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ROBBINS Rodeo Round-up--B.C. Election poll-2009 (Burke Mountain, Coquitlam) (originally published April 21, 2009)
Includes information regarding: Burke Mountain, City of Coquitlam and other  May 06, 2009

A strategic calling of 1,117 respondents throughout British Columbia--between 12-19, 2009. Margin of error on leader and party Q#1 (.5%)--based on ROBBINS 'secret' formula. Balance as statistical (3.0%)--Obama question "Entertainment". GPR

Question #1
Which leader and political party do you currently support?
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals    44 %
Carole James and BC New Democrats    42 %
Jane Sterk and BC Green    8.5 %
Wilf Hanni and BC Conservatives*    5.5 %
I don’t Know/Other    3.75 %
(None of these)    11 %
(Undecided)    14 %
Question #2
Which of the following limited choices BEST describes who or what you think is most responsible for the economic difficulties currently confronting the province of British Columbia? (Choose one only)
Greedy corporations and financial institutions    47 %
Incompetent government    33 %
Consumers spending beyond their means    20 %
I don’t know/Undecided/Can’t Answer    11 %
Question #3
Who do you have more confidence in—with BC’s economy?
Gordon Campbell    35 %
Carole James    25 %
Neither    28 %
Undecided    12 %
Question #4
Who do you have more confidence in—with BC’s health care and education?
Gordon Campbell    30 %
Carole James    43 %
Neither    15 %
Undecided    12 %
Question #5
Who do you have more confidence in—with BC’s Environment?
Gordon Campbell    23 %
Carole James    32 %
Neither    25 %
Undecided    08 %
Question #6
Who do you have more confidence in—with Crime in BC?
Gordon Campbell    32 %
Carole James    29 %
Neither    24 %
Undecided    15 %
Question #7
Who do you have more confidence in—with child welfare, social housing, and issues relating to poverty?
Gordon Campbell    15 %
Carole James    44 %
Neither    14 %
Undecided    27 %
Question #8
U.S. President Barack Obama has taken the world by storm* during his first 100 days. To many his presidency is a significant change from the previous 8 years under George W. Bush---change during a time of economic and political turmoil everywhere in the world. Our question is---if you consider that the B.C. provincial election is just a few weeks a way—do you consider that ‘political change’ would be a good thing for British Columbia? (American Storm*-Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band).
Yes    54 %
No    40 %
Undecided    06 %
In Kamloops and Kelowna and in the provincial region north and east of Hope- look for BC Liberals to drop support. Kamloops and outlying areas (44%) (BC Liberals), with Kelowna under (50%).
The BC NDP is likely to take one seat from the BC Liberals in Kamloops. The BC Conservatives are in double digits in the Okanagan region.
The word on the street is Delaney is working with Stockwell Day— and Friends in Penticton.
In lower mainland ridings from the Fraser Valley to West Vancouver and Richmond, the BC Liberals are scoring (44.75%) and are down (06%) from 2005 totals on Vancouver Island.
The BC New Democrats will improve on their seat count in the lower mainland in Burnaby for certain. Surrey results reflect similar totals to 2005 however gerrymandering is difficult to assess.
New Democrats can smell sweep on Vancouver Island—but BC Liberals could hold a couple of seats here-based on this ROBBINS poll.
Of the 1,117 respondent (‘voters’), (540) are male and (577) are female. 21 ballots are spoiled—(16) men and (5) are women. By gender this poll is representative of (47.8%) male and (52.2%) female.
Right now ‘at this minute’---(35.48%) of “BC voters” are there ready to support Gordon Campbell’s BC Liberals—while (33.88%) are ready to go with Carole James and the BC New Democrats. People, this is a close election—that’s a dead heat---don’t spin me. The New Democrats are going to take back the smaller populated regions (minimum)—and the BC Liberals will need to go hand to hand combat to maintain anything close to the status quo. BC Greens, BC Conservatives---“Other”—‘cranky’, “Undecided—is a very significant number----and it’s this close still. If there is a major win by either side—it won’t be the BC Liberals.
This provincial election may well be Gordon Campbell’s to lose—but it is most certainly Carole James to win---and no-one gets the vote out like the New Democrats. The word “honest” is starting to come out of respondents mouths with Carole James—it’s anecdotal—but when I see three or four comments “honest” –women and men—it means it’s an ember. I think some Reformers are going to vote Carole James—she’s like us—folksy and kind—and very positive—smart too.
