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Prov./Fed Leaders & Party, Vaccines Essential? Sufficient?, Vaccine Passports, Media, Gun
I can hear music - Beach Boys (version)  Sep 15, 2021

Question #1
Which of the following Leaders & Party from response choices offered would you Vote for if Election today? (Undecided 29%) removed as respondents)-(These are remaining adjusted by GPR)
John Horgan BC Premier, BC NDP    41.32 %
Kevin Falcon, former BC Liberal finance minister & New BC Social Credit Free Enterprise Party    32.66 %
Former BC Premier Christy Clark and BC Liberals    13.55 %
Sonia Furstenau & BC Green Party    10.57 %
Question #2
Who are you (supporting) voting for in the Federal Election? (Undecided 7%) removed as respondents).
OíToole/Conservative    32 %
Singh/NDP    32 %
Trudeau/Liberal    27 %
Paul/Green    7 %
Bernier/Peoplesí    4 %
Question #3
Which response choices relating to COVID 19 vaccinations best describes your expectations for yourself or any other British Columbian? (Undecided 4%) removed as respondents) (No disclosure offered as response choice).
2 vaccines is essential    45.51 %
1 vaccine is sufficient    29.64 %
No vaccination is fine, if thatís your choice    14.61 %
No disclosure    12.24 %
Question #4
In your opinion does the regular television (cable), print including major newspapers,radio and social media convey and communicate numbers, percentages and information related to COVID - including cases - deaths - hospitalizations and other information on this subject in a manner which you would say is non political, not manipulative and is truthful?
Yes    62 %
No    38 %
Question #5
Do you support Vaccine Passports which permit vaccinated people more privileges than those who are not vaccinated with the intention of caring for health care concerns relating to COVID and hospital capacity?
Yes    53 %
No    47 %
Question #6
Which response choice BEST reflects your opinion about guns and similar weapons?
In my --perfect gun world-- only the military and police would possess guns and or similar weapons    53 %
I would place resources on police getting guns and similar weapons from criminals    47 %
4 regions of British Columbia, Canada provided for, namely: 1. Vancouver Island, 2. Lower Mainland (by far the largest pop.), 3. Fraser Valley, and Okanagan, 4. North, and Kootenay southeast BC.
BC Premier John Horgan/BC NDP: 1. 43, 2. 44, 3. 38, 4. 32 Kevin Falcon New Social Credit: 1. 28, 2. 29, 3. 36, 4, 40 Christy Clark BC Liberal: 1. 11, 2. 20, 3. 12., 4. 20. Faustenau and BC Green: 1. 15, 2. 8, 3. 5, 4. 6
2 vaccinations is essential (BC):
Horgan/BC NDP- 54% Clark/BC Liberal- 50% Furstenau/BC Green-48% Falcon/New Social Credit-41%
1 vaccination is sufficient:
Horgan/BC NDP-31% Falcon/New Social Credit-32% Clark/BC Liberal-30% Furstenau/BC Green-19%
Zero NO vaccinations okay:
Furstenau/ BC Greens-20% Falcon/ New Social Credit-17% Clark/BC Liberals-11% Horgan/BC NDP-6%
No disclosure:
Christy Clark/BC Liberal-10% Furstenau/BC Greens-14% Horgan/BC NDP-9% Falcon/New Social Credit-9%
Federal players on Election:
2 vaccinations is essential:
Trudeau/Liberal Party-57% Singh/NDP-46% Paul/Green-42% OíToole/Conservative-30% Bernier/Peoplesí-29%
1 vaccination is sufficient:
Paul/Green-45% OíToole/Conservative-42% Singh/NDP-30% Bernier/Peoples-30% Trudeau/Liberals-29%
Zero Vaccination Okay:
Bernier/Peoplesí-27% OíToole/Conservative-14% Singh/NDP-10% Trudeau/Liberal-6% Paul/Green-5%
No Disclosure:
Singh/NDP-14% OíToole/Conservative-15% Bernier/Peoplesí-15% Paul/Green-9% Trudeau/Liberal-7%
Question 4 Media:
Highest Yes: 1. Trudeau/Liberal-71%, 2. Paul/Green-70%. Lowest Yes: 1. Bernier/Peoplesí-21%, 2. OíToole/Conservative-49%, 2. Singh/NDP-49%, 2. Furstenau/BC Green-49%
Highest No: 1. Bernier/Peoples-67%, 2. OíToole/Conservatives-44%. Lowest No: 1. Trudeau/Liberal-18%, 2. Paul-24%.
