -- which the I.O.C. opposes -- takes place?
Yes    74 %
No    14 %
Undecided    14 %
Question #8
Entertainment Question: In your opinion should reputable, professional ticket brokers like ShowTime Ticket Brokers of Vancouver, British Columbia, be permitted to buy and re-sell 2010 Winter Olympic Tickets for its clients?
Yes    56 %
No    27 %
Undecided    17 %
Carole James and B.C. NDP are sailing through the B.C. political world right now. Between her party and Gordon Campbell’s B.C. Liberals she controls (59.6%) of the political support pie (PSP) – I get it, after all of daddy’s lies – momma just looks like comfort food for the people.
Neither of these/Other/Undecided raked in a hefty hall--- (50.7%) a greater total than Carole James and BC NDP (49.3%). Neither of these/Other/Undecided stomps Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals {60%/40%}. This apparently ‘disaffected’ group doesn’t support the 2010 Olympics -- with 87/153 (56.9%) answering “No”. Look at these numbers though – 80/149 (53.7%) of B.C. New Democrats are saying “No” to the Olympics. 89/101 (88.1%) of Gordon Campbell and B.C. Liberal supporter are saying “Yes” to the 2010 Winter Olympics.
The business class in the province is approximately (22%) based on ‘memory’. In any event- the theory that the 2010 Olympics is a celebration of elites – has to be treated with respect.
(51%) of Decided British Columbians “Positively Support” the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. (55%) of Decided residents in the lower mainland “Positively Support” the Games. We have used “Positively” before – we don’t like Support alone – we believe this helps us to the number—and to the extent that Campbell’s Liberals line up in support—indicates to us—that no harm is done.
Baldrey’s correct (not the late great L.J.)- the Olympics are going to get checked—there has to be some bashing into the boards—left unchecked one can see how this stuff gets crazy real fast. British Columbians don’t want to be intruded upon –. Look at the absolutely ill treatment by this government over HST and lies—a goddamn swindle of an election—o we found the emails---only cause we bitched—figure it out!
Only Canada and Vancouver required referendums. Campbell wasn’t going to hold one – Baldrey conducted that interview. It was Larry Campbell, former mayor of Vancouver that took the bull by the horns---and with the main voice of the public saying Gordon Campbell-“only wants to stay for the 2010 Olympics”. In politics never believe anything until its said and done. But---- if this is true – than this would make the Premier even mistier about the Olympics---a kind of fitting tribute/gallows. ROBBINS conducted a lot of polling about the 2010 Olympics—some of our better work—for certain—but that was years ago- and even six months ago—is a universe away in politics---we hold the history dear—but in this industry—its present context---and
right now this province is split. There is higher support for the Olympics in the lower mainland—this is Greater Vancouver---and Canada has a real shot at number 1 in medals---to this degree—this is very exciting---but spinning---and projecting an air of even handedness is important-- leading up the Games. We must drill hard, press hard—because in the end—as long as everyone plays by democratic rules—and I am talking about you establishment corporate people—most of all. Be careful—there is a powerful Libertarian stream in the consciousness of the average citizen—make too many wrong assumptions—and the protestor will end up looking more like the policeman than the outhouse.
There is a lot at play—how else do you play in a game like this---like them or hate them—Olympics like a Vampire will draw everything in the lower mainland—especially Vancouver and the corridor to Whistler—like nothing you have ever seen—it’s a goddamn spectacle man. I was in the Stock Market in my mid-twenties—had two pictures at Gary Taylor’s strip joint—Pezim—had a good bloody time—constantly drunk—cashing cheques--$250,000 a day/back to the senior partners//the older guys who got most of the money—deposits flying back out—5 days---a lifetime in the stock market and politics. Our site gets most hits on our real estate surveys—against my advisors—I think the PR value of the Olympics will be spectacular---billions – this is a market of visitor with money for sure---a lot of people will get richer—and that is part of the problem as well--.
