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Metro Vancouver Poll-Port Moody Skytrain wins 'squeaker' majority in Port Moody  Apr 26, 2008

A random/select sample of 160 Port Moody residents between April 19-22, 2008. This poll based on ROBBINS calculations including measuring response intervals on a per diem basis combined with overall outcomes, and adjustments for gender relative to Port Moody demographics produces a lower margin of error than would otherwise be expected of 5.2%, 19 times out of 20 @95% confidence/competency-the latter reflecting the respondents 'overall desire to provide a committed response'.

Question #1
BC Liberal Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon has selected Skytrain through Port Moody despite a municipal referendum of Port Moody voters rejecting Skytrain. Are you PLEASED or DISAPPOINTED with BC Liberal Kevin Falcon's decision to bring Skytrain through Port Moody?
PLEASED    45.9 %
No opinion    10 %
Port Moody residents are slightly more inclined to favour Skytrain through Port Moody than not, despite the fact that a referendum in 2004 rejected the idea.
Male respondents are 10-12% more inclined to be PLEASED, while women are similarly more inclined to be DISAPPOINTED.
In the first two days following the announcement on April 18, 2008 respondents were slightly more inclined to be DISAPPOINTED however announcements in the local news may have affirmed the announcement and given support to the proposed route.
Male respondents who were PLEASED were inclined to wonder if "work was going to start before the next election" a clear sign that some Port Moody residents are doubtful of an actual start date over the need for the BC Liberals to attract voters-while women who were DISAPPOINTED are all over increased crime or lowering of property values (if they live near Skytrain).
As anecdotal as this is--there were many respondents who said they were PLEASED who also added they would not be using Skytrain, and others who were PLEASED who affirmed information in an earlier ROBBINS poll (counting of heads) who are concerned about traffic interruptions.
The announcement was made at the Best Western Hotel-where the venue was smaller than the Executive Inn, (and the food not nearly as good) in order to deal with lower ticket sales. Seats were empty and a number of other seats were occupied by people who seemed distant from the relevance of the announcement.
There appeared to be too much press for an event which was really much to do about nothing as there have been so many announcements and promises about the Evergreen Line (Skytrain) that Minister Falcon appeared a little like the 'boy who cried wolf' at this one. This is particularly noteworthy considering the number of press who asked "when ground would be broken" or what "the BC government was going to do about the $520 million dollar shortfall".
Minister Falcon babbled his answer with respect to dates for breaking ground, another signal that Gordon Campbell is going to attempt to attract votes in Burnaby/Port Moody for his MLA's Harry Bloy and Iain Black-without actually providing anything tangible-and really put his foot in his mouth when answering the question about the conspicuous shortfall in funding by suggesting that the federal government ALWAYS follow the construction of the BC projects with money- and invoking the support of Conservative James Moore Minister of ooops---nothing and Conservative Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day who has taken Karate lessons.
I am certain that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is going to be delighted with Kevin Falcon invoking his government's 'likely actions' predicated it would seem on a history of alleged federal Liberal 'practices'.
Stockwell Day is not politically germaine to the announcement (save for the 'my big brother has karate lessons')-and (ha ha we know Conservatives who like us Liberals), and James Moore has an office in Port Moody but is less popular in Coquitlam or Port Coquitlam.
Neither Stockwell Day nor James Moore were in attendance for the announcement, while less than one third of Mayors or city councillors from the Tri-City region were in attendance.
Coquitlam city councillor Richard Stewart professed little support one way or the other for the route selected when speaking with ROBBINS prior to the annoucement, than sprang out of his seat first to offer a standing ovation when the announcement was made.
One third of the 'elites' elected officials and others who tend to ignore public opinion, followed Richard's cheers and applause while the remainder of the room including the empty chairs did nothing-in part I suspect knowing full well nothing will be built unless Campbell wins the next election (and he won't).

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