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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics January 29, 2008
  Jan 29, 2008

This is a random sample of 422 respondents throughout the Metro Vancouver region between January 24-27, 2008. This poll features a margin of error of 5.67% 19 times out of 20 @98% competency/confidence. Interviews where conducted by Robbins sce Research 1998. This poll is sponsored by Jim Van Rassel (604) 328-5398.
Glen P. Robbins
*Jim Van Rassel is a member of MRIA Marketing Research and Intelligence Association/L'Association de la recherche et de l'intelligence marketing

Question #1
Which federal political party do you currently support?
Conservatives    31.09 %
NDP    30.00 %
Liberal    29.74 %
Green    9.08 %
Undecided    11.23 %
Question #2
How would you rate Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s job performance to date?
Very Good    24.55 %
Good    19.43 %
Fair    22.76 %
Poor    13.64 %
Very Poor    19.55 %
Undecided    3.24 %
Question #3
How would you rate Opposition Leader Stephane Dion’s performance to date?
Very Good    8.44 %
Good    21.14 %
Fair    33.94 %
Poor    27.43 %
Very Poor    8.75 %
Undecided    9.34 %
Question #4
John Manley, former Deputy Prime Minister in former Jean Chrétien’s government has issued a Report on Afghanistan recently provided to Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The Report suggests that Canada should remain in Afghanistan in a military and humanitarian role until 2011 beyond the current scheduled end date of February 2009. This is conditional upon other NATO countries providing 1,000 more troops for military requirements. Do you AGREE or DISAGREE with this extension under these terms?
I AGREE with the extension and the terms    50.4 %
No, I DISAGREE with the mission and want Canadians to come home    48.8 %
Undecided    02 %
Question #5
Should Canada provide 1,000 troops of its own, if NATO countries are unwilling?
Yes    27.2 %
No    72.6 %
No    72.6 %
Undecided    00 %
Question #6
Would you be ‘troubled’ if Quebec separated from Canada?
Yes    66.9 %
No    33.3 %
Undecided    11 %
Question #7
Talk of an economic slow-down and/or recession persists in US and Canadian media. Do you support Premier Gordon Campbell’s anticipated multi-million dollar BC carbon tax in order to help stop Global Warming?
Yes    31.1 %
No    68.8 %
Undecided    12 %
Question #8
Do you agree or disagree with the recent federal Conservative/BC Liberal decision to allocate a $5,700 per person subsidy to homeowners in Belcarra, BC near Port Moody/Coquitlam, where home values range between one million to three million dollars, thus enabling homeowners to develop tap water systems from existing well water systems?
AGREE    18.4 %
DISAGREE    81.03 %
Undecided    03 %
Question #9
Who should pay for community development of regional water systems scheduled for development of high density and semi-detached homes in ‘well- to- do’ neighborhoods?
The provincial government    14.5 %
The federal government    07 %
The development companies    37 %
The existing and ‘new’ homeowners in the region    41.5 %
Undecided    00 %
Question #10
Have you and/or your family been part of Premier Gordon Campbell’s Conversation on Health in the last year?
Yes    03 %
No    97 %
Undecided    12 %
Question #11
Recently, it was reported that Liberal Senator and lawyer Mobina Jaffer overcharged her clients extensively on a legal bill reported to be in the millions of dollars, including billing clients for 30 hours in a single day, when she was out of town on that same day. Ms. Jaffer is the law partner of Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm. She has reportedly settled the lawsuit with the plaintiffs for an undisclosed amount. The Law society of British Columbia is investigating. Which of the following represents what punishment befits this indiscretion by Liberal Senator Mobina Jaffer?
