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BC Day Poll (Vol 2) A History of Gaslighting// feat: RCMP Petition, lawyers donate 2b Judges, Open Borders...and more
  Aug 01, 2021

continuing from Vol 1 -- ending "My pursuit of..
This pursuit of truth and self actualization brings me to the point of leaping to the subject of Critical Race Theory (“CRT”), which links everything institutionally and otherwise to Race mostly (once again) blaming White persons for everything. The theory appears to be promoted most by persons in racial minorities.
I have my own theory, which is Failed Race Theory (“FRT”). My theory posits that if your Race is predisposed to ‘get ahead or otherwise survive’ in the world, in part because of persistent claims of your race and you as a person of that race -- being a victim, and any other race, usually White, as being the race responsible for your victimization than you are a Failed Race. Your race cannot get by on merit.
Certainly, as a whole, no single Race has benefitted more than the Jewish people since World War 2 both economically and politically including the creation of the State of Israel. The Holocaust narrative however is how many to most non Jewish people connect to Jewish people. Not their domination of influential positions and extreme wealth and control of means of production in all western countries. Pound for pound the Jewish people are the most powerful ethnic group on earth today. Why do I assess Jewish people as failed? Again, based on the continued promotion of themselves as victims in the midst of such success is pretty lame. (ED: See also Progressive Band - the Beaches “Lame”). I also believe their ascent peaked too early with Biden. Don’t expect Donald Trump’s son in law JK too close in 2024.
I believe Blacks or African Americans to be a failed race. Again, like Jewish Elites on behalf of public relations for Jewish people everywhere, Blacks over the past 40-50 years have climbed leaps and bounds socially and economically. There is more success available to Blacks - who would do well - to focus on areas of growing success and not just on tragic historical events put upon them, including slavery, a circumstance created by numerous Jewish financiers and slave owners (ED: Sadly ironic).
Circumstances from generations ago are taken too far out of context for public relations and politics today, arrogant on its face, for how could a person living today pass judgment on what circumstances and experiences were like back then? The English brutalized children during the Industrial Revolution. White children. The English weren’t exactly humane to the Irish. White people.
Jewish Elites and their henchmen during the Russian Revolution murdered millions of Russian Whites.
Focus on how to make things better for your race, not investing so much energy on making me and other Whites (ED: and other Races who don’t like the attention) feel bad for things neither me nor my family and most other White families are responsible for.
These anecdotes as well as primarily one sided promotions or use of CRTC license by numerous ‘family members in Canada known to one another’ for bias reporting including much bias reporting in favour of the RCMP remaining in Surrey, the passing off of obviously inappropriate donations to the Prime Minister in return for judgeships as a Conflict issue, raises the question of the credibility of Canada and British Columbia as democratic governments, and of the news generally as being in what I perceive to be an Anti Trust monopoly position, and acting as more the public relations support of the various and sundry governments who come to power, than the defender of the Public Interest.
The next few years will realize the response of the common person as sick of guilt talk surrounding Racism among minorities. Many Catholic Priests in Canada, the US and elsewhere were no better than animals, abusing children, but the percentage of those ‘sickos’ falls within statistical norms of society at between 4-7% of the population. That the Pope couldn’t apologize or do something to shut everybody up is on him, the dead aboriginal children aren’t coming back anytime soon….or are they Popie?
My family wasn’t responsible for this - so don’t use the nation's name against us to promote yourself with minority constituents who vote your hustle. I’m saying this to Horgan and Trudeau primarily.
As I believe from this Poll’s outcomes, both senior governments in Canada are behind public opinion by 5-6 weeks. The BC public wants full freedom without condition perceived through free full access to the United States. Where will British Columbians holiday this summer, in the Okanagan - seemingly burning to the ground? Respondents from the Interior particularly know they will need the tourist dollars ASAP.
My contact in the Okanagan, a non-smoker, informs me that it feels like he has smoked two packs of cigarettes a day. Horgan responds with “all hands on deck”, a reference it would seem to a boat where water is presumed to be plentiful. Kind of a smartass comment from Horgan I thought who is pretty much loathed in the Okanagan and with anyone else from Alberta (LOL).
