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BC NDP takes (20%) lead over BC Liberals--(78%) of B.C.ers want either Premier Campbell or Finance Minister Hansen to resign
  Sep 05, 2009

ZEUS poll-(Method)-random telephone-- August 31-September 4, 2009 602 respondents--M.O.E. 4.0%, 19 times out of 20. An "in Kind" donaton provided by Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398.

Question #1
If an election were held today for which of the following parties would you caste you ballot? (Rounded to nearest one half)
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals    27.50 %
Carole James and BC NDP    47.50 %
Bill Vander Zalm and BC Conservatives    18.50 %
Jane Sterk and BC Greens    05.00 %
Question #2
Premier Campbell and Finance Minister Colin Hansen and the B.C. Liberal government proclaimed prior to and during the recent B.C. provincial election that the province’s deficit for the year would be just less than $500 million. In fact, according to small business expert--Jim Van Rassel--- the real deficit is 4.5 billion exclusive of the recent 1.6 billion from the federal Conservatives for joining H.S.T and cuts to programs. In your opinion were British Columbians “defrauded” during the most recent general provincial election? (Rounded to nearest one half)
Yes    59.00 %
No    36.50 %
Question #3
In your opinion should either Premier Gordon Campbell or Finance Minister Colin Hansen resign over the recent Budget deficit announcements and the matter of the H.S.T.? (Rounded to nearest one half)
Yes    73.00 %
No    20.00 %
This poll presumes a high degree of ‘political guilt’ surrounding the B.C. Liberals relating to the H.S.T. and Budget deficit debacle of late. This may be the first time in the annals of disgraceful conduct and behaviour by elected people in the province of British Columbia—where the cumulative impact of all the cons, shuffles, stalls, distractions is tantamount to the crowning achievement of “Political-Gate”—not BC Rail Gate—not Liar Gate—not Dishonest Gate—not Pathological Gate—just a general depiction of where we are at generally—“Political Gate”---a “Gate” which has led us ultimately to “Shit Gate” (Jim Leahy—Trailer Park Boys——ought to be required watching for followers of B.C. politics).
Shuffling Point Grey pilferer---now we got no money---worse we ain’t got a lick of integrity.
After baseline—we decided to treat the government as a “hostile witness”—as our polling follows the events.
In our ZEUS poll of August 14-22, 2009 (69%) of Decided respondents are of the opinion that the premier and his BC Liberal government “lied and deceived” them over the matter of the H.S.T. (Confirmed by Ipsos poll a couple of days ago).
In our ‘Dwight Yoakum’ poll (ZEUS) August 27-30 (26%) of Decided respondents thought it was a “Good idea” for Gordon Campbell to run again in 2013.
That brings us to the recent Budget and the deficits and commentary that flowed/vomited from it.
A stunning (62%) of Decided respondents are of the opinion that they were “defrauded” during the most recent provincial general election. Basically, (90%) of British Columbians who believe the BC Liberal government “lied and deceived” them over the matter of the H.S.T. ---also believe the BC Liberal “defrauded” them during the most recent provincial general election.
A chilling (78%) of Decided respondents are of the opinion THAT: “Either Premier Gordon Campbell or Finance Minister Colin Hansen ought to resign over the recent Budget deficit announcements and the matter of the H.S.T.”---statistically virtually every British Columbian who believed they were “lied and deceived” wants either Premier Gordon Campbell or Finance Minister Colin Hansen to resign--and yet where are the calls for resignations? Surely this must be obvious—this is still a parliamentary democracy isn’t it?
These ZEUS numbers in conjunction with ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) reflect declining values for the Premier of the Province—Gordon Milhouse Campbell (‘I am neither a crook nor a liar—deceiver’); and the Finance Minister of British Columbia, Colin “Gumby” Hansen---this isn’t what your mother wanted for you son---//
The spin, distraction, denial—apologies are coming fast and furious over recent political events in British Columbia—covered by ROBBINS through this and other ZEUS polls.
This is because Gordon Campbell and his B.C. Liberal Team have moved past trouble and are heading towards political ruin faster than Heidi Fleiss undresses.
