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Glen P. Robbins accepts RCMP Invite to Settlement Outcome - Vol 2.
KD & Lunch Meat - Boy Golden  Aug 25, 2021

Continuing from Vol 1.
The BC Court of Appeal Judge proceeded with the case despite clearly acknowledging our concerns and dismissed the appeal of the vacant possession order September 2014. We would ask the Supreme Court of Canada to vacate that order and order a new Hearing.
Note that Cambridge filed a second vacant possession order under H130330 November 2014 which was signed by Fenlon J. On what basis was this second vacant possession order filed, and on what basis was it signed. In so doing, the lawyers including Justice Fenlon have made the further case that the corrupt vacant possession order of April 24, 2014 has been duplicated?
Which one is valid ------ the one made April 24, 2014 which we know is NOT valid or the one from December 2014 - the second one under the same file involving the same property without reason or justification? This second vacant possession order signed by the original order nisi judge (Fenlon J.) could on an adverse interest basis suggest an admission of guilt by Bakonyi that the first one was a fraud. Doesn’t this possibility lead to the suggestion Bakonyi is trying to hang the Bailiffs, and in turn the RCMP they directed on the blood hook of the unlawfully obtained Writ of Execution.
As I (GPR), and my wife understand it from Sgt “Y”, his conduct of our Complaints has terminated, and RCMP “Investigators” have since taken custody and control of the Complaints process at or about the beginning of August 2021.
These “documents” produced by my wife and I relative to these Complaints include: (1) January 5, 2021 Application for Compensation under BC Civil Forfeiture Act; March 27, 2021 RCMP Complaints Reference Number: R2021-000306; (ED: Bear in mind, the RCMP had received the Civil Forfeiture Act); May 25, 2021 letter to Michael O’Malley, National Complaints Directorate, Brenda Lucki “In Personam”, Bill Blair (then acting Minister of Federal Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness) - Robbins File No.: CRCC PC - 2021-1217, RCMP File No: CCM 21-001345 and to Sgt. Bryon Yusyk under Coq Fy 27, 2020 file No.: 2021-12374; May 25, 2021 Criminal Complaint to Attorney General of Canada, BC Attorney General, BC Solicitor General Mike Farnworth regarding “RCMP members/Law Society members involved in Home Invasion July 14, 2014 1355 Honeysuckle Lane, Coquitlam BC and the original central document (of this series) of July 27, 2020 to the Canadian Judicial Council and to its Chair (also implicated in the court fraud) Justice Richard Wagner and Norman Sabourin - Executive Director.
We have kept all of the service documents. Let’s review some of the court clerk notes and Transcript from the Hearing at BC Supreme Court April 7, 2014 from Affidavit of Glen P. Robbins (an applicant), Dated July 3, 2019. (ED: The Supreme Court Law Clerk was aware of this when he/she anonymous coward received our draft orders for money out of court, the filing of the Stay of Execution document, and other orders including that Glen P. Robbins had custody of arranging a new hearing date with Trial Scheduling).
Keep in mind that Glen and Ita Robbins have filed a cross application to Bakonyi’s doomed to fail April 7, 2014 application for vacant possessions - seeking a stay of proceedings on the basis of filing of the fraudulent Order Made After Application - and contempt of other orders including that of Justice Grauer relating to Glen P. Robbins and right of audience, with preliminary orders based on lawyers lying to the Judge (Fenlon), who appeared quite receptive to being lied to by her brother lawyers.
I would draw your initial attention to the Complaints about the Judges.
This larger bound document is the central document for perusal and efficacy. (ED: The Judges cited cannot continue on and expect the justice system to carry on with any credibility). Clearly, there is no doubt or plausible deniability about the collusion between Chief Justice Chris Hinkson and former Law Society of BC Compliance Officer Michael Kleisinger in abusing the court processes, contempt of other court orders, and abuse of their offices in aiding and abetting Ron Bakonyi and Cambridge (Robert Ellis BMO) in the covering up of the fraud of Ita Robbins and another, as well as the interference with my (GPR) civil rights as well.
Court evidence under affidavit of Glen P. Robbins including a yet unfiled Stay of Execution order of Justice Kloegman of the BC Supreme Court dated April 7 and valid until April 30 2021 (H130330), (and other orders consequential to that), is provided in that Complaint against the Judges document sufficient, I/We believe, for any reasonable person, professionally trained in law (or not), to understand the ramifications of its importance, particularly upon the vacant possession and subsequent writ of enforcement order signed by the Deputy Registrar of the Courts (ED: not a Judge - a government (BCGEU) employee) obtained April 24, 2014, a fraud upon the court by BC Law Society member Ron Bakonyi, initiated for the benefit of his client(s) Cambridge Mortgage (Peet and Cowan Financial Services)) upon which your RCMP Officers acted without a shred of lawful jurisdiction to do so, detaining (arrest) Glen P. Robbins (“GPR”) in the process.
From the Transcript at 10:50:47 AM Judge Kloegman says “So I would make the order...stay of execution...until April 30th...give time..”. Under headline Court Addresses Terms of Order at pg 27 line 7 & 8 the Court Clerk asserts (after telephoning Trial Scheduling and Manage Sue Smolen - Clerk: “My Lady, she says that is a bad week for the 23rd or the 24th”: (ED: The two April 2014 court dates controlled and in the custody of Glen and Ita Robbins). To which the Court (Judge) responds: “So they’re not able to accommodate that.” (ED: The two court dates controlled by Glen and Ita Robbins are at Chambers Division and need to be moved to Trial Division to conform to the Rules for each the latter requiring all hearings over 2 hours). At pg 16 line 5 The Court asserts: “Well, I would make the order and there would be a stay of execution until April 30,” (2014). At page 28 line 10-12 the Court (Kloegman J. says: “Set it (the trial hearing after April 30, 2014) down whenever you like, Mr. Robbins. “I suggested to you that you do it on the 24th. It’s up to you”...... to which Glen P. Robbins at page 28 line 13 responds “Thank you, My Lady.”
