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Is Belinda Stronach Canada's 21st century Cleopatra
  May 21, 2005

A digit dialing of 1,248 respondents throughout British Columbia between May 18-19 2005. This poll has a margin of error of approximately 3.5%, 17 times out of 20 @ 95% competency.

Question #1
In your opinion, is the break-up of Belinda Stronach new MP for the federal Liberals and Peter McKay of the Conservative Party
Personal    34 %
Political    54 %
Can't Say    12 %
Question #2
In your opinion did Belinda Stronach move from the Conservative Party of Canada in order to:
Protect Canadian federalism    18 %
Further her political ambitions    82 %
The majority of British Columbians in this poll comprised of relatively equal numbers of men and women are of the opinion that the break-up of former Conservative MP Belinda Stronach and Conservative MP Peter McKay is political. A large minority however believes that it is personal.
An overwhelming majority of British Columbians are of the opinion that Ms. Stronach moved from the Conservatives to the federal Liberal party to “further her political ambitions.”
Many respondents commented that ambition was Ms. Stronach’s primary motivator. Most of these were not impressed with her “unbridled ambition.”
A significant number of respondents took the opportunity to disparage the Province of Ontario and the voters who lived there. Many stating that Ontario (where Ms.Stronach is an MP) is “becoming a larger problem that Quebec ever was.”
Could Ms. Stronach’s defection to the federal Liberals actually hurt that party further in the Province of British Columbia?

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