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April 29, 2021 State of Georgia (In) My Mind. Major League Baseball, Coca Cola and the right to vote
Cobb County, Georgia Sce Target  Apr 29, 2021

Question #1
Baseline; Cobb County, Georgia 2020 U.S. Presidential
Joe Biden    54 %
Donald Trump    43 %
Question #2
From the following two (2) response choices offered, which institution offered do you perceive to have more authority and credibility?
The Office of the Governor of Georgia    64 %
Major League Baseball + Players Association    12 %
Question #3
How important is it to you that the number of Judges on the U.S. Supreme Court be increased by 4 from 9 to 13 as the Joe Biden Democrats are proposing?
Very Important    10 %
Important    31 %
Not Very Important or Important    53 %
Question #4
Would you support a Tax on harmful Sugar products in soft drinks and food, noting that for purposes of this question that African Americans, Latinos, Asian & Aboriginal Americans are more likely to be prone to diabetes linked to sugar and associated with Coronavirus and seriously detrimental health outcomes?
Yes    49 %
No    34 %
Question #5
How would you personally assess President Biden and Vice President Harris’s efforts protecting the United States Southern Border (“USSB”)?
Good    24 %
Not so Good    65 %
Question #6
In the U.S. today, one particular ethnic group constituting only 2 percent of the U.S. population, 1 percent in the State of Georgia occupies ownership and control of upwards of 80% of major media including major cable, the Washington Post, New York Times, FaceBook, Google Search Engine (to name but a few). These Social Media Giants also possess special legal immunity granted by former President Bill Clinton which grants them Immunity from lawsuits. Is this a suitable position for American Media to be in?
Yes    5 %
No    72 %
Question #7
Our firm ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) estimates that the recent decision by Major League Baseball to move the Summer Classic All Star Game from your area and the State of Georgia to the State of Colorado will produce lost revenue of upwards of US $55 Million, exclusive of Goodwill. This All Star Game was moved because of a recent decision by the State of Georgia to tighten up and secure voting rules and regulations. Are you pleased that the All Star Game was taken away from Georgia and given to Colorado because the ‘Governor’ strengthened election laws in the State?
Yes    18 %
No    65 %
Question #8
In his response to Major League Baseball moving the MLB All Star Game from Georgia to Colorado because of Georgia’s new stricter election laws, former U.S. President Trump suggested that Major League Baseball was thus interfering in Fair and Free Elections. Is this a fair comment in response by President Trump?
Yes    65 %
No    21 %
Question #9
In your opinion should professional sports have the influence on American political life that it clearly has today?
Yes    17 %
No    58 %
Question #10
Currently, former U.S. President Donald J. Trump is considering a comeback for President of the United States in 2024. Would you support such a comeback based on the performance of Joe Biden as U.S. President to date?
Yes    51 %
No    41 %
Question #11
Do you support the defunding of your police department, and the use of those funds to hire more social workers?
Yes    15 %
No    78 %
Indifferent to Question/Undecided/Other    6 %
President Trump: (A Message from the Alt Right (I believe). The Alt Right voice - as I interpret it, at least the mainstream accessible version of it). This ‘Alt Right’ conveyance of commentary predicated on the mainstream polling questions outcomes represented is necessary to respond to the Alt left in the United States which currently rules Biden’s White House. For balance.
It is also of paramount importance and I will repeat, the Alt left and the Alt Right both do not support Israel (or necessarily anyone or ‘thing’ in the Middle East), and are concerned about Jewish domination of means of production from commerce to media. The difference between the two is that the Alt Left appear to promote big government which would by their lower earnings - likely benefit them. The Alt Right ultimately, at least in theory leans closer to no government, and in the United States this is often linked to the right to own a gun. In Europe it can have more Utopian views of man liberated without need of government (a small very benign government).
This European type Alt right model -- has a nearly 100% White constituent. The Alt left can often be sympathetic to Palestinian interests. Fewer Alt Right supporters would have similar sympathies.
Both persons on the Alt Right & Alt left see John F. Kennedy as a Messiah. Its a little far fetched on its face - but believe me - something exists here, “what it is ain’t exactly clear” (Buffalo Springfield). Biden cannot ‘do’ John F. Kennedy - no way (lacks charisma). Do you know anyone who can? (LOL). (Media is nearly unwatchable without you).
US White Taxpayers on average are already clearly subsidizing visible minorities, save for Asian persons, (and less so for Hispanics better earnings per dwelling than Blacks). By some accounts 1/10 legal American citizens are mixed between White and Hispanic. These two races love each other, far far more than any other Race. Keep in mind Major League Baseball is a White man’s sport initially with over 90% Whites playing the great American sport for decades, that number reduced to two thirds (ED: a microcosm of US political life). One third of Major League players are in fact Hispanic (but Black looking). Only 7% of players in the league are Black. Football & Basketball are sports with a higher Black constituency both on the field/court and watching. MLB feared George Floyd riots plain and simple.