She should resign her Senate seat    47 %
The Law Society of BC should sanction her as they see fit    21 %
Ms. Jaffer should be forced to make up her mind if she wants to work as a Senator or a Lawyer    31.5 %
Undecided    07 %
Question #12
On May 15, 2003 the BC Liberals and specifically BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell broke a 2001 election promise by “issuing proposals to privatize BC Rail”. In December 2003 police raided the BC legislature, which raid lead to charges of breach of trust and other against two ministerial aids named David Basi and Bob Virk, AND ultimately to a criminal prosecution which has featured delays for not one, not two, not three, but five* years. *technically four calendar years + (Dec 03) In your opinion is the fact that Gordon Campbell promised not to privatize BC Rail added with the resulting criminal charges and subsequent court delays coupled with speculation about political cover-up, sufficient on its face, for you to NOW ultimately hold Gordon Campbell politically responsible for this entire matter?
Yes    56.35 %
No    43.60 %
Undecided    14.5 %
Question #13
Justice Elizabeth Bennett is the BC Supreme Court Justice who presides over the BC Rail trial. She granted the defense team sweeping Orders for obtaining all government emails, correspondence and communication relating to this raid on the BC legislature. BC Liberal Cabinet Ministers refuse to comply fully with the Order citing solicitor/client privilege. Section 91 of Canada’s Constitution peace, order and good government describes certain legal grounds upon which the federal government is constitutionally permitted to pass laws that intrude on the legislative control of the province. In your opinion, should Prime Minister Stephen Harper exercise an emergency federal power in the BC Rail court case including overriding solicitor/client privilege, in particular because the case involves or may involve charges of breach of trust, bribery, and contempt of court among elected officials and/or their ministerial aids in order to secure Peace, Order and Good Government in British Columbia, and to preserve the reputation of the Rule of Law for its citizens?
Yes    43.3 %
No    50.1 %
Undecided    09 %
Question #14
The police raid on the BC Legislature took place in December 2003. The Attorney General of BC then was Richmond BC Liberal Geoff Plant, in charge of prosecuting crimes on behalf of the people of British Columbia. The Attorney General’s office appointed a Special Prosecutor to the criminal case which followed. His name is Bill Berardino, and he is supposed to bring “neutrality” to the case because of the raid on Parliament. Mr. Berardino was an associate at the same law firm as Attorney General Geoff Plant. Which statement best reflects your impression of this initial decision by the Attorney Generals Office, made at the start of the criminal proceeding of the BC Rail trial?
If the Special Prosecutor is supposed to be neutral and the Attorney General is responsible for prosecuting crimes, the Special Prosecutor should not be from the same law firm    40.8 %
If the Special Prosecutor was appointed by another person in the Attorney Generals office and not the Attorney General his law partner, than that’s acceptable    17 %
The appointment of the Special Prosecutor from the same law firm as the Attorney General is clearly a conflict of interest    31.4 %
I am certain that the Attorney General’s office is capable of making a suitable neutral appointment    10.6 %
Undecided    4.5% %
Question #15
Former BC Liberal Attorney General Geoff Plant appointed a young woman lawyer named Tonie Beharell from his current law firm Heenan Blaikie to the bench- as a BC Human Rights Judge. This young woman had barely a year of legal experience when she was appointed to this position as Judge. In your opinion, was this a reasonable decision on the part of the BC Attorney Generals Office and Attorney General Geoff Plant?
Yes    00 %
No    100 %
Undecided    00 %
When listed by party name only Conservatives have a marginal lead over NDP and Liberals. Green numbers are rising marginally, but sufficient to make many races close if an election is called and the Green support has a sufficient base to hold.
The Prime Minister’s numbers remain relatively high. His party should not have the same confidence. If an election is called will Canadians vote for Prime Minister, party, or local candidate? Stephane Dion’s numbers are improving modestly. (Whether or not Stephane Dion sees polls as tyrannical or not, they are here to help him). His improvement is moving through poor to satisfactory. If he can attract the younger vote to couple with federal Liberal die-hards, and older rich woman-he might scrape a sufficient coalition together at election time to make or beat Paul Martins’ 2006 election outcome.