Honestly, I’m surprised Carole James and the BC New Democrats are not at (45%). Premier Campbell there is an entire army of voters opposed to you—many hiding in the weeds—hoping your will ‘show your bravado’-----this will not be an easy contest. Voters in this election—are mirroring the US election a little—in that even the Undecided’s—Others—disinterested—well they voted last time—they’ve done it—and these respondents know this is a two party race-with kinky unpredictable stuff floating all around---.
There are a few British Columbians “starting to take notes”---seriously—“starting to take notes”. Union fellow (retired).
A union guy ‘might’ vote for Campbell---a worker who isn’t in a union—won’t. Strange bedfellows.
Of the net 1,096 ‘net’ respondents, (11%) selected “None of these”. Of these, (60.7%) are male, and (39.3%) are female leaving respondents who select either a leader or party offered—or are “Undecided”.
This ‘net net’ total is comprised of (46%) male and (54%) female respondents and remains unadjusted.
Of those who selected an offered leader and party (44.2%) are BC Liberal—(41.9%) are BC NDP; (8.3%) are BC Green and (5.6%) are BC Conservative.
If we lop off “None of These”; and “Undecided” from our totals we have an approximate net of (71%) selecting one of the party’s offered—(64.5%) of respondents selecting Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals or Carole James and BC New Democrats.(60%) of all respondents choose either Gordon Campbell or Carole James on “economy”;(73%) select either Carole James or Gordon Campbell on “health care and education”; (55%) select either Carole James or Gordon Campbell on “environment”; (61%) on “crime”; and (59%) relating to “child welfare, social housing and issues relating to poverty” for an average of (64%) of respondents overall selecting on the two main party leaders—slightly less than the (64.5%) who GC and BCL or CJ and BCNDP. Based on each ‘issue’ question the two leaders combined and averaged scored (7%) below their baseline from question #1 on “the economy”, (13%) above their base on “health care and education”, (15%) below their base on the “environment”, (4.5% ) below their base on “crime” and (8.5%) below their base on child welfare-social housing and issues relating to poverty.
In other words, the government—that is the entire government—Governing BC Liberals and Opposition BC New Democrats—are perceived as: (1) underachieving on “the economy”; (2) over achieving on “health care and education”; (3) underachieving on “the environment”; (4) underachieving on “crime”; and (5) underachieving on “child welfare-social housing and issues relating to poverty”.
Based on the plus and minus’s averages (all treated equally) of issue based questions—Carole James and Gordon Campbell are negative (22%).
Of the (64.5%) allocated to GC and BCL and CJ and BCNDP—(51%) is Gordon Campbell’s (baseline 33%) and Carole James is (49%) or (baseline 31.5%).
On “the economy” Gordon Campbell is (35%) from all respondents just (06%) above his baseline support, while Carole James is (21.5%) below her baseline. (edit-'slip' April 23, 2009)
On “the environment”, Gordon Campbell is (31.5%) below his base, while Carole James is (1.5%) above her baseline support.
On “crime” Gordon Campbell is (03%) below his baseline while Carole James is (09%) below hers.
On “child welfare, social housing, and issues relating to poverty” Gordon Campbell is (54%) below his baseline, while Carole James is (39.5%) above hers.
Carole James is above her base on three (3) issues—“health care and education”; “the environment” and “child welfare, social housing, and issues relating to poverty”. Gordon Campbell is above his baseline on only one issue—“the economy”. He’s down to one issue.
Gordon Campbell’s voting farm is shrinking and Carole James is increasing in healthy—live—stock—not derivatives. A somewhat unpopular Premier—or at least an uncharismatic leader—has a heck of a time getting a third term—when the main thing the public knows—in Mr. Campbell’s case---development—has run its course. He did a good job on this—too many people got left out—and that’s not good—but the development and 2010 stuff—even though we never got information—and just distraction after distraction—and this has frustrated many conservatives who immediately “smell a rat”---Gordon Campbell must sell the people why he deserves a third term—not whether or not Carole James has the experience- -experience has a direct link to trust—. Vaughn Palmer gamed this out quite nicely Saturday last (Vancouver Sun)—and the fact is there is more impetus among the voters for change than for maintaining the status quo. The energy and pace that Obama is setting internationally---has the believers well tied to the “cult of grand expectation”. (Laurence Cameron, 2009). I’m in too. Be a skeptic—hang the robber businessman---take back yer’ money—but the boo birds won’t help----accordingly—Campbell must not continue to simply dismiss Carole James—he’s trying to sell—‘I’m so smart don’t pay any attention to her’---if he runs and hides and the regular press help him --to it---this election is going to get very crazy. (“Tax the rich—feed the poor”—Ten Years After---).
