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Alberta's Big Oil versus Joe Biden's Green New Deal - Meng/2 Michaels
featuring -freedom- artist Van Morrison - and Introducing ROBBINS guest Florida Governor Ron DeSantis-  Nov 02, 2021

Question #1
Baseline voting results last Canadian Election held September 2021 (adjusted):
Liberal    32.5 %
Conservative    33.5 %
Bloc    7.5 %
NDP    18 %
Greens    2.5 %
People's Freedom    5 %
Question #2
It has been nearly a month since the most recent Canadian general election, costing Canadians $600 Million apparently but with little evidence of a change in outcome in representation from before the Election. Looking back, how would you assess this Canadian Election?
I was impressed    26 %
I was not impressed    65 %
Undecided/All Other    9 %
Question #3
Do you approve of the Canadian government release of Chinese executive Meng Wanzhou in return for Canada’s two Michaels held in Chinese prisons, on the strict basis that every Canadian travelling to China hereafter must sign a declaration warning them of possible problems while in China prior to being permitted to travel there?
Yes    83.33 %
Question #4
The Province of Alberta has one of the greatest oil reserves in the World. It has been claimed that if Alberta were permitted to deliver its Canadian oil unfettered to both of Canada’s coasts for sale offshore, Alberta and by extension Canada and all Canadians would be the wealthiest or some of the wealthiest in the world. Given the massive cost to taxpayers to survive COVID, and given Canada’s negligible contribution to Global Warming would you support the unfettered delivery of Alberta oil by any safe means necessary to both BC and Quebec coastlines to make Canada a major world economic power and energy independent?
Yes    54.43 %
Question #5
Which response choice is a more attractive proposition to you?
Unfettered delivery of Alberta oil to both of Canada’s coastlines for sale to other countries at high prices returning $125 Billion and more to Canada’s economy    59.87 %
A US Joe Biden like Green New Deal at a cost to Canadian taxpayers of $300 Billion to Canadian taxpayers    32.15 %
Question #6
If you were magically able to vote in a snap election from the comfort of your home today, and with a mind to reflect your current opinion of Canadian Leaders and Parties - which of the following Leaders & Party would you support? (adjusted).
O’Toole/Conservatives    31 %
Trudeau/Liberals    28 %
Singh/New Democrats    16.5 %
Blanchet/Bloc Quebecois    6.5 %
New Leader/Greens    2 %
Bernier/Peoples (Freedom) Party    12 %
Introduction: In our October 16, 2021 (and prior to the Chicago Black Hawks first game at the United Center) -ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Poll entitled “Trump - Republican support, Pompeo v DeSantis 4 VP, Texas-Abbott Abortion laws +”...specifically in Commentary soothsayer/scientist (SS) Glen P. Robbins in (apparent) regards to a Vancouver Sun article featuring writer Vaughn Palmer on vocals - wrote in that Poll: ‘call in the bomb sniffing dogs -- you just know something is going to “Blow Up” - a song denoted correctly as being produced by the all girl band “The Beaches.”
I was creating some journalistic-legal Comity (Ed: ooh momma). As at October 27, 2021 - 2 days ago “Kyle Beach - John Doe -”. On October 28, 2021: “Players, coaches react to Kyle Beach’s Story--Sportsnet”. Also on October 28, 2021: “Kyle Beach reveals he is the player suing the Chicago Black Hawks.” And then this from March 13, 2021 (ED: 7 months ago - over 230 days): “Anonymous Blackhawks player from 2010 team suing team for…”
From Wikipedia: “The 2021 Stanley Cup Finals….began on June 28, 2021 and concluded July 7, 2021.” From Chicago Sun Times - Ben Pope - July 22, 2021 (ED: two weeks after the 1st season following COVID-19 ends) “Amended lawsuits against Blackhawks give new details.”
THEN summer 2021 occurs: AND THEN from “Bleacher Nation” September 8, 2021 by Mario Tirabass: “The 2021-22 NHL Season is right around that corner, and that means important dates are being lined up. For example, the Blackhawks open the year on the road on October 13, (2021) against the Colorado Avalanche, which is 35 days away. They play their first game at the United Center on October 19, (2021).”
“Report to the Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Team Regarding the Organization’s Response to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct by a Former Coach - by Jenner & Block LLP. DATED: October 2021
A ROBBINS Researcher asks - ‘why would this guy (Kyle Beach) ever come out of anonymity?’ Simple says Big Daddy - let me repeat why: ** (ED: 1st paragraph) ‘In our October 16, 2021 and prior to the Chicago Black Hawks first game at the United Center -ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Poll entitled “Trump - Republican support, Pompeo v DeSantis 4 VP, Texas-Abbott Abortion laws +”...specifically in Commentary soothsayer/scientist Glen P. Robbins in (apparent) regards to a Vancouver Sun article featuring writer Vaughn Palmer on vocals - wrote in that Poll: ‘call in the bomb sniffing dogs -- you just know something is going to “Blow Up” - a song denoted as being produced by the all girl band “The Beaches.”’
And just as Glen P. Robbins - identified the whereabouts of a retired judge made an order for stay of execution to Glen P. Robbins & to his Wife and another effectively winning the case for pro se Chad versus Michael B and Esther J. Kikkle - still unfiled and still a simple key to unlock millions - to our winning and ever loving benefit - which a crooked BC Supreme Court chief justice won’t permit to file/because filing the stay will expose corruption from top to bottom at the BC Supreme Court in Vancouver and New Westminster courts// - within one day in Portugal - where she was ‘squirreled away’ retired acting in plays with her husband - my reach - is everywhere. She retired - the same day of the home invasion - involving multiple cousins of Michael B Kikkle - a couple of corruptible judges and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police - now placed under moral and intellectual pressure from GPR - forcing discussions in Canada of a new TV Show called Kikkle and the Cops- record audiences of 75 people (ED: Over 50 for Canadian Television considered platinum achievement) will prevail.
The Kyle Beach story has apparently blown up thanks to ROBBINS Sce Research (1998). I mean lets be honest, I say respectively Mr. Beach was provided with a fictitious plaintiff standing in his lawsuit. My question is: Why? What was the reasoning for this? I mean it's not like Mr. Beach had anything like Alec Baldwin’s -100 percent penetration- in name recognition - known through & through - from making fun of then U.S. Trump. Did it have anything to do with the fact that this was the 1st season back from COVID for the NHL? Was it later so that season tickets and other tickets and merchandise for the Chicago Blackhawks and other NHL Teams which might have otherwise been impacted? Or was it because ROBBINS forced everyone’s hand?
