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BC Day Poll (Vol 1) A History of Gaslighting// feat: RCMP Petition, lawyers donate 2b Judges, Open Borders...and more
Layla and Other Love Stories - Derek and the Dominoes (Eric Clapton)  Aug 02, 2021

Question #1
Elections B.C. has approved a petition to ask (ALL) B.C. residents whether or not they support the provincial government conducting a binding referendum on whether or not the police force in Surrey BC should be changed over from RCMP to the Surrey City Police Force, which change is currently occurring, and which a successful petition might stop. Which of the following response choices provided BEST describes your opinion on this subject?
In my opinion it is important that Surrey maintains an RCMP police force    16 %
In my opinion most police forces in British Columbia do a pretty good job    69 %
I am Indifferent to the RCMP petition, and do not care what police force Surrey chooses    15 %
Question #2
Mainstream news has reported that nearly one in three judges/justices appointed by PM Justin Trudeau to Supreme Courts across the country, donated either to the PM directly, or to his Liberal Party of Canada. Under Canada’s Constitution - Judicial Independence under Canada’s Constitution - is said to exist for every constitutional judicial appointment. Judicial Independence asserts the principle that all judicial appointments made by Justin Trudeau and other Prime Ministers are fully independent from any Elected person in the decision making process. If a lawyer donates to Trudeau, or to the Liberal Party of Canada, and then makes an application to become a judge to Trudeau, and is then appointed by Trudeau to a judgeship, in your opinion is that judge Independent of Trudeau or to the Liberal Party of Canada or any other Elected person?
Yes    14 %
No    64 %
Indifferent    22 %
Question #3
To “NO” respondents from Question #2 - In your opinion where a judge has donated to the Prime Minister or his Party and then makes the judicial appointment to that donor should their appointments be immediately rescinded by the Parliament for occurring outside the Constitution on the basis these judges' independence cannot be guaranteed?
Yes    76 %
No    21 %
Undecided    3 %
Question #4
What size government should you prefer based on what you have seen from the Justin Trudeau Liberal Party of Canada, and John Horgan New Democrat Party of British Columbia?
Bigger    17 %
Smaller    50 %
Same size government as now    33 %
Question #5
Do you believe that ALL British Columbia workers should have some type of union protection?
Yes    43 %
No    52 %
Question #6
Which response choice BEST reflects your position relating to the opening of the border between the U.S. and Canada?
I believe the U.S. Canada border should be open without any conditions or restrictions    49 %
I do not believe the U.S. Canada border should be open without any conditions or restrictions    44 %
Indifferent to question/Undecided/All Other    7 %
Question #7
Former U.S. President Donald Trump has commenced a class action lawsuit against Facebook, Google and other Social Media Hi Tech Giants for interfering with Americans rights to freedom of speech during the 2020 U.S. Election for President. Would you support a similar class action in Canada’s Federal Court against Facebook, Google and other Social Media Hi Tech Giants for also interfering with Canadians right to free speech where that has been shown to occur?
Yes    55 %
No    27 %
Indifferent to question/Undecided/All Other    18 %
Question #8
It is reported in mainstream news in early July 2021 that “the executive director of the BC Civil Liberties Association made comments in response to the burning of multiple churches in the wake of the discovery of human remains in unmarked graves at former residential schools.” As churches burned to the ground this public advocate remarked “Burn it all down”, later claiming she didn’t mean it literally. In your opinion should this person - “HW” of authority in an organization intended to promote human rights for all persons be fired for her comments?
Yes    62 %
No    27 %
Indifferent to question/Undecided/All Other    13 %
Question #9
In your opinion is it necessary - with necessary being described as needed or essential, that the RCMP and other federal institutions fly the gay pride flag instead of or alongside the Canadian flag?
Yes    26 %
British Columbia Cities participating in this ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Poll are considered for statistical purposes and margin of error requirements by 2017 populations, save for Prince George where population numbers from 2016 have been similarly applied. The Cities and populations are as follows: Victoria (92,141), Vancouver (675,201), Surrey (518,467), Chilliwack (83,790), Kelowna (132,084), Prince George (74,003).
Victoria and Vancouver have City Police Forces, while Chilliwack, Kelowna, and Prince George have RCMP Police Forces. Surrey is in transition from RCMP to Surrey City Police Force. This poll question reflects the RCMP’s efforts to ultimately overturn that latter decision.
Both Victoria and Vancouver come in lowest in support of Surrey overturning the decision of City government to change over to a City Police Force/keep the RCMP - at (5%) and (8%) respectively. Chilliwack, Kelowna and Prince George averaged (21%), (19%) and (22%) in favour of Surrey keeping the RCMP. Surrey City comes in highest for keeping the RCMP at (28%). This latter number is important to RCMP advocates for Surrey BC reconsideration particularly when the overall positive response for police is also high.
Respondents in Vancouver were most inclined to choose the response that most police forces in BC are pretty good @ (79%), followed by Victoria respondents @ (72%). RCMP Cities in Chilliwack, Kelowna, and Prince George average (58%), (60%), and (58%) respectively, and given the high minority percentage for the RCMP in these Cities - the RCMP may do pretty well, but honestly, where is the authentic incentive for the Public for this? (ED: Forcing food on a child only makes the child dependent forever, or resentful or both).
Victoria respondents are the most “Indifferent” to the RCMP plight in Surrey, British Columbia @ (23%), followed by Chilliwack and Kelowna tied @ (21%). Vancouver respondents had the lowest Indifferent response to RCMP in Surrey total @ (13%), more evidence that the Petition may have a slight prayer of success.
In question #2, British Columbia respondents do NOT believe that a lawyer who donates to Trudeau or to his Party is Independent of him/(them). Only one in ten British Columbia voters from “the most recent provincial general election” perceive a donating Judge to be Independent, while two in three DO NOT see these Judges as Independent. One in five respondents in this Poll are Indifferent to the matter of judicial appointments made by Trudeau or the Liberal Party of Canada, twice the number who view donating lawyers for judgeships as Independent.
