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Canada and B.C. governments racialize Vaccine prioritization (jobs) against Whites in poverty (Vol. 1)
  Apr 12, 2021

Question #1
Your personal privacy rights (are):
Extremely Important to you    59 %
Somewhat Important to you    27 %
Not too Important to you    14 %
Question #2
Do you support the recent decision by Premier John Horgan, Health Minister Adrian Dix and Dr. Bonny Henry the administrator in charge - to ban the opening of restaurants and bars in British Columbia for the next few weeks? (up to Apr 7, 2021).
Yes    43 %
No    41 %
Question #3
In your opinion who should be 1st prioritized to receive the Coronavirus vaccine (from the response choices provided)?
Persons in late stage of life care homes    60 %
Older persons generally    31 %
Chinese and other ‘racialized’ groups    2 %
First Nations/Aboriginal groups    7 %
Question #4
Do you support the efforts of the BC Government including the BC Health Ministry to date in making the Covid vaccine available to British Columbia in a fair way, intended to vaccinate as many British Columbians as possible, as quickly as reasonably possible?
Yes    51 %
No    30 %
Question #5
Do you support the implementation of ‘near future’ laws in BC and Canada, which would make it necessary to travel abroad, across country, attend public events, travel on ferry, and be permitted in Office buildings- BUT ONLY with a mandatory Vaccine Passport?
Yes    31 %
No    49 %
Question #6
The Vancouver Sun recently reported that a Fraudster took advantage of both a BC Realtor and a BC lawyer-to transfer title unlawfully to the Fraudster. Which following response choice BEST describes your assessment of our theory that BC Realtors and BC Lawyers probably figure prominently to one degree or another in Land Title Fraud and money laundering in BC?
Where there is smoke there’s fire    51 %
This is likely just a one off case    3 %
Why isn’t the Cullen Commission on Money Laundering in BC Real Estate investigating this(?)    36 %
Undecided/Don’t Know/All Other    10 %
Question #7
Which of these countries (if any) do you believe or feel you know is most responsible for the Coronavirus being present in British Columbia, causing huge disruption to people’s lives and Billions of dollars spent by taxpayers as a consequence? (Country responses to 100%)
China    77 %
Russia    12 %
Israel    9 %
Iran    2 %
Highlight Questions 6 & 7:
The Polling Outcome to Question 6 ought to cause a ‘dumpster fire’ in the home sales and legal business -- (87%) believe - “where there is smoke there’s fire” & “Why isn’t the Cullen Commission on Money Laundering in BC Real Estate investigating this (?)” - and thus informs me, the BC Public knows there is something wrong with the Realty and Law businesses insofar as they “probably figure prominently to one degree or another in Land Title Fraud and money laundering in BC”. (I’ve already proven it to the Cullen Commission (RCMP next?)). Will the bevy (ED: noun: “a large group of people or things of a particular kind”) of (some) crooks that occupy these two professions be left out of scrutiny, creating another BC Rail type case (where the Attorney General and BC Courts ensured the Public Interest was evaded)? Judges heard one (soft) court application after another, on procedural or other matters of apparent interest, over many many years in the BC Rail scam (outlasting Olympics shame for the World on BC Rail), finally the two government bureaucrats, “racialized persons” finally pled guilty and had their $7 Million if legal bills paid, contrary to the law, when they both had lots of assets). Under BC law, the guilty were to pay their own legal bills (heretofore paid by BC tax payers).
From BC Newspaper The Tyee (Dec. 27, 2011) (Writer: Bill Tieleman) “How BC Rail Was Made To Disappear” “Eight years later, looking back at the BC Legislature raid, and where we’ve arrived.” “Why did the ministerial aide to then finance minister Gary Collins and then transportation minister Judith Reid...David Basi and Bob Virk -- (ED: (“the racialized defendants”)) - - defend themselves against breaches of trust for six years only to make a surprise guilty plea bargain when their trial had heard just two of a likely 40 witnesses.”
The Cullen Commission will either prove itself to be something or nothing as happened in the BC Rail case. If lawyers and realtors walk away unscathed after the events of 2014 to 2018 in the BC real estate market - its nothing.
