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Gordon Campbell –British Columbia’s Real Estate Czar.
  Sep 19, 2009

The title is the truth. This is who you are. Anyone who has purchased real estate and property anywhere in British Columbia has made money—truly an idiot will get rich in real estate in this province because of Gordon Campbell. The demand on my website for inquiries about property and real estate is quite unbelievable. It’s so cheaply anecdotal, but I smell big money out of these 2010 Olympics—because it will move well through the Internet //it will be great to measure the affect of the Olympics on a neutral economy//I am not a trained economist but I find this most interesting—and it appears to me that we are very well organized with this production-(short of any pretense for social compassion). There isn’t much to say about disclosure-but unfortunately I would say it really is all about the money.
Gordon Campbell built Vancouver proper he is the architect of the city as a worldwide destination—without question—without any doubt---he made property owners—and there are plenty of these in the province—rich enough to get a second property or a new car. Gordon Campbell is stiff, wooden, and weirdly arrogant from time to time—but politically-I could not tie his boots. This guy is a lot of things but he is Grade A politician—I wouldn’t waste my rocks on lesser.
Gordon Campbell is a little like George W. Bush—very different context---theyyy-- both did their job—and they are both major league politicians.
I defer to you Mr. Premier—in this one—you are a rare and marvelous talent—and history will respect you-- huge for this.
You have every right to showcase the 2010 Olympics—you have earned it!
Glen P. Robbins
I recently watched-(Time has come today-Chambers Brothers) the movie 'In the name of the Father'---Daniel Day Lewis--; Perspective is daunting in it's grasp of your sultry--fragile middle age--confidence--but Guiseppe in that movie is the best role I have ever seen--it's like Bogart--incredible movie---I can't stop thinking about it.

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