If he steps up and challenges—takes his record with him---and talks the issues—than maybe the province moves forward—but Campbell’s sell job for a third term is much harder than Carole James for a first-simply because she has earned a chance to be Premier—and he seems to take it for granted.
On “child welfare, social housing, and issues relating to poverty” Gordon Campbell is (54%) below his baseline, while Carole James is (39.5%) above hers.
No matter the emphasis placed on issues—the reality is that the majority of our B.C. budget is spent on “health care and education”. Gordon Campbell comes in below the leader and party baseline—and Carole James is above hers.
Accordingly, it would appear that Gordon Campbell as leader of the party—has the economy------ as his only advantage/, at a time when most British Columbians are accepting the fact that the economy isn’t working for either of the two main parties AND there is little Gordon Campbell—the current Premier—can do about it, when only (28%) of lower mainland British Columbians are of the opinion that provincial government policy affects the BC economy ‘a lot’ and the majority say only ‘a little’.
ROBBINS poll---
There are a solid minority of British Columbians who perceive Gordon Campbell to be “mean”. His supporters suggest he is “tough”. What is your perception? Tough or mean? See if you can squeeze through.
To win, Gordon Campbell must focus on his efforts with the BC “economy” and “health and education”---do better on “crime”—and try to spend less time talking about the “environment” or avoiding any discussion of “child welfare, social housing and issues relating to poverty”. Liberals in the media are pushing the carbon tax—against Carole James-but it’s pointless—because to do so-- pushes Carole James right--- toward the centre--and leans Campbell left—placing him off balance when the BC Conservatives push back from the right---and Michael Ignatieff—leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition---and the Liberal Party of Canada—is coming to town for his coronation—and watch this fellow—where Harper is more demure—regal like—an archetype conservative—Ignatieff is of the deeper---Shakespearian academic—tremendous communicator---this will hurt Campbell—it is living breathing evidence of an acute difference in the BC Liberal coalition/or it’s a takeover if Campbell doesn’t do well—or ties—or wins by a seat. The stage was set with the hyperbolic poll that came out---recently—apparently everybody loves Gordon Campbell—//show me that love baby because I don’t believe it---.
It’s as simple as that. A New Democrat provincial government in Victoria—helps Michael Ignatieff—not a false alliance with Gordon Campbell-whose political capital dwindles each and every day he moves toward this provincial election on May 12, 2009—throughout the province—if he doesn’t win—and only God can help him after that.
It’s (35%)-love him--- (48%_ don’t like him. Carole James is (32%_ love her and (38%) don’t like her. For every 22 voters---10.5 go Campbell—11.5 go Carole James. As I said—“May Day—May Day” BC election 2009—dead heat.
A poll is not just the outcome of an algorithm—it is as the Greeks depicted—“a counting of heads”. ROBBINS has been successful under the radar of the propaganda world—because we count the heads—look at where those heads live--it’s simple.
I would assess Gordon Campbell’s contribution as leader relative to question #1 leader and party-- based on the “economy” and “health and education” ONLY as follows: (106 {100% + 06% or ‘106%’ (sic)} based on “the economy”, AND (75%-09% or ‘66%’ (sic)} based on health care and education for a score of {106 plus 88 divided by 2}, or average {97}—OR {166 % 175}—(95%). Gordon Campbell based on “economy” and “health care and education” pulls Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals down slightly to (42.25%).
I would assess Carole James to be {100% minus 21.5% or 80.5% (sic)} based on “the economy”, AND {75% + 36.5% or 111.5% (sic)} based on “health care and education” for a score of {80.5 plus 111.5 divided by 2} or average {96%} pulls Carole James and BC New Democrats down slightly to (40.32%).
Obviously, Carole James must bring ‘swing voters’ around to a discussion of “child welfare, social housing and issues relating to poverty” and maintain her position on the other issues—to win the provincial election.