(ED: The invitation from the RCMP Complaints Commissioner to file a Complaint against the RCMP for foolishly taking part in a Law Society of BC led home invasion and court fraud with law society members (including some judges that used to be lawyers), has been accepted by the plaintiffs from Robbins v Cambridge including RCMP Reference number. A faxed copy has already been provided (“legal alternative”), and another bound copy of the Complaint has been sent by registered mail expected to be served about April 15, 2021. A bound copy of the Complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council (appropriate escalation {poorly handled} is also included in the Registered Mail. This is a larger bound document that has affidavits, letters, transcript evidence all to make it easy to accept the complaint, admit the mistake and compensate the victims….
….The RCMP Commissioner is new, is a woman, there are four White women and one White man who got cheated - the RCMP helped the cheaters - detaining people unnecessarily - nightmare.. The key is to accept the Complaint as valid, look to compensate. Once that occurs, the RCMP are 1. Inoculated against anticipated BC Provincial Police Party (A 2011 RCMP poll conducted by ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) revealed support for maintaining RCMP @ a modest (38%) with support for New BC Provincial Police Force at (55%)); and 2. The detonation against the crooked lawyers and corrupt judges acting in collusion will be exposed, people will then love the police - hate lawyers, and 3. RCMP saves David Eby $400,000,000. 4. The RCMP gets to then ask why such strict Codes of Conduct written in the legislation and regulations governing RCMP police conduct, while Municipal and Provincial Police have no such oversight but are paid much more money? Remember, the collections and evictions post the COVID haze are going to be out of sight. The taxpayer doesn’t pay the police to get involved in civil collection or tenancy matters without a court order. (Permitting court bailiffs to be private is a real dumb idea to - End Ed here).
In our highlight Question 7, China as a response choice is deemed guilty by this ROBBINS Jury of being “most responsible for the Coronavirus being present in British Columbia, causing huge disruption to people’s lives and billions of dollars spent by taxpayers as a consequence.” Trudeau has to man up and bust a move on China demanding our hostages back - and major compensation for killing Canadians and disrupting our peace and prosperity. I am renaming this entire biological warfare as intentional on China’s part, a weakening economy, a President (Trump) who was making US superior to China...its The China Holocaust on the Free World (“CHFW”).
From JSTOR (1995): “Israel's Unauthorized Arms Transfers …”Israel’s welfare, even survival, is dependent on it’s special relationship with Washington.” (ED: Washington, not the U.S.). “Yet below the surface, the relationship is threatened by “Israel’s repeated contravention of American law.” “Evidence shows that Israel has systemically circumvented U.S. restrictions on the re-export of U.S. defence products, components, and technical data.”
From FP Insider (June 16, 2020) “Why the U.S. Can’t Get Israel to Break up with China” (Joshua Mitnick): “U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s message to Israeli’s on a recent visit was blunt: ``Beware China.” “We don’t want the Chinese Communist Party to have access to Israeli infrastructure, Israeli communication networks.” he said, “the kind of things that endanger the Israeli people and the ability of the U.S. to cooperate with Israel.” (ED: including Billions every year from US to Israel - for what in return?)
“Israel sees China as an opportunity,” said Michael Oren, a former Israeli Ambassador to Washington.’ (However) said Oren: “We have been promiscuous in our attitude (toward China (Israel) on intellectual property.” From rock group Cream (Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, & Ginger ‘Bad Boy” Baker): “In the white room with black curtains near the station.” “Black roof country, no gold pavements tired starlings.” “Silver horses rundown moonbeams in your dark eyes.” “Dawn light smiles on your contentment.” “I’ll wait in this place where the sun never shines.” “Wait in this place where the shadows run from themselves.”
(ED: Where is Israel in vaccinations per capita based on worldwide numbers? First. Where is Canada? 40th. Where is China - not on the list. Not on the list of donors to WHO either, why not?)
Notes - Beginning with Our In Focus Question on Vaccine Passports (Prioritization) aka (VP).
President Trump: Politically, your comment that Joe Biden was Trojan Horse for Communism coming to America is a Statement of Fact, I would say however - that China - Israel - European Union - and Washington DC (Institutions) formed the (unofficial) Alliance that removed you (see Ford Theatre, Dallas Book Depository) as President and took over the control of the United States. They wanted the US in China’s image - mixed economy.
From BBC News (November 13, 2019): “Europe and right-wing nationalism”: “A country by country guide.” “Nationalism has always been a feature across Europe’s political spectrum but there has been a boom in voter support for right-wing and populist parties.” “In part voters are frustrated with the political establishment, but they also have concerns about globalization, immigration, a dilution of national identity and the European Union.” “In the European Parliament, nine far-right parties have formed a new bloc called Identity and Democracy (ID).”
