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Gay rights not important to Canadians-Canadians want lower EI premiums, proper military funding, and health care resolved
  Dec 16, 2004

A random telephone survey of 325 families in Canada (excluding Quebec and New Brunswick) with one or more children in either private or public schools. This survey took place between December 09 and December 14, 2004. It features a margin of error of 4.25%, 17 times out of 20, @96% competency.

Question #1
In your opinion has Paul Martinís Liberal Party properly funded Canadaís Armed Forces?
Yes    33 %
No    65 %
Question #2
With the United States seeking bilateral strategic defence arrangements with Canada, will, in your opinion, a well funded Canadian Armed Forces improve Canadaís negotiating position with the United States and its President George W. Bush?
Yes    79 %
No    21 %
Question #3
The Supreme Court of Canada has determined that gay marriage rights can be considered by the Members of Parliament. As an issue in the total scheme of things how important are gay rights issues to you and your family?
Very Important    02 %
Important    11 %
Unimportant    62 %
Very Unimportant    24 %
Question #4
In terms of overall importance, how important are The Supreme Court Decisions on matters of The Canadian Constitution?
Very Important    06 %
Important    23 %
Unimportant    41 %
Very Unimportant    28 %
Question #5
The amount of time and money required to run the House of Commons in Ottawa including wages and expenses for MPís is extremely high. The Government of the day or other private members (MPís) must make prudent decisions about what laws or bills it proposes in the House so as not to waste time and potentially millions of dollars of taxpayerís money. In your opinion which ONE of these different types of issues is one which you believe your Member of Parliament should be spending time on?
The role of Canadaís Armed forces as we negotiate issues relating to Canadian sovereignty and strategic missile defence with U.S. President George W. Bush    32 %
Discussions of the Canada Health Act and its practical evolution in maintaining high standards of Health Care for all Canadians    35 %
The issue of Charter Rights and specifically the rights of gay men and women to marry    03 %
Use of the Employment Insurance surplus of 50 billion dollars to reduce negative impact of high E.I. insurance rates on employees and employers    34 %

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