Question 5 Vaccine Passports:
Highest Yes: 1. Horgan/BCNDP-61%, 2. Trudeau/Liberals-60%. Lowest Yes: 1. Bernier/Peoplesí-19%, 2. OíToole/Conservative-42%. Highest No: 1. Bernier/Peoplesí-63%, 2. Faustenau/BC Green-54%
Our ROBBINS question number one - in this our First Distilled Undecided Poll (ED: Executive Blend) is a tough one for many respondents to swallow, but most respondents will stay on. As a penalty, Undecided are not offered any more opportunities to shape reality (LOL). But with a Margin of Error plus or minus 2.71%, 95 confidence level - with data until September 10, 2021 - and the usual delightful impeccable ROBBINS timing, WE provide this blood red meat ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) POLL for media, insiders and the public to enjoy and hopefully to be guided by---and less soÖÖ.
Kevin Falcon and the New Social Credit Free Enterprise Party - there is no such party - however there is a Social Credit Party - with amazing history including all Free Enterprise Premiers: WAC Bennettís son Bill Bennett- Small c Conservative Roman Catholic Bill Vander Zalm -- and still on the books with appropriate forms filled out? Anyhow, I like my version much better, and I just bet Kevin Falcon will agree with me. It's a push introduction - and an unheard party name and I squeezed out nearly one third for you Kevin, like when my wife asks me to squeeze lemons for her Ceasar Salad, lemons seem a little tart - but in the final product - essential - like one half of British Columbians say two vaccines are - your supporters less so.
Thatís a very nice percentage but not close to the actual number of British Columbianís vaccinated for once or twice. Falconís a good last name of course because even people who have forgotten Kevin Falcon - the politician - for now the last name is a decent trigger. With these numbers if Falconís performance is at least 8/10 - he will get {(43-45%)} next Election on a cool free enterprise/all shades of conservative blue - not that passive aggressive bitch Campbell red thing-style of leadership - and only if there is not a chasm between two big political names in this province ---- like this poll suggests exists right now. Right now - Horganís numbers are down but depicted in a 4 horse race. I would estimate on my numbers hes (43-44%). With these world class numbers on COVID - why does it feel exactly like last year? Now thatís depressing. Thatís really depressing. Mr. Premier would you tell us that things related to the Pandemic and variants are as bad now as they were one year ago.
Like a Yo Yo.
In the circumstances, and knowing a random poll conducted over any group of telephones induces rejection 7 - 10 times more than when a respondent is already known---this is a better way. See how cool blue and authentic the outcomes are? (ED: Donít worry Baby --- Beach Boys).
At one time the Social Credit Party was BCís Free Enterprise Party. Its opponents have generally been the BC New Democrats (ED: not so new anymore). Many people would agree that the BC Liberals under Gordon Campbell was the New Social Credit Party - with a new name. Some Social Credit fans - older now - never took a shine to Campbell.
Without doubt, WAC Bennett was the best Premier British Columbia ever had, perhaps he was one of the best the country ever had. He was the original leader of the Social Credit Party.
Kevin Falcon has the DNA to succeed - he needs to be like WAC Bennett---himself of course. In conjunction with announcing his desire to become the leader of the BC Liberal Party - the former finance minister mused about changing the name of the BC Liberal Party. In so doing he invited this response choice (ED: not that a pollster requires permission).
This is noteworthy, given some evidence bubbling up that perhaps neither the BC Premier nor his Finance Minister can read a financial statement - and considering that back in the day WAC Bennett - a successful small businessman kept the provinces books in his office.
Last but certainly not least we include Christy Clark with the BC Liberal Party. She was that partyís last premier, defeating Kevin Falcon a decade ago in the leadership race to replace Gordon Campbell.
The first thing to recognize is that there are three parties in the game in BC right now. The BC New Democrats, BC Liberals and BC Greens. Other parties with known brands like the BC Conservatives have not been a major factor since John Cummins tanked the party for Christy Clark in 2013, in her surprise win over then BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix that year.