Gordon Campbell needs to sell himself through the issue of “the economy”, make up distance on “health care and education” and simply not talk about poverty—housing—and child welfare—good luck with that.
These numbers suggest to me that of all of the issues—the voting public has the least confidence in Carole James and/or Gordon Campbell on the “the environment”. The perception that Gordon Campbell is linked to “greedy corporations and financial institutions”—who nearly (50%) of respondents -hold responsible- for the economy. The best category for both leaders is reflected in ‘health care and education’ influenced primarily by more positive numbers for Carole James.
In our “Entertainment” question—clearly some would see this question as leading--- (as I informed one Internet journalist-via email—unless you actually do polling—be careful about assumptions you make about any question---i.e. some people interpret even the most simple question one way—and others-- another). There can be little doubt from the response that those who support Carole James and BC New Democrats want ‘change’—they want to win government. The BC Conservative supporters want change---because the BC Liberals are too left—too corrupt—too something negative—they are sick enough to be motivated. It’s the BC Greens who primarily see change differently—they want an electoral change—//. There are a few respondents (2.2% of BC Liberal total) who choose Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals— in question #1---who don’t select Gordon Campbell in the issue questions!
Majority of the Gordon Campbell/Carole James questions on issues—who also answered “Yes” to change. These handful of respondents are close to equal in numbers male/female. The majority of BC voters want some type of political change.
GC + BCL (56 m) (44 f) CJ + BCNDP (52 f) (44 m) GC (63 m) (37 f) CJ (52 f) (47m)
Former BC Unity leader Chris Delaney will be fun to watch. The BC Conservatives list him as running in Penticton—. Conservative foreign affairs Cabinet Minister Stock Day did well in China—and Delaney is hoping Day’s support in the interior of British Columbia—where the BC Conservatives are alleged to be brewing up something good—will bode well for his chances for an upset and a seat in the Legislature.
What will the BC Conservatives do about the inequities in BC’s fishery? Never mind nice guys finish last----white guys finish last on this file---/. BC really hasn’t changed much since the days of the Dunsmuir’s'—if you really sit down and calibrate the reality. The BC Greens are polling between (6-10%) through Kamloops and Kelowna. Unless something ‘very sensational’ happens in Penticton and Vernon with the BC Conservatives, Kamloops will be the primary place to watch in this region of the province-- as BC Greens interfere with BC New Democrats and BC Conservatives interfere with BC Liberals. BC Conservative leader Wilf Hanni will likely make a BC Liberal win in East Kootenay far less likely.
Watch for BC Liberals to lose two to four seats east of Hope in the province’s north and interior.
The BC Liberals have (06%) lead in Prince George—but we telephoned mostly in the city. If the outlying areas –McKenzie—over to Prince Rupert push the BC NDP vote out—the BC New Democrats could steal one seat from the BC Liberals. Bulkley Valley—and Stikine will support this trend—in these ridings-- if the BC New Democrats are pulling ahead from 2005 totals (Cariboo North and Cariboo South)-it may set the trend for a movement from the smaller communities in the Prince George region.
The BC Conservatives do not have any candidates listed for Prince George (as yet) but they still polled over (3-5%) in this ROBBINS poll. BC Conservative candidates (and no Green-type write-ins) along with a rural trend toward the New Democrats could put all Prince George seats in play. The press is talking up the BC Greens and leader for the televised debate. Check your records—after the last ‘problem’ in the 2005 leadership debates a (10%) MUST outcome was a pre-requisite for participation in the 2009 debate. --You can’t keep moving the goalposts and expect to have even one shred of credibility. Jane Sterk would probably help Carole James—she’s a clean respectful political operator—honest—a woman—the two of them will make Campbell look like one of those swarthy gangsters on Bugs Bunny—.
The election is between two party’s—The BC Liberals and BC New Democrats—let’s grow up and be professional. Let Chris Delaney---errrrr Wilf Hanni debate Jane Sterk in an earlier debate of light heavyweights. That’s far more interesting—.
Promote the debates like a UFC fight. I love Reach For The Top—but cut out the boring formats and do some backgrounders on the contestants—show them in their homes and stuff---spend the money—it will come back to you through karma—trust me.
