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Glen P. Robbins NOTICE of $150 Million lawsuit versus Chris Hinkson, Michael Kleisinger, Law Society of BC, Federation of Law Societies, PMO
  Sep 20, 2021

September 20, 2021
Glen P. Robbins Xxxx Street, Burnaby, BC V5G 2B4
Chris Hinkson (lawyer) BC Supreme Court Chief Justice Chris Hinkson 800 Smithe Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2E1
Michael Kleisinger (lawyer) ℅ Law Society of British Columbia 845 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 4Z9
Law Society of British Columbia 845 Cambie Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 4Z9
Federation of Law Societies of Canada World Exchange Plaza 45 O’Connor Street, Suite 1810 Ottawa, Ontario Canada, K1P 1A4
PMOfs Office (Prime Minister) 80 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A OA2
Re: Notice of Intention to File Lawsuit against you - Federal Court of Canada
With regard to the above captioned, I am affirming NOTICE of my intention to seek $150,000,000 Million dollars in damages from parties listed herein. Between NOTICE and filing of documents the parties to the action may change.
Chris Hinkson (lawyer) BC Supreme Court Chief Justice:
Although not named as a defendant in BC Supreme Court lawsuit No.: 012600 versus the Government of British Columbia, filed May 8, 2001, I have come to discover and allege that between 1997 and 2001 Chris Hinkson did consciously interfere with my lawyer John Motiuk representing me at BC HRT case. Ultimately, this caused or contributed to the loss of my publishing business. The BC Government failed to file a Statement of Defence in this case.
Business Losses sought to recover: $115,000,000.
Michael Kleisinger:
Michael Kleisinger is the former Compliance Officer with the Law Society of British Columbia. He is a former law partner to Chris Hinkson. In October 2013 when I informed Mr. Kleisinger that I intended to seek a default judgment in Vancouver file 012600, I allege Mr. Kleisinger did concoct, organize and arrange with Chris Hinkson in his capacity as Chief Justice of the BC Supreme Court, to use their Office illegally interfere with two cases involving myself and my family, namely foreclosure file Cambridge Mortgage v Ita Robbins (SCC Robbins v Cambridge 35722), and more particularly my own case S111171 Law Society of BC v Glen P. Robbins (SCC Glen P. Robbins v Law Society of BC 35302). I allege both Hinkson and Kleisinger consciously used their offices to defraud myself and my family.
I will be tackling the issue of Judicial Immunity aggressively (and publicly).
Law Society of BC & Federation of Law Societies of Canada:
Both of these for profit organizations are ultimately responsible for the conduct of both Hinkson and Kleisinger, and despite having full knowledge of their conduct and their actions have failed to take any steps whatsoever.
PMOfs Office (Prime Minister):
The PMOfs Office is ultimately responsible for the appointment of judges. A judges history prior to being a judge is reflected in their current ability to perform in their job. I allege that the process for appointing judges is flawed, and or purely political and will highlight the number of current judges (nearly 40%) who have donated to Prime Ministers and or their political parties prior to appointment.
I allege most specifically that there were matters known to many longstanding lawyers about Chris Hinksonfs (and others) personal life which ought to have disqualified him from being a judge and that when the PMO does not properly vet these senior judicial appointments.
Over the past two years, I have made every effort to identify a reasonable path to settlement, and these institutions, have consciously done everything possible to ignore the obvious massive harm they have caused to cover up insidious institutional malfeasance and fraud.
I would strongly ask that these parties be responsible and accountable to resolve these matters poste haste.
Sincerely, Glen P. Robbins
778 951 4927

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