This ROBBINS poll on BC Leaders & Party presumes four parties splitting the hypothetical pie. This is important to keep in mind given that John Horgan and the BC NDP achieved --47%-- in the most recent BC Provincial Election in October 2020, a high percentage for that party.
The BC Liberal Party got badly beaten in that election losing many seats to the BC NDP under the Leadership of the worst Leader the party ever had - Andrew Wilkonson. The Party attracted about one in three voters. (ED: In its hay day it was at 46% or higher support). Kevin Falcon hasnít even gotten started yet, yet, right now---he and the New Social Credit Free Enterprise Party - a brand name that fairly sings to you when listening to Lilí Devil by rock band The Cult ties that percentage.
It's doubtful that Christy Clark would come back - but she still snags a very noteworthy (13.5%) with her name stitched to the BC Liberal Party, attracting nice swaths of both genders in hawking this percentage (ED: callers instructed to respond Ďin politics anything is possible - when respondents ask, for example, if Christy is making a comeback).
Remember, Christy Clark was kind of energetic, attractive, with extra good charisma (ED: translation, many men find her sexy) she hasnít really been gone too long ago. Or Christy Clark could say to Falcon - Iíll go for new Free Enterprise Leader pal, I beat you once and Iíll do it again. Iíd pay money (ED: by debit or credit) to see that political narrative play out.
And - think about this - former Surrey mayor and Conservative MP - Dianne Watts is supporting Kevin Falcon. At one time - Watts was considered the shoe in for BC Liberal leader. Those days are gone.
Remember, people - Christy won big in 2013 and won the popular vote in 2017 - the Governor General had to gift it to Horgan - who was guided by a power sharing with BC Green Leader Andrew Weaver - then Horgan won again, and big, in the most recent BC Provincial Election in October 2020, which many pundits are calling BCís COVID-Ambush Election - suggesting Horgan already has a decent turd in his pocket for that - and which Justin Trudeau will pay the vig on -- this heavy success for BC in vaccination - a potential offset for that premature BC Election - set to be tried and divided in front of his eyes through Vaccine Passports which this poll suggests might pile on Horganís poo brewing troubles.
I previously provided Elites and regular folks - with sweet Chapter and Verse on Civil Enforcement and legislation relating to Police with that Glen P. Robbins attention to detail - and BC Premier John Horgan the very next day - proclaims that police will attend to Vaccine Passport disagreements in government buildings, restaurants, bars, entertainment etc, the intersection of government policy and entertainment - the economic efficacy of police enforcement foolishly promised in support of what is actually government encouragement on future events, 1 shot until September 14, the second shot by mid October 2021 - under the Emergency Act - is too much weight.
Really bad calculus in my opinion, keeping in mind - the BC NDP, like no other political party, will tend to seek out opportunities to fail.
Now, and here me loud and proud (ED: no parade for me please) - the response to Horgan from the RCMP Union President - informing the current Premier that the RCMP cannot help with the Vaccine Passport defence fund because they are already fighting forest fires in BC and Manitoba - was the best response to political misfeasance I have heard in many years. But not the best outcome for Government credibility. The RCMP Police Union President knocked Horgan (ED: a union junkie) on his ass. Heís promising police to his Vaccine Passport which WE canít afford, or worse yet he has no idea what police resources he has. Neither possibility ought to inspire confidence. Take 10 $100 bills and burn them every time two officers are dispatched to a Vaccine Passport call.
Horgan wasnít apparently aware that nurses were being paid to train firemen/women to administer COVID vaccines - and the firemen were then charging overtime for the privilege of applying what they had been taught while retired nurses were ignored. If he was aware - that may also play into my assessment. Every contract for any job of any significant size in BC is union ---/ we donít have a concentrated understanding of the BC Hydro and new dam financial mess --- and now his flippant response about his governmentís Vaccine Passport and police enforcement a $1,000 bill to the taxpayer every time they show up for non policing work, unless a crime is being committed - the opportunity to permit British Columbians the experience what it must have been like for Eastern Europeans during the Soviet regime - travelling through one armed barrier to another, and although there is no indictment of unions per se here, its emerging that Horgan and his finance minister are a little lacking in the fiscal prudence department.
Great line from my Starbucks Barista - on what I do - polling ---- She says that is so cool - youíre like a Detective. Well Colombo here can smell the problems brewing for the BC NDP.
