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Trump/DiSantis v Biden/Harris 2024, Mothers Day (Nat. holiday), Life on Mars, Election law State v Biden, Chinavirus and Boycott Beijing Olympics 2022 Bei
Against the Wind - Bob Seger  Jun 07, 2021

Question #1
2020 US Election (selected States) - Baseline
Biden/Harris 2020    51 %
Trump/Pence 2020    47 %
Question #2
Results this May/June Poll, Decided respondents up to 98%:
Biden/Harris    48.3 %
Trump/DiSantis    49.7 %
Question #3
Would you support a new National holiday - for Mother’s Day?
Yes    51 %
No    36 %
Question #4
Some scientists are suggesting that the Red Planet Mars seeded life on Earth many years ago. Do you believe this possibility?
Yes    34 %
No    40 %
Question #5
Who should make the laws with regard to how people vote in the State where you live, when it comes to presidential elections?
Your State Legislature    61 %
The Biden Administration    30 %
Question #6
Do you believe the Chinese government is responsible for the making of the Coronavirus and also responsible for the illness of tens of millions and death of hundreds of thousands of American people?
Yes    80 %
No    12 %
Question #7
The Beijing Games are set to open on February 4, 2022. Would you support a boycott of China’s Olympic Games pending China admitting it caused the virus and paying Americans restitution? (Respondents who answered “Yes” to China being responsible for Coronavirus).
Yes    73 %
No    14 %
Question #8
Who do you support in the Israel Palestinian conflict in the Middle East?
Israel    39 %
Palestinians    34 %
Neither of these two    15 %
Indifferent to Question/all other inc Undecided    12 %
Trump/DiSantis (ED: No my little chickadees not a rock band) finds outstanding support levels in Ohio @ (56.42%), Florida (ED: Where both Trump and DiSantis live - not permitted one will have to move, watch for DiSantis to visit New York State where nearly one in ten voters is Italian like his mother is) @ (62.34%), Texas @ (55.15%) and North Carolina @ (50.48%).
Trump/DiSantis lowest support occurs in Illinois @ (34.91%), New York (40.17%), and California (38.45%).
Biden/Harris’ highest support is obtained in California @ (55.12%), with New York @ (54.76%) and Illinois @ (44.28%). Biden’s lowest support occurs in Florida (36.12%), Texas (39.11%) and Ohio (38.06%).
This highest Undecided occurs in Illinois @ (19.81%), followed by Georgia (10.91%), and Pennsylvania @ (10.01%). Nearly 7 in 10 Undecided respondents voted for Biden in 2020.
Highest support for Mother’s Day as a National holiday Hispanic/Latino men @ (61%), followed by Hispanic/Latino women @ (57%), then White men @ (56%). Lowest support for National Mother’s Day holiday comes from African American women @ (36%), Asian men @ (47%), then Asian women @ (48%).
Highest Mars seeded Earth “Yes” Asian female (52%), then Asian male (46%) followed by Hispanic/Latino female (41%). Highest “No” (rejecting this possibility) from African American female (61%), followed by White male and Hispanic/Latino female (45%).
Lowest “Yes” is African American male (17%), African American female (19%) and White male (24%). Lowest “No” to the “possibility” Asian female (29%), Asian male (30%), and African American male (32%).
Highest support for “Your State Legislature” White male (62%), followed by Asian male (61%) then African American female (60%). Highest support for “The Biden Administration” Hispanic/Latino male (42%), Hispanic/Latino female (37%) then White female (34%).
Highest China responsible “Yes” African American female (92%), followed by African American male (90%), then Hispanic/Latino female (87%). The lowest “Yes” are Asian women (56%), Asian male (61%), followed by White female (80%). The highest “No” is Asian women (29%), followed by Asian men (27%) and then White women (15%).
Highest “Yes” Boycott African American male (82%), White male (81%) then White female and Black female (76%).
Biden/Harris are in trouble already. Many millions who voted for him in these high population States are now Undecided. The isn’t Undecided versus Trump/Pence - there is a New Kid in Town (Eagles) his name is Ron DiSantis, he is the popular Governor of Florida. Not only are Biden/Harris’s Undecided 3 times higher than Trump/Pence’s to Trump/DiSantis, Trump/DiSantis scrape away 1,600,000 votes from 2020 Biden/Harris beyond those votes now in play early in the Biden/Harris Administration, one which is clearly not capturing the imagination of Americans from these larges States including: California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina.
The Constitution does not permit both the President and Vice President to come from the same State. This means that if former President Donald Trump ran declaring Florida his home as he most certainly will and Ron DiSantis also made the same declaration, the Electors in Florida would not be able to cast their vote for the Trump/DiSantis ticket.
Articles in the mainstream news have dismissed the Trump/DiSantis ticket as politically not viable given that Florida is obviously a big State for both leaders and such an outcome would represented a foolish loss of Electors. I don’t see it as a problem. Historians would say that when Dick Cheney, US Vice President under George W. Bush left Texas and made his other home in Wyoming his declared home for purposes for constitutionality of their Texas Electors that was a more natural change of address than DiSantis would have to make. I don’t agree and instead see the big public relations win for DiSantis in busting a Big Apple move.
It bears repeating that DiSantis is Italian. Having him declare New York State his home for purposes for running as Trump’s Vice President would be easily excused in the circumstances. I would add to the DiSantis live from New York States scenario would fit masterfully with Representative Lee Zeldin, a Jew running for Governor of the State of New York, and Elise Stefanik, congresswoman from New York, also a Jew, expected to become Speaker of the House following the 2022 Mid Term Elections. The Catholic DiSantis as Vice President would create an interesting dynamic where both the Italian vote in New York (Florida) as well as the high Jewish vote might be flipped to the GOP.
In this political Triangle, the interests of the over influence from the Jewish population is mitigated against as they are satisfied through the Governor (New York) and through the Legislature (U.S.), but not in the two positions higher than Speaker. It would also not be a concern in light of these realities for the Trump/DiSantis government to ensure that fewer Jews were in a Trump/DiSantis Cabinet and more grew out from the Congress as Republicans.
I might add anecdotally that many people perceive the DiSantis surname as ethnically minority and not White as Italians are considered to be by many data collectors.
Margin of Error calculations for all purposes DECLARED at 1.962% using a population size of 74,000,000 and also DECLARING 98 percent confidence in this poll.
Glen P. Robbins

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