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June 27, 2021 Trump versus Biden - Glen P. Robbins sets the rematch for 2024.
LA Woman - The Doors  Jun 27, 2021

Question #1
If an Election were held today, which of the following two candidates would you support? (Decided)
Donald Trump, Republican    51 %
Joe Biden, Democrat    45 %
Based on these numbers gathered over the past 3 weeks, and to former President Trump’s campaign-like Ohio rally and speech on June 26, 2021, there is no doubt he will seek a 2nd term for 2024.
Support for Joe Biden is sliding, he has done this to himself. He appears frail, unclear and seldom in control. His Vice President Kamala Harris is simply not up to the job. The left mainstream press and cable is having such a difficult time propping them up, they have reverted to making their own journalists or talking heads the story, simply to distract from the ugly spectacle.
During the 2020 US Election, the outcome in many States still simmering with ‘dubiosity’ and doubt, a full court press had been put against a Trump 2nd term. We barely saw Joe Biden.
Hysterical screams of distress that Trump would not leave the White House. Exaggerated claims by a clearly incompetent and corrupt general media that Trump was responsible for ‘difficulties’ in Washington DC, and a failure to properly address the mess and destruction made by rioters and looters enabled by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, made America not great again, but awful.
In keeping with that standard, Joe Biden has continued thumping Trump even though the latter left the White House peaceably, kept his own counsel, said little, and what resulted was amazing.
With Trump's great presence and power gone, a vacuum was created in the American presidential power system that Biden and Harris could not fill. Based on this poll it is clear that Donald Trump easily fills the vacuum and then some. Millions of Biden voters now regret their decision and are switching to Trump. This idea of power, presence and charisma - and the ability for one person like Donald Trump to immediately fill that capacity is something real political scientists journalists should consider.
Our favourite anecdote from a switcher from Biden to Trump in this poll is ‘Biden doesn’t do anything but talk about Trump, we should have just kept Trump.’ One Asian respondent who voted for Biden in 2020 thought that ‘Biden would do better with Inner City crime, it's worse now.’ Another Biden voter from 2020 switching to Trump now said ‘Trump will be necessary for the economy for certain by 2024’.
A National Poll by ROBBINS SCE RESEARCH (1998) of 4,800 voters who voted in the 2020 U.S. Election conducted over 20 top population States, pari passu to population.
A Poll like this for Commercial purposes would cost out at $125 (US) per respondents. 10 professional callers over the telephone and other over a period of 20 days, based on $250 US per 6 hour day including anecdote bonusing where appropriate would pay out caller cost at an estimated $50,000 U.S. $$.
Margin of Error established at 1.414% with confidence level at 95%.
Glen P. Robbins/30/ 778-951-4927

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