Judges are not Independent simply because they say they are, (ED: talk about gaslighting). Judges are not Independent and therefore unconstitutional appointments if the Public perceives it that way such as is the case in this ROBBINS POLL. This is a perfectfully credible assumption from the facts. Lawyer donates to Liberal Party, or lawyer donates to the Liberal Party of Canada - is it one in three or one in four - ?? - and that lawyer donated is appointed to a Superior Court Justice, Federal Court of Canada, and Supreme Court of Canada Judge //is it possible to then perceive these judges Constitutionally Independent. The standard for determining this is the necessity that Superior Court Judges - be separate from the Elected body influence. The Elected body represents the people (at least the voter). You don’t want your justice muddled up with politics of any sort.
‘The onus would be on the Judges lobby, Masons or whatever skull and crossbones leadership floats BC or Canada’s political boat these days, to respond with proof that ‘donating judges’ remain Constitutionally Independent from (primarily) Elected persons with whom those lawyer donors have been shown to have exchanged conspicuous mutual benefits, a donation of money (tax write off I presume (charged to tax payer) to an Elected Official, with a view to applying for an appointment for a high position as superior court justice, and using the leverage of the donation in getting that judgeship. (ED: Good luck with that - smells like ass doesn’t it). A Conflict of Interest test doesn’t hold up in context of realities pertaining to the Constitution, Judges Act and other relevant legal considerations in this case. (ED: It's like using a plunger to change a light bulb Canada).
(ED: In the Muslim religion if you a ‘good’ moral thing (donation) with a conscious view to getting something in return for that good moral thing, then in such circumstances that good moral thing is worth less than nothing because of the expectation of something in return. Every donating Judge needs to be asked under oath if they expected something in return, did the possibility of that, the judgeship in exchange for the donation ever occur to them, ever enter their mind-and if didn’t then why not?).
City of Kelowna respondents provide the 4th highest direct support for RCMP from question #1, and are the highest supporters in terms of the overall lower percentage of respondents who believe lawyer donors to PM Trudeau and or his Liberal Party remain Independent Judges, @ (22%).. City of Surrey respondents who are #1 direct supporters of RCMP at (28%), are 2nd lowest supporters of Liberal donors as Independent Judges @ (9%). (ED: Little hint for RCMP here).
Lowest support for Liberal donors as Liberal lawyers who get to become fully Independent Judges is discovered among Prince George respondents @ a dismal (7%), but are 3rd highest direct supporters of maintaining RCMP in Surrey in question 1 @ (22%).
City of Victoria respondents who have the lowest direct RCMP support in Surrey @ (5%) (ED: figure out Victoria Horgan- don’t be quite so proud) have the 2nd highest support for Liberal donors as Independent Judges @ (21%). City of Vancouver respondents have the 4th lowest support for donating Judges as Independent (14%) and are 5th highest (or 2nd to last) supporters of keeping RCMP in Surrey @ (8%).
Mainstream News asserts that the real intention of the BC Wide RCMP Petition to keep Surrey RCMP in Surrey is not necessarily to achieve a successful petition under BC Elections law (ED: lovely), but rather to establish that the RCMP are popular in the City of Surrey, and attempt to ‘leverage’ a referendum on the question Surrey (ED: lol, hey everyone, I have an idea). Through whom - ?? Brenda Locke - ?? (ED: Reader, play My Sharona by The Knack here).
On its face, the BC Wide Referendum on the RCMP appears quite wasteful. It’s difficult to see the value to the public in this endeavour. It engages the public across the province for no particular reason including in Surrey, B.C., where there is no legal connection between the outcome of the accepted Referendum (Elections BC law) and the actual desired outcome (ED: maintain RCMP presence in Surrey, BC when the changeover (ED: hangover) to Surrey Police is already well underway).
This RCMP Referendum is sponsored by Police Unions, with expenses anticipated @ $1.3 Million. Funding for somewhat similar standard of public interest, ironically, Black Lives Matter @$1.2 Billion -which flooded into mainstream news which as ‘quid pro quo’ failed miserably to properly report on the looting, burning, murdering and rape occurring in Liberal cities around the U.S., epidemic in U.S. Cities like Chicago and other urban centers with larger than average Black populations. Crime, crime and more crime.
The paid advocate to keep Surrey RCMP in Surrey is Bill Tieleman, who appears to be hired for every type of Elections BC endeavour (ED: Since BC’s Confederation in 1867 (LOL)). ‘They’ want to defund the Police - yet, the standard of public relations is decidedly similar, (although only one of the two similar groups appears to be interested in the law).
The mainstream news (ED: in which Mr. Tieleman has worked for years - he’s one of them (LOL)), reports Tieleman as the person who knocked off the Harmonized Tax Sales effort of former Premier Gordon Cambpell and his BC Liberal government. I believe it is also important to report to this point, that former BC Premier Bill Vander Zalm (the last true conservative premier in the province) was the individual who actually successfully spearheaded the fight against the HST.
Bill Tieleman assisted Vander Zalm over the FIGHT HST Tax matter in much the same way a paralegal might assist a lawyer, or a dental assistant might help a dentist, or a driver might help a Mafia Don he is employed by. Vander Zalm with help from his main assistant, Conservative Chris Delaney, were successful in stopping Gordon Campbell’s HST tax, even though the press treated Vander Zalm and Delaney most unfairly (ED: LIke the sickening bias in mainstream against U.S. President Trump), while Tieleman was the left wing assistant to conservative - populist type Bill Vander Zalm on that campaign, and represented the ‘leftern’ position of an ideologically broad tent coalition against the tax.
The mainstream press disliked Bill Vander Zalm. (ED: He is against abortion, juze who own the nuze can’t like that/they love abortion rights { --- its likely the biggest reason). Any inference or omission (ED: likely intentional from mainstream news editors) that the union guy Tieleman is the individual, who on his own stopped the HST (so what he's doing for the RCMP under this Referendum must be of similar importance), is a wee bit manipulative to my way of thinking.