Many talking heads say they don’t wish politics to be about race. Those same talking heads work for news organizations or Cable that promote race issues constantly, overwhelmingly to the favour (sympathy) of Black Americans where the story line is almost exclusively about ills against Blacks (promulgated as standard behaviour across the land), or perceived ills against Blacks. The Blacks are picking up the news cues from the owners of media in the US currently, Jewish persons - and utilizing victimization (a tactic employed ad nauseum by their sponsors) as cover from a proper investigation of other political and legal realities.
The reality in the United States is that on average: (1) Black Americans are at the bottom rung of economic producers/earners; (2) the highest, or among the highest subsidized race; (3) the unhealthiest, or among the unhealthiest races in the US; (4) the least intelligent, or among the least intelligent races in the US, and (4) without ANY doubt, the most violent race in America.
Coca Cola serves its Black sweet unhealthy soda pop to mostly visible minorities who love the product far more than Whites, with less than one in four Whites using the product and nearly one in two minorities enjoying it, particularly in Asia a huge market for Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and Dr. Pepper. Pepsi Cola has been losing market share to Coca Cola and Dr. Pepper. I would recommend you go forward with YOUR national ban on Coca Cola based on its actions in the Major League Baseball controversy clearly linked to the State of Georgia’s desire to move to a system of legitimate voting and away from a devaluation of the voter franchise owing to what I perceive to be fraud and irregularities in voting, 'subporned' by Coronavirus from China.
“Coca Cola has become UnAmerican”. What was Coca Cola’s motivation really? Was it because as Coke asserts - of the Georgia State changes to voting requirements, such as having to show ID. More Visible Minorities, particularly African Americans do not possess the requisite ID to vote that most US States demand. The U.S. Supreme Court goat talked this previously, isn’t now the time for a federal standard of minimums for any State insofar as Presidential ballots are concerned? America is defined by the emotions of its Black citizens.
That will take the country backwards to the delight of America’s enemies. China may now be the biggest reader of ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) polls of late.
Major League Baseball is constituted by 60% White players, over 30% Hispanics and only 7% Blacks. Its decision to move from the new facility at Cobb County to Colorado, where 90% of the population is White, on the basis of Georgia’s newer more legitimate voting laws is politically diabolical and as Governor Kemp of Georgia says - it is intended to hurt business in Georgia (ED: In Cobb Country, Georgia, that’s predominantly White small business).
Major League Baseball blew up Cobb County afraid that the wrong outcome in the George Floyd murder case would provoke riots in Cobb County, but in 90% White Colorado.
As the evidence underneath showcases, most small businesses in Cobb County are likely owned by Whites, many who will lose valuable dollars because of the unnecessary actions of Major League Baseball. I don’t hear anyone complaining about Georgia including Cobb County subsidizing Hollywood productions in the State, in my estimation requiring a subsidy of upwards of 30 cents on the dollar to these projects.
Georgia ought to consider a tax on sugar products like Coca Cola for health reasons particularly where that issue is connected to Coronavirus. I would also think the Governor would do well to seek any opportunity to suspend the tax credits to (essentially Sony (Japan) and Disney (California) during the Coronavirus period - or better, altogether. This subsidy de facto is a subsidy to Democrat success in the State. (ED: Texas may want to investigate who is selling their property in California and moving there).
From “The typical home in Texas is $231,384. From Environ: “California’s median home price in September reached $712,430”.
Clearly Georgians, (like most Americans) are sick of professional sports sticking its collective nose in America’s political life. As for Cobb County Georgia, the strategic environment for this ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) poll, (and representative of Georgian suburbs), I question some of the voting outcomes beyond those which you have challenged in that State already, (and which will become the subject of much discussion in the coming months).
I would suggest an investment in R & D polling of your own people (that you control) in Cobb County proper. 15 people including administrative. I would also devote a website under your name for Trump/Cobb County wherein you poll all issues and publish them to your website. What occurs with this move is that you draw attention to your efforts in Cobb County and away from the dubious national polling designed to be against you - no matter, for suppression etc.
This ‘nominal investment’ will provide you with tremendous feedback (in the early years of my polling I (personally) telephoned 25,000 respondents over 3 years). The point here is that when you hear anecdotes on questions (which can legally be done by suggesting calls are recorded for training purposes), you will have your ears opened to what people really say or really think. America will sound an awful lot different to you than the manipulative news Washington and New York presents.
Each time the big media players make one manipulated representation or another. ‘Mr. Trump what would you say to the new BS Pollsters suggestion that everyone in America hates you?’ Response: (no longer fake news or fake polls only) - but -- ‘that’s clearly garbage Newz Suzie - Jacuzzi -- our Cobb County Georgia bellwether says I am beloved--please quit conning Americans to assist the Democrat communists if you wouldn’t mind (dear) {to counter news/gender emotional condescension coming at you lol}. Care to Waltz Melania?