The talking heads in media—who attempt to soften the blow of the B.C. Liberals’ political woes—sound almost desperate—a kind of mercy pitiful themselves//The Canadian Constitution calls for Peace, Order and Good Government---Is this what good government looks like to you?--//—even when they are hoping to sound ‘reasonable’.
This is the consequence of trying to help mitigate an untenable political situation—like a boil that needs to be lanced—or a cancer that needs to be removed.
How can the Premier blame the media now—against this evidence? The people want a sacrifice—they need relief. (See: B.C. election polls below).
Whatever credibility Premier Gordon Campbell and his B.C. Liberal government hope to salvage is lost-it’s gone—these numbers savage it.
A recent ROCK 101 “Twisted Tune” referred to B.C. Finance Minister Colin Hansen as Gordon Campbell’s “chimp” as this relates to political events of the past few weeks. Our resignation was left a little ambiguous in order to obtain whatever feedback we might over who (of the two) should resign. In those (anecdotal) circumstances—it was Campbell who respondents chose as the person: “Responsible” “In charge” “Hansen’s boss”.
If Colin Hansen stays on—he will eventually digest all or at least most of this disgrace – into his frail and failing system—like Victoria’s unofficial sewage and waste problem--on behalf of the government—this ZEUS poll suggests to me that Colin Hansen’s political life is saved (and we think) will improve if he takes one for the TEAM—. There is a layer of palpable sympathy for the finance minister relative to the premier---and the situation will not improve in real terms---for the government—or anyone trying to distract, or avoid the finality of this problem—// accordingly someone needs to resign—to provide SOME relief to the pain British Columbians are experiencing right now—and ensure some sense of perceived legitimacy in government.
This political fire is “Out of control”.
Some people enjoy reality shows where people are kicked off for the slightest mistake—when the political leaders spend so much spinning their wheels against a poll of political quicksand—it’s like listening to a drunk tell the same stupid story over and over-- hoping the story -- gets some traction or alternatively relieves them of their guilt.
Good-bye Colin? ---Good-bye Gordon?---Hey Hey Good Bye (“Steam”)
The recent Budget announcements have taken the politically negative H.S.T. and made British Columbians “nuts” with anger—most of it still directed at the H.S.T. Moms working in large food chains---in coffee shops—in bakeries----want to take Campbell and Hansen out to the woodshed and isn’t to get hired in the premier’s office.
If the H.S.T. is still the major source of anger and rage for British Columbians--What happens when the full implications of the Budget begin to flow through the communities and neighbourhoods' in the province beyond the date of this quick ZEUS poll?
--Stephen Harper is not responsible in any way for the problems with—the HST- it is something he is hoping to implement nationwide—it is a national agenda for a national government--the BC Liberals could have been honest and upfront—or could have said “No”---and ran with the lie about the 500 million dollar deficit running up to 5 billion---.
Had Gordon Campbell admitted to the financial situation honestly and transparently he would have lost a few conservatives—enough likely to lose the election—barely---but he would have left with honour---It doesn’t matter who you are—or what you do—no honour—you have nothing. B.C. NDP Opposition Leader Carole James was right to point to the election debate with Campbell—there was a reason his conduct was defensive and arrogant—he was lying—Taliban Gord was deceiving the people of the province—parlaying his false indignation into a condescending tone with – of all things—a woman in politics—catering to mostly/likely some ignorant male voters.
It is in the best interests of the Province of British Columbia—to avoid the horribly painful spin and PR that will be required to keep the government from drowning and taking the rest of us with them—as there is no tangible rescue in sight and the province is at the doorstep of total meltdown, disrepute, and non-confidence. It isn’t as if the courts, the cops or the press can prop this up. Readers south of the border are saying “What’s wrong with you people and politics?”
You cannot take the province forward like this.