“In many countries nationalist (parties) got higher scores in European Parliament elections and opinion polls”: 1. Hungary-Fidesz - 49% -, Jobbik - 19% - ; 2. Austria-Freedom Party - 26% - ; 3. Switzerland - Swiss People’s Party - 25.8% -; 4. Denmark - Danish People’s Party - 21% -; 5. Belgium - New Flemish Alliance - 20.4% -; 6. Estonia - Conservative People’s Party - 17.8% - ; 7. Finland - The Finns - 17.7% -; 8. Sweden - Sweden Democrats - 17.6% - ; 9. Italy - The League - 17.4% -; 10. Spain - Vox - 15% - ; 11. France - National Rally - 13% - ; 12. Netherlands - Freedom Party - 13% -’ 13. Germany - Alternative for Germany - 12.6% - ; 14. Czech Republic - Freedom & Direct Democracy -11% - ; 15. Bulgaria - United Patriots - 9% - ; 16. Slovakia - Our Slovakia - 8% ; 17. Poland - Confederation - 6.8% - ; 18. Greece - Greek Solution - 3.7% - ; 19. Cyprus - ELAM 3.7%.”
(Average Alt Right vote/support of these countries is 18% - where do you believe this will go in the US during Biden?)
From Strong Conservative contributor “GB”: “In 1940 minimum wage was equivalent to $100,000 today (sic).” “In 1965, the USA was 90% White. Today that number may be as low as 65%.” “In the 1960’s...a man could work a blue collar job in a factory, and his wife could stay home to raise the family of four kids…” “The would have a car, a modest home, food on the table every night.” “Today this capability is reserved for the very well off..the usual scenario is both parents working...less children for smart, honest white people, while our tax dollars and government programs are at work to raise the Large families (of other races), and high paying jobs outsourced to the Kumar’s and Li Chen’s. This was always the ZOG’s design.”
From Blaze TV (April 10, 2021) - “Black Lives Matter protestor who demonstrated at Seattle’s leftist CHOP zone charged with hate crimes against Asian American women.” (KOMO TV Seattle).
From the Washington Post June 15, 2020 (Amber Phillips): “What is antifa?” “Why is Trump trying to designate it as a terrorist organization..” “President Trump is blaming the far-left network known as antifa for looting and rioting that has arisen during anti-police protests in cities across the nation.” …” Attorney General William P. Barr said there is evidence that antifa and other extremist groups are instigating violence…”
From Global News (Division of Shaw Cable {Media owns the Cable in Canada} - Shaw is a Jewish family in Canada. Authors: (Simon LIttle and Julia Foy) March 14, 2021 “Debate over ‘vaccine passports’ heats up in the BC business community.’ “British Columbia businesses are joining the debate over so-called “vaccine passports - potential certification of COVID-19 vaccination that could theoretically be used to……”
‘Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu says Canada’s watching closely “to make sure that Canada’s not left behind if the world embarks on a new requirement for intentional travel that requires some form of health certificate.” Global News, March 26, 2021 (Jon Azpiri) “COVID-19: “Poll finds support for BC for ‘vaccine passports.” “A new survey has found that a majority of British Columbians support the idea (ED: ‘the idea’ a bit weak) of using proof-of-vaccination certificates”
“The online survey conducted by Research Co. found that 73 per cent (of) British Columbians think using a so-called “vaccine passport” for international travel was a good idea.” “Sixty-four per cent of respondents thought proof of COVID-19 vaccination is a good idea for travel within Canada while 60 per cent liked the idea of a vaccine passport for travel within the provinces.” “A majority (51%) also supported a vaccine passport for work at an office and to be able to go to the theatre or cinema.’
Our ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) question on vaccine passports, was created following the release of the Research Co, poll. (ED: and without knowledge of it, but suspecting one might be done {or was done already}): Do you support the implementation of ‘near future’ laws in BC and Canada, which would make it necessary to travel abroad, across country, attend to public events, travel on ferry, and be permitted in Office buildings- BUT ONLY with a mandatory Vaccine Passport? -
We don’t ask about the ‘idea’ of vaccine passports, but instead ask the question in a more emphatic manner ‘near future’ laws in BC and Canada’...’but only with a MANDATORY Vaccine Passport. (ED: Laws and mandates are synonymous to most British Columbians in fact and in perception. (Respondents) by anecdote seem to understand perfectly well that “(A) law and a mandate have the same power to be enforced.” However, mandates are often more aligned with emergency measures like those related to the Coronavirus). (ED: The Associated Press Wire suggests Joe Biden will not enforce Vaccine Passports). (Trudeau is off vaccine passports as well - but not off racist anti White and in particular anti poor White Federal Employment legislation and vaccine prioritization).