Bill Tieleman is an NDP Union guy. The Referendum is sponsored by Union Chiefs. (ED: Nothing good or bad about it, it just is).
The RCMP had to go to court to get the right to unionize (2010) and legislation was reluctantly introduced by the Harper Conservative government thereafter. The CBC reported in Jan 2020 that RCMP members costs would be increasing (salaries, benefits etc). I don’t believe that former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper ever met, or at least, did not know former BC Premier small c Social Credit Premier Bill Vander Zalm.
Stephen Harper had a better relationship with former BC Premier and alleged International ass grabber Gordon Campbell. Our ROBBINS 2003 Poll regarding Gordon Campbell’s girlfriend in the office - cover of Frank Magazine accusation was intended as lawful political vendetta for an unpaid political debt between Gordon Campbell, Christy Clark and Glen P. Robbins circa 2001. At the time of the 2003 hit poll, pollster Glen P. Robbins thought that when he politically knifed Campbell in his political neck then, that he (Campbell) might bleed out like a stuck pig - by provincial election time 2005. Had Campbell lost in 2005, he would have exemplified the greatest political fall of all time - of any time by anyone in Canadian history. It could have been a tremendous political kill by ROBBINS. ‘When I shoved my pen in Campbell’s neck expecting him to die politically in the short term, he kept writers shot him, kicked him, mercilessly attacked him to finish the political hit - until finally Bill Vander Zalm and his Rebel group finally finished Campbell over the HST, at least as Premier of British Columbia’ says Glen Robbins’. ‘A real nice piece of lawful political vendetta from Vander Zalm et al’.
In many BC Elections - as we endeavoured to finish off the political ‘contract’ on Campbell, Carole James, the new Leader of the BC NDP, and a terrific leader, was well placed against the ‘wooden’ Campbell, but fell just short at Election time. In any event lots of hacking and slicing lawful free speech of Campbell anywhere and everywhere possible as part of the ‘vig’ for his and Christy Clark’s non payment, but it wasn’t until charges of sexual assault sprung from Britain where Campbell was working in a diplomatic role, and where he was accused of when - while on his way up a set stairs and while walking up behind the accuser, HE DID DEFTLY slide his hand around the accusers buttock - in street vernacular - a full throttle ‘ass grab’. (Reader - play Immigrant Song here - by Led Zeppelin).
Anyway, My stat collection of IP addresses that visits upon my nearly 1,400 Public Opinion Polls in British Columbia, Canada and the United States and Worlds just exploded onto the 2003 Poll related to Campbell and his wife going on Global to insist their marriage was good - my poll suggested a massive ‘herd’ of people weren’t buying it. This 2003 poll of British Columbians watching that Global news broadcast Lit up like fantastic stars in a beautiful night sky - my ‘hit’ on Campbells being conjoined with the 2019 news of this sexual assault originally from 2014 - being resurrected in Canada. Human Rights central in Canada - Winnipeg, Manitoba lit up - that Province gave Campbell a $600,000 contract after 2014. Are you seriously suggesting no one in the Manitoba provincial government or news, in this day and age - (LOL) wasn't aware of Campbell's difficulties in Britain with the sexual assault (ED: In England groping is considered a sexual assault and I don’t believe there is a time limit in law in charging a person with a such a crime).
My persistence from the 2003 hit finally paid off, it linked up Campbell to the 2014 story. He’s in his 70’s now and he’s finished. Ruined. And ROBBINS is just getting warmed up. (ED: If Power Writing by Robbins is intended to present a ‘physical experience’ with language then I imagine this to be like a UFC Fight when one Fighter is bleeding profusely and the other uses a sweeping kick to the wounded fighter’s temple rendering completed unconscious).
Conservatives generally don’t support labour unions. It is hard to know if former Premier Bill Vander Zalm would have supported this RCMP Referendum along with his old left wing pal Bill Tieleman as no one @ Mainstream News has asked him. Vander Zalm was also the one time mayor of Surrey, BC.. Shouldn't British Columbians hear his opinion on the RCMP matter in Surrey?
It is also important to note that BC NDP Premier John Horgan has made all large public sector contracts in BC - union based. This is relevant to the extent that announced candidate for BC Liberal leadership Kevin Falcon…. (who the press announce is being supported by former Surrey mayor and Conservative MP under PM Stephen Harper --*Dianne Watts) (ED: *ROBBINS polled Dianne Watts into that surprise mayoral win against current Surrey mayor Doug McCallum back 15 years ago- rubbing a stunned McCallum out like the Irishman - then polling him back into the mayor's chair a decade or so later),...and who is conservative (save for the (too) close ties with business lobby groups (like a union for business), and who, along with Watts, is from Surrey BC.
Who will Kevin Falcon and Dianne Watts advocate for, the RCMP, who bodacious Dianne has deeply loved in the past, or the new Surrey Police who her old nemesis and current Surrey BC mayor Doug McCallum supports, and for all intents and purposes gave birth to? (ED: anything’s possible these days eh?) Falcon needs the Independent and Populist vote to beat Horgan who, sometimes, can pretend he understands either of those voters. Will Kevin & Dianne join the union movement and BC & Federal New Democrats -RCMP TEAM (ED: With a large side of pride) + (with a hue of left wing ‘Im not left wing, I’m progressive’ -- Liberal (ED: $$ + ah ya poor ‘thing’) Bill Tieleman, or will they oppose this wasteful and poorly intended public relations campaign?
With former BC Liberal and with no bona fide conservative credentials (ED: Other than being an MLA in Gordon Campbell’s government) Brenda Locke, currently a Surrey City Councillor is reported to be entering the Surrey mayor’s race - and is doing so based on a platform of returning the RCMP to Surrey. Locke’s career before politics was in the liquor industry. My bet is the restaurants and bars want her in the mayor’s chair - and this has the capacity to create symbiosis with the RCMP and campaigns about Drinking and Driving and such with ICBC, the latter with more problems than they are admitting, but entrenched hard in BC - where most managers are found to be Indo Canadian (ED: See Surrey) (ED: On that Kevin Falcon, any sign of Andrew Wilkonson or Jas Johal goes against you hard as Campbell as Canadian High Commissioner (LOL)).