The Judge appears to have forgotten the earlier attempt to set it down on the 23rd and 24th at Trial Scheduling. It would be impossible to accommodate Glen P. Robbins application to be added as a party, Ita Robbins appeal of the conduct of sale order, and Bakonyi’s vacant possession application within the confines of a much briefer Chambers Application (ED: as it was on April 7, 2014 nearly two hours), and more particularly a half day (ED: asserted by Bakonyi at hearing) or more MUST be set down at Trial Scheduling the Rules not permitting over 2 hours at Chamber.
This also supports our accusations that Bakonyi’s contempt of court was known. Not only do we know Justice Kloegman did not order a stay of proceeding to GPR and IR, but rather, ordered a Stay of Execution and other orders within the adjourned hearing. The purpose was to get all of the applications or appeals lined up for one hearing set in Transcript at one half day (When GPR believed a day was necessary- in any event only available for Vancouver Trial Division and at that courthouse Trial Dates are not set until the first of the next month). after failing to identify a hearing date on the 23rd or 24th at Trial Scheduling then failing (ED: there were none whatsoever in April 2014).
It must also be understood that this comment from the Judge would have been impossible to accommodate and that in event of this Bakonyi also attended to the April 23, 2014 application of GPR to be added as party. If Bakonyi had somehow been mistaken about this comment he would not have shown up on the 23rd, his only tenuous escape hatch for plausible deniability closed. In fact, if Bakonyi plays stupid its important to also realize he asks for authority to file the orders - desperate control -- and he is involved at the point of the State Home Invasion at Honeysuckle Lane.
This unlawful action - from beginning to end by the RCMP was negligent in the extreme. The RCMP Officers involved (and we still aren’t sure how long this list was) were made aware of potential legal fraud with the orders, and particularly draconian and malfeasant, considering the detention of GPR occurred subsequent to a telephone call and conversation that I/GPR made with legal counsel (agent for nephew Ryan Dalziel - {pronounced “D Yell”} in the presence of the RCMP Officers (“the Force”), and the private for profit bailiffs, as well as others working for the bailiffs. (ED: The Canadian government paid a terrorist $10,500,000.)
It was the bailiffs who instructed and directed the “RCMP”, and to other persons (movers) who worked around the spectacle of this highly illegal state sanctioned home invasion. Legal advice provided was that they needed a “lawful vacant possession order”. No lawful vacant possession order existed anywhere in Vancouver, Canada or Planet Earth providing authority to any Civil Enforcement as this relates to our home at -Honeysuckle Lane- on July 14, 2014.
(He may or may not approve of my plug) - but GPR’s nephew Ryan Dalziel was one of the youngest Canadians called to the Bar ever in Canadian history. He was taking University classes at UBC at age 14, clerked for Supreme Court of Canada Judge Abella. Abella is retired now, but was one was of the three judges on the original leave application by Ita Robbins in Robbins v Cambridge Mortgage -S.C.C. 35372 - 98.7% Interest contract filed with that court in that application.
All three Supreme Court of Canada Judges on that clearly right under your nose usury were of Jewish background. We are not claiming racism or bias or anything like that (yet) - but this corruption around the case, from people sitting on a pretty high perch has to put some wind in the companion narrative of so called conspiracy theory (ED: heretofore mainstream thinking).
I would assess Ryan Dalziel as the equal of current Supreme Court of Canada Justice Cote from Quebec, who had no judicial experience prior to being made Judge of Canada’s top court. This is provided for your edification at this time only in the reference to the phone call with RCMP and Bailiffs watching. Remember, when you scramble to get this settlement with Glen P. Robbins - the two RCMP Officers and Bailiff waited for the return call from Constitutional Wizard - BC Litigator Ryan Dalziel (through his agent). When I got off the phone - I reiterated to the Bailiffs and to the two RCMP Officers what information legal counsel had provided. That is ‘You need a Valid Vacant Possession Order’. This action on GPR’s part was the sign of the professional or described in sickening cliche - the adult in the room. Under pressure too.
(ED: Will RD be the first high functioning lawyer in Canada to wear a Superman cape into court - stay tuned?).
GPR had roped all of the unlawful actors in the action of that day including Bakonyi. GPR is the RCMP and Bailiff’s best witness in their case against Bakonyi et al. I was asserting an Invalid Vacant Possession Order to the Bailiffs and the RCMP Members that early morning state sanctioned raid on our -Honeysuckle- home July 14, 2014. My legal counsel affirmed that a valid one must exist. The Bailiffs brought a Writ of Possession document signed by a Court Registrar. The authority of the Writ of Possession was what was used to bring the RCMP apparently. Yet the RCMP had no documents in their possession. No writ of possession order, no vacant possession order, no order from a judge, and no warrant. Bailiffs assert that a Writ of Possession is all that they require to take the house.
Trespass and Breach of Privacy.