In context, the Research Co poll was forward thinking more as a trial balloon (in my opinion). ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) published a week or two later (ending April 7, 2021 data collection) reveals that when a more serious question is posed using more emphatic (ED: some might say ‘Draconian’) language, British Columbians do not respond near as well to the vaccine passport as law or through government mandate at this point in time. If the vaccine roll-out continues to experience difficulties, I predict any implementation of a Vaccine Passport will be a loser, particularly if other interlocutory mandates made by Horgan, Henry & Dix (ED: sounds like a law firm eh?) in the interim draw further derision from the public getting real sick of the COVID conversation. “Talk about something else for Christ’s sake”.
One respondent insisted he is “buying a gun” if the Vaccine Passport becomes law, believing ‘that government might come to his home to ensure he is vaccinated’. (ED: the government rarely knows where the people really are on subjects - accepting the push propaganda for their specific agenda - see HST/anything at all to do with the U.S. Election 2020). (ED: One can see from this anecdote to the extreme degree how misinformation or poor implementation strategies). (ED: the latter almost always in play)
Our Robbins Sce Research (1998) poll question on the Vaccine Passport does include some of the same elements of the Research Co. poll “travel abroad”, “across country” “attendance to public events”, “travel on a ferry” as well as “office buildings”.
However, my firm inserts all of these essential elements into the one question, while Research Co (Mario Canseco) divides his among 3 questions, the latter one, at least from the reporting in the newspaper that I gleaned did not include the ‘idea’ concept as the other two garnering higher approval did. The point here is that the ‘non “idea”’ question offered by Research Co. attracted {51%} of “support”, with, I believe, a relatively low Undecided.
Our ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) Poll suggests that, in the face of more emphatic government action on the vaccine passport, British Columbians are backing away from “NO” (49%) and less supporting of “YES” (31%). Our high Undecided (20%) suggests a lack of confidence in the government - with anecdotes like “hold on here”, “not so fast”. Even on a Decided basis with modest links to Research Co’s questions (by element of targeted actions), we cannot determine more than (40%) support by British Columbians for any draconian measures such as a Vaccine Passport, in this emergency perceived to be a removal of their privacy to move about freely.
More to the point, (two-thirds) of our respondents who find privacy rights “extremely important” reject the vaccine passport concept. This percentage reduces as demand for privacy lessens with about (one third) of our ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) respondents in this Poll, who find privacy least important rejecting the vaccine passport.
With the vaccine roll occurring just prior to apparent commencement of the Research Co. poll, and with media unilaterally hostile and critical of the roll out effort, it would seem to me to be a wee bit overly ambitious to be floating trial balloons about vaccine passports and doing so somewhat vociferously through the mainstream press. No Conservative I know (and like) would design policy quite so haphazardly.
It appears to me as a political observer that by floating such positive results toward an “idea” premised by government action (that might occur in short order), (ED: how is it effected by law or mandate - or just on your honour/) in the midst of the commencement of the actual vaccine roll out (not receiving favourable reviews), was unwise.
World Health Organization
From November 13, 2020 (Version 1.1) “WHO ROADMAP FOR PRIORITIZING USES OF COVID-19 Vaccines in the Context of Limited Supply.” “The rationale for the inclusion of each prioritized vaccine use case based upon population subgroups (ED: read minorities) is anchored in the Values Framework principles and objectives.”
“Box 1 - Three examples of rationales for prioritizing uses of COVID-19 vaccines. Example 1. Health Care Workers at high to very high risk of becoming infected and transmitting SARS - COV-2 in the Community Transmission epidemiologic setting.” “Example 2. Sociodemographic groups at significantly high risk of severe disease or death.” For the Community Transmission epidemiological setting, sociodemographic groups at significantly higher risk of severe disease or death are included in Stage II.
