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Coquitlam Mayor and BC Liberal supporter Kingsbury in trouble in Coquitlam
  Jun 22, 2005

A digit dialing of 295 respondents ‘inclined to vote in civic elections’ throughout the City of Coquitlam between July 2-11, 2005. This survey features a margin of error of 5.45%, 18 times out of 20 @95% competency level.

Question #1
When it comes to your Municipal government would you say that generally speaking “the buck stops at the Mayor’s Office.”
Yes    60.5 %
No    39.5 %
Question #2
Which statement BEST reflects your opinion of Mayor Jon Kingsbury’s leadership as Mayor of Coquitlam?
Jon Kingsbury is an excellent Mayor and we should re-elect him in November 2005    17 %
Jon Kingsbury is an average to above average Mayor, however if a better candidate came along I would seriously consider voting for that person    58 %
Jon Kingsbury is not an excellent Mayor and I would vote for anyone who runs against him    25 %
Question #3
In your opinion as a member and Director of Translink, has Jon Kingsbury done a good job to solve transportation problems in the Northeast sector of the region which includes the City of Coquitlam.
Yes    26 %
No    74 %
Question #4
Which of the following statements Best reflects your perception of this statement: ‘you have to go along to get along, or to go along you have to get along’?
In my opinion that statement reflects a person with wisdom    04 %
In my opinion that statement reflects a person who can’t make a decision on their own    61 %
Neither statement offered is a suitable characterization to me    35 %
Question #5
If the election for Coquitlam Mayor were held tomorrow for which of the following candidates for Mayor would you cast your ballot?
City Councillor Kent Becker    28 %
City Councillor Maxine Wilson    29 %
Three term and current Mayor Jon Kingsbury    26 %
Slightly less then two-thirds of City of Coquitlam ‘voters in Municipal elections’ are of the opinion that the buck stops at the Mayor’s Office. 40% of respondents who have a strong opinion about Mayor John Kingsbury are strongly in favour of re-electing him. A majority of candidates with a strong opinion will not vote to re-elect him according to these respondents. The majority of candidates with a strong feeling against the Mayor also choose City Councillor Maxine Wilson for Mayor. Respondents who choose Councillor Kent Becker for Mayor select (b) in Question #2 most of the time.
Mayor Kingsbury is perceived by respondents to have not acted in Coquitlam’s best interests as this relates to transportation issues in the Northeast sector. Although some of this negative perception is also aimed at other Tri-City politician’s, respondents in this survey perceive Kingsbury to be the most responsible. Mayor Kingsbury according to respondents in this survey has not performed well solving transportation issues, and is perceived by many to be too pro-development and “severely unawares” on environmental considerations.
With twenty new high rises scheduled for the Tri-City area, transportation problems will not be going away any time soon, and Coquitlam residents may want to make a change in the direction of the City from perceived development to more of a mix of progressive development and community concerns relating to over development.
Will Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell’s decision to leave politics impact on voter choices elsewhere in the lower mainland in upcoming municipal elections?

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