Our question number 6 relating to the opening of government suggests Canadians are more eager to get back to normal, in this context, normal being an open border, then they are afraid of the Coronavirus, or the various new strains of the virus being discussed in the media of late, and not opening the border. The BC NDP and Federal Liberal government would have you believe voters are less inclined. This government gaslighting will only last a bit longer, before a revolt comes its way.
(ED: Rumours are circulating that America’s Dr Fauci has discovered the new virus variant known asThe Barstool Variant ® . People who have this variant and who also drink a number of alcoholic drinks in succession will be found consistently to be happier and friendlier (ED LOL at least in the short run). Ok, I’ll take the vaccine - it's a lot like heroin you say…….coming soon…).
The City of Chilliwack is historically a center right bastion, and in this poll, is the highest supporter of reopening the border without condition or restriction at (55%), while Victoria is the lowest (46%). The two most populous cities, Vancouver and Surrey average (51.5%) for reopening the borders without restriction. It's a definite win for unconditionally reopening the Canada - U.S border. The City of Surrey is a good political bellwether for the province.
The Horgan, Biden and Trudeau governments can be expected to drag their heels on reopening the border and granting British Columbians - Canadians and Americans their freedom to come and go as they please peaceably and in compliance with the law, not because they are thinking of the public interest, but more likely they are cognizant of their own political expediency. Socialists and Liberals talk a good game sometimes, but, overall they hate freedom, they would rather control and suffocate people, because more often than not, they haven’t got the real honed skills to lead people or the country. (ED: They might reasonably say the Big C Conservatives are no better, I’d have to accept some of those arguments).
The highest percentage against reopening the border without restriction or condition can be found in Vancouver at (45%) with the lowest against in Kelowna at (36%).
Former U.S. President Donald Trump easily comes up roses in this B.C. ROBBINS Poll versus Social Media Hi Tech Giants like Facebook and Google, with well over (50%) of British Columbians supporting a class action against these dangers to Free Speech in Canada. The mistrust of Social Media Giants can be said to be much higher than the mistrust of Donald Trump by British Columbians, who, like many in the media in Canada, actually know little to nothing about US politics.
Look to Donald Trump to run in 2024 - and win 60% Nationally. There are many many people not just conservatives or Republicans - or Independents - in the know - like me, saying this as well. There you go - I said it loud and proud. I don’t expect the ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) flag to be flown at RCMP offices or other government places however. Wait a second...what a great idea.
Chilliwack is the highest supporter of the Canada class action against Social Media Giants at (57%), with Vancouver the lowest at (43%). Prince George reflects the highest percentage against a class action at (39%), with Surrey and Chilliwack the lowest against at (26%).
Breaking News! This from Coquitlam, RE: (CQ21-12374 - Robbins and Robbins v (Cst Blakeman et al) “Monthly Update July 21, 2021”. (READER - please note while this was in editing prior to publishing the Sgt in charge of the newsletter provided another letter indicating that this Complaint had been moved to the Investigation stage). I would add that this exchange is being sent to the appropriate RCMP persons including the Sgt, the Commissioner, Media, the person first in charge of the Complaint with the expectation that both Civil Litigation and the Investigative Team will enjoy continuity of information). (Civil Litigation was not able to provide me with an email address).
“Good morning Mr. Glen Robbins and Mrs. Ita Robbins”
“Thank you for your patience. As requested, today I will mail you physical copies of each email I’ve sent you thus far, including this one.”
“I will also send a physical copy of the attached Public Complaint intake form which includes my best understanding of the allegations...and notes your desired outcome as compensation.”
“Hopefully, I captured this information correctly; please let me know if I’ve made any errors.”
“Because compensation falls outside the ambit of the Public Complaint process, I have contacted Civil Litigation on your behalf. They provided me with a file number (033765) and recommend you call the divisional line (778-290-3401) to further that process.”
“Regarding my involvement: As the Public Complaint process (and the CRCC’s oversight) are focused on member performance and accountability, the Public Complaint investigation will continue regardless of any outcome Civil Litigation can provide.”