Why wouldn’t Bailiffs (ED: or the breadman), in those circumstances accept the possibility of no valid vacant possession. There is no valid court order sale (obtained on basis of fraudulent filings). There is no valid order in the matter of right of audience against GPR based on Grauer J., and because of that there is no valid order nisi. My wife’s house - land and all family belongings were stolen by decree of a handful of cheaters in elite office - not Elected - enabled by dufus law enforcement - that exhibited zero good sense nor good faith in this matter. How did the Bailiffs receive their orders from Bakonyi? Did Bakonyi provide the Bailiff administration a copy of the fraudulently obtained vacant possession order at the time of the professional engagement? Or did Bakonyi only send a Writ of Possession order? In what manner did the RCMP receive their instruction and direction from the private for profit bailiff?
If the only document the Bailiff received was the Writ of Possession signed by the Court Registrar, BC Court Services culpability in this debacle lessens somewhat. In this scenario the Government of British Columbia gave them the go ahead. Where is that first set of documents which committed the engagement of the Bailiff here (ED: Consolidated)? Who was the sender? The Government of B.C or Bakonyi? If the Bailiffs were provided with the Vacant Possession Order they are locked in the fraud of Bakonyi et al, even if they are innocent in the mens rea sense. The Bailiffs would be presumed at the starting point to be a relatively neutral party. They are but a link in the chain of enforcement.
Where the Bailiffs really blew it was in bringing the police. We are sure going to want to see the hard evidence of how and on what cause - the Bailiffs were able to get the RCMP to attend to a residence where they had no lawful standing by any stretch of the imagination.
Does the Bailiff send a document with information on it or just phone up the RCMP and tell them their fears and troubles, provide an address and get an escort with a wink and nod? Do Bailiff companies ever send gifts to RCMP Officers, like say at Christmas or for birthdays, because it appears to be a bit of a common practice, bringing in the police where the police ought not be and have no legal standing or authority to be there? Are these groups, the Bailiffs and Police just a little too muddled together for enforcement process and procedures to work in a manner most people would believe makes sense. We sure need to see those documents.
What if, on the other hand, Bakonyi sent the fraudulent vacant possession order to none of these parties and only submitted it on file at the BC Supreme Court? Bakonyi would be disconnected in the chain of events - custody of enforcement by the Government of British Columbia through the Deputy Registrar’s signature upon the Writ of Possession would have instigated the state sanctioned home invasion at -Honeysuckle-. He would be responsible for the fraudulent vacant possession order filed knowing that it was obtained during a Stay of Execution. Bakonyi’s lawyer might say the Bailiffs and the RCMP acted on the Writ of Possession signed by the Court Registrar on behalf of the Government of British Columbia.
Bakonyi’s problem in this argument is the telephone call he and I had the day of the home invasion. Bakonyi was told in my telephone conversation with him that -I spoke with lawyer Ryan Dalziel-, the advice was that a valid vacant possession order was necessary (ED: in the normal course of foreclosure), there IS no valid vacant possession order and could not therefore be a valid Writ of Possession order. I/We had legal advice and that legal advice was forwarded to Bakonyi. He made the wrong decision(s). Why hasn’t BC Court Services and the Law Society of BC dealt with crooks Bakonyi and Robert Ellis of Ellis Roadburg?
Bakonyi also had to know that a problem might occur because of his court fraud(s) (ED: This is where Bakonyi should be charged criminally - how much more information do you need?) He had broken the law, indeed, many times. He was at the scene of the ongoing state sanctioned crime occurring at -Honeysuckle Lane-. Bakonyi had a duty to fold his tent that day once GPR told him to pound salt on his bargain at point of a gun. He failed in it, and he and his client should be paying big damages. The RCMP is inextricably linked to Bakonyi’s fraud. They helped him and could not have been bigger stooges in the process. Am I right?
Soon as GPR saw the RCMP - he knew he needed a hook into Bakonyi into it and one through -court agent- one of the best lawyers in the country. His nephew Ryan Dalziel. If legal aficionado Glen P. Robbins did not bury Bakonyi and the Law Society of BC on April 7, 2014 - he certainly did under on July 14, 2014 when ‘these uniformed punks’ showed up to GPR’s residence which GPR knew to be resplendent in legal colour of right.
The Police and RCMP needed a valid vacant possession order. They were told they required a valid vacant possession order and needed to ask Bakonyi if the documents were valid, not what they should do. The Bailiffs as GPR suggested to them (and the RCMP) ought to have contacted a superior officer and explained the situation. Management cannot defend the actions of these employees. Afterall, it's in the law, the employees should be properly trained into their authorities and expectations of conduct, AND perhaps more to credibility, it's well known that Bailiffs are bluffing their authority half the time (Ed: the targets capitulate). On its face that cannot give the Public comfort particularly at the doorsteps involving foreclosure.
The Application to the Court for an Order for police assistance or accompaniment in a Civil Foreclosure property involving a person likely to be violent featuring an affidavit of evidence showing reasonable cause to bring in the police, would cost about $4,500. Special Costs awarded in a successful application could be as high as $20,000 but would easily pay for the application to bring the police. There was plenty of equity in Honeysuckle before the civil savagery. Why not get the court order to bring in the police?
Answer - Because there was no reasonable cause, not a shred of it warranting the RCMP attending to -Honeysuckle Lane- that day. The RCMP should already have knowledge of these crimes and should be acting on them. Why isn’t Bakonyi being arrested? Why isn’t Robert Ellis being questioned? How about Michael Kliesinger, Chris Hinkson or Lauri Anne Fenlon?
Bakonyi’s company did pay for the bailiffs, as they paid for the process servers (ED: where documents actually got served (LOL)). They paid fees to file documents. Did Bakonyi pay the RCMP? There was no valid vacant possession order in existence on July 14, 2021. It was invalidated because it was obtained during a period of Stay of Execution from April 7, 2014 until April 30, 2014.