“The reasons for this are grounded in the principles of equal respect and equity” (ED: What do you mean by this WHO? Be more specific). “In keeping with the overall public health strategy that places an initial focus on direct reduction of mortality and morbidity, groups with comorbidities or health states that put them at significantly higher risk of severe disease or death are prioritized to Stage II.” “However, there are other groups in the population who may be at just as high a risk of these severe outcomes, but who are not captured in a prioritization solely by comorbidities. These groups (ED: not named) include those who are systematically disadvantaged (ED: think back about the systemic racism ‘language’ repeated over and over in media propaganda) with respect to social standing and economic and political power.” (ED: more about this later).
“In many contexts, disadvantaged groups are more likely to experience a high burden of infection and consequent COVID-19 because of crowded work or living conditions over which they have no effective control, as well as a higher prevalence of background states of poor health that increase their risk of severe COVID-19.” (ED: BC New Democrats don’t mention the businesses in BC which have been adversely affected in vaccine prioritization or the working poor there).
“They may also have less access to appropriate health care (ED: do you know how hard it is for anyone in BC to find a ‘family physician’? - very difficult!) necessary for the diagnosis of high-risk conditions such as heart failure or chronic kidney disease.” “Some individuals in these groups would likely qualify for prioritization if their comorbidities were known or ascertainable, but because of inequitable access to health care their condition often will be undiagnosed and untreated.”
“Which disadvantaged socio demographic groups are at significantly higher risk of severe disease or death will vary from country to country.” (ED: in Canada this group apparently does not include any White People- read on).
“Considering comorbidities in vaccine prioritization.”
“The evidence on specific comorbidities and the increased risk of severe COVID-19 is increasing? (ED: What is this evidence?) What is already clear (ED: conclusion) is that i) several comorbidities increase this risk, (ii) the increase in risk varies between specific comorbidities, and thus equity concerns would arise if all comorbidities were to be given similar weight; (iii) in many countries, if everyone with a comorbidity were to be prioritized in early vaccine supply scenarios, those eligible for vaccination would well exceed supply; and (iv) the list or relevant comorbidities will be location dependent” (ED: For example?).
“Based on these considerations, countries should use local and regional data to identify the additional risk associated with each comorbidity. Another approach is to prioritize individuals who have two or more relevant comorbidities.” (ED: What is the list of relevant comorbidities for British Columbians and what weight (considering obesity is a comorbidity) would be given to each of these by the Horgan government in terms of vaccine prioritization?)
“Community engagement, effective communication and legitimacy” (ED: Propaganda & Public Relations).
“Community engagement and effective communication are essential to the success of COVID-19 vaccines programmes. These elements are grounded in the legitimacy principle of the Values Framework” (ED: can’t wait to see that). “This principle (legitimacy) requires that prioritization decisions be made through transparent processes that are based on shared values.” (ED: Everyone’s share values??), “best available scientific evidence, and appropriate representation and input by affected parties”, (ED: wait a moment, what is meant by affected parties(?), people with COVID, people at risk, or everyone in the public domain involving the public good {terms used in this document}). (Legitimacy used here, quite literally means whomsoever holds the keys to power).
“When applied in practice, countries may embrace the legitimacy principle through political strategies which improve the public perception and understanding of vaccine development and prioritization processes. Examples of such strategies include i)...accessible communication made freely regarding COVID-19.” (ED: propaganda??); ii) “recruitment of community opinion leaders to improve awareness and understanding of such communities (ED: ‘such communities’?) “and iii) inclusion of diverse and affected stakeholder opinion in decision making. Efforts toward community engagement and effective communication are additionally important in subpopulation which are unfamiliar with or distrustful of health care systems.”
“Guidance development and decision-making under conditions of considerable uncertainty.”
“This (sic) “Roadmap” was developed with only limited information, and under conditions of considerable uncertainty. “Aside from unknown factors of clinical and epidemiological (ED: big words like “marmalade” (Tyson, Mike) (ED: see also lack of objective science) importance, this document makes a number of plausible assumptions regarding vaccine characteristics.” (ED: all vaccines produced? Are these all standard? More about this later).
“If a candidate vaccine does not (match) these assumptions, the selection of prioritization groups may warrant reconsideration to best fulfill the principles and objection as adopted within the WHO ‘SAGE’ values framework for the allocation and privatization of COVID-19 vaccination.” (ED: This is quite unclear - ‘policy on the fly’ - ultimately is the vaccine company intended to call the shots?)
*“The World Health Organization “SAGE” Framework.” “September 2020 “Executive Summary”:
“This Values Framework offers guidance globally on the allocation of COVID-19 vaccines between countries, and to offer guidance nationally on the prioritization of groups for vaccines within countries while supply is limited.” (* “This document has been endorsed by the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization”) (“SAGE”). “The Framework articulates the overall goal of COVID-19 vaccine development, provides six core principles that should guide distribution and twelve objectives that further specificity -’those six’ (sic) (Table 1).
