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Alberta's King Ralph
  Jul 07, 2004

A random telephone sample through Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, and Lethbridge Alberta, of 335 “residents of Alberta”, who were eligible to vote in the most recent federal election on June 28, 2004. This survey was conducted between Jult 1 and July 7, 2004 and features an error rate of 4.14% 18 times out of 20 at 97% competency. Number of respondents who refused to take survey (11) or (3.30%) of the total who took the survey.

Question #1
Did you cast your vote in the June 28, 2004 federal general election?
Yes    60.30 %
No    39.70 %
Question #2
Given Alberta’s history with former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien and current Prime Minister and former federal Liberal finance minister Paul Martin, is it your opinion that Alberta Premier Ralph Klein should seriously consider taking steps on behalf of Albertans, to opt out of the Canada Health Act?
Yes    71.40 %
No    20.30 %
Undecided    8.40 %
Question #3
Imagine for a moment that over a century ago Alberta became a state in the Union of United States of America. Now fast forward to present time. In your opinion would Alberta be ‘better off economically’ if had started its history as a state in the United States of America?
Yes    64.50 %
No    28.40 %
Undecided    7.20 %
Commentary-Over three-quarters of Albertans are of the confirmed opinion that Premier Ralph Klein should “seriously consider” taking steps on behalf of Albertans, to opt out of the Canada Health Act. A significant majority of Albertans in this survey are of the opinion that they would be ‘better off economically’ if they were a state in the United States. Does this also mean that in that same situation health care in Alberta would be better off as well?
Insight-Albertans make no bones about it, they aren’t happy with the present arrangement with Ottawa on health care (or much else for that matter). Who can blame them, Ottawa has been taking and taking from Alberta and giving little in return. To make matters worse, eastern politicians use the province as a political punching bag every time there is an election. If Premier Ralph Klein is posturing or negotiating over health care monies as some eastern pundits have suggested, he should seriously reconsider. Albertans are past being angry. It is fair to say from this survey that they are ‘mad as hell’, and would like nothing more than to see Premier Klein ‘call’ Prime Minister Martin on ‘a political poker hand’ that his minority government can ill afford to lose. This survey depicts Prime Minister Paul Martin’s minority government as considerably less stable as some in the ‘proud press’ have claimed it to be. Ralph Klein may have to prove that the only way the west ‘gets in’ is by ‘getting out’ first.

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