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re-release from July 27, 2008 - does this mean Mike Farnworth is out as Premier?  Dec 07, 2010

Methodology--This is a random telephone sample of 1,580 respondents throughout the Interior of British Columbia Canada-known as the Okanagan and Shuswap between July 11 and 26, 2008. This strategic calling environment is comprised of predominantly Caucasian residents. The respondents in this ROBBINS poll were derived from Kamloops, Kelowna, Vernon, Princeton, Penticton, Summerland, Merritt, Chase, Sicamous, Sorrento, Salmon Arm and Enderby. Respondents were told the polling questions would require approximately 6-7 minutes and no more. 52% of respondents who were solicited—with the pitch for the poll-agreed to take the poll. Respondents who agreed to take the poll were than asked if they “normally voted in elections?” 27% of these respondents said they did not. Generally two-thirds of British Columbians vote in provincial and federal elections. Approximately one out of ten respondents were asked to review 5 questions within the context of the poll—at the end of the poll—to rate the veracity of their answers using the ROBBINS Proprietorial Method (RPM) ®. On this basis using statistical norms plus the RPM I would conservatively estimate the margin for error of this poll is plus or minus 1.25%. If this poll were conducted 20 times---representing 31,600 respondents, 30,020 would respond within the parameters of the percentages provided to the choices offered within a margin of 1.25%. The normal statistical confidence level is thus 95%---however using RPM we would rate this reservedly at 98%.
This poll was sponsored in part by Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398--and another.

Question #1
Which leader and party do you currently support in federal Canadian politics? (choices rotated)
Stephen Harper and federal Conservatives    34 %
Elizabeth May and federal Greens    3.5 %
Stephane Dion and federal Liberals    21 %
Jack Layton and federal NDP    25 %
Other/Undecided    17 %
Question #2
Which leader and party do you currently support in British Columbia provincial politics?
Wilf Hanni and BC Conservatives    7.0 %
Ron Gamble and Reform BC    1.0 %
Leader and BC Marijuana Party    3.0 %
Gordon Campbell and BC Liberals    28.5 %
Carole James and BC NDP    28 %
Jane Sterk and BC Green    6.0 %
Other/Undecided    26 %
Question #3
Do you regularly read, listen to or watch Vancouver media?
Yes    08 %
No    89 %
Question #4
Do you support Gordon Campbell's BC Liberal carbon tax?
Yes    21 %
No    76 %
Question #5
How important is it to you that an Indo-Canadian person is the Attorney General of BC after the next general BC provincial election in 2009?
Very Important    01 %
Important    08 %
Unimportant    54 %
Very Unimportant    32 %
Question #6
Do you agree with the BC NDP policy of affirmative action which states that wherever a male incumbent-a person who holds a provincial seat-resigns-a woman or minority must replace that male person who previously held the seat?
Yes    28 %
No    60 %
Question #7
A number of years ago the BC Liberal government commenced a multi billion dollar lawsuit against tobacco companies for which BC lawyers and their law firms are being paid millions of dollars. The BC government still collects huge taxes from the sale of cigarettes---and despite creating laws to ban smoking in public—or in licensed premises—still in many cases permits this to go on. In your opinion should the BC Government continue to pay BC lawyers 10’s of millions in taxpayer funded legal fees to pursue damages from tobacco companies?
Yes    05 %
No    84 %
Question #8
Do you agree with the federal decision to appoint abortion advocate Henry Morgentaler to Canada's highest honour--The Order of Canada for his work?
Yes    23 %
No    57 %
Question #9
Are you a supporter of the Queen of England and the Royal Family?
Yes    46 %
No    28 %
Question #10
Do you support BC's next Solicitor General--the person in charge of the police--if that person is gay?
Yes    57 %
No    27 %
Question #11
Are you pleased with BC’s Criminal Justice System?
Yes    11 %
No    74 %
Question #12
Are you a supporter of aboriginal land claims costing British Columbians over one billion dollars mostly legal fees—with little or nothing to show for it?
Yes    06 %
No    77 %
Question #13
In hindsight, was it smart policy for former BC Liberal finance Minister Carole Taylor and Premier Gordon Campbell to provide BC government employees with a billion dollar raise?
Yes    04 %
No    82 %
Question #14
Are the provincial BC Liberal and federal Conservative governments doing a good job on the forestry file?
Yes    10 %
No    75 %
Question #15
Generally speaking which of the following two choices offered BEST describes your opinion of your provincial government?
My provincial government is working for me    21 %
My provincial government is not working for me    72 %
Question #16
In a hypothetical BC provincial election, a provincial party wins 15% of the vote. Is it fair they receive 15% of the voting seats of elected officials in the BC Legislature?