And reflect on BC Supreme Court Justice Barry Davies orders versus Asian Yu. Davies J. revealed through his orders that police could attend at the point of Conduct of Sale (Ed: which precedes the vacant possession/writ of possession order). However they could only attend on particular conditions, (and they eventually did). But Davies was staring at one contempt order already and issued a second, still giving Asian Yu yet another chance. Contempt orders are a basis from which to file for police attendance. In fact Asian Yu had to commit contempt of court three times before the police could legally get involved. (ED: GPR says thanks to Barry Davies now retired for that).
The more important consideration is that police attendance to civil enforcement requires oversight of a judge, lest screw ups occur like it did in Ita Robbins versus Cambridge Mortgage.
There was a valid conduct of sale order, it was not obtained during a stay of execution order. However it was obtained on the basis of the fraudulent court filing of the Order Made After Application. The basis of Ita Robbins Appeal of the Conduct of Sale Order was that at that hearing a forged Order Made After Application - inadvertently signed by the Judge, who had already made a preliminary order on the subject, was used to trick a BC Master into believing that GPR was not allowed to attend to any matters relating to the foreclosure.
The dismissal of the Appeal of the Conduct of Sale provided by Court Master (ED: Not a Judge) was obtained during the Stay of Execution period making the dismissal of the Appeal invalid - leaving the appeal of the Conduct of Sale effectively open at today’s date and ongoing until resolved short of an included application granting extension of time to file under unique circumstances. That is why Bakonyi attempted to bargain the Conduct of Sale with the tiny Bailiff men and the cooperative RCMP (ED: Bailiffs only with guns (LOL)) at the door.
The vacant possession order (and writ of possession order which follows it) were unlawful documents produced by Cambridge Mortgage lawyer Ron Bakonyi following his contempt of court ex parte attendance to the Vancouver Smithe Street BC Supreme courthouse on April 23rd and April 24th, 2014, on an ex parte basis during the Stay of Execution order period proclaimed on courthouse tape by Kloegman clearly for all to hear.
Both the bailiffs and RCMP could have said, ‘hey look stop the press here, back off, and let's do some due diligence just in case.’ Within 15 minutes of investigation by an agent for both groups could have requested the tape of the judge (Kloegman J. - tape of what the judge says matters) and would know immediately that the stay order was clearly and unequivocally made on April 7, 2014 valid until April 30, 2014. Justice Kloegman says it out loud on the tape, and the court administration says it's the tape that matters. Second, Transcript Evidence supports the order being made. Third and equally important as 2 (2nd) are the Court Clerk notes. The worst case scenario for GPR and IR is that they believed there was a Stay of Execution in place and that GPR had custody of the next date.
Again, the suggestion that the April 24, 2014 hearing date at Chambers Division for an hour could accommodate GPR’s app to be added as a party, IR’s appeal of the Masters conduct of sale order occurring as it did on the basis of fraudulent court and Bakonyi’s vacant possession order within that time is savagely ridiculous. Further, how could one judge at BC Supreme Court hear the application of GPR to be added as a party, and Ita Robbins appeal under one judicial scalp? Ita Robbins had filed documents that she agreed that GPR be added as a party.
It would be awkward and cumbersome to hold both applications and Ita Robbins in front of the same judge, who when GPR’s app to be added as a party is before the bench. If GPR succeeds in this one of the historical remedies is the court permits the foreclosure petition to become contested litigation. GPR had BCSC 149328 at New Westminster courthouse all ready to go. Part of the evidence in support of this application, was, of course, the completely fraudulent Order Made After Application of Bakonyi and Ellis nefariously undertaken to undermine GPR at the second stage of the foreclosure process, the conduct of sale order.
Ita Robbins main piece of evidence in the appeal of the conduct of sale order was this same fraud. However her case was being heard as a Court of Appeal hearing, not a rule 8 application. Any decision from any court of appeal in BC can be tried at Supreme Court of Canada. Keep in mind that this was now an appeal from a BC Master of the Court - who is not permitted to make Final Orders. So, the only way for Bakonyi and Ellis to keep Big Daddy out of court was this fraud. They could not let GPR be permitted to speak. The only way to get a final order out of a Master.
In conjunction with this order, at the end of the Transcript of the hearing April 7, 2014, Kloegman J. also provides custody of obtaining another hearing date, outside the month of April 2014 to GPR who had an application to be added as party. The two dates of April 23rd and April 24th as you can plainly see were controlled exclusively by GPR (April 23, 2014) and Ita Robbins and another (April 24, 2014) as Bakonyi had failed to file documents in response.
Clearly, the court clerk at Justice Kloegman’s direction phones Sue Smolen Manager of Trial Scheduling to see if either April 23 or April 24 can accommodate a hearing of all matters. On the Transcript Bakonyi bemoans this outcome (he and his client have effectively lost) as he and the Court acknowledge the possibility of many appeals to come (ED: the inference here is that Bakonyi could have accepted offers to settle, or attended to the mediation he was legally compelled to attend (Nov 2013 under 149328 and filed in the court), and ignored {admitting this in hearing Judge Arnold Bailey} {who also retired early-she played for the creepy judges}). The point here is that the cheaters had every opportunity to settle. It’s well documented.