Was Mr. Beach or his lawyer compensated or accommodated in any way a benefit - for not pressing his legal complaint during the remainder of that 1st season - into playoffs and the Stanley Cup - and subsequent to summer holidays when news slows, when Trudeau called the Election - and not pressing his claim or coming forward following the October 2021 report? Mutual Gaslighting of the Public and most particularly NHL fans and more specifically purchasers of tickets and merchandise. Makes me wonder if the RCMP Investigation relating to the participation of their members in a fraud on our family property - in conjunction and at the direction of a law cousin of Michael B. Kikkle - won’t be done until after they see how their petition to keep their federal force in the City of Surrey has been completed? Will this be more Canadian amateurish Public Gaslighting by a Canadian Institution? The CRTC should pull CKNW’s licence. It is clearly a lobby venue in my professional opinion, at least on this RCMP Petition which is granted under Elections BC. Elections BC should be determining CKNW to be advertising for the RCMP - it's that bad. The Rogers family doesn’t want any part of that now do they? Take down the Fasken ad - at Canuck - home games or we will go into your market and ask your clients what they think of you. You never know when it's coming!
Professionals refer to the New -expensive- Surrey Police Force as the Mayor’s private police force- with no mention of the CBC’s latest report that RCMP costs are going through the roof. The public should have been informed from the outset who the plaintiff was - which would have put a proper focus on the case at the time it was filed in court or soon thereafter. Using the Court Rules as a bargaining chip ---or other more nefarious public relations efforts, in this case to aid the National Hockey League - into not looking bad - until after the 1st season following COVID and with the money for ticket sales going into the 2nd - looks like a Public Gaslighting to me. And I’m the BEST in the World now. No glass ceiling.
This ROBBINS Poll on Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ambitions for remedy on the Global Warming file - and to Liberal US President Joe Biden's mutual efforts - through the Green New Deal --- are also going the way of the Kyle Beach story - all Blown up. One recent glowing report benefitting Trudeau says Canada’s Global Warming benchmarks are being attained. I am telling you at this point in time, Canadians don’t care. The formerly undecided Suburban wife is off the fence and stepping on the gas for Big Alberta Oil - soon to be promoted to Canadians by Ontario Premier Big Doug Ford.
Commence Van Morrison “Wavelength”: (ED: “There’s a song about your wavelength and my wavelength”).
Q #2- The ---I was impressed--- (26%)- is (1%) less than the (27%) of Canadians who thought an Election was necessary from my ROBBINS Poll published on the day of the Election Call in mid August. That ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Poll {without any doubt} caused Justin Trudeau his majority government.
That ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Poll proclaimed Trudeau and his Liberals had fallen from the 35.5% - possessing a 6.5% lead over Erin O’Toole that every mainstream pollster washed, rinsed, and/or (even) independent - Rogue King ROBBINS - {TRUMP-IT} declared ----- (34%) for Trudeau/Liberals nationwide, a decrease of (1.5%) AND with a sweet increase to (32%) for Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole. Every pollster in the advertising media and myself dominating the outlier classification of Rogue King GunFighters ® in the ROBBINS WORLD - Public Opinion had 35.5% Trudeau previously {thereto}. Trudeau, according to my research - at the commencement of the Election was thus trending down, O’Toole, the Conservative Leader was trending up at the start of that sameRACE.
(ED: Market Test ---- here - The TRUMP - IT owned exclusively by Donald J. Trump could be the new free speech site where smart people on the right can exchange ideas and not be interfered with, manipulated by Michael B Kikkle - and other societal scourges (ED: See also Scrooges). The name of course is all TRUMP - IT, the IT serves to symbolize the industry - and is itself an ‘article’ - ‘a thing’ - like an appeal in a court of law --- attracts a response which attracts a reply ---etc or like how first bat in a baseball game is determined --- one hand on the bat is Trumped by the next hand and Trumped by the next).
(ED: Imagine ‘Tweet it’ - like some poor sad little chick - cute little powerless bird - next to the obvious jazziness of TRUMP -IT {the response could be a clarinet - that type of designation). What is better, going on Media to Trump -IT - or Tweeting like a sissy. TRUMP - IT will crush Twitter because people won’t want to be seen tweeting - when they are given the freedom of opportunity - Hump n Dump --- and TRUMP - IT. There will also be a portal to Extreme Free Speech. I can provide thousands of writers - smart people - with contests between - say Whites and -Blacks, Blacks and Hispanics - Asians versus etc or the main aspect is all races. A Declaration of age 18 and understanding that no content can be used. We will charge people to come to the Extreme Site. All writers/gladiators from the alt market (right and left) will have a cartoon icon of themselves with a gladiator number. Any paying person can vote on the writer they like the most on the site that day. Support totals will be tallied and top alt writers - most beloved by the audience will win prizes including cash).
I was never ever NOT going to Poll again until September (2021) as Cerb and other directly related to Coronavirus - -------which apparently despite 99/100 (LOL) of the public now double - triple chocolate ripple vaccinated - it's still a 911 Health Emergency - with ongoing, and in fact--- more strident emergency measures - such as Vaccine Passports in place, mandate on top of mandate - do this do that - and soon no more money for people who cannot otherwise survive---can they not see the bottom is going to drop out through Christmas.
ROBBINS can NOW report a serious problem in Canada Employment Insurance - where even long standing working persons = who have become injured =, (not at the workplace), and cannot work because of that injury - get 15 weeks Employment Insurance - BUT then must go on Provincial welfare if they want any money. What kind of Gaslighting is this from two senior governments against vulnerable injured people? Throw injured Canadian workers under the bus - to cover off the cost of keeping Europeans and Michael happy over new voodoo economics.
Historically following the first 15 weeks an injured person of Injury Employment Insurance would then seek to go on regular unemployment insurance if they were still considered medically injured. I can cite in some detail one case - let's call this person Surge - is injured. Breaks a toe, but that break leads to nightmare medical health problems. Surge is one of those workers - who worked steadily with the same employer in construction for a decade, and never missed a day - one of our better worker ‘types’. Let’s say Surge was earning $50,000 per year. Over a decade, not unreasonable earnings per year for a single gentleman. $1,800 in every two week pay packet. Pretty good in some regions but not great in the places with high rent like many major cities in Canada, even for a single person.