Yes    50 %
No    35 %
Question #17
Would you like to see former Social Credit Premier Bill Vander Zalm make a surprise comeback to BC politics as leader of the BC Conservative Party?
Yes    17.5 %
No    34.5 %
Question #18
In the United States Presidential election who do you support?
Democrat Barack Obama    40.2 %
Republican John McCain    33.7 %
Respondents in this ROBBINS poll are not very confident in either their federal government (all parties), or the BC Liberal provincial government. We aren’t hearing demands for the BC NDP either. There is room for another bona fide centre right party in the province, and the way public opinion is shaping up—there is also room for a protest party of sorts on the federal stage---to fill the vacuum of former Reformers and Canadian Alliance who are not happy with the Conservative government of Stephen Harper and his MP’s who are tied to BC provincial liberals like Siamese twins.
One of the mistakes of the Harper government that I believe may come back to haunt it---is the fact that he did not politically compel the development of a provincial conservative party. Harper has already brought over many Martin Liberals or Progressive Conservatives to his camp---but BC is a protest province insofar as the citizen’s relationship to Ottawa is concerned. This makes it difficult for the Conservative government to satisfy Ottawa and BC at the same time. It is unlikely that Stephane Dion’s Liberals will exploit this—but can Jack Layton?
When Stockwell Day was leader of the Canadian Alliance (pre Conservative Party) ---that party and the New Democrats grabbed over two-thirds of the BC vote. Federally BC voters are protestors. You can’t send an Ontario Progressive Conservative into British Columbia and expect a high end communication---nor should the PM continue to have his MP’s hang with liberal Campbell. He is stoking the New Democrats---and maybe—just maybe—some liberals to New Democrats---but at what cost correlation to his own party?
Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party continues to receive the lion’s share of popular support among respondents in the Interior of British Columbia. However his party’s popularity in this region is below decided outcomes from the most recent general federal election in January 26, 2008 for the Conservatives.
Premier Gordon Campbell has real political problems with very little time to resolve them. In the heartland of British Columbia where he must win ridings---he is being challenged by the BC NDP—in part because of the BC NDP’s much improved public support in Kamloops-{where the BC NDP should take both seats}-unchanged support elsewhere in the region- AND in part because of growing support for the BC Conservative Party or other protest parties-scraping off floundering previous BC Liberal dominance in the region. There is also a massive Undecided pool—comprised mostly of voters who don’t see anything they like emanating from either Victoria or Vancouver. The carbon tax is a loser in a region where so many people own trucks—and who openly claim to look to the higher gas prices to bring down truck and SUV capital costs. (Yippee). Business owners write the gas cost off as an expense against revenues. Respondents in this region are of the opinion the carbon tax is “stupid”- or a “cash grab from hard working people”.
There are many respondents wondering aloud if the BC NDP---with a reputation for bigger government---will keep the carbon tax in place---simply because people in this region see it as a money grab---and don’t relate it to helping global warming. There are some who still see the NDP as socialists-purveyors of large government-and people in this region are either raised libertarian or become that way if they move here. These people recycle and take personal responsibility. They don’t need the government to tell them how to live their lives properly.
Very few respondents in this poll pay any attention to Vancouver media. In fact after spending 3 weeks in the region working and conducting field investigations-coming home to the coast and reading, watching and listening to political journalists I am left with the distinct impression that mainstream journalists are actually acting as a type of salesperson or apologist for the government. There is a commercial link between major media/advertisers/ and government which taints its impartiality. When you live here you get used to it/ it’s like the rain it never stops—but I can understand why the people in the Okanagan don’t buy into Vancouver media. They don’t want to waste their time---they don’t believe in it---and aren’t captivated by the political actors who “lack charisma” and are “boring”—OR “they are all dishonest”. Many subscribe to Sirius radio.
Upon my return to the coast by vehicle---a crane interrupted our reaching the Port Mann Bridge by nearly two hours. There was little or no signage---save for ‘construction work’. The news on 11:30 traffic indicated that the Port Mann Bridge was closed (when it wasn’t)---resulting in many vehicles meandering back into increasing traffic flows toward the Patullo Bridge. Moral suasion through Dumb and Dumber techniques I think. Wrap this ditty around carbon taxes—bridge expansions-tolling-scarce resources—and obvious mismanagement of funds by secretive government---and you have the basis for a taxpayer/voter revolt.
A recent ROBBINS field investigation of the Okanagan region reveals that in parking lots provided for outdoor activities (sports fields, hiking trails etc.) nearly 7 in 10 vehicles were large trucks or SUV’s. Smaller fuel efficient vehicles were less than 1 in 10.