Bakonyi and his client’s loss and failure originated because Bakonyi and Ellis were both cheaters - legal fraudsters. But Bakonyi’s other problem was that he was an awful solicitor. Bakonyi had failed to file responses to GPR being added as a party, and to file a response to the appeal of the conduct of sale order. The BC Court Rules demand that no party be required to give another party who fails to file a defence a response, any further communication on the actions. Bakonyi was desperate. He and his crooked clients were facing a Supreme Court of Canada hearing on the original order nisi fraud (35772), potential criminal complaints. An appeal of Smith J’s dismissal of the conduct of sale order during the Stay of Execution order as I have said is potentially available directly to the Supreme Court of Canada subject to approval of leave and applications for extension for time.
This is why Bakonyi filed the application for vacant possession out of order of the other outstanding matters on the foreclosure matter (H130330) in the first place. He needed to force the action and distract from the reality that he, his client, and others were about to be found out as clear crooks. GPR had run circles around these two professional lawyers. There was nothing new about this - he’d been doing this for years. One lawyer had suggested that GPR had more trial experience than 95 percent of real lawyers. The real cheaters, the lenders and the lawyers were in trouble. The RCMP helped this (particular) crooked lawyer suck seven years of my wife and GPR’s life fighting a case where people in high office tried to bury us.
Look who is kicking ass now!
A perusal of pre Covid hearing dates would reveal that a half day (Transcript) or full day would not be available for 2 or 3 months hence. On the first available day in May 2014 as our record indicates, my wife and I attempted to book Trial Scheduling with Sue Smolen, who knew the case, and who knew April could not accommodate any hearing, refused to establish a hearing date. She refused Kloegman J’s April 7, 2014 order - instead giving cheater judge Chris Hinkson’s April 10, 2014 order against Glen P. Robbins to supersede Ita Robbins property rights. On that date there was no vexatious litigant order against any party other than GPR. This order occurred 3 days after the Stay of Execution Order and other Orders which Bakonyi failed to file on behalf of the Court. The Court Order he did file is in Contempt of Judge Kloegman’s Orders.
Obviously, he could not commit the fraud he and his client did in such contemptuous fashion with a Stay of Execution Order in place. Although the rules called for any party to file the stay order, and GPR was the most appropriate particularly considering GPR and IR had applied to Kloegman J. for a stay of proceedings, based on the obvious court filing fraud of the Order Made After Application May 28, 2013, Bakonyi asked, and received direction to file the orders. This fraud on the court, contempt of court was probably the back up plan along, if he loses take control of filing the orders of the Judge then file what he wants. Nice little court con but only if the lawyers know the judges are backing the con.
Bakonyi and Cambridge had fraud as their option before they went into court on April 7, 2014. Why not? They had produced fraudulent documents prior to this. The criminal order made after application and the Notice of Hearing document (also H130330) which was protested by GPR before Fenlon J May 9, 2013 at order nisi hearing and right of audience procedural hearing are historically held documents evidencing a fraud trail easily discovered.
GPR demanded that both the Bailiffs and RCMP leave the premises immediately. When they refused, GPR demanded they contact a superior or supervisor on the basis the documents they possessed (only the Writ of Possession signed by Registrar) (Smith J.s vacant possession order was never shown) had no lawful weight because they were obtained during the Stay of Execution period. The two Judges involved in this fraud on the court April 23 and 24, 2014, contempt of court were Barry Davies (since retired and who received these materials as well) and Nathan Smith (who was also served with documents).
Both of these Judges are now in a place of contempt of judges orders they know existed at the time they provided their legal ‘friend’ Bakonyi with his ex parte orders to commit fraud. I have indicated my doubt of the good faith of these judges in their decisions given what they ought to have known by pre reading the file before them, the seriousness of it, and the fact that Bakonyi appeared on his own. Other than serious gaslighting lawyers and politicians, there isn’t a shred of cred on the side of the law here.
GPR’s demands occurred prior to and following a conversation GPR had with an agent for GPR and IR’s attorney, BC Litigator (and nephew) Ryan Dalziel (via agent). The RCMP refused the demand by GPR to either leave and also GPR’s direction, pursuant to his telephone call with (ostensibly) legal counsel to contact their superior officers. The Bailiffs also refused to contact their superior including a Manager or Supervisor or lawyer. The Bailiffs were bossing the RCMP, who had no way to legally explain why they were there in the first place.
This refusal by both the Bailiffs and more particularly the RCMP, who had no lawful business there under RCMP Act, RCMP Regulations, Police Act or Bailiff Act (B.C.), failed to even consider the possibility that not only were they wrong to be at the Robbins home at all, but did not think about the possible repercussions if what GPR was telling them was the truth. Is there no Murphy's Law suggestions in RCMP police training? -If something can go will. (ED: and it sure did).
The RCMP failed to even consider any further findings which a reasonable person would do, particularly considering this was someone’s home, AND potentially, a crime was being permitted, exacts a point of unprofessionalism (stupidity) at the high point of negligence. Public Service arrogance which I am certain is not part of the training regimen has occurred with your police force. My position is that the RCMP were acting in bad faith the minute they entered into any discussion within their own detachment, department or with third parties like the bailiffs or Bakonyi regarding attending our family’s home. This bad faith is baked into place the second they actually attend. Again, GPR knew this information at the time the RCMP attended.
I would bet that In the United States my wife and I would be compensated by now and everyone would move on. (ED: The States of Florida and California have half of court cases where the parties involved handle their own legal work without a professional lawyer). Canada’s justice system is so plugged up and confused about access to justice - they would not know where to start. GPR and IR were denied access to justice - by people in law who claim to want it. Following my conversation with legal counsel Dalziel, the Bailiffs did phone lawyer Bakonyi and insisted that both they and the police would leave on the instruction of Bakonyi, with the bailiffs reiterating to GPR the same thing Bakonyi told both them and GPR- on the basis of putting into writing an agreement where Cambridge the crooks could have conduct of sale.