“The next step is notifying the members of the allegations made against them, and gathering any information that may assist the office in charge of making a finding.”
“I have a copy of your submissions to the CRCC, which I will include in my file materials. Do you or your wife have any other information, regarding the events of July 14, 2014 that aren’t otherwise captured in your CRCC submission? Additionally, can you or your wife identify any witnesses who may be able to provide evidence in support of your complaint?’
“Thank you for your continued assistance. Though I understand you may wish to wait for a physical copy of this message before responding, you're welcome to respond in whatever form best suits you. I will continue to send you additional physical copies of my responses through the mail as requested.”
Here then is the response to this most recent email from the Coquitlam Sgt from Glen Robbins on behalf of he and his wife.
Dear Sgt: Thank you for the update and the information regarding Civil Litigation. I have spoken with Civil Litigation and they have asked me to send all of the information sent to all parties inclusive of both senior Attorney General’s, Registrar at Supreme Court of Canada, RCMP Commissioner Lucki and others to them, to provide all of the background to this massive court fraud and contempt of court committed at the highest levels of government and strenuously covered up and purposefully ignored for years.
I am surprised that the Officers who have been named, have, at least according to what you say in your email, not been informed. In fact, according to the hard copies you provided and which I received and reviewed, I refer most specifically to the “RCMP Public Complaint Guide Protected A”, where you identify the two police officers as Andrew Blakeman (Registration 54291) and Jennifer Cavanaugh (Registration 53843) the former a Cst., the latter a Cpl. The Cpl bears an insignia while a Constable does not.
In fact, in the Investigate Guide it asserts that both Cst Blakeman and Cpl Cavanaugh were both advised 2021-06-04 or June 4th, 2021. Why would you suggest in your email nearly two months later that they haven’t been contacted yet? I would also suggest that Cpl Cavanaugh was a senior officer in attendance that day, who was likely sent by another senior officer, senior to her. Both Constable Blakema and Cpl Cavanaugh ought to have known they had no cause or legal justification attending at the command of the for profit private bailiffs, who also had no jurisdiction for enabling a police escort on taxpayer dime. Police require a court order or clear evidence of potential violence to attend to a civil eviction. The Bailiff Act, at least in BC does not permit, as some irresponsible state and sub state sponsored websites suggest, Bailiffs to take any steps such as involving police without taking the requisite steps under the Act.
Specifically when Corporal Cavanaugh was asked by Glen P. Robbins to contact someone who is superior when the problems with the orders in hand were considered (ED: they weren’t and aren’t valid), she should have had enough proper training as a senior officer to retreat from our home at once, and get the t’s and i’s of proper due diligence completed.
Now, may I ask, when was Corporal Cavanaugh made Corporal? Was she already a Corporal on July 14, 2014? Was she made Corporal after this State sanctioned home invasion? Would RCMP Officers receive kickbacks or benefits from private for profit bailiff/bandits? Is it possible that the BLM movement in Canada will be put in charge of civil enforcement, about to explode in British Columbia post COVID? It's a fair question, given that who in their right mind performing these duties and having been trained would believe they had jurisdiction to legally attend to these civil enforcements without specific order signed by a Judge (ED: a real judge (LOL)). The Court costs associated with procuring this order can be attached to the respondent in most instances. Why not? With a court order for police attendance, and following the requisite appeal period (respondent would require an urgent stay order).
Participating in civil enforcement, attending with guns provides de facto the guns to the for profit bailiff/bandits to do their job for them. Honestly, and I don’t want to be too cruel, but how stupid can the RCMP be on this?
“In the RCMP ‘for promotion’ to corporal you have to meet the minimum service requirement. That is usually seven years but it can be as little as five years in exceptional circumstances. You (must) pass a written exam that tests your ability to make decisions in various scenarios” (ED: Hello!).
“An RCMP Corporal as at 2016 earns between $90,842 and $92,292 per year.” “Average Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer yearly pay in Canada is $82,573 which is 13% above the national average.”