(ED: Glen P. Robbins - a former serious athlete and weightlifter -bounced in Vancouverís toughest bars as a younger man attending University/earning more $$ than most lawyers at the time - jam packed crowds - rock n roll playing loud - police were only called now and then when someone was tossed out and often vigorously. Only one time in five years and over 100 incidents involving some type of force - did I ever see a fellow minister monster bouncer charged with assault).
Because ----Police back in the day - said - rock n roll - police your own world - but We Monster bouncers knew if too many bodies were dragged away in Emergency vehicles - the light would be shined on the business then the business suffers because cops are there all the time. Just like on TV.
I note that Solicitor General Mike Farnworth - a career Socialist too, taught in Communist Bulgaria when the BC NDP got wiped out in 2001 under Hindu Socialist and then BC Premier Ujjal Dosanjh - without doubt the worst premier in history--a classic example of the BC NDP failure wish. It's quite plausible Farnworth is able to provide Premier Horgan and his socialist finance minister with the vision of checkpoint and border passport checks in that country at that time - that might be applied to British Columbia (ED: Canada).
Can I see your Passport please? - --Oh we were in last week and wore a mask to the table - like weíve done before - until you let us go without a mask, then put the mask back in play, We just want a quick bite and a drink---........heyÖ.what are doing? Phoning the police...Why? (ED: This describes how the world really operates forever-government employees).
This sentiment was nicely encapsulated by the RCMP Union Presidentís one punch response to Horgan (ED: Mr. Premier one human person cannot be in two locations at the same time).
Also - whatís happened to the Canadian news of late. It's much better during this Election. I read complaints in the press including by one of the better journalists in Canada - John Ivison about the English debate this Thursday - I liked it. My estimate of performance in that debate was OíToole 9, Singh 9, Trudeau 8, Paul 8, Blanchet 7. I had this thought come in the back way of my brain that all of these candidates were really good. It was cheapskate that there was only one English debate - and two in French. A Real Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour.
Observing my country's political elites and media roll out a national election is embarrassing. There is little doubt that I could do much better. They all lack imagination and vision - nothing seems authentic and natural. Though the post English Election stuff was great. I wanted a longer Election and at least one more English. One? Bullshit. My great grandfather was from the U.S. I believe - that explains it (LOL).
I would go online faster than I did for my BC Vaccine (ED: preferential treatment) Passport (LOL) to pay to watch another debate. $600 Million cost for this Election -- pitiful. This, at a time when one third of British Columbians cannot trust the COVID numbers because of the FAKE NEWS fears -- including from the mainstream papers and cable. I would like to see an accounting of the $600 Million Election Cost - my spider sense tells me there's a story in there. (ED: The sounds of the city baby..-Beach Boys).
Wouldnít take questions from Rebel News - an outlaw media organization (ED: Also run by one of Michael B Kikkleís relatives). What dressed up gaslighting is this? Maybe Michael can file an application for a patent on all media in Canada including the one posed as being - well rebel. (ED: I would love to produce a comedy about the government/media- and base it on Canada---a la Trailer Park Boys - but with suits and some nicer cars).
The rumours Iím hearing from my sources is that the Trump Family - led by the.. (ED: writing like todayís journalists (LOL)) former President Donald Trump. The Beach Boys Donít Worry Baby - I think the best ever intro to a rock n roll song - all time -- signature Beach Boys...thought it depicted how I thought America saw Donald Trump NOW as legions of them begin to resent Biden. Ö.Former Biden supporters are openly saying -I made a mistake- (ED: voting out Trump), I can see Donald J. Trump singing Donít Worry Baby---everyone on the planet knows how TOUGH Trump is - but this is Trump cool blue..
Anyhow, the Trumps Media productions - just a rumour- mind you - of Dallas Dealey Plaza and the murder (assassination) of U.S. President John F. Kennedy November 22, 1963. Think about this for a moment - Kennedyís polling numbers were like 70% - consistently - just unheard of. He also indicated a desire for a Federal Reserve. Just for pleasure - it seems to me that when I polled support for a return to the Federal Reserve - that mirrored support for Donald Trump - is about when I reckon the Election fraud and associated media gaslighting commenced. If the Trumpís get this done Kennedy doc done - knowing the alt right and alt left - see Kennedy a Catholic - as the ROBBINS Juultimate - top of the heap the entire US will hop on board the Trump train. Trump needs to comeback cool blue and courting conservative Democrats - gonna need a handful of em for (60%) nationally (LOL).