The Conservatives are beginning to show signs of vulnerability with bribery charges and calls of communication ineptitude. (The Prime Minister need only look at Gordon Campbell’s Liberals to see what lousy communication can do for you).
Canadians in BC have made up their mind on Afghanistan. A bare majority accept the two year extension with conditions that NATO contribute more troops, while the remainder either are adamant about getting out, or believe the situation won’t improve for Canadians. This is supported by the fact that 7 out of 10 respondents refuse to send more Canadian soldiers.
I can tell you unequivocally- if there are no NATO troops forthcoming from countries like France, Germany and other European countries, the discussion on a development of a world plan on global warming against emerging protectionist sentiment both here and in the United States regarding trade and the economy generally, will be over quickly.
If Al Gore enters the American race for President (now) he’ll get eaten alive.
ROBBINS included the question about Quebec separation to mitigate what we anticipate will be published responses from polls from mainstream polling firms who want to overstate Quebec’s rejection of the Afghan war to reflect the Bloc Quebecois vote in Parliament. It is important that a vote in Parliament reflect the sentiments of Canadians not the shortcomings of our parliamentary democracy.
Although this poll is limited to the strategic environment of Metro Vancouver, I would suggest that the national numbers to this question would come out at 45.6% for an extension on the terms provided.
It is extremely important to note the following: we estimate that about 30% of British Columbians “just want Canadians out of Afghanistan”. We think just less than 30% “want Canadians in Afghanistan no matter”. The remaining 40% are willing or unwilling to stay predicated on the likelihood that NATO will/won’t send troops, the US refocus on Afghanistan and to a lesser extent a sense of protectionism relating to a ‘shaky’ economy.
Harper just spun John Manley and the conservative wing of the Federal Liberal party. The Liberals put troops in Afghanistan and now the PM would like them to make a decision about what they think is best for Canada now rather than being non-committal.
There is an indication that many Canadians will want MP’s to vote their constituents positions. Thus however it is tabled, ROBBINS strongly suggests Canadians, and in particular British Columbians will support any outcome from a free vote in the House of Commons. If this vote is undertaken in a methodical and professional manner, (not the contrived incongruence like the same-sex vote) the institution of Parliament will get a surge in credibility which will provoke greater attention from the voting public to other important issues facing us at election time.
Talk of recession and economic slow down has a large number of British Columbians concerned about any policy that includes more taxes. People in this province are feeling the pinch, with many complaining that they have to go into savings, or equity to pay monthly bills. “It’s becoming almost impossible to live in the city anymore, where do we move, Kelowna; a house is just as expensive there”.
Respondents are very unhappy about the proposed subsidy to Belcarra homeowners recently announced by Conservative-Liberal MP James Moore, and his BC Liberal counterpart Iain Black. The 400 or so eligible voters in Belcarra might make the difference between them winning and losing their prospective federal and provincial elections. Why should taxpayers subsidize millionaire homes and advance the political careers of these two? It looks like Pinky and the Brain are living proof that this is one lab experiment gone terribly wrong.
Our question on the Conversation on Health supports are ongoing theory at ROBBINS that the marketing/communications people with the BC Liberals are enacting policy out of a text book, when the case for thinking outside the box should have been made a long time ago. How do we actually know that the money in the Budget for Health actually goes there? The concept of General Revenue is becoming a lighting rod for a minority of more knowledgeable respondents. The Conversation on Health didn't work because the BC Liberals don't actually care about health, or any other social issue for that matter (including the environment).
It's a fact, deal with it.
Stephane Dion complains against the tyranny of pollsters. He and the rest of the politicos should thank their lucky stars for ROBBINS, as we will help them to sort out the countries (provinces) problems, avert the continued pandering to their collective partisan interests, and enable federal and provincial governments the opportunity to abide by the people’s wishes and not their own.