The injury Employment Insurance I’m presenting at $1,100 every two weeks. You're already down $700 every two weeks. WOW. You're injured - then kaboom - from the top of the roller coaster - life is AOK - it's consistent, you love your work, you work hard at your job, your employer respects and values you, then you are injured. A broken toe. Things go downhill and get more complicated after the injury - weeks turn into months as the injury Employment Insurance is set to run out. And then you are told to go on Welfare - with food discount stamps - and file for Canada disability. Stud construction worker - now on food stamps. As your injury worsens - it gets a little sketchy. Seeing your family doctor - is difficult during COVID-19, the public doctor’s office doesn’t want to take responsibility because there is a family doctor. The family doctor is retiring - so that process compounds Surge’s problem - keeping him from dealing with an injury - a broken toe gone very wrong.
Surges’ Social Assistance from John Horgan amounts to an estimated $500 every two weeks. Surge has lost (70%) of his two week income - you're in this hell hole of pain / a broken toe has manifested to gout-- walking on your feet, when you can walk at all - is like walking on stilts - or possessing wooden legs like the Sailor character on Family Guy. And now you’ve arrived at less than (30%) of your original pay packet. This spiral down to the health and earnings bottom took but 4 months. Someone in the Federal government changed the Employment Insurance rules for hard working persons who have become injured// - and consciously allowed them to fall through the cracks in the Employment System put together specifically for COVID. Now - = that's not fair. Anyhow, Trudeau had forced GunFighters ® CEO Glen P. Robbins’ High Noon hand for a number of reasons, including the arrogant feeling out/soft notice of a pending election from - Media --- which, as I say, had Trudeau six points ahead of Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole.
And speaking about nibbling:
(ED: Israel is fighting with Poland. You know how Estates with no beneficiaries roll into the Government coffers - well Israel wants Poland to repatriate that money to Israel. This is of importance - because as ROBBINS differs from alt right associates on the subject matter - alt right is not anti Sematic so much as DEAD SET against Israel and Jewish Elites. They offer (3-5%) of the potential to Donald Trump. Michael doesn’t support Trump - to its puny (2%) vote in contrast). Glen P. Robbins - New World Prince - declares Israel as One State - there is no 2 State solution anymore. Pure unadulterated garbage. This narrative is a fraud on the people - including the U.S. taxpayers funding Israel. Michael doesn’t want this discussion to take place because it would then lurch all Truthful Jewish persons in North American to repatriate to that One State --- AND not doing so would bring the entire movement into disrepute). Michael wants it all, both sides - even if principle is completely abandoned in the process. There must be serious reparations paid to Palestinians. In any event --- the Poland circumstance is the tell of what US and Canada might expect). (ED: Jackie Wilson said - Let it all hang out).
(ED: The Clinton government spent a lot of dollars looking for more property - many reports included taking over valuable church properties…..anyone looking at Section 230 Clinton made special for Michael B. Kikkle might believe the sale of church proceeds might end up in Israel too).
Let me educate the Reader about Section 230. This U.S. law allows so-called social media like FaceBook and others to be exempt from liability related to 3rd party postings {defamation or more extreme free speech protection}. Only Michael B Kikkle ® truly benefits from this law. The argument - where obviously very greasy lawyers--knew the fraud on the Public Interest was occurring - said that these social sites were (benign) “platforms” only - there for the Public Interest. The Pro Formas for investment asserted future incomes in the Billions - yet no one asked the question apparently - how can you expect advertisers if you cannot control what people comment on sites near those advertising? Liar People. Con Artists-- There would be no editing or action taken against writers from the outside public on the platform - because the site owners and operators would have no control over content. Liars! Section 230 is a fraud on the Public Interest from stem to stern. (ED: I wanna rock your gypsy soul).
How could the advertising model be achieved without control of content? I did 23 2 hour radio shows - under CRTC Rules all the words you cannot say - having an extraordinary memory and no fear is great for radio. But it isn’t free speech. Talk radio my Father + Douglas Robbins listened to was 10 times tougher than talk radio today but with no bad language. I never heard my Father use any bad language. I only spray it when I believe someone or something is a skunk. It’s when Michael took over the media - commencing the turn of the Century in Canada - that free speech declined, political speech was promoted and ethics everywhere - in nearly every profession became corrupted and greedy. Free speech is actually in a place of suspension. It doesn’t exist in fact. Possession is nine tenths of the law - no one is more aware of that than Michael. Michael funds minorities like Zilla and his bride Zoolou as a type of defence to the criticism and derision that naturally flows against greedy Michael B and Esther J. Kikkle. If Zilla and Chad fight - Michael can on one hand act as the advocate for Zilla - and infiltrate Chad, particularly around the less circumspect Missy Chad, because Michael appears more like Chad then Zilla and Zoolou. It’s all about divide and conquer for Michael.
Section 230 must be rescinded - eviscerated. To anyone not gaslighting one another - the law based on the advertised organizational structure - that FACEBOOK et al now have - means they must be arbiters of Free Speech for the mainstream media publications - losing money and seeking the accommodation from Social Media Michael. The problem for mainstream media once their news and capacity to share in advertising by Social Media posters - was realized, was that any ordinary person with membership could say anything they chose - and place it where the two Michaels conjoined on the Social Media site. It didn’t make the mainstream happy.
The first problem with this situation to recognize is that Michael B Kikkle owns and controls virtually all of Social Media. Michael B Kikkle ALSO owns most of the mainstream media. So - when mainstream media owned mostly by Michael - complained about Social Media - also owned by Michael - the problems of free speech were created by Michael - to ultimately benefit Michael. (ED: Sam Cooke is on the radio and the night is filled with space - Van Morrison).
Michael’s mainstream media’s revenue problems were satisfied - and their problems with free speech on their connection and communication and advertising on Social Media - were solved by Michael Social Media installing an editor in the system. Michael Social Media and Michael mainstream media colluded to circumvent free speech and Section 230 - with the beneficiaries only to Michael. Section 230 was actually designed to eventually bring about control of free speech by Michael. So long as Section 230 is law, the United States cannot claim itself a country of laws with a straight face. Certainly not a republic. This would then be an intellectual problem for the Republican Party - whose name rests on the cornerstone of law. It’s brand benefits when law is respected, not just on the violent streets of mostly Black American Cities--(ED: Michael funding). Law in the U.S. and Canada doesn’t even know the difference between right and wrong anymore. Democrats enjoy bruising the law, not law as the thug the way Kohlberg sees it - making the law autocratic - because so much of that employed insurrectionist attitude is intended to damage the reputation of the law in the name of the law. Destabilization as it were - apparently sufficient to seek an entire reset - without a plan for that reset. Big words and Democrats are a toxic mix. Substantive policy is vacuous. I asked an environmentalist - aboriginal advocate - what is the reset? The reset he said is the changeover from capitalism to the New Green Deal. When will this happen - how does it occur? I responded. It will change overnight, he replied. Of course it would, I concluded. Of course it’s wood.