Donald and Melania Trump will actually drive an ideal vintage of the Kennedy limousine used that fateful day while family members - as journalists--go through the events and the various theories. Donald Trump will spearhead an explanation of the conflicting theories from Oswald acting himself - the establishment gaslight to the other operational theories - Bay of Pigs, Bobby Kennedy v Jimmy Hoffa----It's still a big story. Two nights - an hour and one half each. Letís see the audience. (ED: Donít Worry Baby).
I heard a nice story - regarding the Trumpís leaving the White House - after the Texas sized abortion of an Election in 2020. As the story goes - President Trump alone with the First Lady, the President was apparently reflective -- and in that moment Melania Trump played the Beach Boys I Can Hear Music..
Ahhh000, This is the way I always dreamed it would beÖ..I can hear music - I can hear music.
I can visual both Donald and Melania catching a wave and gliding into the White House 2024. Democrats will open the White House doors wide open for them. Exciting.
Whatís interesting about the Kevin Falcon + Christy Clark numbers is that they total (46%), terrific in BC politics for any ONE party - but less so for two if the split is configured as it is in this poll. More than two thirds of total Kevin Falcon -- New Social Credit Free Enterprise Party + Christy Clark and BC Liberals -- goes to Kevin Falcon and NSCFEP, while nearly one third is taken by CC and BC Liberals.
Theoretically, if Christy Clark were to endorse Kevin Falcon tomorrow - he then has (46%) province wide support and a (5%) lead over Premier John Horgan and BC NDP. Frankly, I would like to see another contest between Kevin Falcon and Christy Clark for the Leadership of the New Social Credit Free Enterprise Party - and think about this - Horganís wins a loss, and then COVID COVER (CC) gives him a second win - claiming a redo with Christy sensible. Iím feeling it, and I have a hunch British Columbians would welcome Christy Clark back on the scene. (ED: Message to Christy - get the tox and lifts and get back in here).
The hypothetical response choice list from question one worked out pretty well.
Question number 2 features Federal Leaders and Party. This question rolled out nicely with less repeats and Undecided then question number 1. All of the response choices offered are actually the candidates running in the Federal Election.
Isnít Jagmeet Singh having a good time in this Election? Heís on fire------ could he have run any better an election? I donít believe so. Singh was like Trudeau in 2015 except Trudeau didnít have the turban- and now, in BC, Mr. Singh and Mr. OíToole are kicking for home. Prime Minister Trudeau has obviously had a few problems, but although I have seen other polls suggesting a collapse in his BC support ---19%--- odd when national polls are suggesting Trudeau OíToole are neckinneck.
I have the Federal Liberals at a support level equal to that partyís historical average in the Province of British Columbia, but below previous totals. Trudeau has shown that there is no lack of fight in him. I note that no one in the press suggested Meth Amphetamines for debate performance--so his quick responses and ability to battle were authentic. Our BC Liberal brand under Christy is (14%) - we have Trudeau and brand much higher than that - but the average of the two is (21%). Hmmmmm. Getting rid of the herky jerky English - in that short of time - is impressive as hell --and may have saved Trudeau from free fall and even seeded cause for the hunt for the win, yet.
Not counting Trudeau out in BC yet. Green Party Leader Annamie Paul is terrific //beyond the confusing begging to Jewish voters by Elizabeth May- the two times I have seen her (ED: little of the French debates), and most recently at the English debate on Thursday. Sheís very good, though I feel that the federal Green Party may be doomed if a good vote turnout isnít in its future. (ED: although we did suggest Annamie Paul get a loan for her political conquests as first Green mayor of Canadaís largest city).
-----In context from a point of anti gaslighting - I might wonder why the Jewish religious dates are made known in these political contexts, when no other ethnic group is ever invoked for similar excuse/cover? I find this ethnic pandering, Jewish groups threatened not to vote in the last election because of religious holidays etc. a nuisance. US & Canadian politicians invoke the Israeli flag in their political campaigns. Why? I get that Israel is a historical ally to - the west-but so is England and so is France - so is Poland it seems. Why not those flags? They have higher populations in Canada than the Jewish.