It’s all well and fine to say elected officials should lead, but we are facing a diminishing caliber of elected official as leader, and experiencing the denigration of our institutions by the policy procurement of unelected people dictating leadership policy. This is provoking the need and demand for ROBBINS everywhere in Canada, the United States, and the World. BC specifically is a dump, a toilet.
We are used to trying to get public opinion from a wide variety of people who often need to be told a backgrounder....but here are some important messages in this poll which need to be commented on.
In question #12, Gordon Campbell is already being held politically guilty by a majority of respondents based on this question. Justice Bennett was Glen Clark’s Judge—now she is the BC Rail Judge. The responses in this poll suggest that either Campbell will eventually have to go, or the Courts will be seen as yet another ‘cooked up tribute to legalized prostitution in the democratic toilet that is British Columbia.'
In question #13 we address the central reason (excuse) why the BC Rail trial isn’t moving-solicitor client privilege---this was issue relating to problems with drug dealers/accountants and lawyers previously---therefore it’s been on the table before, certainly it’s relevant when peace order and good government are on the table. PM Harper is brought in to 'rescue' BC on this basis. The limitation to the number if any could be in part his problem or his reluctance to get involved with law appointments of judges etc where he has ideological differences with process---or does he? At 'election' time this ramps up political pressure.
Question #14 is extremely important as it raises issues about news media’s impartiality. Is Bill Tieleman (a good guy-NDP) an apologist for the BC Liberal government and the inadequacies of the BC Attorney General when he asserts that former BC Attorney General Geoff Plant did not select the Special Prosecutor in the case and validates the selection by saying the Assistant Deputy Minister made the selection. These bureaucrats are faceless and accountable, what if some of them are as corrupt as their political bosses? Can we take from Bill Tieleman’s position (strongly refuted by respondents in this poll) that the BC NDP may want the BC Liberals out of government, but doesn't want to change (reform) the system in the AG's office, or the government, in case his friends in the NDP acquire it, and don't want to change anything. The real deal is 70% see it as a conflict. Indeed, the law firm got the case not the specific lawyer.
If you’re going to cover the BC Rail case which involves corruption and long delays don’t assume that any part of the process in government is ‘beyond reproach’. Once the horse is out of barn, and it is now, than everything needs to be investigated.
Governor General Jean got caught in rough treatment on her recent visit, because there is a growing number of British Columbians who know that this province has gone ‘rotten to the core’. She only met those who are desperate enough to be vocal and (overly) aggressive about it. This blame for all of this lies at the Premier’s feet.
These questions are absolute 'red meat'-they are framed in a way that they can be answered fairly by random people willing to answer them. The undecided is not about confused questions (I test drove and did blind) ---the undecided are mostly people who need to think about this. I have personally interviewed 23,000 people since 1998----people who take a poll now----if they are confused by the question---they will ask to repeat it, or they will tell you they are confused by the question----if they don't get--you spoil the ballot----if you think they don't get it---you spoil the ballot---or factor in on confidence. People who take our polls are always remarking---'those (are) good question(s)'.
Our last question basically blows the BC Attorney Generals credibility out of the water. Some of these bureaucrats are the same lying rats that misplaced boxes on the Carrier Lumber fiasco. Proponents of our parliamentary system argue that the good thing about government is that the government officials stay the same no matter the government. Carrier Lumber, BC Rail, Geoff Plant, Wally Oppal (the former Judge who became a politician), delays in prosecuting the BC Rail claim, excuses, Judges with no demonstrable history of adjudicating in such a way that it might reflect social justice, appointed Senators/lawyers with ties to the courts who take clients money (and should be criminally charged not brought before the law society), and now a lawyer with little or no experience is made a Judge.
BC, what a dump of a democracy. Please go to these links, or go to search engine @ BC Mary-for more information on the shocking BC Rail Trial. Decide for yourself, "Justice" or a steamy broth of 'cooked up' soup? Special thanks from ROBBINS to BC Mary for some inspiration on the subject.

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