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NHL Players Association Rope a Dope NHL Owners
  Dec 14, 2004

A targeted survey of 215 respondents of a general pool of 500 ‘NHL Hockey fans’ respondents plus. No respondents were used from similar telephone numbers derived from previous surveys who did not match up in ‘gender’ from previous surveys and who did not agree that they had previously answered a ROBBINS survey on the hockey lockout. In addition approximately double the ratio of paying hockey fans from the September survey were used in this poll. These ‘paying’ respondents supported the NHLPA’s offer to the NHL owners in the mid 80’s percentage. This survey was conducted between December 09, 2004 and December 13, 2004. It has a margin of error of less than 1 per cent, 19 times out of 20 @99% competency.

Question #1
The NHLPA through their Executive Director Bob Goodenow recently made an offer to the NHL owners through Gary Bettman, Commissioner. The NHL Players have offered to take a 24% across the board pay cut that would save the NHL owners hundreds of millions of dollars in player’s salaries over the next few years. In your opinion should the NHL owners accept this offer from the NHLPA even though there is no salary cap?
Yes    82 %
No    17 %
Question #2
In its recent offer The NHLPA made no attempt to impose a more stringent luxury tax against NHL owners who pay free agents high salaries in order to ‘buy’ championships. In your opinion which expression BEST describes why the NHLPA (after offering a 24 per cent tax cut), did not demand concessions from the owners relating to higher luxury taxes?
The NHLPA believes its offer shows a good faith attempt to clean up its side of the problem, now the owners must clean up their side as well    69 %
The NHLPA doesn’t want a cap, so why ask the owners to take any form of cap including one defined by a luxury tax    24 %
The NHLPA is more intent on winning a public relations battle then fixing the problem    07 %
Three out of four ‘hockey fans’ from our first poll in September 2004 are now onside with the NHLPA. A massive turnaround in support for the NHLPA.
During this survey of Vancouver hockey fans a charity game was held in Vancouver following the offer by the NHLPA to the owners. The NHLPA is clearly in the driver’s seat over this lockout matter, and the collective actions of its representatives according to this (one of a series of four polls o the subject by ROBBINS) reveals without question that NHLPA Bob Goodenow belongs in a league with Muhammad Ali and Karl Rove.
Don’t play Texas hold’em with Bob Goodenow.

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