Are there Muslim holidays during any federal, provincial - municipal elections that conflict? A Ukraine holiday - they have 3 percent of the Canadian vote? How many Elections have run through Christmas or Thanksgiving - the two most popular holiday dates on western calendars----. Michael ----frankly Iím getting sick of you, I bet nearly all of Canada is quietly thinking the same thing as I.
And Justin Trudeau flying our country's flag at half mast until aboriginal reconciliation - is something his father and former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot would NOT have done. Pierre was great because he stood on principle and had a set of John F Kennedy balls - so there you go.----Then former Federal Green Leader, Elizabeth May noted that former BC Green Leader Andrew Weaver is a federal Liberal---this on top of Annamie Paulís slip of the tongue relating to Liberals being best on the environment - Toronto where Annamie is from - has a large Jewish population. (ED: Readers will remember my Election call day poll - and reference to Paul ambushing Trudeau nicely).
Watch for Trudeau to offer Annamie Paul a job in Cabinet for joining forces with his beleaguered Liberal Team or offer support in her run for Green Toronto Mayor (GTM). -//After some consultation and deliberation I have decided to cast my lot with Prime Minister Trudeau says Paul///wake up little suzy----Jody Wilson Raybould is a woman scorned - you can be Trudeauís new political bride - and everyone will forget JWR in the process. (ED: Donít worry baby).
Well, well - Iím sure interested in our ROBBINS Vaccine Data for British Columbia. In our Poll (less than one in two) British Columbians believe that 2 vaccines is -essential-, while 3/10 believe 1 vaccine is -sufficient-. In total nearly 8/10 respondents believe that the COVID vaccine is either -essential- or -sufficient-. No vaccine, your choice attracts one in seven respondents.
According to COVID Track Canada - British Columbia Vaccine Data from 1:36 CST Friday, September 10, 2021 86.580% of people 12+ age have at least one dose of the COVID vaccine. -Of those people 12+ in British Columbia 78.581% are fully vaccinated - or 69.725% of the entire population.
---According to Statista Population of British Columbia Canada in 2020 by age and gender, an estimated 870,000 of 4.5 million total population are aged 0-17---. Sometimes survey lists like I enjoy - donít capture as many newly eligible. I believe this ROBBINS Poll accurately captures ages 22 to 75 in British Columbia well.
At first comparison of these ROBBINS Poll Outcomes (RPO) of British Columbiansí expectations related to COVID herding -- it would appear that BC Premier John Horgan and the entire BC Health Team have performed beyond expectations. It appears to be very positive and quite an achievement.
---Having said that---it could also be a sign that Horgan and his Team had too big of expectations for British Columbians who ----have pulled this off---and pushed and pulled the average person in the province just a bit too much. So what do you ask? Isnít this excellent work - its a health emergency - donít go soft on me Devil Advocate GPR???
My point here is that In the midst of this - the BC Public Interest lumbers off to Vaccine Passports. Itís too much. British Columbians are beginning to resent the Horgan BC NDP and I believe he/it has it coming. Vaccine Passports may be the end of his career as Premier in the longer run - and I donít believe Horgan has even considered the implications. He doesnít know the public mindset. He is living and has been drawn to the socialist dream scenario. A health emergency - with serious moral overtones, requiring some high handed policy and draconian measures for the good of all apparently.
Vaccine Passports predicated on full vaccination may be a bad idea according to this poll. Just better than one in two respondents support Vaccine Passports and just less than one in two believe two vaccines are essential. If there was to be a demand at all, the status of full vaccination could have been extended until November while a mid campaign (ED: or no campaign whatsoever - and no Vaccine Passport) asked no vaccine people to just take one for the team. A demand for two vaccinations is a bridge too far for some British Columbians.
There is no doubt in my mind this Vaccine Passport - necessary or not - is going to increase the poll of anti Horgan Voters. I also believe - many businesses will see increased levels of ill will, and not good will with it. The confusion on the street is palpable and the percentage of people who donít trust the math of COVID is a high minority. The media doesnít connect to the public and the voter as it once did when it was generally and authentically considered a little high and mighty. Now Michael, no longer high or mighty// kind of drifting along without threat or competition to fire it up----and who also owns most of the Lobby organizations which directly influence Government and along with the Cellular phone business is booming but media is always begging or using their influence to get subsidy - is something that loses money all of the time but like the fellow with the girlfriend who he refuses to marry - let her go because he doesnít want any other to have her---and make her happier. Thatís Canadian political media.