If and only if Ita Robbins agreed to put in email writing that she agreed to Conduct of Sale of the property being handed over to the lawyers and their real estate agents they would cease breaking the law. The conduct of sale order like the vacant possession had been ill gotten during the Stay of Execution period, and prior to the issuance of the vacant possession order also on April 24, 2014 by the same justice (despite the conduct of sale order at issue being an appeal of that order). The dismissal of the conduct of sale order appeal occurred with the same justice who made the order for vacant possession. (A Judge should not head a court of appeal and a regular court both).
How would you as a member of the bar have instructed the bailiffs and RCMP at that moment? The Writ of Execution in tiny miniscule Bailiff hands - with nothing in the RCMP hands (ED: nuff said), and the person who brought you to -Honeysuckle- shows no interest in that Writ but seeks an accommodation or bargain. Again, how stupid (corrupt) can you be enforcement people? Indeed, also note Bakonyi’s failed application to the BC Court of Appeal June 2014 six weeks before the state sanctioned home invasion on July 14, 2014 where Bakonyi asks BCCA Judge Willcock for orders dismissing GPR’s BC Court of Appeal of the dismissal of his application to be added as party adds some -sweet anecdotal -trim- - to the awareness of this Law Society members crooked mind.
During the June 14, 2014 state sanctioned home invasion, when GPR spoke with Bakonyi, the BC Law Society lawyer made the same demand to GPR, that Ita Robbins agree to conduct of sale of property at which time he (Bakonyi) would instruct the bailiffs to leave the property and the bailiffs would also instruct their RCMP assistance (‘guns’) with them. GPR informed Bakonyi of the potential implications of his actions, including the surety of millions in damages, refusing Bakonyi’s offer --- and calling it a criminal act, a position which GPR and his wife maintain today.
Following the conservation between Bakonyi and GPR the bailiffs then spoke with Bakonyi again, and subsequent to that telephone conversation with Bakonyi, then informed GPR that if he did not permit them the opportunity to act on the writ of possession court orders, notwithstanding serious questions about their unlawful activity, they would have the RCMP detain GPR. Everyone knew that Bakonyi was using the bailiffs and RCMP to negotiate an agreement under duress for a mutual conduct of sale agreement. BC Law Society lawyer Ron Bakonyi knew the custody of sale order was obtained by previous fraudulent court filings under H130330 referenced later and was inextricably linked to another fraud on the court (Order Made After Application dated May 28, 2013) perpetrated by Bakonyi and another BC lawyer Robert Ellis acting for BMO Bank of Montreal (ED: remember clients like BMO have to give the go ahead to the lawyer with instruction. BMO & Cambridge Mortgage instructed their lawyers to commit fraud and to be in contempt of judicial orders - Grauer J. S111171, Kloegman J H130330 ).
As the documents reveal, this Application never took place and was designed to deceive a BC Master (ED: not even a Judge) and to obtain the conduct of sale order December 9, 2013 by way of that fraud on the court. As you can see from the documents submitted and repeated many times, there is also MORE proof of other fraudulent document filings by these two crooked lawyers prior to the Order Made After Application. Why would Bakonyi be willing to forgo the vacant possession order he had in his hand to negotiate for an agreement to conduct of sale, unless the conduct of sale order was tainted as well? A negotiated settlement on the conduct of sale matters would solve all of these problems.
If the Conduct of Sale is agreed to, the fraudulent vacant possession order becomes moot, (ED: save that it was obtained under duress of RCMP arrest). Most lawyers in Bakonyi’s position would have ordered the bailiffs and police to back off - leave- and gone to court for a court order for police to attend). Imagine if Ita Robbins had agreed to the Conduct of Sale bargain with, effectively and figuratively, the muzzle of RCMP firepower to her head. Just imagine how this might affect underlying court documented serious PTSD. Yes it might have turned the bailiffs and RCMP around and off the property. But the real estate agent would have been there the next day pushing their greasy order --- an Urgent Application would have to be made - the fraud etc, the onus would be back on Glen and Ita Robbins, and not the crooked lawyers where it (always) belonged).
As Bakonyi had discovered during his application for vacant possession heard April 7, 2014 by Kloegman J. that application could not proceed, until the appeal of the conduct of sale order obtained through the aforementioned (easy to prove) fraud had been dealt with. Wouldn’t any professionally trained person, particularly two RCMP members earning nearly, or over $100,000 per year with overtime, upon hearing this attempt to negotiate, ‘wait a second here’, let’s put a stop to this today, and go back and do our due diligence. No, my wife and I got a lot of snickering and snide attitude from the bailiff and RCMP.
And the worst thing you can do to GPR like many Canadian gentlemen is to disrespect him or his family. This will invoke a lawful hunting down of you and yours until hell freezes over.
Keep in mind, there is published material in British Columbia and elsewhere that concludes bailiff’s leave their collections 50 percent of the time, they are there to negotiate in half the cases they attend on a Writ of Possession. Again, what properly trained lawyer would negotiate a vacant possession order for conduct of sale after inducing bailiffs and RCMP to attend unlawfully? Your perusal of the documents will show a second vacant possession order was signed in December 2014 by Justice Fenlon the original order nisi judge, who along with Bakonyi and other lawyers, looks very sketchy through this process. Fenlon and Hinkson, both Harper appointments. Whack whack.