It isn’t important to respondents in this area whether or not Wally Oppal (or other Indo Canadian person) is the Attorney General of the Province of British Columbia after the next provincial election. It is our guess that most people in this poll do not know who Wally Oppal is. It is our conclusion that a strong majority of respondents in this region of the province do not have confidence in BC’s criminal justice system.
We didn’t have to ask the question about young offenders—in this region of the province---I knew I would get some comments anyhow. If you are 15 years of age or older---and commit a serious crime--than—too bad “if you can’t do the time—don’t do the crime.”
Everyone—I mean everyone with a wit of sense who has ever had children knows that we need to catch children in difficulty before the age of 6—and we must be vigilant (not paranoid) about monitoring their progress over the subsequent years. But were talking our most troubled evil criminals—young and old----by the time they are 15 if their problems have not been properly treated they are all headed for prisons---
We get the impression that the majority of respondents in this poll (although not specifically asked) are non-smokers. Anecdotal comments from respondents and statistics would likely bear this out. In any event—they believe the province’s lawsuit against tobacco companies to be frivolous-“a money grab”, “dumb”. We agree with this public sentiment. It is our opinion that the smoking ban laws promoted in the news are simply an unenforced propaganda tool---to support the get rich scheme for some BC lawyers—friends and insiders of establishment political parties. The majority of society does not like smoking---they see it as a disgusting habit—creating all kinds of health care problems---but the majority of the public—at least those in this ROBBINS poll—see through the hypocrisy of suing tobacco companies—while the province still engages in the practice of selling tobacco and raising taxes from it. (Watch for the mainstream to come up with 50% plus in favour to support the transfer of taxpayer money from the BC government to lawyers—isn’t it becoming obvious that the real business of government is in fact for ‘money laundering purposes’ and transfer of wealth?).
I would be happy to personally conduct---/---an audit---poll of British Columbians on this tobacco lawsuit---which could be incorporated into evidence at any future trial. Send money and an articled student to oversee the poll and prepare the affidavits afterward.
--Figuring the establishment is simple once you know their game-assume they are cheating and you are half way there.
There is no appetite for aboriginal land claims here---notwithstanding the more manipulative nature of the question—which is predicated on fact. Aboriginal land claims are seen to be a contributing factor in the inability to get anything done on forestry-----the BC Liberal government is first in line for blame---with the aboriginal interest sufficient for scapegoat purposes thereafter.
The aboriginal deal goes like this in BC: First former PM Pierre Trudeau gets a grip on the unelected courts---and pursues a course of legal advocacy promoting aboriginal land claims—essentially giving the courts and the Tyranny of Law pre-eminence over Parliament---or the legislature. Secondly, law schools make provision to accommodate more aboriginal law students under affirmative action—some who graduate and go on to work for law firms owned quite conveniently by white lawyers. These aboriginals and others than go to work to exhaust the copious quantities of legal largesse provided for by the government on behalf of the courts—that accompany these claims. Some aboriginal chiefs go along with this—hoping they will receive a fraction of that largesse---the women and children get nothing or next to it. Nice country South Africa---I mean------ Canada.
One gets the impression that government bureaucrats and lawyers are viewed with the same disdain as society once viewed lepers. After this---I think I’ll attempt to steer my children into teaching.
BC NDP leader Carole James affirmative action policy is not being received well by respondents in this region of the province—however the idea of a gay solicitor general receives a more favourable response. The problem for the BC NDP is that affirmative action has a left leaning ‘shimmy’ to it---and gay rights although generally accepted—also has a left leaning look—and does not satisfy all British Columbians-particularly some male respondents with greater concern for police ‘authority’.
BC NDP leader Carole James is on a proper course to the Premier’s chair---the Democratic label in the U.S. and the Obama phenomenon will put a little wind in her sails---and if Premier Campbell (“poultrys’ just not another name for saying chicken”) - ducks-- another legislative setting in the fall-the press will be forced to stop cheating for him and go Dalmer.
Carole James can gather up those on the left with her affirmative action implementation---so long as it doesn’t reach deeply into the next election. It should either exhaust itself (or manifest itself) as an issue after the next by-election to replace Gregor Robertson-who is running for Vancouver Mayor. However she is in desperate need to find someone- a male—conservative democratic type--- dripping machismo//evoking toughness---to showcase her ability to manage big tent politics in British Columbia. Such a move would crush Gordon Campbell who doesn’t give off a strong male persona---more of a liberal passive aggressive elder metrosexual type—or if you are a lover of birds—more a flamingo than a cock rooster. Those of us who take our gender experience more seriously find these types of men somewhat offensive.