A philosophy of government that - You cannot enjoy things you used to enjoy, while others can-- --unless you take two needles in your arm. It's not a good calculation - particularly now that the doubling of drug users and overdoses/ much more threatening than COVID -- while needles are the fashion rage endorsed and promoted by both senior governments. Iíll have a plate of french fries and a needle in my arm please. The children will take a needle in the arm as well.
I would add by anecdote - making arrangements in late spring for a 2nd vaccination was awful. Even these Vaccine Passports - anticipate the use of an expensive cellular phone (ED: Canadaís fees are a joke, former Conservative Minister James Moore was the shits on the file - talking it up) (ED: Taking it you mean?) - but nonetheless insisting on boarding Harperís plane to Israel to lobby for a Michael B. Kikkle awarded for him - and no relief for Canadians with US mortgage style fees on their cellular phone bills - -all related to Michael.
Does Erin OíToole feel me on this? Its suffocation - massive mortgage - car - gas - insurance-cell phone bills//food. Remember too - a nice health registry of the citizens exists including I would expect linkage to Vaccine Passports. Herd indeed. Brand X.
I reside in a community that is 60% Asian-Chinese mostly Canadianized - so other than some outstanding and pervasive complaints surrounding the poor operation of motor vehicles in the region - it is a community no different - race has nothing to do with it. I have personally spoken with 3 Canadians of Chinese background - including those working in businesses where we shop nearly almost daily.
Early on in my anecdote when I first polled Vaccine Passports at 48% support - while mainstream was already selling higher support, my -first Asian encounter on the subject- was with a man I see from time to time who said -he was considering getting a gun if they (ED: the government) come to his house to vaccinate him - another Asian man working at a government facility with a union said he doesnít know what he would do if he is forced to vaccinate by his (government) employer. Still another Asian worker in the coffee shop said Premier Horgan was --making a mistake--. These are long time Canadian - Chinese people. Visible minorities are the ones not confident in the government over vaccinations. The first an independent Green type profile, the second, the member of a well known BC Union and employee - and the third Starbucks employee. Not scientific - but I found it interesting - at least two were visibly troubled - flawless English.
Michael B. Kikkle mass media producers might have you believe the anti vaccers are all white supremacists.
I traced this sentiment among Visible Minorities in British Columbia to the U.S. President Joe Bidenís reference to going house to house to vaccinate people. U.S. data reveals about 55% of unvaccinated people are White. What hasnít been discussed is that the US population is between 66-70% White. It is the visible minorities who are not vaccinating. Where is the message to them?
There isnít one because that would be RACIST (ED: say it like Tucker Carlson of Fox).
We know that the vaccines are technically not grounded in science as the CDC has acknowledged a lack of peer review necessary for science normally required by the FDA. Trump got it through faster - one year not five. The odds of major problems with vaccine are not high. That it will be perfect is also not high. It had to be done. Donald Trump saved 10ís of millions of Americans lives - and lives around the Globe - Trump went Paul Revere first - Fauci and others were denying COVID back in early 2020. I documented this period well.
The fact that only 15% said no vaccination in this ROBBINS POLL is a Festivus miracle in my opinion.
These numbers in BC for vaccination are incredibly good. World class. Horganís advisors would say hey these numbers are good ignore the crank. And, I understand government zeal in bossing around, its a pandemic but try to dig deeper to understand there is more involved in the average person's life than to be Star Trekked about in utopian - draconian public policy.
Politically, consider these anomalies from polling data here. BC Greens are the highest support for no vaccination. Federal Greens percentages are much lower looking more like Federal Liberals. In Canada politics Greens are Federal Liberals. BC Greens are not necessarily Federal Greens. Peopleís Party supporters are more inclined to support 1 or 2 vaccines than no vaccine, yet their leader Maxime Bernier is a huge anti vaxxer. The People's Party vaccination predilections are not much different than Erin OíTooles. Vaccinated people are voting for Maxime Bernier too.
Quite obviously a majority of British Columbians donít like guns and similar weapons unless it's the military or police. However nearly half believe the focus and loot should be on Ďgangs and gunsí as suggested by Erin OíToole. I believe these British Columbians understand most gun owners are sane responsible people.
I get around -- round round I get around (Beach Boys).
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