Imagine a wooden platform in an outside meadow prepared for Free Speakers. Section 230 makes Facebook (and others) THAT wooden platform (only), and nothing whatsoever more-------- than that. Speakers in this scenario - image would climb onto the platform and speak into the ‘microphone’. Michael went along for a while, pretending - conning. Along came Donald Trump (United States) - and Truth seekers like Glen P. Robbins (Canada) - others.
Michael “Could not handle the Truth”...Michael manages the big lie better than Simple Truth - the latter to be well known to be stranger than fiction (ED: So why not give it a try//Michael’s flaw is in comparative reasoning despite a very high IQ {and possibly duplicity in the dna}) --so Michael circuitously & with malice aforethought planted another microphone under his alleged benign social platform and by performance of this contractual interference, including evidence of this contractual interference with the incumbent President of the United States -- effectively transformed the law away from its core intention -to a reasonable person- with an IQ over room temperature ----TO a (non) functioning legal nullity - but yet Michael did as he pleased. He flouted the law - imagine that! I wonder if there are another 115 examples of this throughout history like this. Michael B. Kikkle does no such thing with China. How else could China continue to obtain US Intellectual property (ED: Fair Comment: Israel). (ED: Keep in mind that the wealth of the US is measured in the number of patents filed - Truth).
What was Michael to do with Trump? Well, cheat of course. In Canada, what were Michael’s cousins in law to do - when they were whipped in the courts and synagogues by GPR? Well, cheat of course. A lot of Michael’s are lawyers - it's like a club where cheating is permitted - and Gaslighting the Public arrogantly is demanded. Where lawyers themselves earn between $35 and $100 per hour, but where the average fee charged per hour is $350 per hour. Partners are earning all of the overcharges - earned for them by rank and file lawyers. Lawyers need a Union or something. Their industry is no longer sustainable and certainly doesn’t operate in the Public Interest. Canadian law firms - look just like Canadian Cable firms. Hip hip hoorayMichael is ruining the World and people are (once again) figuring it out. (ED: C’mon Missy Chad no shiny new blender from Zoolou for you (LOL)).!
The synergy - the political fear of a Trump second term---Michael B. Kikkle stole Freedom of Speech from the President of the United States - Donald J. Trump, and in so doing stole it from every American Citizen. This is another question I put to more normative self assessing people of higher understanding. Do you believe that my Statement of Fact on this matter is correct? Did Social Media purposefully and consciously conspire to remove Donald J. Trump’s freedom of speech when they unilaterally shut down his account - in the weeks and months leading up to the November 2020 United States Election? (ED: It's a profile question).
Section 230 still exists. With FaceBook (ED: errrrr now Meta, certainly far short of MAGA however), Michael is running ads letting people know they have people who assess speech from posts. That’s publishing. That places social media a country mile outside the boundaries of the Section 230 law. Michael got his foot in the door with a new law - Section 230 that protected only Michael - until Michael got the company’s value up so high - that doing the correct thing - and removing Section 230 protections entirely -- might impact the Stock Market. Possibly cause a depression. The British gave new Israel massive infrastructure contracts - in the beginning with none anywhere to be found among Palestinians. You give Glen P. Robbins a Billion dollars he will give you two Billion back and keep the remaining $8 Billion for himself. The Palestinians weren’t going to beat Israel, the Arabs couldn’t beat Israel. Israel is One State - and if Iran or anyone else decides to attack them. I say Israel should go for it. I’m a realist - what is and what is likely to remain for some time. Michael is the only stream of humanity that has apparently been the most victimized but has come out of it all - wayyyyyyyyyy better than every other stream of humanity. (ED: As it is, Donald Trump’s class action lawsuit against Michael, Michael and Michael - may prove my simple theory correct). Section 230 is scientific evidence that the legal community in the US (and Canada) and elsewhere is effectively insane. TOYZ R US - becomes Gaslighters R US.
Trudeau hurts all over - from his nose to his toes- because he did not want to call the Election, Treasury (ED: you know who) wanted the majority mandate to effectively give it full political flatulence - to do as it pleased for four years - and -among the bureaucrats and other beneficiaries the champagne and caviar was already being ordered - party on Liberal Wayne Michael. But Trudeau failed in the mission, because of me, he lost two weeks wounded from my marksmanship//the best in the World. He had it coming. Now all the money Trudeau invested in getting Canada through COVID - making him near a hero to real Canadians like former heavyweight boxer George Chuvalo a truly great Canadian, real flesh and blood Canadians who lost children to drug addiction, a wife to suicide because of that - not the cybernetic emotionless Spock people of Michael B. Kikkle in the process - went all for not - because as my black friends at Those Black Lives Over There Matter (apparently) (“TBLOTM(a)”) -- not the ones shooting one another - everywhere - killing their own - ‘say’ - ‘the bitch got greedy’. (ED: Sympathy For The Devil - The Rolling Stones).
(Mick, Kieth, Kenny, Mrs. Watts - you simply must play Brown Sugar on Tour - even if only for the late Charlie Watts (the absolute class of the field in my opinion) drum and percussion work on that song. Please, don’t listen to those awful nuts on the left - their ruining life as we know it. I took another listen of Brown Sugar, then another, and another, then compulsivity kicked in for some time - awesome/It’s like Charlie Watts has the entire band on a large caravan of animals and carnival people - with Charlie behind the rest of the band but up - on high on the elephants and the power of his drumming a couple of great gears and dimension to that power -see my imagination it makes the sound a complete party. Brown Sugar should be the national anthem of Rio de Janeiro, South America - is there a phenomenal black female drummer out there? Even if it's remastered without lyrics - some accommodation - I would ask you kindly - Yours, GPR ). (ED: “James Brown - when you’re tired of what you got...try me {from Real Real Gone-Van Morrison}).
Trudeau has but one move - to manufacture sweeping legislation for refunding the Employment Insurance scheme. COVID is still on the same high alert as when the program began, also rolling out a guaranteed income - for every Canadian who registers for it. Who registers for it is a position I don’t hear in the debates. The first phase of this Guaranteed Income Program (“GIP”) would be available to those eligible Canadians who in the last 5 years averaged not more than $45,000 per year. The Second phase would be available to every Canadian. The first phase naturally is more specifically targeted and permits the program to get up and running. This phase need only be as good as the CERB operated to be perfect. The difference is the CERB program requires you to have a history of earnings but not enough for regular unemployment. (Net $950) every month - Guaranteed - every person of majority age until age 110 - no matter who is eligible. It’s perfect and will work. It suits Canada - better than the US. Canada’s power structure is hundreds of miles long and a half an inch thick. The US is a hundred miles long and a mile deep. The US has more large Cities than Canada has large businesses.