Dianne Watts needs to seriously consider making another run to get her job as mayor of Surrey. She was good at the job. Watts needs to run saying the new Surrey City Force is a concept long out of the barn, and although the RCMP was good, Surrey should move on. Then she levels her political attacks after McCallum on other issues including for additional monies from both senior levels of government to be allocated to the new Surrey Police who might be permitted to police the new Skytrain in the region. Think how smart that idea is. RCMP can’t do that. Your police reporting to you and council everywhere in the community. A real sweet communication system could then be linked between the Surrey and Langley community police forces.
In doing so, Watt easily diminishes Brenda Locke to a more believable third wheel candidate and covers off McCallum to snag some or many of his voters. Brenda Locke as proxy BC Liberal - et al (or none at all) is not sufficient to defeat McCallum running as an incumbent. Is the RCMP Petition designed solely to help Brenda Locke? Now that is politically contemptible and conspicuously self serving if that’s the case. Locke does not have a strong electoral record. The Mayor of Surrey might just be a pond too far.
As Surrey mayor - and with Surrey being the bellwether of BC politics - Dianne Watt creates a tremendous platform from which to help Kevin Falcon running for Premier of BC versus John Horgan.
Politically -- My court of public opinion must declare someone to be held responsible for this misdirected RCMP Petition, particularly when we fairly consider the Interests of the BC Public and when we consider how terribly exhausted the average British Columbian is from hearing about Covid and constant - persistent and persuasive minority rights programs promoted off the backs as Whites as Racists. Now Horgan wants pots and pans for first responders on Covid (ED: Similar to court costs). (ED: That 1974 picture in the Victoria News of the Colonist Cup 1-0 shutout win by GPR with his Reynolds High School Soccer Team - athlete of the month - robbing Brock Coupar of Mount Doug in the last minute - students wept with joy a new high school its first city championship - reveals Robbins teammates holding him up in the air like a war hero - like England’s Bobby Charleton. Who's that in the crowd standing with 3 of Glen P. Robbins top girlfriends in grade 12 that year - is it Reynolds cheerleader and current Premier John Horgan?). Point made?
The Public wants the border open without condition and as each day passes the weight is against, not for the government on this. No mewly mouth side of the mouth Gunsmoke Festus talking half measures cannot hold back this growing Public demand. British Columbians in the majority want the border opened. (15%) fewer British Columbians disagree with this.
An 81 percent single vaccination in BC with age under 12 - 9 percent of total population. So for the point of measuring Herd Immunization in BC - subtract - say 8 percent from the total 100% or 92% - we see that in fact the 81% is an underestimation of the actual total of available British Columbians (Ed: By Age). If even one half of persons under 12 years of age are vaccinated then the BC Herd Total (“BCHT”) is closer to 85% with 90% considered the high end of Herd Immunization. By anecdote alone, I believe that some to many one only vaccinations (fully or 2 vaccinations is around 62%) believe they are protected against COVID. The moral suasion (ED: threats) coming from media operating it would seem for government interests suggesting those persons not fully vaccinated might experience travel prejudices is really pissing a lot of British Columbians off. (ED: The BC NDP needs something new).
Here is Horgan’s next news conference. “BC pygmy’s and circus folk are not being treated properly, and as your Premier I’m fed up.” “I’ve already spoken about my feelings toward racism against Blacks, Asians, Aboriginals, the LGBTQ community by us bad White people” and “Now I would like all negative attacks of pygmy’s and other little people to be short lived.” The fires burning down the Okanagan are not an emergency, only Covid is an emergency, wrote a song about it, going to sing it.``
My decision, predicated in large part on the aforementioned set of facts and circumstances related to the RCMP Province Wide but Really just for Surrey Petition, and as BC and Canada’s Premier Political Judge, it is hereby my decisions to hold the BC NDP, and more specifically BC NDP Leader John Horgan as well as BC Solicitor General Mike Farnworth politically-legal responsible for the RCMP petition.
I note the period of the Referendum from August 16, 2021 - until November 15, 2021 (ED: 2 notorious birthdays) will ‘cover’ the period of the Election campaign and generally frame the period of an anticipated federal election call. The end date can reasonably be seen to be the commencement point of Municipal Elections in the province to be held in October 2022.
I would also thus declare the RCMP - Elections BC Petition more to the self interest of politicians and media than to the benefit of the Public Interest.
Our question(s) on Judges donating to the Trudeau government or the Liberal Party reveals more lack of confidence in the Independence of Judicial appointments. Obviously the public perception of donating to a person (the PM) with the power to appoint that same person to a level of judge - is that the donation was made with the hope of the benefit of the appointment, and is of sufficient mens rea value for purposes of ethical consideration to suggest that judges making these donations did knowingly contravene the Constitution of Canada and as Judges breached the Judges Act Canada as this pertains to upholding the principle of Judicial Independence. (ED: Likely upholding the benefits).
‘Having said that’... (ED: See Curb Your Enthusiasm) I contemplate the case(s) of Kari Simpson relating to defamation as this might also be related to her battle with the RCMP over that institution raising the Gay Pride flag at their federal offices in Surrey (ED: Kari Simpsons in the building - there’s going to be a gunfight). More recently Kari Simpson lost a case at BC Supreme Court (ED: In Canada, if you are not a paid professional lawyer there is not a Chinaman’s chance your will get a fair hearing in a contentious case. No chance of costs (because costs are fees paid)) (ED: From on “Chianman’s chance” the phrase refers (sic) to the fact that persons of Chinese descent in the USA had little prospect of obtaining reparations for the racial discrimination of which they were victims….
….This very subject was mentioned by The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) of Tuesday 9th January 1883: “Locate 40,000 Chinese in Boston, and it would require the whole police force of the city to give them reasonable protection.” The Globe was commenting on the lamenting of some writers in California where the abuse and assault of Chinese people was on the rise, that not Californians should be blamed, ostensibly, for the actions of a few).