Abortion advocate Henry Morgantaler’s receipt of the Order of Canada award has respondents in this region most angry. Many of these respondents accept pro-choice government policies but are disgusted Canada’s highest award would be given to Morgantaler.
One respondent, a former Paul Martin supporter suggested Harper would “win a majority on this issue alone.”
Another suggested “it was ridiculous to give a trophy to a guy who pushes for the death of unborn children—it makes the Order of Canada worthless.”
Still another respondent said that Morgantaler was linked to the “saving of millions of lives”---its unbelievable what is going on in this country—I thought Harper was going to change things---he hasn’t.”
The Victoria Cross is most often given to those who have equated themselves in the midst of war---our conduct in these awful affairs---giving us the political basis to be perceived as honest brokers in a somewhat brutish world. The subsequent Liberal governments which have dominated the scene after 1950---have integrated Canada’s on and off again-- International reputation into an advantage at the ballot box. Newcomers and their families tend to vote for the party that gave them entrance into the country-making the liberal party dependent on immigrants and special interests for votes-as many Canadians find their policies wishy-washy. If Obama goes with Richardson for VP and Gore Secretary of State (and wins)—the U.S. is already back on top---in one fell swoop---Canada is not Europe and we do most of our business with the U.S.---. Figure it out.
The Order of Canada is next in line of importance to Canada’s Victoria Cross--
Is this the type of award Canadian Supreme Court Justice Beverly Mclachlin and Queen’s representative in Canada Michaelle Jean should be endorsing? I am certain by the time Her Majesty the Queen of England gets wind of this----there will be some glum faces in Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing. George W. Bush is still the President of the United States---and neither Barack Obama nor John McCain are going to support this. I’ve seen Cider House Rules—and am a very sympathetic person. If one of my daughters were pregnant and did not want the child---I would beg her to keep the child---and along with her mother look after the baby---. When Mr. Morgentaler was advocating a women’s right to choose—someone had to do it—but in this day and age there has to be a better way than promoting the taking of human life. If life is sacred—if that’s our thesis—than it is all sacred-----dogs, cats, bears, and fetuses. Giving a country’s national distinction to this action is a sign that the people who are deciding these things are more given to their own emotional narcissism—and lack of sense of the countries true history. These people shouldn’t be the top judge of our countries court---nor the Queen’s representative.
I am certainly elated that my mother Rita Robbins chose to let me have an opportunity at life---and am eternally grateful to her for her decision. All seven of her children and her 15 grandchildren are happy with her decision as well.
Prime Minister Harper made a serious mistake not vigorously challenging this award. His credibility with his base support is about to fracture over this. He has been caught tying himself to special interest---and now cannot extricate himself while the liberal appointees who prevailed through party losses are taking him apart. Special interests are tearing this country apart—and our courts have become their main sponsors. Look, let’s be honest here----The Muslim and Jewish in this country squawk if someone looks at them sideways---because the squeaky wheel and its treasury gets the grease—while the rest of the population divided one against the other by Trudeau’s tribute to individualism---too costly for most to afford—continue to get the back of the new ‘invisible’ hand—corporatism, and collusion between government bureaucracies, ruling elites, and large corporation which deduct at source from new age (and some old age) ‘slaves’.
I understand fears that surround stereotyping from 9-11 and realize that if millions of my people were gassed---I wouldn’t wait long to sound the alarms—if I thought I was in trouble. But when does this hyper-sensitivity simply manifest into tyranny of the (alleged) weak. With 1% of the population of one ethnic group controlling the vast majority of the means of communication and production in the country---I would say the tables have turned on where the concern ought to be placed.
The Conservatives are attempting to fish on both sides of the net. Whenever a liberal driven action flows up from the bevy of duly unelected---the federal Conservatives act like there is nothing they can do---until they get a majority (of course). In so doing, they don’t offend the former liberal voters they are courting-or who now sport red/blue smocks at the federal Conservative unisex meetings. The consequence of this may be a more mainstream party for The Golden Triangle in southern Ontario---and in Quebec—but out west the expense is a reduced political base. (Watch the mainstream give Harper a ‘Pavlovian’ higher percentage now).
Real conservatives see through this political charade. Sending Environment Minister John Baird to BC to talk about a park designation, waffle on offshore gas and oil which we need to explore to properly augment our revenue base---to help fund alternative energy without robbing other programs like health and education ---instead of gouging the taxpayer---and lecturing us on the importance of the Rule of Law-which the average person can ill afford in this country--- reveals how out of touch the federal Government is with British Columbians-particularly in a region where Conservatives have experienced stronger support------in the past.