By not running candidates in Prince George is Wilf Hanni inadvertently helping the BC New Democrats who might scoop up rural reform support? The BC Greens are conspicuous in a few ridings in the lower mainland that would otherwise be close—with Jared Evans apparently running for both the BC New Democrats (CBC) the BC Greens (BC Green website).
If the rumours are true and federal Conservatives in the rural regions are going to help BC Conservatives than this somewhat pedantic looking campaign could turn ‘crazy’ very quickly. I’d like to be a fly on the wall in Chris Delaney and Joe Cardoso’s BC Conservative campaign headquarters! What if Vicki Huntington, Chris Delaney and Joe Cardoso realized the balance of power in the BC legislature?
Would they all join with Carole James to call for an inquest into the raid on the BC legislature over the sale of BC Rail?
The last time—the RCMP got involved in the BC legislature—it turned out one of their own was linked by marriage to a BC Liberal executive. BC New Democrat—AG ‘in the wings’---Leonard Krog---is now asking the RCMP to investigate another BC Liberal—now during the election. How does this politics compare to current AG Wally Oppal and Kash Heed’s talks of getting rid of the RCMP?
What I want to know is how long will it take Krog—if elected to clean up---that filthy Attorney General’s office—and get me back my moolah---//? You sob’s stole it--you pay it back----.//Farnworth asks me--or what?
“Hold Still Please”.
A public inquiry is going to be very ugly—and it should—five years—gives me license to ---move around politicians—the courts---the police---the bureaucracy—everyone—and utter these few words—
“Hold Still Please”.
Right now—most complaints to ROBBINS are about real estate agents—contracts (with wimpy ‘consideration’ locking in listings). 2 sides to every story I suppose. BC Liberals are running @ (95%) of totals over the over 40 + ridings from West Vancouver to Hope. Some of this discount is attributable to those ridings which the BC Liberals normally win easily— Fraser Valley, Richmond, North Shore--being lowered somewhat, and in five or six close ridings where higher New Democrats numbers and higher “Other” numbers conspire to reduce BC Liberal amounts.
The rise in the housing market which prospered Gordon Campbell also moved some people around to different neighbourhoods. The collapse in the equity markets and softening of real estate holdings has many older respondents saying syanora to Gordon Campbell and who aren’t choosing BC New Democrats are saying:
“Worse case, you get the NDP for a few years—the economy isn’t going to turn around for 2---so big deal”.
“Campbell, I don’t like him—I mean he fixed some things up—but now—well he’s been in too long.”
Still, there are those who support him and say:
“I think Campbell has done a fabulous job—he’s a way better choice than the BC NDP leader—what’s her name—he made a few mistakes—but so does everybody in politics.”
Those who support Carole James are saying:
“I like her—she’s pleasant and positive and you can tell she cares about people---I don’t think Campbell even tried to make that connection.”
Other more aggressive BC NDP supporters say:
“Are they crazy saying Campbell’s good for the province? He’s gutted nearly every ministry—health care is a mess—and he’s sold all of our resources to his friends down south.”
Overall, the BC Liberals are trending downward in public support with a Supreme Court of Canada decision out soon on lawyer applications involving the BC Rail trial and a ‘secret’ witness. This decision could seriously impact BC Liberals re-election hopes and may well explain some ‘odd’ public opinion polling of late.
Currently—I would venture to speculate losses of five to six seats for the governing BC Liberals based on a 79 seat legislature. (Since increased to 85).
There are other ridings such as Port Moody Coquitlam where many expect the BC Liberals to repeat—but where Greens are not running a candidate. Port Moody city hall is rumoured to favour former PM city councillor Shannon Watkins-- to win the seat and a Cabinet position which would surely follow--- an upset win over Iain Black. (See BC Children and Families).
Someone told me that Mormon families permit their children to make a choice in their lives-without any comment on the outcome of their decision—and most of children stay Mormon anyhow—and if they don’t stay—they are not judged. If that’s so that’s fair.
Right now from a pool of 2005 ‘voters’ the BC Liberals and BC New Democrats—occupy the hearts and minds of (62%). I don’t think you can rely on ‘weighting issues’ in this election. Among left and right -- everything is on the table. Stereotyping and fear mongering will only ensure that (45%) of voters turnout---and this will spell catastrophe with an underlying STV vote and whoever wins government—unless it’s Huntington, Delaney—and Joe Cardoso---then everything changes.
