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August 2021 Poll - Miami Dade County, Florida Trump v Biden, Covid concern, Internet 4 Cuban people, Covid/Southern Border
  Aug 10, 2021

Question #1
From Wikipedia, U.S. Presidential 2020: U.S. Presidential Vote Totals (State of Florida-Turnout 77.17%) (Actual)
Donald Trump    51.22 %
Joe Biden    47.86 %
Question #2
From Wikipedia, U.S Presidential 2020: U.S. Presidential Vote Totals (Miami Dade County, Florida). (Actual)
Joe Biden    53.41 %
Donald Trump    46.06 %
Question #3
If the November 3, 2020 U.S. Election for U.S. President were magically rerun today and you were about to vote - who would you choose for the U.S. from these two candidates? (Decided @ 96.44%) (Adjusted from actual responses for comparison against baseline - Miami Dade)
Donald Trump    52.50 %
Joe Biden    46.96 %
Question #4
At this point in time of the COVID Pandemic, are you concerned about COVID as you go about your day to day life?
Yes    36 %
No    60 %
Question #5
According to WPTV West Palm Beach published (produced) July 16, 2021 there are a number of things that Floridians ought to “know about Cuba and what is happening there”. For example, the Communist Cuban government has rationed food and where supplies are available, U.S. currency is required to pay for these, with many Cuban people not possessing U.S. currency. Also, there is NO Internet permitted in Cuba -so Cuban people are not able in many cases to communicate with family and friends in the United States particularly the State of Florida. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida Senator Marco Rubio have called for the Biden government to “help give Cuba access to the Internet in the same way the US helped Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria in 2017”. Do you support your Governor Ron DeSantis and your Senator Marco Rubio in their call for the White House to provide free access to the Internet in order for Cubans to ensure that people living there and expressing themselves in protest do not go missing?
Yes    68 %
No    28 %
Question #6
(Push question) The Biden Harris Administration is seeking to make policy and or law on mandatory face coverings and to support similar state policy or law which encourages the use of vaccine passports which will certainly deny many Americans, particularly and including African Americans to many retail stores, movies, restaurants, bars, travel etc, while at the same time granting permits of illegal entry to immigrants along the Southern Border many infected with the COVID sickness. Based on the information in this preamble do the principles being employed in the Biden Harris Administration COVID strategy conflict with their strategies on the Southern Border of the United States?
Yes    82 %
No    11 %
Question 1
From Wikipedia: ‘Prior to the election, aggregate (ED: Mainstream) polls had Joe Biden in the lead in Florida by up to 3 (ED: percentage) points.’ ‘Trump won the state by a 3.4% margin’ (ED: Overall mainstream polling off 6.4% - another mainstream suffocation disaster). ‘It was the largest margin (ED: Winning Margin) for any president elected in Florida since 2004 (George W. Bush).’
I would add to this, a report on polling out of the BBC dated November 3, 2020, suggesting a National win for Biden at 52% with Trump trailing at 44%, or 8 points behind. According to Wikipedia the actual vote total was 51% Biden and 47% Trump, or a 4 point difference (ED: Which does not include any speculation about these vote amounts following a court examination of the evidence expected in the fall of 2021 (LOL)).
According to Wikipedia, “It was the first time since 1960 that both Ohio and Florida went to the losing candidate in an Election.” “It was also the first time since 1992 that Florida voted Republican while nearby Georgia voted Democratic and the first time since 1992 that Florida voters voted more Republicans than North Carolina.”
Question 2
“According to our go to background source for this poll Wikipedia “Miami-Dade County is a county located in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of Florida. According to a 2019 census report, the county had a population of 2,716,940, making it the most populous county in Florida and seventh most populous county in the United States.”
“It is also Florida’s third largest county in terms of land area, with 1,946 square miles.” Miami is the main urban centre with nearly 69.4 percent of the population being of Hispanic or Latin descent.”
“Dade County was created on January 18, 1836, under the Territorial Act of the United States.” “On November 13, 1997, voters changed the name of the county from Dade to Miami Dade.” Another source describes Miami Dade at 70% White with 21% pure White and 50% of Whites mixed with Hispanic. There is scant evidence of African Americans and Hispanics mixed.
Question 3
NB: From the 2020 U.S. Election for President in the State of Florida and specifically Miami Dade County, Trump is up in support (10%) for certain and as much as (12%) from his 2020 Election Totals from Miami Dade County, placing Trump support currently at low (55%) to high (60%) in our Extrapolated assessment of his support overall in the State of Florida. I expect Trump to win Florida in 2024 with well over (60%) State Wide. (ED: You heard it here first).
Measured to near 100% by age group Trump scores (51.6%) with respondents over age 50 in Miami Dade County, while Biden attracts (48.31%). Here’s the rub, with respondents Under age 50 Trump scores (54.1%) while Biden scores (45.93%). (ED: As the rock band Buffalo Springfield said - ‘there’s something happening here’).
With these percentages from Miami Dade - and to our ROBBINS Extrapolations for StateWide percentages, the ROBBINS News Desk is prepared to DECLARE Donald J. Trump, Republican the Winner of the 2024 U.S. Election for President. Donald Trump is the next U.S. president elect 2024.
I can envision ante Trumpitist Comedian Bill Maher lip synching these words to Donald and Melania Trump - at the Ford Theatre - from the song Take a Chance With Me by Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music ---- “I was lost (Mr Trump) can’t you see? Through the long, lonely night. Heaven knows I believe - Won’t you take a chance with me.” (ED: Isn’t that lovely?)