From the Business Journal - Atlanta Business Chronicle (Written by Eric Jackson) (April 6, 2021, ‘Cobb County says $100 Million worth of tourism dollars are lost by MLB’s decision.’ From left wing publications “The Guardian” (*Bryan Armen Graham) ‘Will moving the All-Star Game cost Georgia $100 Million.’:
“Huge figures are often thrown around when it comes to the economic impact of sporting events, but many experts say the sums are usually wishful thinking.” ‘But in recent days the rhetoric has come to focus on a single number $100 Million. That’s the estimated lost economic impact.” ‘Donald Trump...called (sic) for a boycott of baseball for “interfering with Free and Fair Elections”; following Major League Baseball's decision to relocate the MLB’s All-Star Game from Atlanta over a political decision by the State..’ (ED: to tighten Election laws and regulations).
‘In response to critics, ‘Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp, who signed the bill into law, decried the “cancel culture and partisan activists” who are “coming for your business’.
‘According to the Guardian articles author Graham, Holly Quinlan, president and CEO of Cobb Travel and Tourism’ - ‘the “estimated lost economic (loss) to the region (because of the relocation away from the State of Georgia) is $100 million.’ Also, according to the Guardian article, Conservative Cable giant at Fox News, Sean Hannity asserted that ‘Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams, Major League Baseball, Delta, Coca-Cola..all lied about Georgia election laws and that has now cost the people of Georgia $100 million in revenue.’ The Guardian article adds: ‘But while Georgia’s $100 million figure surely makes for...juicy cable news...the consensus among sports economists is these estimates are routinely exaggerated.’
‘The role of thumb that I always tell everyone is just take whatever number the boosters are telling you, move the decimal one place to the left and you’ve probably got a pretty good guess, (ED I would say that about most mainstream cable polls (lol)) said Victor Matheson, an economic professor at the College of the Holy Cross. (ED: guessing he’s Catholic).
‘We’ve actually gone back and looked at data from cities that have hosted All-Star Games and Super Bowls and Olympic Games and events of that scale” (ED: uh-oh don’t think this is going to help MLB), and we always come up with numbers that are a fraction of what the numbers that were predicted ahead of time.’ (ED: This is where the left is exposed - they do not like the big bread & circus events or Globalism - like the Alt Right, both demographics totalling 10-20 percent of the population (Voter). The Alt Right and Alt left (the latter with high level influence on Washington politics today) have the following in common: They are not friends of Israel and see Jewish influence on important matters as politics and media as overstated and dangerous).
And then this from the Guardian article ‘MLB’s decision to move the game to Denver was quickly hailed as a win by Colorado governor Jared Polis, who claimed the event would translate to $190 million in revenue, according to the state’s office of Economic Development and International Trade.’ (ED: This comment by Governor Polis - A DEMOCRAT, fairly & reasonably negates the arguments put forward by the Guardian article and others vis a vis the value {or lack thereof} of the All Star Game).
And then the unintentional ‘burial’ of the pro sports lobby - from economist Matheson: ‘There’s no real reason that you should believe economic impact numbers that are commissioned by people who are made to look good by big economic input numbers.’ (ED: The ‘Juden Lobby’ - - 8/10 highest donors in 2020 U.S. were Jewish - on balance $$ to Democrats).
And then Matheson adds insult to injury to major sports events: ‘(T)hen when it comes time for someone like (Atlanta Falcons owner) Arthur Blank to come out and say, ‘Hey, I want $600 million for a new NFL stadium in Atlanta, then you’re like, well that’s, you know, that’ much economic impact.’
‘Craig Depken, a sports economics professor at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, said economic input estimates are normally derived from three (sources): direct spending, indirect spending and induced spending. But it's often unclear how these streams are calculated and weighted.’ ‘Induced spending’ is where a waiter gets a bigger tip, they’re likely to spend that money locally in the following weeks, right’?...(M)aybe buy a new set of tires or whatever.’
‘The one thing Denver has going for it is that they get a good reputation (ED: Goodwill worth big bucks) in just exactly the same way that Georgia gets a ‘bad reputation’).
From the New York Times (April 2, 2021, Updated April 6, 2021) ‘Major League Baseball sent a warning shot on Friday to Republicans considering new laws to voting, pulling it's summer All-Star game out of suburban Atlanta.’ (Major League Baseball hurt itself, Cobb County & State of Georgia). ‘The announcement by the baseball commissioner, Rob Manfred, came after days of lobbying from civil rights groups and discussions with stakeholders like the Major League Baseball Players Association.’
From Fox Business: ‘MLB moving All-Star Game from Georgia ‘devastating’ to business, restaurant owner says’ (April 6, 2021).’....noting that the owner of a neighbourhood pub in the Atlanta suburb believed he would lose $6,000 for his small business.’ This small business owner added: ‘Its’ devastating to our business, it's devastating to a lot of businesses around us,...’ ‘His comments come on the heels of the MLB reportedly relocating the All-Star Game to play on July 13 from Atlanta to Denver. The decision was made after Georgia created a new law making voting requirements more strict. ‘We’ve been holding on with our fingernails and keeping our business running with duct tape and bubble gum, trying to make ends meet.’