“(T)he final vaccination strategy will be defined by the characteristics of vaccine products as they become available.” “SAGE is currently engaged in the process of applying the Values Framework to emerging evidence on specific vaccines.” (ED: If vaccine A and vaccine B are both approved for use in the general public, but have different characteristics, how does the Values Framework adjust to the different characteristics of the vaccine. Really unclear). (ED: then this:) “The Framework also complements the principle on equitable access and fair allocation of COVID-19 health products developed for the Act Acceleration COVAX facility.”
“The ACT-Accelerator is organized into four pillars of work: diagnostics, treatment, vaccines and health system strengthening.” “Cross-cutting all of the work...ACT - Accelerator is the Access and Allocations workstream that is led by WHO and is developing the principles, framework and mechanism needed to ensure the fair and equitable allocation of these tools.” “The ACT Accelerator Commitment Trader provides transparent reporting on funding commitments made against ACT accelerator Pillar budgets.” “Pledged to date.” “11 Billion.”
“Top donors: “Germany, United States, U.K., Canada, European Commission, Diagnostics Consortium for COVId, Norway, Bill & Melinda Gates.” (ED: Of the top 40 donors - no sign of China). (ED: China poisoned the world with ‘Coronavirus’ (“China Virus”), the China Holocaust, a clear majority of Canadians (and Americans) believe China is responsible, and now it appears that China may benefit the most from worldwide donations for many of their people whom they poisoned as well). In Canada, and more particularly BC it appears that based on WHO and Canadian policy related to vaccine prioritization China will benefit ahead of others locally. (ED: Is this Bill & Melinda Gates et al getting their vaccines to market in China and elsewhere?) (ED: Isn't that a fair comment in context?). (Hey China, give back our hostages - your ‘girl’ was frivolous and entitled - cut the BS-if you do this - no more China Holocaust from me, if not, I will ensure that not only will Holocaust 1 be shown to be wayyyy overblown - but every school in Canada teaches the China Holocaust. Ya folly? (Holocaust definition: (noun: destruction or slaughter on a mass scale, especially caused by fire or nuclear war (“a nuclear holocaust”). “The Holocaust is a self titled related to the murder of Jews during the second world war”. (Israel has nuclear capacity). Can’t have it both ways (at least not intellectually).
SAGE Framework
‘COVID-19 vaccines must be a global public good. The overarching goal is for COVID-19 vaccines to contribute significantly to the equitable protection and promotion of human well-being among all people of the world.’
“Principles: 1. Human Well-being - “Protect and promote human well-being including health, social and economic security, human rights and civil liberties, and child development.” 2. Equal Respect - “Recognize and treat all human beings as having equal moral status and their interests as deserving of equal moral consideration.” 3. Global Equity - “Ensure equality in vaccine access and benefit globally among people living in all countries, particularly those living in low and middle class countries.” (ED: no vaccines for “wealthy”??). 4. National Equity - “Ensure equality in vaccine access and benefit with countries for groups experiencing greater burden for the COVID-19 pandemic.” 5. “Reciprocity -Honor obligation of reciprocity to those individuals and groups with countries who bear significant additional risks and burdens of COVID-19 response for the benefit of society.” 6. “Legitimacy - Make global decisions about vaccine allocation and national decisions about vaccine prioritization through transparent processes that are based on shared values, best scientific evidence, and appropriate representation and input by affected parties.”
‘Table 1 - Principle - Human Well-Being - Reduce deaths and disease burden for the COVID-19 pandemic “reduce societal and economic disruption by containing transmission, reducing severe disease and death, or a combination of these stratetics.” “Protect the continuing functioning of essential services, including health services.’ ‘Principle-Equal Respect - ‘Treat the interests of all individuals and groups with equal consideration as allocation and...decisions are being taken and implemented.’ ‘Offer a meaningful opportunity to be vaccinated to all individuals and groups who quality under prioritized criteria.’
‘National Advisory Committee on Immunization (“NACI”) “How Canada chooses groups to immunize”
‘The National Advisory Committee on Immunization is an independent committee of experts that provides advice to the Public Health Agency of Canada. This advice is then distributed and published to inform decision making by provinces and territories,....responsible for administering vaccines and deciding which population will receive them first.’ (ED: Really difficult to identify the “experts” these days).