Otherwise - if you listen to Michael - even more Canadians are going to starve this Winter. Fire Michael and nominees and get on with loving your country again. Will aboriginal people buy into this? Is it your intention to cancel Christmas?
Q#3: “Yes” by Party: Greens (92%), Liberals (91%), NDP (88%), Bloc (86%), Peoples (88%), Conservatives (74%). Here are Canadian respondents when they are at their best. Yes, we approve - but guess what China? - “no (more) games” (ED: Donald Trump’s quote). More than a few Canadians are calling the $600 Million Election Cost - a ransom paid for the two Michaels. Watch for China to do some big business with Alberta. Anecdote suggests that NO isn’t to the return of the two Michaels - more likely related to the release of China’s executive Meng Wanzhou.
Province of Ontario Premier Big Doug Ford - as I understand it - only Canadian politician with a 350 pound bench press. When you're big and strong stepping up to a perceived bully is no problem. Watch for Conservatives to talk tough with China - knowing that when the American King of the Gypsies makes HIS return - China is going to hear from a stage full of Marshalls.
Because of COVID - 19 there is little public sympathy for China. My Asian sources at steam - tell me little to no discernible racism in Canada. My Chinese Canadian philosophers are pissed with China for Coronavirus but more pissed against Fauci for funding it. To wit: Asian Canadians not enamored with Fauci. How do you make an Asian Canadian go silent? Say Donald Trump. Not a word. Donald Trump’s name is hugely respected. He worked for people, was honest and was strung up on the Cross - the metaphor isn’t hyperbole to the political circumstance. I talk with Chinese Canadians and Asian Canadians every day. Asian Canadian people love Canada. They are very loyal to HER.
Q#4.“Yes” by Party: Conservatives (92%), Peoples (84%), NDP (47%), Bloc (41%), Liberal (24%). “Yes” by Province: Saskatchewan (88%), Alberta (82%), Ontario (55%), British Columbia (48%), Atlantic Provinces (43%), Quebec (34%). When I finished compiling DATA - for my study - of Canadians - I was not surprised to see the huge support for unfettered (ED: unrestrained, uninhibited) ---Alberta Oil in the Provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan - and the lower minority support from selfish older sister ‘Quebec’. The number that matters here is the Province of Ontario - (55%) support (ED: with less than (45%) against).
I knew it! The progressive left cannot transition from the Health Emergency of COVID to Health Emergency of the Planet - alleged as- Global Warming - the public won’t have it. (ED: You coppers got no proof). No tangible Public accountability has occurred in between claiming priority for two emergencies, one claimed as legal, the other claimed as scientific. Everybody knows at some level that emergencies are not going to make a profit. COVID-19 through no fault of any of us - is not making us a profit. The progressive governments in the US and Canada - don’t appear to ever want a clear picture of their efforts - and operate on a do as I say - not as I do - arrogant - basis. Now the clock ticks - tic toc - tic toc - until they are all gone.
If American television had spent as much time in manic gyration about Global Warming as they did ***** Donald Trump - they might have an ember of hope with the concept today. This is the most important bit of anecdote I can offer to people in positions of authority TODAY. Canadians and Americans are sick of hearing people claim a dog whistle for the most stupid among us - who fear science, because they know nothing about it- so bend to its name - as if in so doing some of the big word like -marmalade- (ED: My favourite thug - Mike Tyson) will rub off on their dullard souls. Perhaps science might take precedence over Critical Race Theory (ED: science’s -new big words/phrase- for idiots). (ED: This is science - if you are standing in the middle of a field all alone with a mask on - you are obviously not very scientific). Mike Tyson - makes me think of my man Tyson Fury (ED: the courts and the synagogues), and his third fight with amazing heavyweight Deontay Wilder - a stud with a bomb in his right hand. Tyson said it was one of the best heavyweight fights he’d ever seen (ED: and he’s been a few himself). There is one observation to this fight that my sports perfect eye pointed out to me. These two gladiators, one White - one Black - with Michael brokering - just throw bombs. It’s the first time I’ve spent $80 myself on a pay for fight (ED: Dana - honest I’ve contributed to about 30) - and if it were possible - I would pay it every week to watch these two fight. The difference here is this was a heavyweight boxing match for the World, and not UFC. Boxing is back after that fight.
Tyson Fury had been down in fights before against Wilder and had beaten Wilder. In this third fight however Fury went down twice - (ED: Two knockdowns in one round you are usually toast). I knew how tough Fury was - but I thought he wouldn’t survive. During the second standing count against Fury in the fourth round of the 11th round fight - as he got up with a few seconds to go in the ref’s count, - it was clear that his legs --as he stood up-- were very wobbly - Fury was finished I lamented in that moment - the camera then went to Fury’s face as the referee came to check on whether to call the fight or not - and though Fury could barely stand - his eyes - his face were perfect -and immediately - one second - his legs came back, on the fight goes and Fury eventually knocks out Wilder - (ED: giving us writers something to believe in again).
I know why Tyson Fury was able to rise - with his legs like a baby deers - frail and weak like the U.S. President Joe Biden’s - Fury’s mind first and thus his legs thereafter - were guided by what Fury said after the fight in his Victory speech - something I hope attracts a following with Republicans as they wipe out Democrats 2022: “I’d like to thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ”. Just so that I am clear - henceforth- should Joe Biden consult with the Pope or Tyson Fury - The King of the Gypsies?
Listen to me when I tell you - COVID has balkanized the World - forever - there is no Globalization anymore. Look at the balkanization of Canada alone. Push push to vaccinate - mandate with a provincial vaccine passport so one can use a port a potty - but this provincial vaccine will - at least in British Columbia need to be supplanted by a Federal passport as well. Global Warming cannot get a foothold in the imaginations of ordinary persons in the environment of COVID -19. Global Warming is said to be way up in the atmosphere - COVID-19 is right here at ground level. No one can see either of them. What the public should be more concerned about is the new problem described by Democrats - dogs on sleds-. Now that’s an egg or essential threat (LOL).