Who I don’t understand is Vicki Huntington (Independent MLA-Delta South)—if no resignation—shouldn’t she be busting a move now to the BC Conservatives//this thing is inevitable—if the BC Liberals crumble like the former BC NDP did—this damages centre right politics and invites the New Democrats to potentially greater political success in this province—and this poll is suggesting // get serious people in the news-//-NO-one- repeat NO-one who knows a lick about politics--- AND-- is honest (two prerequisites) would KNOW-- you DON’T make the Opposition party equally as responsible as the Government over budget matters in an election when the outcome is this disturbing///The BC NDP ultimately did not make THE decision to lie//they make a shadow budget//this is why most of the time incumbents have an advantage going into an election---and get the political news in province moving forward with a sense of renewal and possibility—rather than bogging down in the abject negativity of Gordon Campbell’s dishonesty to avoid admitting he knew he was going to lose to the NDP in the most recent election—and did what he did—motivated by individual self interest.
Or is everyone waiting for Surrey mayor Dianne Watts to save the day (for BC Conservatives? BC Liberals?).
Blaming the BC NDP for this mess the BC Liberals is specious even for the embarrassingly-- WIDE latitude that politics is provided with in this province.
OR is it possible that we will might see Vicki Huntington, Ralph Sultan, and Rich Coleman move over to the BC Conservatives—a sufficient quorum for research funding?
Insiders say—premier Campbell has already ordered a big red nose and floppy shoes for Coleman—to pair him with Hansen—as dutiful as Smithers to Montgomery Burns (Simpson eh?).
Vander Zalm and BC Conservatives (Q#1) command (I mean command like a ‘pot’ and ‘booty call’ in downtown Amsterdam, Holland—that’s command) nearly (30%) of respondents in the Fraser Valley. This is no accident---this is a Statement of Fact---go ahead Rich—you sweat brother---We met at Stephen Harper’s barbecue last year---You are a strong politician—smart guy—and one big dude—stand up against lies, deceit and political tyranny in the province—or are you in some of the ‘pictures’. (If Coleman were fit wouldn't he look alot like UFC heavyweight champion--Brock Lesnar?)
I helped BC Attorney General Mike de Jong get elected in 1994 in Masqui. Me and another fellow—carried elderly people to our car and to the polling stations for the Attorney General—which helped Mr. de Jong beat Social Credit sweetheart Grace McCarthy—fracturing the Socred party forever. Now—former Socred premier Bill Vander Zalm is leading the charge back---against the H.S.T. and the BC Liberal Party which “lied and deceived”—“defrauded”—British Columbians—in the most recent provincial election.
Bill Vander Zalm and BC Conservatives are splitting total votes with the BC Liberal Attorney General Mike de Jong in the crime riddled constituency of Abbotsford.
---If politicos mess with a fellow’s family—is it ‘just and fair’ for that fellow to mess with the politicos family---I say “YES”—time to get started//I love the smell of a righteous political death—ears and noses trophies---(Daniel Day Lewis to play Glen P. Robbins in the movie version?)
Remember it was ROBBINS See Research and the Friends of Free Enterprise that sponsored those polls in 2000 (boxes of respondents to the press) busting BC Greens from 02% to 10%---Bill Vander Zalm and Reform BC from 24% to 5% (main reason was federal Reform was changing to Canadian Alliance). But even in our polls (and others) heading toward the May 2001 provincial election---with Zalm and Reform at 24%--Campbell wasn’t guaranteed a win—despite the worst of the NDP—and wasn’t it stinkers--? The BC Liberals owed a debt of gratitude for that accurate polling by ROBBINS which helped them slide into a huge majority win.
Are they a grateful and honourable party?---no—now virtually everyone in the province has figured it out---and the pain which ought to be coming—which is deserved—Will now be impressed upon them—all---(BC Liberals--DeautchbagsRUS)
In politics if you don’t honour the political circumstances—and their significance—it is a must protocol that you be destroyed---it’s how it works---the BC Liberals are dying now---and I won’t be giving them a funeral—You’ve all got families too---it is incumbent upon political actors to move early or we are coming for you.
The ZEUS is Loose.