“As Canada’s police force the RCMP are primarily responsible for enforcing federal laws in Canada.”
From “Steps to Justice” Your guide to law in Ontario:
“The law does not let your landlord, a private bailiff, or a security guard physically evict or lock you out. Only the Sheriff can do this. The police can’t evict you either but the Sheriff can ask the police for help if the Sheriff thinks there might be violence.” (ED: S.C.C. says violence must be known by serious record of violence).
In the Supreme Court of Canada, Fleming v Ontario, October 4, 2019 SCC 45 “Unanimous” “The Court noted that preserving the peace, preventing crime, and protecting life and property are the main duties of police officers under common law.” “Taking away someone’s freedom, even temporarily, is serious.” “Often, in a situation like Mr. Flemings, the person wouldn’t have any way to challenge the arrest in court, because there wouldn’t be any charges. The only option would be an expensive civil lawsuit. This is another reason the Court said the standards for judging police action must be strict.”
In R v Grant, also at the Supreme Court of Canada, applicable sections 9 and 10 of the Charter cited, where “a majority of the Court determined that detention refers to suspension of one’s liberty interest “by a physical or psychological constraint. Psychological detention, a majority held, is established where one has a legal obligation to comply with a request or where a reasonable person would consider that she has no choice but to comply.”
I believe you must already possess the statements of both the constable and the corporal, and that they have affirmed our complaints as bona fide and would thus demand you inform us as to whether or not these two officers have in fact admitted to attending, failing to leave when asked, and detaining myself with others under similar threat? Being negligent. We will not be providing any further information until such time as you get your ducks in a row as far as this discrepancy (which feeds bad faith arguments) goes. With that in mind I would with intended sarcasm ask that you interview the private bailiffs who contracted with the RCMP against the law in order for them to attend to enforce court orders not legitimately acquired.
I would ask you to disclose what you determined speaking to the Break the Law Bailiffs whom police officers Blakeman and Cavanagh were working for on that day, as well as the aforementioned interviews with the two police officers. Did both police officers have lawyers in attendance with them when recently interviewed? What due diligence was conducted by ANY police officers at Coquitlam precinct prior to directing both officers out on that unlawful escapade. I also want the name of the since retired Superior Officer and any other officers who directed the two officers one a constable, and one, (apparently) a corporal, to our home that day. This is the second request for this information, now shaped more as a demand. (ED: August ‘newsletter’ from Sgt at Coquitlam detachment - while this was being edited, informs GPR and IR that the Complaint has moved to full investigation).
You assert that your process of investigation goes on notwithstanding what happens with Civil Litigation. I expect that in the circumstances, a greater sense of urgency may be required in the Complaint process given the linkage to the police actions, court fraud and contempt of court.
Here as well are the Allegations - Details of Complaint which the RCMP Public Complaint - Investigative Guide asserts: Allegation #1 (Neglect of Duty) - That Constables Blakeman (Cpl) Cavanaugh neglected their duty by unlawfully assisting (private) bailiffs in evicting you and your family from your residence. Allegation #2 (Improper Arrest) - That Constables Blakeman and Cpl Cavanagh unlawfully detained Mr. Glen Robbins. Allegation # 3 That an unidentified supervisor (senior officer) neglected their duty by dispatching Constables Blakeman and Cavanagh to your residence without cause.
I would also ask you to again consider R v Le from Supreme Court of Canada decisions on detention. In addition to this reply to the RCMP “responses” I would like these excerpts from “Review of four cases of civil litigation against the RCMP on Workplace harassment.”
“Report to the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness - March 2017.”
“The Honourable Ralph Goodale, P.C. M.P.”
“Forward” 1. I was asked by the Minister of Public review the cases of four women who had filed civil suits against the “RCMP” alleging workplace harassment. When I asked these individuals why they felt it necessary to civil litigation “ALL” indicated they had no confidence in the internal systems of the RCMP to deal with their concerns.” (ED: And these are their own members).
2. Legal proceedings against one’s employer are not undertaken lightly. That these women felt this was necessary is an indication of the failure of the RCMP to effectively deal with their cases.