From the ‘Office Of Advocacy 2018 Small Business Profile’ (State of Georgia). ‘1.0 million small businesses in the State of Georgia’ (ED: comprising “99.6% of all Georgia businesses). There are ‘1.6 million Small Business Employees (43.2% of Georgia employees)’. ‘Employer Business Owner Demographics’: Demographics referenced include: ‘Afro American’, ‘Asia’, ‘Hispanic’, ‘Some Other Race’, ‘Veteran’, ‘Non Veteran’...(ED: There is no reference to White or Caucasian).
One Table of ethnic ownership in the publication asserts the following average number of businesses per small business: The average of “All Firms” is just under “12 employees”. “African American and Asian average just less than “7”, “Hispanic just less than “8”. “Minority” averages only “7”, while “Non Minority” averages better than “12 employees”. (ED: Most of the small businesses in Georgia must therefore be owned by “Non Minorities” -- Read “White”...’can’t you just smell what’ ROBBINS (sic) ‘IS Cooking’ (credit to Dwayne the Rock Johnson - The ROCK - a real Baller!)
‘The median income for individuals self-employed at their incorporated business was $45,293 in 2016. For individuals self-employed at their own unincorporated firms, this figure was $21,529.’ (ED: The average annual income in the State of Georgia is $31,000).
(ED: Bottom line, Major League Baseball - the remaining predominantly White sport with high Hispanic (many who appear Black) - and with large integration, marriage between these two communities - was afraid that if the Floyd trial went sideways or south for his supporters - riots would ensue in Cobb County. What kind of existence is this?) State of Georgia (July 1, 2019) (pop. 10,700,000) White - 60.2%; Black or African American - 32.6%; Hispanic Latino - 9.9%; Asian - 4.4%; Mortgage Costs with mortgage - $1,417; Median gross rent - $1,006; High School/higher - 87.1%; ‘Bachelor’s degree/higher - 31.3%, Businesses - Total employer establishments, 2018 - 235,847; Total non employer establishment, 2018 - 935,621.Homeowners - 63.3%; Median household income - $58,700; Per Capita Income - $31,067. Minority owned firms - 371,588; Non Minority owned firms - 538,893. Persons in Poverty (State of Georgia) 13.2% (July 1, 2019) Population estimates, July 1, 2019 - 760,141. White - 62.4%; Black or African American - 28.8%; Hispanic or Latino - 13.3%; Asian 5.6%. Mortgage Costs with mortgage - $1,633; Median gross rent - $1,202. Total employer businesses - 20,722; Total non employer - 83,947. Homeowners - 64.5%; Median household Income - $77,932; Per Capita Income - $40,031. Minority owned firms - 31,280; Non Minority owned firms - 46,785.
2016 United States presidential election in State of Georgia Trump - 50.44% (2,089,104); Clinton - 45.35% (1,877,963) Cobb County - Clinton - 48.99% (160,121); Trump - 46.69% (152,912) Clinton State total divided by Cobb County total is .93%.
*2020 United States presidential election in State of Georgia Biden - 49.47% (2,473,633); Trump - 49.24% (2,461,854) Cobb County - Biden 56.34% (221,846); Trump - 42.02% (165,459) Joe Biden State divided by Cobb Country is .88%. Biden is apparently 11% ahead in Cobb County from Clinton.
2012 United States presidential election in State of Georgia Mitt Romney (R) 53.30% (2,078,688); Barack Obama (D) 45.48% (1,773,827) Cobb County - Mitt Romney 55.25% (171,722); Barack Obama 42.83% (133,124) Barack Obama State total divided by Cobb County total is 1.06%.
2008 United States presidential election in State of Georgia John McCain (R) 52.10% (2,049,759); Barack Obama 46.90% (1,844,123) Cobb County - John McCain 54.1% (170,957); Barack Obama 44.7% (141,216) Barack Obama State divided by Cobb County is 1.05.