-AND where the Judge in the Kari Simpson Judicial Immunity case determined that Judicial Immunity always ensures that any civil lawsuit against any Judge from being successful. This is not true. The Immunity does not translate to circumstances where Judges acted outside their professional jurisdiction.
Koenigsberg’s fraudulent conveyance would be an example of a case where Judicial Immunity was savagely breached. Chief Justice Brennar’s behaviour was no better, in fact because he was the senior judge, his conduct might be said to be worse. The Public was trusting him to do his job, and he failed miserably. (ED: You want to wear the daddy pants?). Chris Hinkson current Chief Justice of the BC Supreme Court cannot continue on after abusing his office and the courts processes for which he was ultimately responsible in - to enable the unlawful activity of Law Society of BC Compliance Officer (at the time) Michael Kleisinger in BC Supreme Court Law Society of BC v Glen P. Robbins S111171, see also Supreme Court of Canada Glen P. Robbins v Law Society of BC SCC 35302. AND like Campbell, Brennar and others ‘bleeding out’ all over their workplaces, must be taken out. He used another judge’s file, and ignored the case file completed at the Supreme Court of Canada. He isn’t a judge. He's a crook.
A Judge can indeed be sued if it can be clearly demonstrated that he or she did NOT act independently, or in good faith in pursuing their duties to the extent that it can be shown their actions which instigated any complaint, were wilful and caused property loss or personal injury (particularly). As this relates to Ms Simpson I would appeal this decision because it can demonstrate that the concept of Judicial Immunity is not as 100% airtight as the Judge suggested. The gap from however airtight the judicial immunity concept actually is in a given circumstance - even at quasi scholarly 95%, leaves, say, a 5 percent gaslight factor from that BC Supreme Court Judge.
Five percent easily surpassed the necessary de minimis civil legal standard from which Simpson can launch her massive lawsuit from. I am not a lawyer but I would also suggest a Federal lawsuit. I see a 20 percent opening from Judicial Immunity personally. Kari ought to be able to drive a truck through this. Based on Koenigsberg’s J. conduct in pursuing a course of unlawful activity which she undertook for no other purpose but to ensure she maintained her level of wealth, Kari Simpson ought to have ever met Koenigsberg J. Based on the facts of the case, I would determine that Kari Simpson receive a new hearing of her defamation case against CKNW and (now deceased) Rafe Mair.
Full disclosure, I was hired by Kari Simpson a small c conservative well over a decade ago to ‘take out’ a BC Supreme Court Chief Judge (Brennar) with my polling, which I did successfully. The Judge(s) Had it Coming ®. I guess in these new circumstances from Ita Robbins v Cambridge - Judges and other Law Society types got revenge on Glen P. Robbins, also harming his family as well. I think that calls for some Extreme Free Speech in reply to that response, don’t you?
Kari Simpson and other conservatives apparently have no right to free speech and can be defamed without obstruction while Elites in the system ignore the rules, the law, and general ethical decency as they desire. This is evident in the pass received by the BC Civil Liberties Executive Director and minority nut who said burn it all down (in reference to churches being burned over the reconstituted media promotion of the residential school mess involving aboriginal children). The Public believes this person should be fired.
It would be a treat to see a press conference with Bill Vander Zalm, Chris Delaney and other real conservatives supporting Kari Simpson for mayor of Surrey. The woman is smart, a real redheaded wolverine type for a fight. No fight Kari Simpson of Culture Guard is in - is bloodless.
I would like to see the next election for mayor in Surrey to become a real political bloodbath - a gory mess - starting immediately.
At least one in two British Columbians see the Pay to Play a Judge donation - appointment by Trudeau, as sufficiently scandalous as to demand these many judgeships to be rescinded.
Simply incredible that an entire democracy can be run as gaslighters pretending they follow the rules or the laws. I think government workers - lawyers both have to have a good shot of gaslighting in their DNA. Professionally they are always confronted with lying, or manipulating, or generally gaslighting - or alternatively omitting information etc. (ED: Like a devil seed (LOL))
The fact that a Federal Conflict Commissioner did not see a problem with the greasy lawyer(s) who wants to buy a judgeship - donations to Trudeau, and the fact that the mainstream press thought his opinion was on point and relevant in a matter involving Constitutional Independence, (ED: Particularly with my family legal case Robbins v Cambridge - BC Gov. Fed Gov revealing easy manipulation and fraud on the courts, and deprivation of Judicial Independence - reluctance to file Judicial orders made), and where the near One Billion $$ lawsuit of BC Trial Lawyers against BC Government also involves primarily the issue of Judicial Independence, puts the Constitution in serious crisis over the legitimacy of the so called Independent Judge.
It's become a not so funny joke.
When Kari Simpson hired me to conduct a poll on judges well over a decade ago, it was because then Chief Justice Brennan had clearly misused his office to permit another BC Judge (Koenigsberg) to evade her legal obligations involving her family home owned jointly with her husband. Koenigsberg’s husband had lost a civil suit in California related to racism. The plaintiff in that case hired a BC lawyer to make a claim against the equity interest the BC Judge’s husband had in their property. However, Koenigsberg had taken her husband off title of their multi million dollar home to evade the California judgment, well over $200,000 in Year 2000 money, knowing her actions constituted a fraudulent conveyance. This would be over $300,000 Canadian dollars today. A blatant fraud performed by a so called Independent Judge - and nobody cared, in fact the Chief Justice cared so little he let Koenigsberg and her Nazi husband completely off the hook. I became aware of it and took necessary steps to fulfill Kari Simpson’s contract for hire. Both BC Supreme Court Judges were bad apples.
When the lawyer representing the California plaintiff and judgment, (ED: legally collectible in BC from cross jurisdictional cooperation), applied to the BC Supreme Court for an order declaring that the removal of the husband of Koengisberg from title to escape the enforcement and payment from the State of California order was a fraudulent conveyance. It clearly was. That a federally appointed Independent Judge would even consider such unlawful action in light of her public position is hard to believe. (ED: To say that justice in BC generally is not world class - is an understatement).