If Bill Vander Zalm gets hot---he could influence the BC Conservatives past the BC Liberals by mid-October, 2009 in public opinion. The Citizen’s Initiative rally against the H.S.T. is in September, 2009---the Petition process is to commence later-- ultimately –climaxing- in Elections BC announcement at or about the time consumers start shelling out extra tax for everything because of the H.S.T. If Bill Vander Zalm gets really hot//Dutch hot chocolate---Carole James could have a problem too.
Imagine for a moment how a regular citizen in B.C. who doesn’t phone into a talk show like CKNW-and may or may not ever listen to one. Someone who has never written a letter to an editor of any paper ever---/ AND votes. Media look back on what just took place---what do you think these people are thinking? Well, we hear it---and we’ve polled it for a month---the Titanic has hit the ice berg—water is pouring in----I know the people of British Columbia—may forgive Colin Hansen for being dishonest-- if he resigns now—and resigns not on mea culpa full load—but they are desperate (once again) for a government that has the people’s confidence (fixed election dates be damned)--.
Lads and Lasses—the JOKE is over---this political tragedy has begun---There are no clothes on ANY of the ‘frumpy’ Emperors. From my point—all of this ugly tawdry stuff –B.C. Rail—emails—lost emails---a shitty election---no money – cut off the advertising—too stiff—too everything for Vancouver and the 2010 Olympics//and spit for the average citizen---BC Liberals have always looked to me---like a type of punishing// brutish government. Arrogance is not so bad when you are really good at what you do. Apparently the BC Liberal government can’t deliver its boasted and bloated promises—they need to lie to survive—like a meth addict. Do recent events support this type of attitude?—of course not. A lot of people who are ‘invested’ of the BC Liberal government for their own needs//ends are going to have difficulty accepting that the ride is over now—if they are willing to admit they ever voted for this bunch.
It takes little talent to be a liar.
Ipsos says despite their bad numbers Campbell has ‘four years to come back’. Think what you are saying Ipsos---we can’t endure four more minutes—four more days//four more months—let alone four years-as you have suggested.
We are a people in need of spiritual--- political----revolution---renewal----we need a lot of prunes to purge our system of all this dishonesty/and personal-political toxic waste.
Take a dump—a dump of an elected official with the BC Liberal Party—
Take a fresh step.
From the most recent general provincial election in British Columbia: ROBBINS Sce Research:
One month after the provincial election (June 09, 2009) we poll BC Liberal voters (exclusively) about the deficit going from $500 million to $2 billion (4 times amount represented by Premier Campbell and Finance Minister Colin Hansen). The outcome shown below suggests the BC Liberals (Decided) are at (39%) in public support. NB The press is trying to manipulate the Budget deficit lies to appear like $2,800,000,000 over---our question from small business expert Jim Van Rassel--includes $1,600,000,000 from federal government--stitched to the H.S.T. or $4.5 billion---//the truth of the matter. Readers, this is why we are so accurate!
Poll of BC Liberal voters-2009 Jun 09, 2009 Watch for BC's new Sue a Politician (SAP)--opportunities for average citizens to take on politicians at all levels--who they believe are lying, cheating or stealing from them. A strategic calling environment of up to 620 BC Liberals from Vancouver city proper through the Fraser Valley-- with other questions added during the calling period between June 2-8, 2009. MOE is from 3%-4%, if this poll were conducted 20 times outcomes would be in this range 19 times. Assumptions are made with respect to intra polling questions in commentary based on 620 BC Liberal voter/respondents. Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398--provided for ‘in kind’ donations of research. Question #1 The BC Liberal government won (46%) of the popular vote in the most recent B.C. provincial election, winning a majority of provincial seats in the B.C. Legislature as well. B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell, Leader of the BC Liberal Party-- promised a provincial deficit of $450 million dollars—basing his re-election primarily on an economic platform, when most economic experts including his friends in BC Business are NOW of the professional opinion that the B.C. government Budget deficit was/is actually closer to $2 billion dollars, four times the amount pledged by the Premier. Is this Budget deficit increase from $500 million to $2 billion acceptable to you? (620 respondents 3.0% MOE). Yes-(71%) No-(11%) Undecided/Can't/Won't Say-(18%)

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