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ROBBINS contradicts all eastern pollsters-shows Conservatives on top-Liberals in the tank
  May 29, 2005

This is a total representative scientific sample of 18,018 Canadians by way of targeted sample of respondents from a previous poll and a digit dialing of an additional 525 respondents throughout all regions of the country between May 23-30, 2005. This poll is sponsored in part by Friends of Glen P. Robbins, and Glen P. Robbins personally as part of ongoing research and business development. This survey features a margin of error of 3.5%, 18 times out of 20, @ 98% competency.

Question #1
If an election were held in Canada one month from today for which leader and party would you caste your ballot?
Stephen Harper and Conservative Party of Canada    34 %
Jim Harris and Green Party of Canada    06 %
Paul Martin and federal Liberal Party of Canada    26 %
Jack Layton and New Democratic Party of Canada    20 %
Gilles Duceppe and Bloc Quebecois    15 %
Question #2
Do you want your Member of Parliament to vote for or against changes to marriage laws in Canada which would provide same sex couples with the same legal status presently enjoyed by heterosexual couples?
For    45 %
Against    55 %
Question #3
In your opinion, if marriage laws in Canada are changed to provide the same legal rights to same sex couples as heterosexual couples will Canada’s ‘social fabric’ and family traditions likely remain about the same as they are now?
Yes    31 %
No    67 %
The Conservative Party of Canada and the Bloc Quebecois enjoy the highest degree of support with (90%) and nearly (100%) of ‘a lot’ of support. The federal Liberals and federal NDP have (80%) of ‘a lot’ of support.
Across the country the Conservatives enjoy (50%) support from British Columbia to Manitoba. East of Manitoba, the Conservatives average (28.5%) with the highest support in Ontario (34%).
The federal Liberal Party is in decline in Canada’s three most western provinces and Quebec, where the four-province average is (19%). Liberal support is highest in Ontario and the Maritimes at (38%) and (42%). Paul Martin’s Liberals average (24%) in Canada’s three largest provinces. The Conservatives under Stephen Harper are (7%) higher across the same three provinces.
The main difference between the last (2) ROBBINS polls and the majority of the mainstream pollsters, is that ROBBINS sees significantly less support for the Liberals in Quebec (where federal Liberal support is pre-Laurier low), and slightly less support for the Liberals in Ontario. This combination impacts on global averages for the Liberals by approximately (4%).
The New Democrats are showing well in all western provinces with the exception of Alberta where support is under (20%). NDP support averages slightly under (30%) in B.C., Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Maritimes.
Canadians in rural provinces are solidly against changes in marriage laws allowing same sex couples to enjoy the same legal marriage status as heterosexual couples. Rural regions in the country average nearly (70%) against ‘marriage status’ for gay men and women. Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal ‘proper’ average nearly (60%) ‘for’. Only Quebec and Manitoba supported this ‘new marriage proposal’ over (50%). The three most western provinces of B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan average (35%), with Alberta the least supportive at less than one in four respondents in support.
ROBBINS has conducted numerous polls on the subject of gay marriage and this poll reveals the highest support ‘for’ gay marriage that we have witnessed to date. (It should be noted that the proper scientific term “homosexual” was not used, the term ‘against’ is usually less desirable as a choice than the term ‘for’ and the question was constructed with a slight push generally in favour of same sex marriage). It also denotes a reversal of sorts in Quebec where the number of respondents ‘for’ legal marriage for same sex couples is barely over one-half with much of this support coming from Montreal, and the majority of respondents ‘against’ in rural Quebec, where many Bloc supporters now appear to see nationalism in terms of language and religion, superceding federalism, perceived legal Rights under the Charter, and secularism as a social objective. Average totals ‘for’ same-sex marriage rights from Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes equal (49%).
More than (12%) of same sex marriage ‘supporters’ in this poll understand that there will be changes to Canada’s social fabric and family traditions if same sex marriage is implemented. Respondents in this group cited ‘the Charter’, ‘equity and fairness’, and even the fact that “gay people are very kind” as reasons why they should support gay marriage despite the fact that “there will be some noticeable change.” Liberal problems deepen with this question as many respondents who only moderately support the party are ‘against’ same sex marriage. As well, most New Democrat supporters in areas outside mains cities in the country are ‘against’ gay marriage as well.

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