The Bailiff transmitted Bakonyi’s instructions (rather than phone a manager or get legal independent advice). The RCMP officers, one now a corporal (nice job on that state sanctioned home invasion constable), just shook their heads and refused to do anything. In totality, these documents provided to Civil Litigation are intended to present the facts, the filed documents, the awareness in a manner consistent with a reasonable, methodical escalation of events.
This is all about colour of right, a term well known to police. The police and bailiffs must prove they had the colour of right when they attended my family home and unlawfully detained me. Believing they had colour of right is feeble ground. My family had a clear colour of right, the lawyer Bakonyi and bailiffs knew this. They called the police to help interfere with that colour of right and the RCMP Officers foolishly took the bait like a big blue bass. I had a right to defend our property. My just turned nineteen year old daughter at the home during the time was a tough second row rugby player who could have handled the tiny bailiffs in their size 5 mens shoes ---by herself.
The fact that I am a big athletic man and capable of self defence is not a basis upon which to speculate about the troubles or issues which may or may not occur. I was in my fifties at the time. The law demands that there must be valid cause for the RCMP to attend. Sending the police out looking for trouble in a foolish matter produced the disaster in Mayerthorpe Alberta where four police officers were murdered. I noted this with officers at the time for posterity (ED: And posterity is now). Safe word is Mayerthorpe. Four RCMP Officers were gunned down - when it never should have happened. -Honeysuckle- like the holocaust of the Robbins family- should never have happened.
Think about this - if the bailiffs had evidence that violence might occur, which they did not, or any court orders or history suggesting GPR or any other person might be a source of violence necessitating the police, or evidence of a threat of violence wouldn’t it make sense for the bailiffs to go and get a court order. How stupid can grown professionals be? Remember, the two reviews of GPR’s history including in the process of application to be a Canada Senator which requires a severe vetting by CSIS. BC Children and Families vetted me over an application for a contract involving work relating to teens. In the application for Senator this went to the second stage of investigation, GPR clean as a whistle, BC Children and Families clean as a whistle.
Allow me to make a point for context. In late 2018-2019, my wife attempted to get amounts of money remaining from the court, which as you can see from the affidavit and draft documents in the Complaint against Judges, and to file the all important Stay of Execution order (BC Rules - any party may file), along with other orders. The Supreme Court provided an unsigned response from Trial Scheduling asserting an order of Chief Justice Hinkson for vexatious litigants against GPR, as a cause for not accepting the draft order(s) for the benefit of Ita Robbins. How does this occur? Hinkson’s order against Glen P. Robbins is April 10, 2014. The order of stay of execution of Kloegman J. to the benefit of Glen P. Robbins and my wife Ita Robbins and another (the another party to the action attended the hearing before Kloegman J.) was made April 7, 2014.
You can see by our Complaint relating to the Judges (again the main read) we believe Hinkson’s order of April 10, 2014 occurred through we assert (everywhere and often) an abuse of office, contempt of court orders and judgements, and his participation along with (then) Law Society of BC Compliance Officer Michael Kleisinger in a fraud on the court, Glen P. Robbins, his wife and another. To point, we were being compelled to get existing (and not insubstantial funds) remaining in the court for Ita Robbins, confirmed by accounting of the court, and to file other orders outstanding (that when filed blow the case wide wide open) because of an order of Chris Hinkson which had nothing to do with the order of Justice Kloegman. An essay on Contempt of Court by those who are supposed to be above it. What an awful joke perpetrated by British Columbia Court Clowns (BCCC).
This was particularly unfair given our orders from Kloegman (H130330) for Stay of Execution, and further order that Glen P. Robbins should have custody and control of filing dates which occurred April 7, 2014. The court administrator at BC Supreme Court, Smithe Street Desk 5 informs me that court clerk notes and tape of proceedings are seldom ever more than two days (ED: April 9, 2014 latest -- long before Hinkson on April 10, 2014). The order occurs as you know from the time it is expressed by the Justice at hearing.
Anyhow, these events caused by The Hinkson BC Supreme Court - Kleisinger Law Society of BC unlawful activity then made it necessary to eviscerate Hinkson’s credibility when there was ample evidence to suggest this was an appropriate course of action. AND Glen P. Robbins DID THEREFORE COMMENCE to start a rumble with some of the Judges most particularly Hinkson and his court filing shenanigans with Kleisinger - through the Canadian Judicial Council (ED: even though GPR already knew it was a clown act - the former Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice McLachlin (BC)’s husband was the Executive Director of the Canadian Judicial Council (Hahaha). This move to remove Hinkson through the Judges Act, and, as the obstacle for a simple filing of documents that my wife and I had the right to do was unnecessarily arduous, but necessary overall in my opinion, because it was indicative of a good faith effort of ours in the escalation process. The State is the more powerful actor and must show cause they acted in good faith FIRST and if good faith is not proved then the proof of bad faith is then instantaneously asserted.
There were plenty of opportunities for apologies by judges (non recusal), or taking responsibility for mental defects of thinking or other errors of judgment prejudicial to myself, my wife and other parties without creating a liability. The Judges Act also drew in Attorneys General of both Superior governments. The most recent to Canada AG Lametti (pre Election call and which is included) provides for reconsideration of the decision from CJC. Neither AG has expressed a desire to do anything about that decision, although the BC Attorney General through Ita Robbins Civil Forfeiture Application provided a somewhat defensive rendition of what was required. A Determination of Unlawful Activity. Who does that better than the police? C'mon now, and win your own ball game. Stop being the shit on the bailiff’s shoe!
