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Zeus poll--ROBBINS Obama---American Opinions on current U.S. foreign and domestic policy.
  Sep 13, 2009

ZEUS poll--1,044 respondents (random) September 7-12, 2009--approx-M.O.E. (3.35%)--19 times/20---all calls from U.S.

Question #1
Overall, how would you rate Barack Obama’s performance as President of the United States of America?
Excellent    32.00 %
Good    27.00 %
Fair    24.00 %
Poor    17.00 %
Question #2
Please rate President Obama, his Cabinet and government on the following files: Domestic/Economy
Excellent    19.00 %
Good    23.00 %
Fair    30.00 %
Poor    28.00 %
Question #3
Please rate President Obama, his Cabinet and government on the following file(s): Domestic/Health
Excellent    31.00 %
Good    28.00 %
Fair    17.00 %
Poor    24.00 %
Question #4
Please rate President Obama, his Cabinet and government on the following file(s): Domestic/Education
Excellent    34.00 %
Good    28.00 %
Fair    24.00 %
Poor    14.00 %
Question #5
Please rate President Obama, his Cabinet and government on the following file(s): Foreign Policy/Iraq
Excellent    29.00 %
Good    24.00 %
Fair    28.00 %
Poor    19.00 %
Question #6
Please rate President Obama, his Cabinet and government on the following file(s): Foreign Policy/Afghanistan
Excellent    29.00 %
Good    28.00 %
Fair    14.00 %
Poor    29.00 %
Question #7
Please rate President Obama, his Cabinet and government on the following file(s): Foreign Policy/Relations with Others
Excellent    31.00 %
Good    28.00 %
Fair    26.00 %
Poor    15.00 %
Obama’ overall Excellent to Poor ratio is 61:39. His overall Excellent/Good total is 59%.
His worst performance is under Foreign Policy in Afghanistan where the Excellent/Poor ratio is 50/50. The bad news is that some of his Excellent/Good supporters aren’t happy with the war there. The Good news is other respondents who aren’t his supporter on other files—support him on this one.
The President’s best performance is under Domestic/Education—where the Excellent/Poor ration is 82/18—ZEUS Platinum numbers.
Foreign Policy files Excellent/Poor ratios are better than Domestic Policy with the Foreign Policy Excellent/Poor ratio 58/42 and Domestic Policy Excellent/Poor ratio at 53/47.
On Domestic Policy files the Economy pulls the President down significantly Excellent/Poor, however the Good percentage ameliorates this somewhat.
On Foreign Policy files Afghanistan pulls the overall down somewhat however the combined Excellent/Good total is 57% just slightly below his overall popularity of Excellent/Good which is around the 60% mark—higher than the 50% he has been sporting—particularly from polling firms with direct or indirect ties to private business interests.
Barack Obama got two gifts at or about the polling period provided for under Introduction—his talk to American children on the Education file AND South Carolina Republican congressman Joe Wilson and his quasi-Klan effort saying “You Lie” in a joint session of the House—Congress and Senate---Southwest—John McCain—Republican powerhouse—and the equal of Ted Kennedy in many Americans minds—does not want to be a beneficiary of any of the tea party—All-Americans at some level—understand that the average salary for a federal civil politician in Washington is over $100,000. and the average working citizen----makes only $50,000 (Maclean’s magazine-thanks Bing), and are thus suspicious of a Washington based health care system—but there is sufficient love and understanding----of the President, particularly of late—to provide him with an opportunity—to make health care work---bring McCain in—further—gingerly---but shot rock goes to Barack Obama.
(Joe Wilson is a man who has committed four--that's right four- of his own sons to war---for this to happen—you would need to be a physically and mentally disciplined family---the father must be of this profile. Also, in order to make this sacrifice for your country—your respect for its institutions—combined with your discipline—would make Joe Wilson---not the type of person given to such an outburst—no matter the passion (alleged or otherwise).
I believe –somewhat cynically I am sorry to say---that this was pre-meditated—and I think the public is in conscious anger---over the outburst—and subconscious purgatory about the true motivations. Lastly, and I am repeating myself—but the fact that this man has four sons at war---makes him almost unimpeachable—and it is the total of this—that sets my eyes to jaundice.)
More importantly was President Barack Obama’s response---“That’s not true”---he said—coolly—and humbly---it made more Americans love him than not—naturally a fine man—and a good leader—without the pretense that the ferry sees when public service is unquestioned.
The negative sentiment felt by many across the nation for Joe Wilson have evoked some empathy for the President and may have contributed to his higher numbers.
Many Americans---in the Southeastern states as well—found this conduct unacceptable and the anecdotal number of respondents who felt Congressman’s efforts were not spontaneous was noteworthy.
The logic of this theory bears out somewhat in the publicity that Wilson has attracted to his own campaign at the expense of the sanctity of the ‘Chamber’ and the disrepute it brings upon his fellow legislators. Many anti-Wilson respondents are seeing Republican plot—no surprise it comes from a southeastern U.S. Congressman—where much of the discontent over health care has apparently erupted over the final weeks of the summer.
I am no enemy of the South---my dream would be to own a home in Charlotte--.
How will President Obama deal with rather unimpressive numbers on the economy despite much better numbers on health—where his personal focus has been more intense.
Obama’s Afghanistan position in not popular with many Democrats---but these Americans mostly still go hard for the President—whereas the screw has turned against the Republicans somewhat---who are now the ones interpreted to most partisan—skill at games almost always includes the need for finesse—and it is lacking on the right – in the United States---not so in Canada.
President Obama’s video to school children and the negative response of an apparent minority of Americans—confounded many respondents who didn’t quite grasp what all the fuss was about—the high number obtained by Obama on Domestic/Education—give him extra dimension—and popularity to work magic on other files---currently---as they say—win your own ballgame --.
P.S. Kanye--how ignorant can one human being be? First, every President of the United States since I first met John F. Kenney as a young man--and later studied earlier American Presidents including perhaps the greatest of all time--F.D.R.-every American President--particularly and including Lyndon B. Johnson--a man who was dirt poor and did much to advance civil rights--and equality, Richard Nixon ( a brilliant man--of greatness-the beginning of dialogue with China for God's sake--do they buy your music in China Kanye--well thank Richard Nixon--in memorium or Henry Kissinger--the original Godfather of Secretary's of State--and many great ones to follow--that's why this role for Hillary is so exciting--the world just loves her--it's better she lost--it's perfect), JImmy Carter (established dialogue in Middle East--), Ronald Reagan (go figure--easily in top 5 of all time), George H.W. Bush (fighter pilot in W.W. II--great courage and decency--legacy in foreign relations severely underestimated), Bill Clinton (my mother knew my proclivity for woman and charming dialogue and always told me I was like Clinton-MY lord doesn't the position make people the best a person can possibly be with great gifts from God----George W. Bush--one day you will all understand--this guy was your plumber--he carried a shitty war---and won big--and no-one in your news or your country has given him any credit for this outcome--and now the beautiful puma--God of great philosophy and joy--Barack Obama--frankly--personally I believe in him--however--Kanye, do you know how much damage you do to your race when you pull that bullshit? gpr

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