2004 United States presidential election in State of Georgia George W. Bush (R) 57.97% (1,914,254); John Kerry (D) 41.37% (1,366,149) Cobb County - George W. Bush 62.0% (173,407); John Kerry 37.1% (103,955)
2000 United States presidential election in State of Georgia George W. Bush 54.67%; Al Gore (D) 42.98% Cobb County - George W. Bush 59.78%; Al Gore 36.88%
1996 United States presidential election in State of Georgia Bob Dole (R) 47.01%; Bill Clinton (D) 45.84% Cobb County - Bob Dole 56.93%; Bill Clinton 36.67%
1992 United States presidential election in State of Georgia Bill Clinton 43.47%; George H.W. Bush (R) 42.88% Cobb County - George H.W. Bush 52.62%; Bill Clinton 32.45%
1988 United States presidential election in State of Georgia George H.W. Bush 59.75%; Michael Dukakis (D) 39.50% Cobb County - George H.W. Bush 72.70%; Michael Dukakis 39.50%
1984 United States presidential election in State of Georgia Ronald Reagan (R) 60.17%; Walter Mondale (D) 39.79% Cobb County - Ronald Reagan 77.42%; Walter Mondale 22.58%
1980 United States presidential election in State of Georgia *Jimmy Carter (D) 55.76%; Ronald Reagan 40.95% (*Jimmy Carter is from Georgia). Cobb County - Jimmy Carter 40.87%; Ronald Reagan 54.25%
1976 United States presidential election in State of Georgia Jimmy Carter 66.74%; Gerald Ford (R) 32.96% Cobb County - Jimmy Carter 56.73%; Gerald Ford 43.27%
1972 United States presidential election in State of Georgia Richard Nixon 75.00%; George McGovern (D) 24.7% Cobb County Richard Nixon 85.12%; George McGovern 14.88%
1968 United States presidential election in State of Georgia George Wallace 42.8%; Richard Nixon 30.4%; Hubert Humphrey 26.8% Cobb County - Richard Nixon 41.25%; George Wallace 39.32%; Hubert Humphrey 26.8%
1964 United States presidential election in State of Georgia Barry Goldwater 54.12%; Lynden Johnson 45.87% Cobb County - Barry Goldwater 55.62%; Lynden Johnson 44.38%
1960 United States presidential election in State of Georgia John F. Kennedy 62.5%; Richard Nixon 37.4% Cobb County - John F. Kennedy 61.03%; Richard Nixon 38.97%
(ED: In U.S. presidential races from 1960 to 2020). Of these, Republicans won 10 times. Of the Republican wins the calculation of State of Georgia Vote Outcome divided by Cobb County totals are as follows from Barry Goldwater (1964) onward: 88%, 78%, 82%, 78%, 91%, 94%, 96%, 96%, 96%, (1.07%) (ED: Trump 2016 is the 1st instance where the Republicans State of Georgia score is higher than in Cobb County).
Of the Democratic wins in Georgia over the Modern era of presidential elections the scores are as follows: State outcome divided by Cobb County: 1.02%, 1.18%, 1.13%, 89% with Biden’s (alleged) win the only one with a percentile under 100%. In 9/10 of the Republican wins exclusive of Donald Trump, the average Republican percentage is 89% with a mean of 94%-96%. Of the Democratic wins the average is 1.06% with mean average at 1.08%. The difference between the low Republican percentage in this calculus and Donald Trump’s higher percentage State over Cobb, is 29 basis points. The difference between Democratic low and high, exclusive of Joe Biden is 12 basis points, including Joe Biden it is 29 basis points.
An estimated 4,000,000 voters turnout out in the 2016 U.S. Election - State of Georgia, to vote for either Trump, Republican or Clinton, Democrat. A similar amount voted in the 2018 gubernatorial election, while 5,000,000 Georgians (allegedly) voted in the 2020 U.S. presidential election. The increase from 2016 to 2020 is 20 percent. In a similar populated State - North Carolina (which Trump won narrowly as Biden allegedly won Georgia narrowly) the Trump Clinton vote totalled 4,550,000 increasing to 5,400,000, an increase of 16%.
North Carolinians came out to vote in both US Elections for President at a higher rate than Georgia.
Washington Post Exit Poll Cobb County
The Washington Post Exit Poll of Nov 9, 2020 (State of Georgia) alleges a Gender outcome predicated on 44% Male Voters and 56% Women voters, percentages which place Trump at just under 50% voter support statewide. Information from States 101 on Gender and Age reveals slightly more women voting than men in Cobb County, with ages 25 to 29 and 30 to 34 - break even for Gender, age groups 35 to 59 averages 47.7% and age 60 onward averaging 46.8%. This represents a decrease of male voters based on percentages ascribed to age groups of 47.4% a decrease of 1 percent overall for Male Voters, or put another way a 2 percent increase overall for Women Voters from the WP totals - or 5 percent from the State totals determined to be 3 percent.
This would, on its face, serve at first blush to decrease Trump’s totals in Cobb County from his State totals of just under 50%, but by not even one half a percentage point. Not so fast - in Cobb County, the African American Vote is 4 percent below the State level, which would tend to offset any Gender basis point blip for Women in Cobb County, Georgia..
Trump’s vote outcome of 42.02% from Cobb County is not believable. Based on the Washington Post exit poll as not Gender and other information related to Gender and Race in Georgia, as well as voter turnout factors I also do not believe Joe Biden’s election totals in 2020 Cobb County of 55%. (ED: Though I think the shenanigans began in 2018 under cover of Mueller and all news negative coverage of Trump, particularly egregious through the first 2 years of his presidency where Black nominee Abrams did not win the context for Governor - was well under 50% state wide but obtained 54% in Cobb County).
According to Pew Research Centre “FACTTANK”
“In every U.S. presidential election dating back to 1984, women reported having turned out to vote at slightly higher rates than men.” “In the 2016 presidential election 63% of Women voted, while 59% of Men also did”. The Pew Research Centre “FACTTANK” thus reflects a U.S. women vote at 51.64% and male voter at 48.36%.