“In the past, the RCMP grievance process did not provide a viable option for dealing with harassment complaints due to the lengthy delay in the process. Finally, the investigative process, generally carried out with the complainant's own Division, often leads to perceptions of bias and conflict of interest.”
4. These factors have led to a lack of faith in the RCMP’s ability to deal with harassment and workplace conflict. The harassment problem in the RCMP was enabled by an organizational culture that developed over trial, in isolation from the values of the communities we serve.
5. The RCMP is a very insular organization. Few senior officers are not police officers. This has led to a strong culture and sense of pride, valuable in many regards, but which may lead to resistance to change.
6. I am therefore recommending that the Government consider the creation of a Board of Management, a repeat of a recommendation made by the 2007 Task Force on Governance and Cultural Change in the RCMP. I believe that the RCMP would truly benefit from the external expertise that the board members would bring in the overall management of the Force. It would also provide for a more informed oversight of the administrative function of the RCMP.
20. Whenever any employee of the RCMP decides that there is no other option but to launch a civil suit, it sparks a very legalistic, protracted set of events that are ‘labor intensive and costly..’ From the file review I have concluded that there is absolutely no incentive to move these cases forward towards a resolution by either party. For example, I saw virtually no attempts at settlement or mediation.
22. While there is no personal cost to the government in these cases….the same cannot be said for the individual complainants.
23. In November 2014, the Employment Conflict Civil Litigation Project was launched. Once again, the emphasis was on early resolution but (sic)....I was unable to determine the current status of this initiative.
25. The RCMP invests heavily in its recruits. The training is extensive and is considered second to none (ED: Really Magnum!). It is unfortunate...for all when a productive career is ended prematurely due to workplace harassment (ED: Or show up with guns, a Constable and a senior Officer Corporal -- (ED: sober 2nd thought (LOL)) to help enforce illegitimate orders or doing one kernel of due diligence).
30. Furthermore, a more in depth review may be warranted in cases of workplace harassment considering that the very nature of harassment...makes it even more challenging to determine whether or not the alleged harasser was acting in good faith or within the scope of his or her duties.”
31. In the four cases examined, the DOJ had determined that a conflict of interest existed and that the Crown could not therefore represent the defendants. Subsequently, the RCMP approved legal fees at public expense for all the defendants, although that has since been rescinded for two of them, often some of their legal fees are paid.
Here is my response to the question (and reporting) of lawyers who donate to Trudeau (and others) becoming Judges, and perceptions of Independence considered as a consequence. Odd and awkward as it might be I find it fitting. Its from Downton Abbey on the Canadian ‘cousin’ and makes me think of the State of our State (as it were):
“Major “Patrick Gordon”, an officer of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, made a request to stay at the convalescent home at Downton Abbey in 1918 because he claims to be related to the Crawley family. The soldier has a Canadian accent and major burns and injuries on his face (which is largely covered in bandages) and hands.”
“Gordon meets Lady Edith, she mentions to him that they haven’t found the family connection yet…” “Gordon claims that he survived the Titanic sinking, had developed amnesia and was sent to Canada since he was mistaken for Canadian.”
“Gordon said he could not correct (anyone) because he had no memory of who he really was. Instead he remained in Canada, taking his surname from a bottle of Gordon’s gin.”
“It is impossible to recognize Major Gordon or compare a handwriting sample as his face was severely burned and his hand was amputated during the Battle of Passchendaele.”
“Lord Grantham sends Major Gordon’s story to his solicitor, George Murray, who does some investigating. He learns that Peter Gordon had worked with Patrick Crawley at the Foreign Office before moving to Montreal in 1913.”
“Frustrated that no one else recognizes him as Patrick, Major Gordon tells Edith that they may not come back, but Edith encourages him not to give up. Patric, upset that Robert does not acknowledge him as Patrick Crawly or possibly unwilling to wait and be exposed as a fraud decides to leave without saying “goodbye”.
THIS ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) British Columbia Day Poll - features data up to and including July 24, 2021. Not all respondents are Random. I place MOE at 3%, with confidence at 95%.
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