‘NACI’s recommendation aim to achieve the goal of Canada’s pandemic response, reduce serious illness and death while reducing disruption in society’ (ED: would ‘feel a whole lot better’ (see Byrds greatest hits) if the end of this sentence tied up the loose end on pandemic response - by reiterating its relationship to COVID-19 and related variants). (ED: why doesn’t Trudeau expel the Chinese Ambassador from Canada - and tell them to get stuffed? He would win a majority and work it out later politically).
‘The committee chooses groups for early vaccination by looking at risk factors for severe COVID-19 disease and outcomes such as biological factors like: advanced age, pre-existing medical conditions, social factors like low socio economic status - belonging to a racialized population.’
(ED: Right here is clearly unconstitutional language: Many non “racialized” population (Whites) belong to low socio economic status like the “racialized” population of the world (visible minority non White), they also belong to the (apparently) overarching World Health Organization criteria of ‘at risk’ people (ED: translated WHO ‘at risk’ pertains to low socioeconomic status with strong hints of ethnic bias as well - {some people might be fooled into believing ‘at-risk’ was intended to imply medical disease only}).
By including the language ‘like low socio economic status - belonging to a racialized population’ Canada has racialized the vaccine prioritization program (“VPP”)
This is prima facie evidence of a breach of constitutional rights of many White people to the benefit of non Whites (the racialized group of candidates) promulgated by the Government of Canada (B.C.) and responsible to all Canadians for the equitable application of the Constitution, as there is no empirical evidence suggesting based on relative low socio economic status that poor Whites benefit any more than -ALL OTHER-racialized groups).
(ED: the direction the new World Socialism - ‘Wokism’ is going is that ALL White people including the poor and the high percentage of addicted who are White are cut out of the vaccine prioritization despite their group being clearly within guidelines of “at-risk” - “ameliorating” them from their condition on the basis of race and ethic background. Poor White people have thus become ‘privileged’ to be white - poor or not, drug addicted or not).
(ED: This is where Premier Horgan revealed one of his weak spots in character to me. When he first claimed he wasn’t privileged - he wasn’t - he was brought up by a mother alone. Then the shylocks squeezed him when he became Premier, he ‘sheepishly’ apologized, got off his ‘privilege’.--which he did, like a dog going for a treat).
(Horgan and Trudeau are both running effective Racist regimes, the victim until now hasn’t been well known. They are White, Caucasian - end flurry of EDs).
‘The decision making process also includes a review of ethics, equity, feasibility, acceptibility’. (Is cutting Canada’s poor Whites (males (women)) - out of the charter to please the edicts of non governmental agencies and organizations ethical, equity, feasibility, and acceptibility). 40-55 year old poor White men and women without a degree, often signal to have been neatly carved out of the game. Traditionally these people supported New Democrats.
These people later voted for Conservative Reformers like Preston Manning (Federal Reform) and Stockwell Day (Canadian Alliance) but later moved away from Stephen Harper who they perceived (correctly) to be Elitist. They aren’t loyal Liberal voters by any stretch - earning one half of the median income in Canada.
From Statistica 2021: “Median annual family income in Canada from 2008 to 2018”: ‘In the Year 2000 (2025 Zagar & Evans lol) median family income was $50,000. In 2018 it was $89,000. So Poverty today is earning less than likely $47,500 per year family income (see Aboriginal income per person for context).
Canada’s Employment in Equity Act - “Employment Equity, as defined in federal Canadian law by the Employment Equity Act (French: Loi sur l'équité en matière d’emploi), requires federal jurisdiction employees to engage in proactive employment practices to increase the representation of (racialized) groups. “Employment Equity Act” S.C. 1995, c.44 “Purpose of Act” - Section 2 - “The purpose of this Act is to achieve equality in the workplace so that no person shall be denied employment opportunities or benefits for reasons unrelated to ability and, in the fulfilment of that goal, to correct the condition of disadvantage in employment experienced by women, Aboriginal Peoples, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities by giving effect to the principle that employment equity means more than treating persons in the same way but also requires special measures and the accommodation of differences.” “Interpretation” “Definition” Section 3 “Aborginal peoples” means persons who are Indians, Inuit or Metis.” “Members of visible minorities” means persons, other than Aboriginal peoples, who are non Caucasian or non-white in colour.” “private sector employer” means any person who employs one hundred or more employees or is in connection with a federal work.”