So Baldrey’s correct – Campbell needs the Olympics—but he’s suffocating them—and he needs to step up and be the dictator we all have come to know—and finish big---, or cut and run. But make a move baby—I like a moving target—it’s more humane.
British Columbians know they are footing the bill for the 2010 Olympics and also know that they haven't received enough information about the real finances of the province -- let alone the 2010 Olympics -- and they believe that will be a "con job" too. Campbell should say he intends to leave the job after the Olympics---otherwise --Sky Pilotize -- be wise.
Canada has 2 Official languages, English and French, and both languages are protected by The Canadian Constitution. British Columbians accept the $7.5 million payment as good objective. Good for James Moore to ingratiate Coquitlam – New Westminster Conservative candidate Diana Dilworth-with this federal ‘inflection’ – if Diana wins – the paradigm in the region shifts and B.C. political rumours will follow what big pollsters have been waiting to say: James Moore MP is a political player – not just the only Conservative MP who can get elected within spitting distance of urban Vancouver—comfortable sitting near the New Democrats in the House of Commons.
The cold hard facts about James Moore are unknown//he is seen infrequently in the region, and at 6’6” he isn’t easy to miss/(“You Rang”?) – is this man a Conservative? Known by many as Liberal Gordon Campbell’s guy – certainly his friends and associates – scream pollsters -
like Ipsos, Strategic Counsel, EKOS, Harris Decima and Chantal Hebert – Andrew Coyne are asking the question “who or what are you really? ---Reform // Canadian Alliance // or a Liberal? If Liberal – why not just vote Ignatieff?
Michael how do you like the ZEUS/ROBBINS footprint?
is this B.C. federal by-Election important political news? ---Do voters in the region love the NDP’s Fin Donnelly – BC’s sperm sure swimmer? The electoral results from this by-election will tell everyone – plenty –cross country--- Harper is back 2 big -- that’s for sure—can he continue to carry James Moore and help Dil – be – Worth -- to the Big - Do waiting in Ottawa?-if that’s in fact his style.
“Fairness” is not Conservative Heritage Minister James Moore’s strong suite in this ZEUS question relating to the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics – and to the purchase of 2010 tickets – to be allocated on a proportional basis – based on numbers of Member of Parliament elected, and numbers of Canadian Senators appointed—elected (in muffled voice). “There’s nothing anybody can do – ‘these guys’ do whatever they please” is a strong sentiment attached to this question. Big Ticket events for Big Deals from Ottawa -- to the 2010 Olympics --- which hand gesture will you be displaying at/to these games -?
MP’s who get their ticket allocation from James Moore --- according to British Columbians in this ZEUS/ROBBINS must pay with their personal money – not expense it – like a big shot—like Boyt Reynolds might). I just know Pat Martin federal New Democrat – will show the way – sell his tickets through Mario Livich’s Vancouver Showtime Tickets—who donates the brokerage fee- and these monies are then donated to the poor in Mr. Martins’ riding and every riding – for food – at Christmas – (or other)—and maybe 10 or so federal NDPers come to town/sell their tickets—meet the BC caucus—and Bob’s your uncle.
Which hand gesture of solidarity will James Moore MP and his friends use at the Games? Certainly not the ‘Hello Hitler’ – (Hello Hitler ® Chocolate Bars go on sale—incredible bar—flavour to die for--) that previous -- Canadian athletes quasi-employed by a slight change from Hello Hitler to Hello Olympics is—in this coliseum—looking like armies of countries goose-stepping to that jazzy beat-- during the Nazi Germany summer Olympics –where American Black (as coal) stud-sprinter Jesse Owens – crushed the Games – and that murderous clown with the ‘make me bigger’ Nazi hat – and those that knew the score – that about seventy years ago – they were competing for personal 4 national ‘glory’ in Berlin – while innocent people were being herded – the way animals are today -- into cold chambers – and poison was dispatched through a hole in the ceiling---Z--B/ people scrambling over one another to get to the top of the heap of people dying, screaming – for one last breath of life --- no second wind here.