Question 4
The “No” (“concerned”) response in the State of Florida is (22.22%) higher than the fully vaccinated rate in Florida of 49.1 percent (at or about the beginning of August 2021). As fully vaccinated percentages increase in Florida, we can expect the interpreted “No” -to concern- with Covid-- to be fairly determined = to increase as well. Thanks to the ‘Texas Bee Gee’ for contributing to this question. (ED: “To Love Somebody…” …. “oh I’m going back to Massachusetts” - Trump 2024).
Whites including White Hispanic and Non Hispanic White over age 50 in Miami Dade County answered “Yes” to being “concerned about Covid” to the (42.6%) mark, while the “No” respondents in this age group ‘came to’ @ (55.7%).
The White Hispanic category, representing (72%) of all respondents (adjustment required) overall - discovers that under age 50, respondents provided “Yes” responses to being “concerned about Covid” in (34.8%) of statistical response outcomes, while “No” responses under age 50 is (64.0%). Using the (22.22%) ROBBINS Extrapolation to the under 50 “No” we achieve a hypothetical near (80%) HERD “No” among Whites/Hispanics under age 50.
BREAKING NEWS! Persons under 50 years in Miami Dade County, the super majority of whom are not concerned about Covid has now reached the desired HERD status with those over 50 nearing HERD not concerned.
This under age 50 “No” to concern is particularly interesting if we consider the (22%) higher respondent total -- in this ROBBINS Poll ---- to the amount of fully vaccinated. ‘Younger Floridians aren’t concerned about Covid - is your headline’.
The ‘older’ ones in Miami Dade are preaching (albeit more softly) to the unconvertible anti vaccers. Most younger people (particularly) want to get on with their lives. Covid in your mind - on the news - in the coffee shops has “exhausted” the younger demographic in the populous Miami Dade County, suffocating their spirit and desire to work and play hard.
I would note African Americans living in Miami Dade over age 50 ARE (“Yes”) concerned about Covid in their day to day lives (46.1%) of the time in this poll, while those who are NOT (“No”) concerned total (47.2%). About 50 50 among Blacks over 50 years of age then. This is interesting... those African Americans under 50 who are concerned about Covid total totals (15.4%) (ED: Hello!!), while (71.3%) of ‘younger’ respondents in this demographic said “No” they were not concerned. Using the (22%) Extrapolation figure, this makes the NOT concerned among African Americans under age 50 at HERD mentality near maximum @ (85%) NOT concerned with Covid.
Young Blacks (particularly) don’t want the needle (ED: can’t imagine why).
Overall, African Americans respond to (31%) “Yes” (ED: I believe I saw Fox report that 31 percent of African Americans were fully vaccinated-the lowest---Hello!!), while (59%) of Blacks in Miami Dade in this ROBBINS Poll are not concerned (ED: Double Hello!!). Ironically, if African Americans in this poll responded to the same level as Whites and Hispanics - the concern level rises about (4-5%) overall and gets to near (40%) levels or better which can be ‘thinly’ spun by partisans. (ED: I’ve seen mainstream cable present poll numbers in the past at 50% where I have a similar subject/question at half that). You can’t spin these ROBBINS percentages - to promote “Yes” concern -- --- nearing the end of the vaccination period. It's going to get tougher for the government to stay shut down anywhere as each day passes, and closure being sold through variants and not the (former) big Enchilada - Covid - a narrative in desperate need for some Fauci (go get some) “ED” pills (LOL).
If Florida breaks completely free from the ‘leftis Covid hypnotic trance for America (“htfA”)’, without too much Covid political entrail (“Cpe”), then DeSantis - and Rubio can ‘go off’ on Biden and Harris without reservation. And so can 2024 president elect (ED: from ROBBINS - more credible than some state votes (LOL)) - Donald J. Trump.
Overall, Whites including White Hispanics and Non Hispanic Whites respond “Yes” they are concerned to (39%), while (60%) “No” are not concerned. When Whites - Hispanics - African Americans - Asians and others are combined “Yes” concern comes to (37%) in Miami Dade County, while (59%) are not. I note that Asians/Multi Racial/All Other over age 50 say Yes concerned to the (51%) statistical level, while (42%) answer No, they are not concerned about Covid. Once again, among younger people in the age category under 50 (31%) are Yes concerned, while (62%) are No - not.
I have declared a Statewide percentage YES for overall concern at (34%) and No to concern at (64%) state wide (conservatively). This puts the overall Statewide HERD “No” concern at near (75%) using the ROBBINS Extrapolation.
Question 5
Over age 50 respondents in Miami Dade say Yes to White House providing free access to the Internet for Cuban people at a rate of (65%) with No at (27%). Under 50 say Yes (73%) No (13%). This is a major winner for Florida’s Governor and best known Senator Marco Rubio.
This, from the song “Maria” by Blondie sums this up nicely:
“Maria, you’ve gotta see her, Go insane and out of your mind. Latina, Ave Maria - A million and one candle lights.”
Question 6
Over age 50 respondents said “Yes” (81%) of the time - while (17%) indicated that “No”, there wasn’t any conflict in the strategies involving concern about Covid. (84%) under age 50 believe the strategies are in conflict while (6%) do not.
These song lyrics from the Rock Band Twisted Sister pretty much encapsulates this question's outcome: “We’ve got the right to choose it, There ain’t no way we’ll lose it. This is our life, this is our song.”
Recent week and more, margin of error LEGAL DECLARATION 2.644%, @ 95% confidence.
Glen P. Robbins -30-

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