At this point, I would as I sometimes do ask the Reader to consider further reading while listening to the Rock song, “How Many More Times” by Led Zeppelin - imagining for fun, former US President Donald J. Trump as Robert Plant (Vocals), PowerWriter Pollster Glen P. Robbins as Jimmy Page (Lead Guitar), Florida Governor Ron DiSantis as John Paul Jones (Bass), and new Conservative Talk Show Host Dan Bongino as the late (great) John Bonham (Drums) and ask ‘how many more times’ are we going to be made to feel bad for the deaths of aboriginal children at residential schools, ‘how many more times’ are we going to be charged with being responsible for slavery or any other misdeed occurring and or imagined by Blacks, ‘how many more times’ are we going to abused shamed and humiliated because we are somehow responsible for anything negative that ever happened to any Jewish person including indigestion is our (White) fault:
“How many more times, treat me the way you wanna do.”
Well, they call me the hunter, that’s my name. Call me the hunter, that’s how I got my fame. Ain’t no need to hide ain't no need to run. Cause I’ve got you in the sights of my gun.” (ED: gun being a metaphor (LOL)).
Former BC Supreme Court Chief Justice Brennar presided over the case of the BC Justice and the Fraudulent Conveyance. Any lawyer would tell you the facts of the case made it open and shut for the California plaintiff to collect. What the Judge did was not only wrong, I believe he ought to have forced her (ED: Koenigsberg) to be removed as a Judge and disbarred from being a lawyer for the fraudulent conveyance and protection of her California ‘Nazi” husband. (ED: for the record PowerWriter GPR’s 2nd vaccination provided in Salmon Arm by a woman from Caribbean (Black)).
Chief Justice Brennar didn’t think so. He dismissed the application to have title reinstated, and the California order for civil damages instituted. Obviously, Chief Justice Brennar used his position as head of administration of the BC Supreme courts, to put himself in the position to help another Judge evade the repercussions of a California Judgment against her husband which directly beneficially impacted on her own home and wealth. The Chief Justice was showing contempt for the California order, giving it no weight or value. (ED: A decade later the California Supreme Court extinguished an order from Canada’s Supreme Court - Google v Equustek (S.C.C. 36602) to the benefit of Google. In so doing, former Chief Justice Brennar turned the legal concept of Judicial Comity into Judicial Comedy (tragedy)).
Worse yet, the Chief Justice was showing Contempt for British Columbia’s and Canada’s laws. (ED: Play Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd). When Simpson hired my polling firm to ‘take out’ the Chief Justice (ED: metaphor sounds like a mafia hit but involves no violence), I was glad to do it. Neither Judge should have stayed employed in these circumstances. Koenigsberg did take reduced duties not long after my polling company took action. Brennar also retired not long after our poll was published, He died a year later.
On this subject of Judicial Independence I note the matter of Ita Robbins versus Cambridge Mortgage, BC Government et al, where this writer is in a terrific street brawl, landing all of the blows - and literally has the State and Sub State actors in BC and Canada by the throat, an unprecedented win for self represented pro se lawyers, and with specific regard to the Order of Stay of Execution (H130330) made April 7, 2014 and custody of hearing dates ordered to Ita Robbins, I offer this from lawyer Neil Wilson of Stevenson Whelton MacDonald and Swan LLP on Civil Contempt and Enforcement of Judgments:
“Contempt of court has been referred to as the “big stick of civil litigation”. It is an exceptional remedy to be deployed where all else has failed.” “While civil contempt is easy to understand in theory (afterall, it is simply the act of disobeying a court order), in practice this remedy has a number of special factors unique in the practice of civil litigation, including proof beyond a reasonable doubt and a bifurcated penalty hearing.”
My wife and I have proven beyond any doubt serial contempt from a number of corporations including BMO Bank, at least three members of the Law Society of BC, and (at minimum) another two judges for committing fraudulent filings at the court and placing themselves and the court in contempt including lying to a judge, and producing and filing an Order to an application which never actually occurred (ED: production of a false order with intention to defraud), contempt of that Judge, (Fenlon) in ignoring the Reasons for Judgement and purposefully misinterpreting an order ultra vires to the circumstance before her (preliminary right of audience), and to that Judge contempt of her own orders for signing the fraudulent ‘substantive’ order after application after already making order on the same subject (right of audience) as preliminary (unsubstantive) order, and for that judges contempt (Fenlon) of an order of another judge (Kloegman) stay of execution order caused when she knowingly produced a second vacant possession to replace the fraudulent order obtained by law society members during the order of stay of execution, and to law society members and officers who conspired with a chief justice (Hinkson) in contempt of an already made by one BC Supreme Court Judge, and five BC court of appeal Judges, in addition to three Supreme Court of Canada judges - to change or alter the decision of the judge who made the original decision.
The conspired court frauds, glaring tragic contempt of each other's orders is something to which the RCMP is now inextricably connected and responsible. The core element of contempt is that the people guilty of contempt quickly come to remedy. This shows up in similar judgments from decisions involving the Criminal Code of Canada, for this reason contempt of court allegations must rise to a standard beyond a reasonable doubt, because there are criminal allegations.
My public relations team will scour the Pickton murders which involved both the Vancouver and Coquitlam police forces. What a mess that was, eh? Guess who lives right by the murder site, Solcitor General Mike Farnworth. (ED: good for Michael).
Banks, lenders, RCMP, lawyers, judges and others purposefully caused breach of privacy, it's not nice.
I might add to Minister Farnworth from BC Small Claims Port Coquitlam Case File 11342 dated September 2010. In this case the Department of Justice Canada filed a claim for debt. An order had been provided on this exact undefended debt allegation in the late 1980’s two full decades earlier. This order was obtained on an ex parte application to the BC Supreme Court. Following that original order 10 years (2000) with no Enforcement orders sought by the Department of Justice following the first order, another lawsuit was filed on the exact same subject to the BC Supreme Court 001279 (ED: ironically our fast and loose Judge Koenigsberg). Once again this order was obtained by the Department of Justice ex parte from, now, a second BC Supreme Court Judge. Incredible - but it gets much worse yet. (ED: Lametti - we got issues buddy).