“Capitalism is an economic system that recognizes individual rights, while corporatism is a (combined) political and economic systems that seeks social justice and equality among individuals.”
Some Historical Context for Researchers.
Former German Chancellor Adolf Hitler (NAZI Party) said in his academic work and best seller “Mein Kampf” (1924) that he believed the Jewish led uprising in Russia preceding (and after) the first world war - was a communist conspiracy, articulating the fears of that time in Germany that the Jewish led communist wave - underpinned by the political murder of the Russian Czar, his wife and daughters (ED: children, considered a vicious murder) - was heading Germany’s way. Hitler was right. As this Jewish uprising moved West toward Central Europe, Estonians and Lithuanians were killing any and all Jewish persons because of their actual or believed connection to communism and because they did not trust the local Jewish population not to disclose pertinent information to the enemy. (ED: Jews like Japanese in WW 2, were barbaric, no word on that these days, bleach bit from history). I have this unverified anecdote from a Jewish Rabbi, whose identify in video where the Rabbi (apparently) speaking in Yiddish (Hebrew) but translated to English for English audience) asserts the following as committed to by ROBBINS herein:
ROBBINS Sce Research (1998): ‘Rabbi’: ‘Important stories’. ‘Important Facts’ ‘That clarify things we didn’t receive in school. We didn’t receive them in the curriculum.’ ‘They didn’t teach them even in high education.’ ‘I gave lectures in front of history professors.’
‘They didn’t teach them even in high education. ‘I gave the lectures in front of history professors.’ ‘Why did Hitler really hate the Jews?’ ‘What did he want from them?’ ‘But it's all written Mein Kampf.’ (ED: a Novel written by Adolf Hitler between 1924 and 1925 - about 15 years prior to World War 2 - relevance It was no secret at the time what Hitler was thinking and saying. It is a secret today).
Back to the ROBBINS Rabbi: ‘This book was published just recently.’ “It just got permission to be translated to Hebrew.’ ‘It was forbidden for all of these years.’ ‘But there is an earlier translation.’ ‘That was made by Yad Vasham. ‘..Hitler claims in the book that Jews are communists and they made the Russian Revolution.’ ‘They killed 30 million (ED: White) Russians.’ ‘All the intelligent ones.’ ‘In a cruel and horrific way….and that’s their plan for the entire World.’
‘Hitler said ‘the next country in line is Germany’”. “They (the Jews in Germany (very small pop) have founded the German Communist and Socialist parties.’ ‘And it's true if we don’t defeat them now they will eliminate us.’ ‘And they (the Jewish communists) will slaughter another 20 million (Germans)....all the intelligent people.’
Hitler was thinking defensively, and not offensively, against the Jewish onslaught of communism and killing - only 2% of Germany was comprised of Jews. Adolf Hitler and Germany were shit scared of the Jewish Communists. 10-15 percent of Warsaw Poland and Moscow Russia’s population were Jewish. Nearly 15 percent of Jewish population in Europe & Russia were soldiers. Many of these soldiers were killed in the line of battle, and ought not be included in the murder allegations. In a smaller ethnic sample (like Jews are relative to say Catholics, Muslims etc) 1,500,000 soldiers in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia takes a big bite out of 6 million or the recently self revised 5.2 million numbers of Jewish ‘murdered’ during the second world war 1939-1945. Take out Vichy France, Great Britain, Italy and other countries where deaths of Jewish persons was not high (as they were in the Netherlands), Hitler had little to do with Romanian, Hungarian, Lithuanian or Estonia’s murder of Jews - more downward pressure on numbers).
Meaning, literally every single Jew living in Poland (3,000,000) must have been murdered, a huge percentage from Ukraine and a huge percentage from Moscow to get anything close to the number promoted. Remember better than 25% of ethnic Poles were also murdered. My first estimate is that this percentage is more unique than the real numbers for Jews murdered in world war 2 will total, which would thus be less than unique then the murder of ethnic Poles, diluted more by the larger disbursement of Jewish people across the Globe including most particularly an increase in inmigration of Jews to the United States following Adolf Hitler’s book being published increasing that countries Jewry to 4 percent based on Jewish Research (which itself, one can see from footnotes is predominantly sourced by Jewish Synagogue information or other sources controlled by jewish advocates in the first instance).
End Volume 1 "Canada and B.C. governments racialize Vaccine prioritization (jobs) against Whites in poverty."

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