Now Global Warming seems like a fanciful -whimsical concept compared to bedrock demands of the basic needs of the average person - known in Canada by over 50 percent to be one paycheck from poverty. Your children’s future - children’s children’s future isn’t something too many people can peacefully ponder - in this mess. At first the US announces it won’t permit Canadians with two different vaccines - administered under extreme duress to many people who didn’t want one at all - the reasoning is that FDA approves some - not others - but International organizations like the World Health Organization do approve - its hard to know exactly what is going on - what is permitted - what is not. The Kurdish Canadian hair stylist - tells Big Daddy GPR - that the restaurant where she has taken her children 18 and 13 to eat for many years - where SHE is known - refused HER 13 year old access for dinner --- for not having a vaccine passport. (ED: Oh momma).
Mandates - needed or not don’t translate well - even at 100% theoretical compliance from all regards - And other regions and jurisdictions have their own rules - Balkanized. China took out Global Warming with COVID. I sat and stared out the window for 5 minutes - once I saw the Truth of it. All Big Oil has to do now - and when I say Big Oil I mean particularly Alberta Big Oil, is to repeat over and over - and over and over again that China and India the two largest populations in the World - are exempt from International Climate Accords. Canada contributes nothing to the problem of Global Warming. It’s gaslighting - the gas is up. Half of the population isn’t sure what is going on.
The program will commence with a one hundred page high gloss posh magazine entitled simply Canada’s Oil & Gas. Magnificent pictures of great beauty from every Province - city or town or farm. Gardens-- a pledge to help Canada Tourism - make it wonderful One to every resident in Canada. Deliver short sweet facts which would translate to any reasonable person. Budget $250 Million. Now start pumping petroleum. Yes, China - United States - others Canada has lots of oil to sell you. Let’s start talking about making money - change the subject from that awful mark on media - taking the Black Lives Matter et al promotion - no due diligence.
All of sudden, supporting Global Warming as the centerpiece of a nation's budget, as US President Biden is proposing in this nation --Canada - emerges as almost ridiculous to people. It's like voters have gone through psychotherapy on Global Warming. The Canadian people want to hear good news about the economy - not excuses that people are greedy so start to tax them - then you next. When I hear these people's arguments it informs me automatically the government is weak. Its COVID - when Canada is compensated, and it will be - I want to know what the settlement amount is. That settlement amount ought to be distributed to all Canadians equally. $1,000 for every Canadian.
New Democrat supporters are split on Big Oil and the Environment. Prior to publishing - I note Horgan is starting up a whole new Green deal in British Columbia. The $160 Million worth of public relations fools even a modestly inhabited place like BC pays - to promote government and to watch over the populations-- has no clue about where the public is actually at. (ED: GPR could negotiate the takeover of a number of decent prospect countries for half that amount). The best among us - don’t go into politics.
Horgan is likely the last NDP government in either province of the federal government - this split between oil and the environment is certain to kill him politically. Maxime Bernier will be the first to smell blood in the water. Trudeau will have to deal with fellow progressives at both federal and provincial levels in the NDP - or survive on the Bloc Quebecois vote - action that over the months will turn Trudeau = Ignatieff.
Maxime - The BC Liberals kicked out a perfect candidate for your provincial trial in British Columbia ---Maxime Bernier- British Columbia People’s (Freedom) Party and his last name is Gunn. I’d vote for Gunn. I will promote him for free if you establish him. Half of the population of Texas would vote for him just based on his surname. The other half because of his policies. A Chinese Canadian candidate for BC Liberals leadership complained calling Aaron Gunn intolerant so the party kicked him out. First I puked, then I gave it some more thought. Murdering Horgan and the NDP - may give me another chance to abuse the BC Liberals and to see how long it takes me to ruin them. They still have it coming!
Mad Max is as patient as a Puma Cat. The People's Freedom Party pounces on NDP supporters split on Oil and Gas. 1 percent of the vote first time out - 5 percent recently - and double digits in this ROBBINS Poll. Stockwell Day, leader of the Canadian Alliance Party - at the turn of the Century - when ROBBINS divided then Prime Minister Chretien from his finance minister Paul Martin - and before the Canadian Alliance Party became the Canadian Conservative Party - grabbed many NDP voters in Provinces like British Columbia.
The public wants to hear a wonderful story about money - new money gushing - flowing - every day - every hour from Alberta - ching a ling - money talks and bullshit walks - Canadians want Big Oil to flow. COVID helped big oil. Thank you poisonous COVID - Big Oil hasn’t poisoned people - and not like this - COVID - is direct causation - people experience it and COVID isn’t pretty. Big Oil is much better and more positive than COVID. The greatest man I ever knew was my Father Douglas Robbins. Greatest like a King. He was born in Edmonton Alberta - grew up there. He’s up in heaven at a restaurant in Hevin - Heaven Scentt - with mom Rita Gertrude Mary Robbins - 13 years of Catholic School - at St. Patrick’s in Halifax (ED: that’s like a PhD today). Seven children all great students - fabulous athletes - not a word of religion growing up. Every morning instead of morning prayers - mom put on the rock n roll station - la radio la radio la radio--that was the ‘church’ we grew up in. My Father will be pleased about the oil question outcomes. I would like Van Morrison to be the Padre of my new Rock N Roll church.
And the other big news going on behind the scenes - is a change to format for Remembrance Day - Veterans Day - as the last of veterans are dying off (my Father was in the Royal Canadian Navy - his father Vernon in the army in World War II and his grandfather - Abraham ‘the Rabbi(t)’ Robbins ® was originally from the US, where apparently most people in the World named ROBBINS live. My family also tells me Big Abe was of Scottish descent like MOM. AND so I believe I can in some good conscious with the work behind me that many Canadians and Americans are becoming tired of hearing about the Holocaust when 80,000,000 Million non Jews died as well (ED: Just being Truthful), a change in format is desired. This November 11, 2021 - at 10:45 AM Americans everywhere prior to regular Remembrance of Veterans Day Services will be the taking OF-- ‘an appropriate knee’. My Palestanian connection says - they - believe their lives are more important than everyone else’s. Being a fair man - despite the emotion of the situation I reTORTed: There are only 20 Million of - them - and about a Billion people on Earth who are not crazy about - em -. I might be making the same decisions as -them - .
By taking ‘an appropriate knee’ at this precise time - just prior to the 11 AM silence -recognition of the lost souls of Afghanistan as well as those still in peril - who get to keep their head - including service men and women will be acknowledged - AND the FACT that the United States saved the free world in World War 2 -- will become a new narrative to this NEW custom of taking a knee prior to Remembrance Day. (ED: G-L-O-R-I-A).