We aren’t as stupid as many politicians apparently think.
In politics once your principles go---so will you soon after. PM Harper needs at least five more seats in BC---at this point in time---he isn’t going to get them in BC if this poll is any indication. The Greens, NDP, and Conservative can’t all be liberals—and expect to achieve greater electoral success. Someone elected to govern has to understand sooner or later that some things are more black and white then grey. If PM Harper can’t get the majority he seeks---watch and see who isn’t there to support him-while he fights for his political life.
On this much I will stake my reputation as “the most accurate public opinion pollster in the World ®.”;;;
People in this region of British Columbia are not impressed with politicians or bureaucrats—particularly the one billion dollar pay raise the Campbell/Taylor Liberals provided to government workers. Many respondents were unawares of this---and stunned over the decision. Whether it is BC Liberal or BC NDP—many respondents-(even those who support the parties) see each as ‘Victoria-Vancouver’ “one and the same”.
Gordon Campbell’s carbon tax referred to in another question in this poll was seen by many respondents as a source of revenue for payments for bureaucrats including those self described working people. This suggests that some working people in this region may not consider fellow workers in the government in a similar light as their own—and perceive the government bureaucracy and the politicians they serve—as one and the same.
Even self proclaimed sports fanatics don’t trust the carbon taxes real motivations suggesting “it has to pay for the Olympics.”
ROBBINS has penetrated the government bureaucracy through a number of actions in a number of ministries---freedom of information and other. Employers are acting with impunity against employees---there isn’t enough personnel or in the alternative not enough properly trained personnel in the Ministry of Labour---Health Ministry complaints are rampant. Audit or not, my instincts tell me that taxpayer funds are not being directed from general revenues in the manner represented by the government. BC Forests are a mess. The pine beetle problem is everywhere---the bug is invading other species—and it does not appear that even a dent is being made in the expected shortfall of 13 billion trees in the province. Concerns over the softwood lumber agreement with the United States make lower stumpage fees and increased forestry company investment unlikely---while residents in this region accuse the Campbell government of “sticking their heads in the sand”
The illegal sale of marijuana in the province along with high commodity prices and a development boom (now subsiding) has economically aided a Campbell government which otherwise talks a bigger game than it apparently knows how to play.
Watching Premier Campbell at the opening of the BC Summer Games screeching like a crazed old lady in his attempt to be a cheerleader---a Principal of a school-/ on Benzedrine—and making Highway announcements off into the future don’t cut it with people in this area. They needed these highways years ago—and aren’t the rubes the Premier and his policy advisors believe they are. The people here know a Vancouver phony when they see one. The issue here is forestry and jobs—they are one and the same—and the BC Liberal government is going to get hurt on this account, because the people who live in the north and east of the province blame the BC Liberal government much more than they do the government in Ottawa—cue Bob Simpson.
A majority of respondents are of the opinion that a provincial party which receives 15% of the vote should receive 15% of the seats. If this sentiment translates—than the underlying question of proportional representation in next years provincial election will be another squeaker. This while a growing number of respondents are ready to throw out the BC Liberals---but are not ready to receive the BC NDP back into power.
That Bill Vander Zalm can provoke a response from nearly one half of British Columbians in this region nearly two decades after leading the province of British Columbia—is a tribute to this man’s political durability. It is also a comment about how much provincial politicians disinterest respondents in this region--- or more to the point just piss them off. This isn’t to disparage Wilf Hanni the current leader of the BC Conservative Party and former leader of BC Reform in the mid to late 1990’s. It is that Bill Vander Zalm is better known than he is---and this question permitted us to see where respondents’ roosted-while politicians roasted.
Barack Obama is supported by respondents—from all BC parties. John McCain does slightly better with men—but Barack Obama has 56% of the female support with a 10% Undecided. That the two U.S. Presidential candidates have 74% of all respondents in this poll choosing one or the other, while the BC Liberals and BC NDP have less than 60%, and the Federal Conservatives and Liberals have 56% between them--- says a lot about the problem of credibility facing BC provincial and federal politics.
For Mr. Obama--- he needs to remember that the political establishment in BC and Canada went hard for Clinton during the democratic race---and rolled over and piled on once they recognized that ROBBINS---“the most accurate public opinion pollster in the World ®”—was predicting an Obama win. In the mainstream press in Canada (particularly)—it matters less whether you are correct or not---its more who has got ‘the dough’.
Going into an election year for both BC (provincial) and Federal politics---I would strongly suggest they set their propensity for vacuous propaganda aside---and read what ROBBINS has to say on the subject. We aren’t as given to mollifying our benefactors.

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