I have provided both senior levels of government with opportunities to create a remedy and relief incumbent upon the state in these circumstances, without a shadow of a doubt. Although, and I repeat, the RCMP could take action to make this situation resolve with one eye on the BC Civil Forfeiture Act. Horgan’s Executive and Solicitor General Farnworth have authority to unilaterally move on this but have elected not to, a move I expect they will sadly regret in the future with the public relations scheduled against them. (ED: Take that, and that, and that).
All good faith efforts by our side and no response from the government save for the BC Attorney General and Civil Forfeiture insisting that Ita Robbins must first be deemed to be an eligible victim. The RCMP can make this happen. (ED: After working over the two drug addicts at a waste of millions of dollars for public relations for Christy Clark just prior to the BC Election in 2013 - this should be straightforward and easy). You can see the application to the Cullen Commission, an Inquiry into real estate fraud. We have a nice story to tell don’t we? The Cullen Commission vetted our submissions, writing to us to say our submissions had been moved forward to the legal department.
TO Business
We might have played Hinkson’s game and filed leave to appeal for monies remaining in court in our 2019 court filings, including to file the Stay of Execution Orders under his order, but he’s a crook, his staff gets paid to abet the crook. We could have filed the applications under Hinkson’s crooked orders - under Protest. However my wife and I determined that placing ourselves in the subjugation of someone like Chief Justice Hinkson we believe to have broken the law and rules of the court to defraud us of property -- seemed unprincipled. We did the hard work and took these steps toward Final Escalation (“FE”) you see now, perfecting awareness in the process.
Ultimately, after all of this effort it may be necessary to go to the Supreme Court of Canada and force the Government of British Columbia (the Ombudsperson could file the stay order and other) under unique circumstances. Obviously the filing of the Stay of Execution Order of Justice Kloegman April 7, 2014 until April 30, 2014 makes the ex parte orders obtained by Ronald Bakonyi for Cambridge Mortgage including ex parte dismissal of appeal of conduct of sale order vacant possession orders and all other, in contempt of that order all invalidated.
The private bailiffs and RCMP entered into a state sanctioned home invasion based on the actions of a dirty lawyer and more. We know this lawyer and client have no plausible deniability for the stay of execution order. I have heard Justice Kloegman clear as a bell and recorded that fact in my Affidavit before you. It's in the court clerk notes, but it is also supported by Kloegman clearly stating at the end of Transcript that Glen P. Robbins would have custody of obtaining hearing dates (not available at BC Supreme at Smith until the first of the next month), after failing to obtain dates in April including on the Dates April 23, 2014 and April 24, 2014 that myself and my wife controlled.
We also know that his crooked lawyer colluded with another crooked lawyer Robert Ellis of Ellis Roadburg to produce an Order Made Application document (again, H130330) later used to apparently delude a Master of the Court (conduct of sale order later appealed because of the fraud document. The point isn’t to retell the story but rather to reduce the opportunity for the usual stall and heel dragging. I informed the RCMP Sgt who just passed our Complaint through to the next state of that process, Investigation. During the time with the Sgt. my wife and I, in relation to the question out to us about outcomes, we indicated we weren’t looking for apologies from the RCMP, just compensation ($$$).
My wife has asserted she will wait until she sees how the RCMP and I get on before ventures in directly with an Offer. She too is eager to settle with the RCMP. However, Ita is also interested in the possibility of a more orthodox simple effort to money out of court and possibility of other filings using a professional lawyer. In any event, if the RCMP can successfully negotiate with Glen P. Robbins in a -tight window- of opportunity provided under file number BC Supreme Court (New Westminster) 149328 (or not) we would need a professional lawyer (in any event) to conclude the matter agreed to and handle money.
It is however open to the RCMP to make an Offer to Ita Robbins if they choose to. Acceptance or rejection is up to her and of course professional legal counsel.
I say -tight window- not only because this demonic ordeal has gone on too long, but also because the RCMP created an opportunity for reciprocal good will with GPR and Ita Robbins, by stepping up with Complaint process (ED: and thanks to RCMP Media on this), when the lawyers (scurried like rats), but also, because the RCMP have a petition running in BC relating to keeping the RCMP in Surrey, running from August 16, 2021 until November 15, 2021, AND a federal election has been called for September 20, 2021.
Whether or not that commentary was on the election itself or the petition fiasco just lit, may depend on whether or not the RCMP can successfully settle with me. The RCMP can sue the lawyers, the bailiffs and the government. So swift smart decisions need to be made and quickly. This from the Vancouver Sun July 6, 2021 “Surrey Police Vote initiative expense limit set at 1.3 million”.
On this headline I, Glen P. Robbins offer to settle all claims and outstanding matters with the RCMP on the basis of my receiving payment in my hands of $1.5 Million (Canadian). This offer is made on a without prejudice basis to Glen P. Robbins and is available until Midnight September 10, 2021, and would be filed with the BC Supreme Court under BCSC New Westminster File: 149328 save for the court frauds of Hinkson CJ - Kleisinger LSBC under S111171 (ED: shape shifted to file number 1310).
This letter will be posted under ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) printed, and sent under more orthodox cover to you in the next week, not too much time to make a decision. However, the posting will be submitted to Commissioner Brendi Lucki, RCMP Media and to the predecessor Sgt “Y” ahead of time, so that the information may get to you a little sooner given that RCMP Civil Litigation could not provide an email address. I can tell you if no good faith action is coming from the RCMP I will move heaven and earth through my Public Relations to ensure this national brand shows up on Social Media next to a Cowpie.
I hope my position is clear and both my wife and I look forward to resolving this matter with the RCMP.
Glen P. Robbins
per Ita Robbins

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