BC Labour has suffered miserably under the BC Liberals— with deficient Labour and WCB standards and want Gordon Campbell out. Another Campbell term would surely compromise worker safety and employment standards further. Iain Black’s history with BC Children and Families would suffice as evidence to anyone that this BC Liberal government is not human friendly—unless you are giving the party money.
The reports are coming in over the email—and through the phones-BC Liberal campaign commercial featuring Premier Campbell telling ‘viewers’ essentially that not voting for his BC Liberals is ‘a wrong vote’. Sit down and think what kind of message this is!
Campbell tells reporter that Kash Heed’s (BC Liberal candidate—former West Vancouver chief of constables—parachuting into Wally Oppal’s riding-in Vancouver) $40,000 severance—IS A CONTRACT—and essentially contract’s should be HONOURED---the SUPREME COURT OF CANADA—found it necessary to honour the contract on behalf of the workers-a contract with health care workers—that the Premier ripped up. Diffuse—discussion of this will drop the Premier’s numbers further—as his confederates begin to take their distance and prepare for 2013.
In poker parlance---the ‘wrong vote’ message is a ‘tell’---the hypocrisy on the Heed contract-health care workers political---issue is a ‘sign’—in combination they equal = arrogance in the extreme—and this will be prejudicial to Gordon Campbell---who can’t apparently afford to relinquish his stubborn and stern image long enough to hold the Undecided’s over---.
55 male crowd—many of whom-m-m also like PM Stephen Harper—and somewhat ironically wish Carole Taylor was leading the BC Liberals and not Gordon Campbell. The carbon tax works for Carole James at so many levels—and Professor Jaccard—as smart as he is--does not come to the election debate as a spokesperson for the environment—he is as much a Gordon Campbell—BC Liberal supporter as academic speaking to the issue--. He should get into politics—and not pander to it—it’s unbecoming his obvious ability. The over exposure in the media—of this man as an independent—on the environment—is running to close to dishonest—given his close proximity and blatant support not only of the carbon tax—but Gordon Campbell as well. The politicians, the police, the courts, the bureaucracy, the media—the corporations—the banks---no matter—these are the ‘bad guys’ to a majority of the public to one degree or another either through public perception or experience--, the horse is out and that’s how it is—until it gets better.
The academics should keep their collective distance—it’s somewhat distasteful in my view.
Voters simply don’t digest to the extent that political pundits and writers would have you believe—they believe---it shouldn’t come as a surprise (necessarily) that in this 2009 British Columbia provincial election the economy may not be the factor that many believe it is. There are two explanations for this---. First, it is true that many people, --particularly those who owned homes prior to 2004 got a pretty good bump on their net worth ledger, however the worldwide recession and an increase in taxes---, job losses, and other economic negatives have taken the bloom off the Campbell rose—and British Columbians, particularly those 60 + are looking at health care—and thinking strategically about their self interest and the interest of their immediate communities.
Second---To many respondents—the BC Liberal suggestion that things will get worse under the BC New Democrats---just isn’t cutting the political mustard—they have already gone through the stages of grief “if they own stuff” and have accepted the fact that neither Gordon Campbell’s BC Liberals nor Carole James BC New Democrats can do too much-.
Some who once supported the Campbell Liberals don’t trust them anymore----and those on the left are looking to BC Greens or BC New Democrats. For Campbell to win he has to keep his hooks in a few federal Liberals. With Michael ‘the Magnet’ Ignatieff—(Isn’t this Harper—Ignatieff heavyweight thing an epic battle in the brewing?).
Stockwell Day owns western Canada after that performance in China. The legend goes that Stock Day—a fifth degree black belt— as a young man defended a Canadian woman being assaulted by four men—seriously injuring the woman’s attackers—one of whom had a Dutch Mold-new/used brick in his hand. Running and playing with “Kids” (MGMT) ---Canada’s foreign minister---and could kill you before you blink. Now that’s class.
The BC Conservatives really do have an audience with a particular group of voters who has simply had enough with both the BC Liberals and BC New Democrats. I am certain that if Wilf Hanni knew what he knows now—he would be running candidates in every riding in the province. Well-that’s alright—a good conservative operates on the fundamental of verifiable information reliably gathered over time--- as the Alberta Supreme Court and Court of Appeal have done///not speculation. More common ground must be found on current ideological barren turf.