From statista: ‘Voter turnout rate in the presidential election in the United States as of December 7, 2020 by State: United States @ 66.7%, Georgia scores a turnout rate of 67.7% in 25th place in U.S. averages.’ (ED: For purposes of the Washington Post calculation it is not unreasonable to assess turnout in the State of Georgia in 2020 at 51.5% for Women and 48.5% for Men). Based on U.S. voting averages by Gender and the Washington Post exit polls, Trump is placed with 55% of male voters and 45% of Women voters. At the adjusted rate of 48.5% for Males, Trump’s Global Georgia Vote Male is 26.68%, with an adjusted Global Georgia Vote Women at 23.18% for an adjusted total of 49.86%.
Wikipedia suggests the Biden alleged win in the State of Georgia 2020 at 49.47% to 49.24% or 23 basis points.
From “United States Election Project Voter Turnout Demographics - Turnout Rates: Race and Ethnicity”.
Beginning with the 2000 U.S. election for President, White voters turned out to vote in presidential elections as follows: 2000 - 60%, 2004 - 65% 2008 - 65%, 2012 - 61%, 2016 - 66%, For Whites, the turnout in presidential elections averages 63%, with turnout for Trump record high at 66%. Average White vote in midterms is 47% with Trump’s 57% ‘influence’ 18% higher than average for Whites. Black or African American voter turnout for U.S. presidential election and Mid terms since 2000 as follows: 2000 - 51%, 2002 - 39%, 2004 - 61%, 2006 - 39%, 2008 - 70%, 2010 - 41% 2012 - 69%, 2014 - 39%, 2016 - 60% 2018 - 51%. For Blacks in presidential elections their highest turnout is 70% and 69% for Obama in 2008 and 2012, plummeting to 60% in 2016. This fall in Black vote was reflected in the lower Black vote for Clinton than Obama.
Black turnout for the U.S. thus averages 62%, one percent than for the much larger White population. White turnout in Midterm elections is 47% while Blacks is 42%. For Hispanics since 2000 - the U.S. turnout for both presidential and Midterm elections has been as follows: 2000 - 40%, 2002 - 29%, 2004 - 41%, 2006 - 28%. 2008 - 47%, 2010 - 29%, 2012 - 42%, 2014 - 21%, 2016 - 43%, 2018 - 39%. The highest turnout for Hispanics is in 2008 the first Obama win @ 47%, the 2nd highest turnout is 2016 - 43% - for Trump. The average turnout by Hispanics is just under 43%.
The average turnout for Hispanics during Midterms is 29%, with the highest turnout rate in 2018 and 39%. For Asians and all Other demographics including Native - Islander - More than One Race the average turnout for President is 46%, while the average turnout in Midterms is 31%, the highest occurring in 2018 at 40%. Latino/Hispancis vote turnout for both presidential and Midterms is the lowest of any Race - Ethnic demographic. (ED: Again, the Cobb County election totals from 2020 defy any probability. The US Supreme Court will find something wrong in (at least) the State of Georgia from the 2020 Election).
Consumption of soda pop by race by year in State of Georgia
“From market U.S: “Coca Cola Company” “Headquarters Atlanta Georgia” Number of employees 62,600 (2018): Revenue (US) $31.856 Billion.” “Coca Cola - Unit Sales Volume Share, in Percentage by Region - 2019: North America - 18%, Europe Middle East and African - 29%, Asia Pacific 24%, Latin American - 27%.”
From statista: “Soda drinking habits among adults in the United ethnic group: Regular Soda - Whites 27%, Non Whites - 46%. Do not drink Soda - Whites 45%, Non Whites 40%.” (This statista data was originally produced by Gallup in a telephone interview).
Georgia Obesity Rank (Environ): Which race is the most obese: “In 2019, black adults had the highest obesity of any race or ethnicity in the United States, followed by American Indians and Hispanics. Around 40 percent of all black adults are obese.” “In Georgia, 15% (sic) of youth ages 10 to 17 have obesity, giving Georgia a ranking of 24 among 50 states and D.C.” “In Georgia 34.8% of Adults have hypertension”.
From America’s Health Rankings: “People who have obesity, are at higher risk of severe illness from Coronavirus disease.” “Adults who have obesity, when compared with adults at a healthy weight, are more likely to have a decreased quality of life and risk of developing serious health conditions including hypertension; Type 2 disabetes; heart disease and stroke, sleeping apnea and breathing problems, some cancers, and mental illness such as depression and anxiety.” “The cost associated with obesity and obesity related problems are staggering. One study estimated the medical costs of obesity at $400 Billion (current US $$).” “The prevalence of obesity among adults is higher in Females than Males. Adults aged 45-64 tend to obesity more than 65 and older.” “Black adults have a prevalence (of obesity) than all other races and ethnicity groups.” (ED: So Black Females are the major problem with obesity and health care costs).
“Market share of soft drink companies in China 2010”:…”In that year, Coca-Cola’s market share in China amounted to 15.5%.” “The leading soft drink companies in China had a market share of 34 percent.” (ED: Asians big drinkers of soda pop, big for Coca Cola).
From Coca - Cola: “In the U.S. currently, 19% of our company’s employee population and 8% of senior leaders are Black, 14% of our employee population and 11% of senior leaders are Hispanic; and 7% of our employee population, and 9% of senior leaders, are Asian (as of December 31, 2020).” (ED: So, the employee composition is 43% minority (nearly reflective of the State of Georgia as a whole).