Nearly 10 years following this 2000 order of the same subject matter as the 1988 order, and no attempt at Enforcement by the DOJ and/or Canada Attorney General, the Department of Justice filed for the collection of the compiled ‘debt’ from the two previous BC Supreme Court orders, at the provincial court small claims court which has no jurisdiction to supersede the authority of the BC Supreme Court (or BC Appeals Court).
Keep in mind this claim for debt was filed in the Small Claims Provincial Court where the judges are not constitutionally appointed, but are provincial employees, unlike the BC Supreme Court where the judges are constitutionally independent (or presumed to be so). It is not legally possible to claim a debt from a provincial small claims court as part of the Enforcement of orders from the higher, BC Supreme Court. BC Supreme Court Rules provide for Court Order Enforcement of orders of that Court. Once that 10 year Enforcement period has extinguished then the judgment has expired and the debt becomes uncollectible.
Only on one occasion have I witnessed case precedent where a second Superior Court order relating to the same debt (“ABC”) as occurred in a previous order for (“ABC”), following the extinguishment of the 10 year Enforcement period of the first order.
Justice Canada hired a BC law firm to file the fraudulent claim for the collective debt from the two BC Supreme Court orders from the Port Coquitlam small claims court.
As ‘counsel’ for the defendant I applied to have the debt claim dismissed on the obvious basis that the Provincial Court cannot be used to collect on orders from the BC Superior Court, and for other orders. Enter Marion Buller Bennett Provincial Court Judge and Aboriginal Court Judge of BC. At the hearing Bennett dismissed the application and also made an order that the two previous BC Supreme (higher) court orders must not be included for evidence at small claims trial. That is a criminal offence, using her office to pervert the court of justice. She was not a constitutionally protected judge when she pulled this stunt, and I don't believe that status of a BC Public Servant - and BC Employee made Judge enjoys Judicial Immunity quite like a Superior Court - Constitutionally appointed one might do.
Truly breathtaking fraud from an apparently aboriginal judge who has publicly declared a soft spot for aboriginal men. (ED: Is there a name for this spot?) This is a vexatious proceeding if there ever was one. And guess what? Who does then AG Jody Wilson Raybould appoint to the federal inquiry on Murdered and Missing Women - none other than Marion Buller Bennett.
For posterity a Supreme Court of Canada direct appeal was made and returned to me on the basis that the SCC did not have jurisdiction to hear an appeal from a small claims court. Think about this - these lawyers - judges (whatever) would have you believe a 1988 BC Supreme Court order on Subject debt “ABC” and no effort at Enforcement of “ABC” for 10 years should be then followed by another 2000 court order with no Enforcement of “ABC” for nearly 10 years - which should then be followed by another court order from a lower small court collecting “ABC”, which aborted aboriginal (“AA”) decision was expected to go to Judicial Review at the BC Supreme Court - which would have constituted that Court as a Court of Appeal of - dealing with an order first made on that subject matter “ABC” while Ronald Reagan was just finishing a second term in Office (ED: LOFL).
My team of writers just eviscerated Marion Bennett on Social Media. The crooked BC Employee and Indian Judge stunk the house out. She has no talent and I have proven she is also a crook. ‘Plastic token authority’ (“Pta”) in my opinion, speaking freely, enjoying some efforts of cruelty and lawful bullying. Did Buller Bennett have it coming? Sure she did. Metaphorically not literally it was like an open hand slap from GPR’s 6 ft 2 “ 230 lb frame.
The Inquiry was embarrassing to watch and it was very unprofessional. I personally saw the chief aborignal judge as a type of lying monster. I wondered to myself - was it possible - was she pissed drunk on the bench in small claims that day? Or was she just so easily purchased for a few beads and shells (ED: De minimis wampum). So Buller Bennett and that case are now Mike Farnworth’s/David Lametti and the Law Society of BC’s problem. Bullshitter Bennett - Canada’s Pocohontas was a provincially appointed judge, making her a lawyer and subject to disbarment. She was and remains in clear (criminal) contempt of the two BC Supreme Court orders. (ED: To RCMP - would really like to see this one in handcuffs).
From United Nurses of Alberta v Alberta Attorney General: “Both civil and criminal contempt of court rest on the powers of the court to uphold its dignity and process.” “The rule of law is at the heart of our society; without it there would be neither peace, nor order, nor good government. The rule of law is directly dependent on the ability of the courts to enforce their process and maintain their dignity and respect” (ED: Wow when we look at Ita Robbins v Cambridge we see this language as some premium quality gaslighting (LOL)).
For me, I would want to know which donating judges were earning less per year than what Judges are paid to senior provincial courts (around $300,000 - with benefits, pension and such $400,000) and which donating judges were earning more than that. A lawyer earning less per year than a Judge who wants to be Judge is a little suspect unless they have a significant history of doing pro bono work or prosecutorial work.
The mainstream press appears desperate to make some type of news - based upon funds provided to them by essentially lobby groups. One such group -Black Lives Matter- or in Canada All Black Lives Matter (ED: the most disturbing PR stunt I have witnessed later morphing into various neo Holocaust PR stunts) proven more recently to be a pre funded, pre planned and aggressive political campaign, which I conclude was/is an inauthentic public relations scourge on the Public Interest (ED: to which my organization takes an adverse interest) put lots of money into the mainstream news (ED: who is certain to be sued for its part in intentional defamations) was one such example.
Mainstream press ducking any responsibility for the Coronvirus coming from China (ED: On CKNW owned by Global News (ED: forming part of what I refer to as Kikle News Agency - where reasoning is always circular (LOL). ‘JV’ a former sportscaster (who make the worst political journalists and reporters) with a Chinese guest on her show opined that people accusing the Chinese of malfeasance on Coronavirus should get educated that the virus came from Europe {ED: where is Forest Gump when I need him?}) is yet another.
