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U.S. President Barack Obama--The U.S. Auto Industry--ROBBINS polls--
  Mar 02, 2009

all telephone types--from computer and from Internet polling -margin of error attached to these two ROBBINS questions is approximately (1.25-1.75%) if we asked the same question to 20 groups of people of 2,258--19 groups would fall into that predicted margin. The response outcomes were derived completely from the United States of America and a third party doing business in New York City (“City At the Top of the World”).
All interpretations of data provided by Glen P. Robbins---”Yet Another Flew Over”.

Question #1
Since his election and inauguration as President of the United States has Barack Obama left a positive or negative impression upon you?
Positive    54 %
Negative    32 %
Undecided    11 %
I have no opinion at this particular time    03 %
Question #2
In your opinion could a redevelopment and refocus of the United States Auto Industry-- ultimately serve as positive change for not only the auto industry and consumers but for the environment as well?
Yes    54 %
No    36 %
Undecided    10 %
I have no opinion at this particular time    00 %
There is no doubt that President Barack Obama is still The Boss (and so is Bruce).
the attitudes of Americans are tough and the Honeymoon for President Obama is over.
The good news is beyond the sizzle President Obama has already proven himself to be ‘Grade A Beef’ (cake) leader.
Many women who are not religious think Barack is God. His detractors seem to be waiting for the ‘other’ shoe to drop. When you think about the total value of Hope--why are we surprised that so many Americans want to win with this fellow?
I respect the United States Republican Party---I have always admitted a devotion to John McCain (personally). But at this time in history, Barack was the right choice--and both Barack Obama and John McCain were the right men.
The best actress in the World is likely Kate--but there is a reason everyone around the world loves the Clintons. Personally, I think she would have been an outstanding President of the United States--.
We elected after some painstaking wordsmith/engineering---to give question #2 a positive tone--but these numbers are incredible. Our Canadian focus (for United States) went (47%) “Yes”----and look at these numbers for the U.S. while some are speculating that the market is still dropping.
Absolutely stunning, and only in America.

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