“The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life - Richard J. Herrnstein, Charles Murray (1996)”
(Please note that the Advertisement at the top of the Page of this Study says: “Start using Facebook groups”). “Chapter 13 - Ethnic Differences in Cognitive Ability”: “Despite the forbidding air that envelops the topic, ethnic differences in cognitive ability are neither surprising nor in doubt.” “East Asian (e.g. Chinese, Japanese), whether in America or in Asia typically earn higher scores in achievement than white America..the size of the advantage estimates range from a few to 10 points. “...East Asians have (better) non verbal intelligence than whites while being equal or slightly lower in verbal intelligence.”
‘The difference in test scores between African Americans and Europe Americans is measured in dozens of reputable studies (and) has conveyed a standard deviation for decades.’ “Translated into centiles, this means the average white person possesses (sic) an IQ higher than about 84 percent of the population of blacks, and the average black person tests higher than 16 percent of the population of whites.”
“The average black and white differ at IQ at every level of socioeconomic status (SES), but they differ more at high levels of (SES) than at low levels. Attempts to explain the difference in terms of test bias have failed.” “In the past few decades, the gap between blacks and whites narrowed by perhaps three IQ points. The narrowing appears to have been caused by a shrinking number of very low scores in the black population rather than an increasing number of high scores.”
Texas Presidential Elect Results 2020 (NBC News): “66% of Whites voted for Trump while 41% of Latinos (also) voted for Trump.” “In the State of Florida 62% of Whites vote Trump along with 46% Latinos.” (ED: Most reporting indicates a rise in votes for Trump by Latinos/Hispanice overall from 2016 - I am prepared to use 40% as a reasonable number for the U.S.)
“NBC suggests that there is not enough data for Florida to estimate Asian voters, with 44% of “Other Voters” voting Trump.” Nevertheless, NBC does indicate that over 40% of Asians/Others voted Trump.” (ED: Remember, Whites & Blacks compete for highest turnout at over 60%, while Latinos/Hispanics & Asians are over 40%).
From the Atlanta Journal Constitution (July 3, 2018): (Rodney Ho): “Tax credits are not a sexy subject, But they are the exact reason why Georgia has become the Hollywood of the South. Over the past decade, Georgia has handed out more than “one billion is tax credits to move and production companies like Sony and Disney in a program that is among the most generous in the world.” “It's also hundreds of millions of tax dollars removed annually from Georgia’s state coffers.” “...(T)he State of Georgia (sic) has not proven its case...that this is truly a net positive for Georgia.” “The Pew Charitable Trust,...recently did a study evaluating how states evaluate tax incentives, found Georgia falling short in terms of generating a rigorous cost-benefit analysis.”
From the Atlanta Journal Constitution (May 3, 2017): “Georgia gives hundreds of millions of dollars in tax credits to lure movie and TV productions to the state, but has no process to assess whether it's getting enough bang for its buck…” ‘The state...awarded an average of more than $200 million a year in film tax credits in the three year period for 2014 to 2016…(while) ‘this year, a Georgia State University study estimates, the tax credit..will cost $376 million).’ (ED: ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) estimates at least 25%-30% of income projections made by Georgia’s version of Hollywood are subsidized by Georgia tax payers (and based on population and trends/incomes - mostly White taxpayers).
State of Georgia Information: “Businesses”: Total employer establishments, 2018 (235,847); Total nonemployer establishments, 2018 (955,621). Minority owned firms (371,588) (2012), Non Minority owned firms (538,893) (2012). Persons in Poverty (Georgia) 13.3%. State of Georgia Median household income $58,700, Per capita income $31,067. United States QuickFacts Cobb County, Georgia: Population Estimates, July 1, 2019 (760,141). Race and Hispanic Origin - White alone, percent 62.4%; Black or African American alone, percent 28.8%; Asian alone, percent 5.6%; Hispanic or Latino, percent 13.3%. Median monthly owner costs - with a mortgage $1,633; Median gross rent $1,202; Median Value of housing units $253,000. (State of Georgia $176,000). *(Cobb mortgage $200 higher, rent $200 higher (per month) than State of Georgia average. Cobb County Median household income $77,932, Per capita income $40,031
From the Office of Advocacy 2018 Small Business Profile: 1 million small businesses of Georgia (“99.6%” of Georgia Business). 1.6 million small business employees (“43.2%” of Georgia Employees). Employer Business Owned Demographics (ED: Demographics referenced include African American, Asian, Hispanic, Some Other Race, Veteran, Non Veteran - NO Caucasians or White referenced). ‘The average number of employees per business is just under 12 persons. African American and Asian average just under 7 employees, Hispanic just less than 8 employees. Minorities overall average 7 employees while Non Minorities.’ (ED: only reference/inference of Whites - average 12.5 employees). (ED: The information suggests that most of the businesses are owned by Non Minorities (Whites/Caucasians).
