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RSR ROBBINS Research - Canada Politics March 28, 2007
  Mar 28, 2007

Glen P. Robbins President and CEO of ROBBINS ASK and ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) are proud to once again declare that his firm “for all intents and purposes nailed the recent Quebec provincial election.” Specifically, Robbins points to his poll (within a larger federal poll), “Harpers Conservatives at Majority level”, which declared the ADQ second with essentially the percentage of popular vote they actually received, which prediction was contrary to mainstream polls which showed the ADQ in the mid-twenties.”
Robbins adds “the Quebec election and our accurate polling predictions therein, should also bode well for the federal Conservatives who ROBBINS also predicted were doing well in Quebec, and who other mainstream pollsters had established in the mid-teens in public opinion.”
Robbins is also responding to a recently published Decima poll which declares the Conservatives are at 35% popularity across the country requiring approximately 40% for a majority.
Once again ROBBINS ASKS “who will Prime Minister Stephen Harper believe ROBBINS Sce Research (41%) OR Decima (35%)?"
Robbins concludes “our record is irrefutable; in November 2005 on national radio we guaranteed a Conservative minority government (and were called crazy)….
If Stephen Harper’s Conservatives call a general federal election they will win a majority…I guarantee it. He will win, will owe the mainstream media nothing, and be in the delicious position of calling an inquiry into media concentration and the relationship between mainstream media and mainstream polling, and I know just the person to head the inquiry…name and contact below.”
Glen P. Robbins (604) 942-3757 -30-

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