And this year - the first ‘take a knee to be free’ campaign in America will feature a particular wish among all the participants. Please Comeback Donald Trump. Please Comeback Donald J. will be their prayer on that DAY - November 11, 2021 - A Day that Remains in Infamy. (ED: Watched Cowboy movie Shane (again) for my extra motivation here (LOL)). Shane is a Gunfighter turned good person and a saviour to the little guy. Comeback Shane….says the little boy… like my grandson Nathaniel might do ------Comeback Shane…...can you hear it?….the little boy...Comeback Shhhha…..Donald…..Comeback Donald J. Trump (oh momma, oh momma..).
COVID killed Global Warming - which will stall and along with irrefutable evidence of leadership incompetence will kill Joe Biden’s presidency - , but in Canada - beckons - no bestows upon the current Premier of Ontario (15 million people to Florida’s 20 million) - Big Doug Ford - the obvious - is he the next Prime Minister of Canada? I say he is - and that is what will matter. Do you want the job of Canadian Prime Minister Premier Ford? Tug on your earlobe like Carole Burnett is yes.
Big Oil needs to turn up it's Lobby as a Saviour - not anything tacky like a pipe on a crucifix save that for Vancouver’s downtown eastside, but a Saviour of the country. Good news announcements - Big Oil pleased - projecting what this might mean (positively) to Canada. Big Oil -Dependable - Delicious ca$h money. Following the speed with which US President Joe Biden lost his country’s energy independence - rising inflation and gas prices - 2 percent mortgages set to become 10 percent - Canadians have seen enough of that and - have surmised that the joke’s over in Canada - start pumping oil - and get back to me in 10 years.
COVID remade Big Oil radio song. “Oil - $something you can depend on”.
Q#5. Unfettered delivery of Alberta oil by Party: Conservatives (96%), People’s (92%), NDP (54%), Bloc (52%), Liberals (29%). US Joe Biden like Green New Deal by Party: Greens (85%), Liberals (38%), Bloc (31%), New Democrats (39%), Peoples (2%), Conservatives (0%) When we compare the support for Big Oil versus US Joe Biden Green New deal with hypothetical Canadian - Big Oil ---- trounces US Joe Biden here in Canada. I cannot imagine (yet) what Americans are going to say on the subject. (ED: Oh momma, oh momma….. WAAAVELength).
In 2015 when Justin Trudeau was first elected Prime Minister of Canada - the total vote outcome for all progressive parties - including all of Trudeau’s support (ED: some are business types - market liberals) was nearly ⅔ Canadians. This ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) question on support for those left leaning parties and for their main political argument of Global Warming suggests this number is now under (50%). (ED: --stranded between the devil and the deep blue sea- - Van Morrison).
Look at Trudeau’s Liberal support - less than (40%) backing Biden. Look at New Democrats, hordes of their respondents moving to support Big Oil Go Oil Go, you know what environmentalists respond - ‘once you go Black (crude) - you can never go back’- to any other hard pipe carrying black crude. It's a saying - couldn’t find it in Barlett’s familiar quotations however.
In Trudeau’s snap Election Call for September 2021 - Erin O’Toole was trapped into a nothing much of anything position on Global Warming - quasi - gaslighted by media --- trying to help Joe Biden in Canada (ED: for reasons I never quite understand) on his party’s Green New Deal) - Doug Ford is the just the right guy to say - hey come on here people - stop selling Biden crazy. Canada is a country of resources and we need to sell our oil). Hello next Prime Minister!
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) has published about 50 polls of its 1,200 polls on its polling news website relating to Global Warming/the environment etc. (80%) of my/our Conservative polls did not favour Big Oil, at a time when most of the other pollsters were promoting big oil. The public wasn’t behind it at the time, the public relations offered by Big Oil was purely awful - I have clean near ante septic hands on this subject.
When one goes down the list of response selection - out of a hundred for example - selections feature at least two respondents of that 100 who have switched over from one party to The People’s Freedom. One sheet of 100 has 15 switches to People’s Freedom. That is something to me. With masks, needle mandates, and feeling the weight of the government on their breath - Canadians and Americans both want Freedom. Just simple Freedom. No signs, no threats...just Freedom. Not Mandate - Mandate is the F Word now- aka Brandon. Or at least shares the distinction.
I don’t believe anyone in power in the United States, save for Donald Trump, has his or her finger on the pulse of people’s desire for Freedom better than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis - a hot political heavyweight in the United States - with charisma, energy and as smart as a whip - a politician who I liken to former heavyweight boxer Rocky Marciano. (ED: smart as a whip intended to mean clear reasoning through communication on policy - law etc.) Enough chit chat - Whack Whack - next.
DeSantis is beating up the frail - thin - Biden - on HIS White House mandates, on just being successful in taking action for Floridians. DeSantis is smart, communicates his goals, achieves his goals - and now has opened Florida’s port OPEN to cargo ships lining up for miles to get into California. Democrats are begging President Biden to get on a steroid and weight lifting program to get a little size and muscle mass - sufficient to ensure he doesn’t blow up as well.
In our recent October 2021 United States Poll - we discovered Donald Trump has near 96% control of the Republican Party. (ED: I would note here that Democrat Joe Manchin would make a good Conservative Party Leader in Canada). 4/10 Republicans, Conservatives, and Independents who professed support for Donald Trump, the Republican Party, Trump/Pence supported Mike Pompeo for Vice President, while one in three supported Ron DeSantis for VP.
In comparative terms - DeSantis & (former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo occupy the VP spot for (76.042%) of Trump support). I will tell you - the new improved Mike Pompeo (ED: and he was already a winner) - was interviewed by Fox’s Bret Baier (ED: who is a good reporter). I had just polled DeSantis versus Pompeo for Republican Vice President - close as I said - but let me tell you: Pompeo is so good, so talented, so presidential as they say --(ED: ouch my spine) he could walk into the White House - throw skinny Joe Biden et al out - and talk to the country about what was going on and how he was going to fix everything and America would believe him and let him do it. A rating 10/10 - so good he morphed in my mind in a way I imagined the actual President speaking. I almost couldn’t leave. Snuggling up too much to Israel is a pleasure to the party executive but not the voters. (ED: just when you thought GPR was the meanest person you had ever met - check this smoke blowing (LOL)).
COVID has created an American centric attitude - worrying about Israel is not among the average American concerns. Politically - it is Tantamount to Gaslighting all these years later - particularly with some numbers of deaths - on its face likely inflated - but amidst all of the confusion of capitalism not a story the average person was willing to challenge even if the number were ONE.