From the Atlanta Journal Constitution (staff) (April 27, 2017) entitled “The amazing racial transformation of Cobb County”: “Quick quiz: Of the most populous counties in Georgia - Felton, Gwinnett, Cobb, Dekalb, Clayton - which one is still majority white: that is, white people represent more than 50 percent or more of the total population.” “Gwinnett reached its ‘tipping point’ 10 years ago and now is 39 percent white. Cobb is expected to become “majority minority” in just a few years, and the state of Georgia as a whole is expected to reach that milestone in 2033.”
From Bo Emerson of the Atlanta Journal Constitution (April 28, 2017) entitled “The new face of Cobb County: Whites will be minority in 4 years.” (ED: not sure this has occurred as promised). “The first time Tammy Garnes visited a school in Cobb County, 10 years ago, she left in a hurry. It was just too white.” (ED: Oh Really Magnum...bit ‘racist’ isn’t this Ms Garnes?). “I want to surround my children with black people.” (ED: If you can smell what the Alt Right Whites are cooking - exactly the same sentiment). “But when the Garnes family made a second visit...two years ago, Tammy found a different world: A diverse school, several black California expatriots, a sophisticated town.” (ED: no doubt because of the increase in African Americans like Ms. Garnes and the decrease of terrible White people). (ED: sarcasm with emphasis!).
From DATA USA: Cobb County, Georgia: “In 2018, Cobb County, Georgia had a population of 757k people with a median age of 36.7 years and a median household income of $78,894. Between 2017 and 2018 the population of Cobb County grew from 755,754 to 756,865, a 0.147% increase and its median household income grew from $75,654 to $78,894, a 4.28% increase.” (ED: numbers look like the Election results - I dunno know about this). “The five largest ethnic groups in Cobb County, GA are White (Non-Hispanic) (51.1%), Black or African American (Non Hispanic) (26.8%), and other (Hispanic) (4.64%). 19.9% of the people in Cobb County speak a non-English language and 93.2% are U.S. citizens.” (ED: so non Black or African American is 73%).
From World Population Review ( “Increase in Population (ED: this is important). Year 1970 72.36%; 1980 51.28%; 1990 50.39%; 2011 1.02%; 2012 1.41%; 2013 1.37%; 2014 1.61%; 2015 1.58%; 2016 1.23%; 2017 0.60%; 2018 0.45%; 2019 0.54%; 2020 0.54%; 2021 0.53%.” “Growth of Cobb County since 2010 11.43%: “Population by race: White 58.63%, Black or African American 27.56%, Asian 5.36%, “Some Other Race” 5.07%, Two or More Races 3.06%.” Cobb County, Household Types (owner/renter): “Married (80.8%/19.2%), All groups (64.5%/35.5%), Male (49.4%/50.6%), Female (47%/53%). Non Family (48%/52%).”
From United States Census: (Cobb County): “Age & Sex Persons under 5 years, percent 6.1%, Persons under 18 years, percent 23.3%, Persons 65 years and over, percent 12.7%. White alone 62.4%; Black or African American, alone 28.8%; Hispanic or Latino (13.3%); White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent 51.1%.” “Voter Registration System Active Voters by Race/Gender as at December 27, 2013: Total White Voters registered: 247,000 (70.8%), Total Black Voters 94,000 (26.9%), Total Hispanic Voters 10,000 (2.8%), Total Asian voters (2.1%).”
From Culture trip: “How Georgia Overtook Hollywood to Become the Film Capital of the World” (By Cassam Looch, 28 August 2018): “The Southern State of Georgia is famous for peaches, Coca-Cola and the City of Atlanta, which has the busiest international airport on the planet.” “But now it’s overtaken Hollywood to become the biggest film-producing market in the World.” “The news that Georgia had overtaken the traditional home of cinema production in California might have come as a surprise to some, but the people working behind the scenes in the respective state saw it coming. For LA, the result has been a drastic change in the way films are being made and funded. For Georgia, it's a case of business as usual...and business is booming.”
“The State of Georgia “offered tax incentives from 2008, and in the subsequent decade Georgia has seen a rapid increase in film and TV production with the state, culminating in last year's announcement that it had overtaken Hollywood and became the biggest location for film production in the world.” “Other states have attempted to better the tax incentive offered by Georgia but…”You don’t want to film in Michigan in February.”
“New Mexico, a rival state for Georgia with filmmakers but has one important drawback: It looks like Mexico.” “Georgia can double for New York and LA, We’ve also stood in for Amsterdam and Paris too.”. “For Baby Driver (2017), more than 140 roads were closed for the spectacular chase sequences, all with the assistance of the state.” (ED: Well isn’t that just splendid). “Before the 2008 tax incentive, Georgia’s entertainment industry was making $241 million per year. Last year, that number was close to $9.5 Billion.” “To qualify for Georgia's tax credits, some form of promotional value has to be added to any production. This can include (ED: a Georgia logo etc.).
Are Georgia taxpayers actually benefiting?
MOE (Cobb County, Georgia) 3.47% - 95% Confidence -30- GPR

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