We had to adjust the BC Conservative vote---and that’s why Campbell is kissing up to the federal government now—because he has to reconcile his love affair with Harper with the clandestine affair he must have with Michael Ignatieff.
Carole James gets to wake up every morning during the election and enjoy her muffin.
Any statistical tampering with realities involving numbers of candidates for the BC Conservatives—should be carefully thought out as the majority of respondents who answered “None of these” in question #1 were men, and the majority of respondents who support Gordon Campbell’s BC Liberals are male.
Life is all about cooking up a good stew. A lot of ingredients must come together to make a final product—united in flavour and taste. My father Douglas hailed from Edmonton Alberta. My father has been gone for over thirty years—but I still think of him fondly. That is why I have a bit of a bias about Alberta—not having lived there.
My mother is from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Rita Gertrude Mary Robbins. She is all of that. My mother and father were passionate---my father—kept his inside. No surprise here. My father was by any measure---politically conservative. I sensed—that in his deliberation about where the state of affairs of a family and a society should be going—came into conflict---because like old school Canada----our motto became “Live and let live” which was his motto—not easy to do with seven children. There were a lot of big families in the area I grew up in looking over Swan Lake. I always liked standing on the heater in the morning—looking out the back window down at Swan Lake and the farm.
The son of the gentleman that owned the farm—delivered the milk to our family home—he would drive around with his neighbour’s wife---they were in love—but no-one ever said anything about it—their affair was part of the fabric of the community. Live and let live.
The problem now is—the politics of our province isn’t about the secrets of a love affair—in a rural community—it’s about the love affair with secrets---government—their friends—and everyone’s money. Here is the truth about politics in BC----
It’s corrupt—plain and simple. The government knows most people (particularly) employed people can’t do anything about it—they are trapped in a system—which is plainly corrupt. Now even the people who take your money—taxes corrupt—take your money—lottery—corrupt—sell of assets—corrupt---no courts—nothing—but corruption. The New Democrats under Glen Clark were corrupt—the BC Liberals under Gordon Campbell are corrupt. The most important question anyone can ask Carole James---“how do we know—if you win—your government won’t be corrupt”?
A straight answer to that question and she wins for sure.
Parents right now are producing the next generations of humans who will inherit the earth—that’s it—they inherit the earth---
it’s the evolution of man in his quest to discover God.
My father-in-law, Peter Matich---died in 2005. He was ninety five years old when he died. Peter was originally from Croatia where my wife, Ita was born. He left when he was 16—to go to Australia where he worked in camps for 16 years. Peter came to Canada shortly after the war—where he was enlisted in Australia’s army. But Grandpa was denied the honour of the pension he deserved from the country he called home for so many decades-- a country he protected as an enlisted man. Peter’s word (although there was initially a prejudice against him because he could not speak English) was gold –and that part of his character was never in doubt. A man who was “The Salt of the Earth”-----the type of man I aspire to be--and thereafter often acted as an arbiter in the remote camps he worked in—holding peoples money for them in trust on mutual 'contracts' (trustee) but never charging interest. My favourite story of Peter is the time one man in a dispute asked for Peter’s arbitration, when Peter decided against this man he called Grandpa “stupid”. My father-in-law the other great man in my life—(a man I loved) ---told this man “who are you--?-talking to a stupid man”.
Invest in parenting as a paramount social role—but keep the spirit of independence associated with the ‘old Canadian way’ our parents practiced.
Glen P. Robbins
A better World starts at the beginning of life.
BC Conservative minority government in 2013.
Better 50 small boats in the water—than 1 or 2 big boats—who if over extended could go broke----or let the government buy up the licenses and give them to others for nothing. Do the same thing with BC crown land----as you are planning---
Who really needs a billion dollars? Is the multi-millionaire sitting in the church pew—a hypocrite? How much money do people really need? The way I read it--your keep walking into church--with millions--you are last in the line for heaven--so is this networking then?
Gordon Campbell is a control personality. The current market isn’t looking for control personalities. That’s just how it is. Things change—and you have to move with the moving.
I have taught both of my daughters to have a very healthy skepticism of government--, it is sage advice.
I named my youngest daughter Veronica—who as ‘legend’ has it—exhibited courage and grace wiping the brow of Jesus from the spit and garbage –everyone threw at him—on his way to Calvary. Believe or disbelieve—I am hopeful as her father—that she doesn’t need the government----//to help her with her life. I would hope that family or the community would be there if she needs help.