Don’t be complacent – this type of suspension of citizens rights could happen again – it could – Oh – it is? – right here in Canada? – (isn’t Canada a peaceful law abiding nation – that doesn’t screw over its citizens-- that everyone likes – in sharp contrast to the United States – who everybody now likes – because of Obama --?)
Obama was dying to run the 400—the I.O.C. wants to do covers of the POPE – of Sao Paulo village -- // the Summer Olympics and the government of Brazil will naturally help all of the poor in that country to purchase condo’s – and venues – to watch – soccer --- get jobs building venues – or be buried in graves under them -- or wade into the parking lot and light each other on fire – to decrease the surplus population – when birth control might work better.
No, when I go back through the archives – I see a resemblance between James Moore MP and Hermann Goring, head of the Nazi Luftwaffe (air force) -- , but times have changed and James Moore is remembered as the only Conservative who supported same sex marriage. That took courage, because supporters of same sex marriage – could never support fascist-like authority could they?
What was Mary Woo-Sims former head of the B.C. Human Rights Commission all about? -- and doesn’t she have an Irish guy as new enabler? Wasn’t Hitler a Social Democrat?
I’m not calling these people Nazi’s – in fact what I am calling some people – who purport to care – is that with a little power – anyone can become what I ‘modernly’ refer to as N.A.T.S.E.S. (No Attempt To See Every Side). In my time and in my life – it’s my opinion that Mary Woo Sims was a N.A.T.S.E.S. – and so is James Moore – who should seriously consider growing his hair longer and walking on his knees.
Gordon THE LIAR Campbell ® is a N.A.T.S.E.S.
The IOC are N.A.T.S.E.S.
Each and every B.C. Liberal still with Captain N.A.T.S.E.S. are N.A.T.S.E.S. – and from this date forward – has no chance – re-read this --- no chance of advancement in politics. The IOC was given license by the Vancouver city government, the provincial government, and the Government of Canada to override our Charter of Rights//wasn’t that Chretien/the same fellow who sandbagged Quebec in Victoria over the Charter in the first place//or was it his boss Pierre Trudeau who suspended rights when the FLQ went berserk in the 1970’s //people were actually murdered when Trudeau brought in the War Measures Act//and the country was split on that//what the hell is going on here now? – including deciding to keep the Women Olympic athletes out of the ski jump. The lower court – made a mushy decision – and set the stage for the Court of Appeal. I watched new B.C. Chief Justice Bauman –// and like his approach – smart/ a winner for sure – common sense –but the law is the law not a used car lot – hopefully a few more of B.C.’s ‘greasy’ lawyers might consider--- //on Fanny and Friends --- on Shaw – the lower channel --- right after Voice of the Province – Hot Chocolate and Oreo cookies --- and off to bed – Bruce “Bam” Allen is right –Fanny’s a good interviewer of interesting people – not too heavy – gets the info out --,
The IOC isn’t coming back to Canada if the B.C. Supreme Court of Appeal applies Canada’s Charter and Orders the women ski jumpers – then Don’t come back – but I am better at public relations than you are – and when this decision comes down – and it will- – Honour it/Honour THY Father – you need all the PR help you can get by the look of these numbers. The World trusts ZEUS/ROBBINS – and we are Canada based – so the commutative principle of pretzel logic (S. Dan) dictates that if we call you creeps –
that you be.
ANY athlete that competes in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games – while others are excluded – on erroneous edict—are ultimately failures—no matter how pretty their prizes. There is no show without you excellent athletes—you make the IOC toe the line—not the other way around—otherwise your great skill, dedication, and determination could be eroded by questions of ethics and principles. Papa.
I.O.C. John Furlong sings Sports is like Vitamins (Love is like Oxygen? -- I’ll be listening to 101 for this twisted tune). Sports are like Vitamins --//the fun in politics in this province just never stops.

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