Another mainstream article on the subject of my former client Kari Simpson, arguing gay and transgender information did not belong in school education of young people - referred to (by inference of the headline) her comments to be Oedious, but could not find the judge using that word specifically in the story reporting on what the Judge did say.
To that I remind the gaslighter legislators - Free Expression as defined by the Supreme Court of Canada includes the essential elements of a person’s desire in pursuit of the truth, and self actualization. Both of those elements are proprietorial to the writer - speaker. Free speech also provides for a response to the original speech, which by inference of the former entitlements would presume the response to include a person's desire to pursue the truth and self actualization.
Kari Simpson has no choice now but to go after BC’s Solicitor General Mike Farnworth, on the basis that the RCMP are raising the Pride Flag to the disconsternation of she and her supporters, to pander to Farnworth who is BC’s first openly gay top cop - with the hope of virtue signalling to him, to let him know that gay lesbian and other rights involving sexual orientation - are welcome with them and to continue to pay monies to their administration from civil forfeiture intended for real victims -- which monies which ought to be going to others - can focus instead on hiring on gay persons. Many of Mike’s friends and supporters. Kari needs to entertain this hypothesis often and early.
After this aggressive free speech assault on Farnworth, and tasting blood, Kari Simpson can then take the provincial issue of gay and lesbian books being introduced in BC’s public school children’s teaching cirriculum, something the public actually is not in favour of, but is generally treated by the mainstream press and other progressives as a done deal. (ED: oh that gaslighting).
Why would a national police force place a Pride parade on their flag poll. It isn’t necessary, the flag of the province and the Canadian Maple Leaf is all the Force should be flying. I don’t mind a corporation like Starbuck’s putting out the pride flags - now a full month instead of one day - the flag is colourful and bright. Not the police force. When the public sees spectacles like this many of them ask the question does this mean that gay and lesbian people will be treated differently by the police, possibly better than other people? Some, might believe the RCMP only protects gay people. A police force for gays specifically, one for Blacks, and one (the largest) for Jewish persons. It’s as simple as a pimple.
This, in light of the RCMP trying to make a comeback in Surrey policing, and the fact that the Solicitior General and provincial government have authority in the matter, and the further fact that he, the Solicitor General of BC is gay and supported heavily in that community - makes this a potential blood bath if Simpson takes her obvious opportunity. It's salacious. Its very physical. Here, I believe, it's just my state sanctioned right to lawful free speech, an example of the most egregious gaslighting modern society has ever experienced. It’s difficult to criticize, but not a person has a reasoned mind and arm’s him or herself with the facts.
An example of that pursuit would be my extensive research on the subject of the genocide of Jewish persons during World War 2 and more particularly the War in Europe commonly known to most baby boomers as the Holocaust. Many versions of this genocide involve Hitler’s Nazi Party in government in Germany intentionally murdering 6 million Jewish persons or two thirds of all Jewish persons in Europe - first taking every one of these Jewish persons from their homes to concentration camps where his people then took these Jewish persons and placed them en mass into gas chambers (alive) to murder them.
My pursuit of the truth on the subject of the Holocaust informs me that Hitler at no time directed live Jewish persons to be gassed in concentration camps. Most of those Jewish persons murdered in concentration camps died from disease like typhoid or starvation like other persons non Jewish. Many Prisoners of War who died in concentration camps were also incinerated as many family members deceased have been. That Hitler’s Nazi Party uprooted these Jewish persons because they were Jewish and placed them in concentration camps where they ultimately died, makes him responsible for their murder and the declaration of genocide a fair one nonetheless. (ED: When you lose the war you don’t get to dictate the narrative).
Do I believe Adolf Hitler was directly responsible for the deaths of six million Jews in Europe? No I do not.
Without going into too much detail (again) my conclusion was drawn after reviewing where it was that Jewish persons were located in Europe. It turns out that most Jewish persons were found in Poland, the Ukraine, and Moscow. 1.5 million Jewish persons in the region were soldiers. Hitler didn’t make Moscow, and would have literally needed to kill most if not all Jewish persons in Poland and the Ukraine to hit the 6 million number. Germany had few Jewish persons, not even 2 percent. The population of Jewish persons in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and western countries was also not high relative to the 10-20% of population in Poland, Ukraine and Moscow as Jewish. Although the murder of Jews was horrifically high in the Netherlands, maybe 70%, the number of Jewish persons living in that country was but a small fraction was as in Poland, Ukraine and Russia.
Now consider the perception of Jewish persons at that time in history in Europe. The financiers and leaders among the Revolution were Jewish persons. The Czar of Russia and his family - daughters - were murdered. Everyone west of Moscow was terrified. Estonians and Lithuananains fearing the Revolutionary’s spread, began daily mass killing of Jewish persons in their countries completely unrelated to Hitler. Documented footage revealed a steady line up of Jewish persons in those countries being lined up before a ditch and summarily shot. This went on all day, but even still the numbers of Jewish persons killed, tragic as it is, amounted to tens of thousands (ED: When many would say one is too many).
Other tyrants in Romania and Hungary were also responsible for murdering hundreds of thousands of Jewish persons.
I have seen documented footage of material from the US archives stating 1.2 million Jewish persons were murdered in Europe during World War 2. The Red Cross produced early material of 250,000 Jewish persons murdered, both numbers much lower than the 6 million commonly represented over the past 75 years. On the matter of Adolf Hitler, I would make him responsible for the deaths of around 2 million Jewish persons, a massive number, but only a third of the 6 million promoted, or about 40 percent of the number more commonly employed by Jewish historians at 5.2 Million.
My pursuit of truth would suggest Hitler was responsible for 20 percent and not 60 percent of all Jewish persons. Staggering numbers as a percentage no matter, but for context not as high as ethnic Poles who lost a third or more of their total ,making Ethnic Poles more at risk than Jewish persons for being wiped out in Europe - on the basis of ethnicity alone--Holocaust.
End Vol 1 BC Day Poll (Vol 1) "A History of Gaslighting//

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