Two wealthy women start a recovery centre—and raise dollars from gamblers—so that women can recover without men—there to bother them. Everybody gets an award--.
Here is the problem with government—its pervasive—nineties---NDP—BC Liberal—they are never even handed---they tilt—and so does the province. You need balance—an even hand---males ought not to be an ideological unit of analysis—feminism is a special interest—not a study.
Beyond that—this is the biological father of the child—he has a right to see his children—that’s more than an ethical right as well.
Women need fundamental protection from abusive and violent men. Men need fundamental protection from equally abusive and violent women. Women are generally smaller and not as physically strong as men. This doesn’t mean women need separate resources for ‘recovery’ from men. Men are not exclusively responsible for the difficulties some women are having. Bad men should go to jail---and think about their behaviour—as should bad women. Why would a man in his right mind—belong to a deal that does not allow him to see his children if he is of reasonable character—holding a job—or other stability of character---and is doing his best—no drunken or slovenly.
“They can afford to give it a good life.” She asks later—“Why isn’t prostitution legal—if a woman can do what she wants with her body?”-----Kellie answers---“Emmanuel Kant—(philosopher) says—prostitution is a “bad contract---and debases women”.
My younger daughter Veronica says she is doing her middle school speech on ‘abortion’—says “it’s a women’s right to choose to do whatever she wants with her body”. Under (very) light cross examination from libertarian- dad she confesses that older women should keep the child—“Why?”
I am hoping my daughter Kellie’s education leads her to be mature and contemplative—productive where and as she sees fit---not politically schilling--
The politicians, the police, the courts, the bureaucracy, the media—the corporations—the banks---no matter—these are the ‘bad guys’ to a majority of the public to one degree or another either through public perception or experience--, the horse is out and that’s how it is—until it gets better. The academics should keep their collective distance—it’s somewhat distasteful in my view.
A woman’s equality ministry presumes that women aren’t treated equally---Carole James already supports a $10 minimum wage—which is really all you need----what B.C. needs is a lot less charities—and a lot more charity.
Poverty is not gender specific.
Respondents did not defend ‘financial institutions’ lumped in with unpopular corporations—aka friends of Gordon Campbell. Government does no better. Men—are more inclined to blame it on consumerism than women are---divorced or married—likely equal from both—free and broke or captive and broke---there’s no equality when one gender is given an edge over the other. Elect more women to the legislature look after ALL of the poor and down and out—the best you can but remember-
Honestly, at this point----why all the Mulroney stuff? What lessons are we learning about this? Brian did a good job as Prime Minister---if him/—/than Chretien. Better let this stuff go---the public service –is less than stellar with gangsters working for Canada Revenue—and other employees committing fraud—folks where there’s smoke there’s fire. Why do you think consecutive dysfunctional governments have maintained the ‘---what-us corrupt denial?’ It takes a particular type of personality to lie—and actually fundamentally believe their lies are helping people—for the good of the people. Mulroney worked hard and invested of his intellectual property—. My wife looks like Mila Mulroney—my middle name is Patrick and I’m a known troublemaker--so a little bias here. --can we wrap up this drama and move on with making some real money? None of you people can get along without the Irish-in the stew.
My U.S. friends (and folks we do $400700 billion annually with the United States) ---God Bless America---and God bless Barack Obama.
As is say, life is like a stew. An important element of this rich delicious brew (I require), is an assurance –of cooperation among the various post secondary-s. I like the links between the professors and librarians—this creates a natural fit for improved academic writing—which a first year psychologist—would assess as my gift and my obvious curse.
I believe there to be more. The only way the world moves forward at the speed required—with infinite finesse--, is through the evolution of communication.
The legal community and the public service need to stay in step with this. I find it difficult and UN//enjoyable accessing information on the web regarding government.
It was smart for Harper to hire those clever American writers—these folks can spin some stuff—your head—and make sense of it all. I know—at the end of the day—if folks in the U.S. important—regular—and so many learning institutions want to know about Canada—they know who to call ---ROBBINS Sce Research—“We Are Public Opinion”. Why are the fonts so small on government websites—it’s pitiful-- that you need to cut and paste and expand font to even begin to read?

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