Our highlight guest - in this Canadian Poll is Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis. He is ALSO of Italian descent (ED: Italian Americans may be all vogue {Italians highest IQ - particularly the north in all of Europe). I would first say to our guest - that ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) and myself personally wish Governor DeSantis’s wife a full recovery and perfect health.
First, before I proceed with the background of our guest - let me add to what I just said about Mike Pompeo in a glowing but fair comment. On the same day Pompeo was on Fox - Bret Baier - an earlier in the day show - Fox puts Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Tucker Carlson - Independent type voter broadcast - both Baier and Carlson are big league players in Cable Media. They earn many many millions of dollars every year.
DeSantis is a pure Winner. He is nimble and powerful, able to elevate intellectually to the next level of class in decision making fast, and policy is right and tight, you can see the thought process is good because the journalism that flows from his decisions is also good. Florida is a great place to be a journalist or political scientist. It will be the -go to- place on the Globe over the next decade.
Governor DeSantis’s interview - was the equal of Pompeo’s. I remember thinking - with class like this - I can really and truly handicap politics. Precisely, like math, english, science and rock n roll. It's more like I am witnessing the emergence of professionals who are elected, not political politicians who often do not act professionally. A professional Governor or President Trump (ED: the best in the world) - any leader must have a proven resume. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is growing a resume that is breathtakingly good (ED: I’m using the artsy breathtaking - painful as it was - for the effect). Like Mike Pompeo, Ron DeSantis could also walk into the White House tomorrow and turn things around)....DeSantis possesses an advantage over Mike Pompeo -- who isn’t getting the ring time that Rocky Ron DeSantis is.
For background, here are the cities and towns in the United States with the highest Italian-American populations: 1. Fairfield, New Jersey -50.3%-, 2. Johnston, Rhode Island -49.5%-, 3. North Branford, Connecticut -43.9%-, 4. East Haven, Connecticut -43.6%-, 5. Hammonton, New Jersey -43.2%-, 6. Ocean Gate, New Jersey -42.6%-, 7. East Hanover, New Jersey -41.3%-, 8. North Haven, Connecticut -41.2%-, 9. Cedar Grove, New Jersey -40.8%-, 10. Wood-Ridge, New Jersey -40.6%-, 11. North Providence, Rhode Island -38.9%, 12. Dunmore, Pennsylvania -38.9%-, 13. Newfield, New Jersey, -38.8%-, 14. Saugus, Massachusetts, 38.5%-, 15. Jenkins, Pennsylvania -38.4%-, 16. West Pittson, Pennsylvania -37.9%-, ………. (Source: U.S. Census).
“DeSantis frequently criticizes Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.” (ED: The 1st phase of Michael B. Kikkle’s hoax in the media, leading up to the pre 2020 election hoax period (ED: hereinafter the Hoax Election (LOL)). “During the COVID-19 pandemic in Florida, DeSantis resisted imposing restrictions such as face mask mandates, stay-at-home orders and vaccination requirements. In May 2021, he signed into law a bill that prohibits businesses, schools, cruise ships and government entities from requiring proof of vaccination. As Florida experienced a record surge in COVID-19 cases in July and August 2021 (ED: since subsided), he banned public schools from implementing mask mandates.”
Governor DeSantis was born and raised in the State of Florida. “DeSantis was a member of the Little League team from Dunedin National that made it to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.” “He was captain of Yale’s Varsity baseball team and joined the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.” “He had the best batting average on the team @ .336.” “Governor DeSantis received his Reserve Naval officer’s commission and assignment to the Judge Advocate General’s Corp (JAG) in 2004 at the U.S. Naval Reserve Center in Dallas, Texas while still a student at Harvard Law School.”
This brings me to the ‘Ties that Bind’ (ED: Bruce Springsteen - New Jersey). My daughter is engaged to marry a Texan (ED: an authentic one with all the correct credentials (LOL)). I have my sights on the Austin area. My eyes for ROBBINS - for the Billion$$$$ would be Florida as well. For the obvious political reasons - 12 potential consecutive years of leadership which would likely include the takeover of Cuba by pro Freedom efforts (ED: not like Bay of Pigs) - with China flirting with Taiwan - we have a Turkey - Taiwan - Cuba - Cuba deal going on. Cuba has to be turned - sooner than later. (ED: sponsor only wanted this point made).
What journalist - mainstream or rogue would not want to be in Florida over the next decade when Trump Plus - rules the World from ice cap to ice cap. Some of my future son in law’s blood lines are Italian. Irony - destiny - Texas to New Jersey nice triangulation with Florida. (ED: Would re-elected President Trump 2024 consider inviting me to the White House instead of Trudeau? I like the idea-it's one whose time has come).
The proximity of these great northeastern States - to Canada - and your great Florida credentials - Governor impact - lead don’t follow - certain attitude and Donald Trump’s near Lord like reputation - stunning comeback - intrinsically better than Clinton’s already - makes this presidential combination look formidable. So just after Christmas - watch for the news cameras - a hundred news cameras - cameras everywhere - helicopters as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis finds a valid reason for buying a house in the northeastern United States. What is former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie going to say in New Jersey with 2028 on his mind? Watch for Actors like Mark Wahlberg and others to attend.
This move by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will - require some very good drugs for pretzel media - to twist this baby. That’s a good look - imagine the instant pace change to the entire political dynamic in the United States -- from this major news depression (ED: Thoughts and prayers (LOL)). And then in the first week of the New Year, 2022---- well here He Comes Back: Donald J. Trump 2024 (ED: Ed Sullivan - sorry girls he’s married (LOL)). (ED: The absolute viability of this prediction - will force the left mainstream media to use all of their ammunition on so called Jan Insurrection day- screaming - call the election legit you bastard ----- which once it has been consumed and digested because of the rollout of Donald J. Trump’s Comeback 2024 (ED: You’re Still the Same) intended to last a week and more, with Specials overwhelming news comments from all around the world - and this will harness the 2022 contestants to the Trump Tether (ED: Not cryptic) -.
Wavelength by Van Morrison - Imagine Donald Trump announcing his Comeback to the great Van Morrison - my rock n roll priest ------- Wavelength and to this: “I heard the voice of America Callin on my Wavelength, Tellin me to tune in on my radio - I heard the voice of America Callin on my wavelength - Singin’ “Come back baby Come back - Come back, baby Come baby”.
Another Polling Masterpiece by Glen P. Robbins & ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) - with data collection ending October 21, 2021. Treat Margin of Error at 2 percent higher or lower.

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