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President Donald J. Trump (for) 2024 - The Comeback
Thunderstruck ACDC  Mar 26, 2021

Question #1
Baseline: (2020) SurveyList: Strategic calling environments (“Sce”) Texas, Florida & Ohio States.
Donald Trump    54 %
Joe Biden    44 %
Other    2 %
Question #2
Which of the following two US Leaders does BEST to protect the United States southern border?
Trump    82 %
Biden    14 %
Question #3
Do you support Black Lives Matter and Antifa’s efforts to defund the police where you live? (Trump & Biden supporters).
Yes    4 %
Question #4
Do you support Joe Biden’s cancellation of the Keystone pipeline - intended to deliver raw oil from Calgary Alberta for processing in Texas? (Trump & Biden supporters from baseline).
Yes    17 %
No    81 %
Question #5
In terms of Nuclear weapons which response BEST describes how you view Israel and Iran in that context? (Trump & Biden supporters from baseline).
If Iran gets a nuclear bomb, Israel should have a nuclear bomb, and if Israel gets a nuclear bomb then Iran should have a nuclear bomb    46 %
Israel, not Iran should have a nuclear bomb    8 %
Iran, not Israel should have a nuclear bomb    2 %
Neither Israel nor Iran should have a nuclear bomb    27 %
I am Undecided on the Question    15 %
Question #6
From the following response choices, who in your opinion is most responsible for the United States obtaining the Coronavirus vaccine? (Trump & Biden supporters)
Donald Trump    46 %
Joe Biden    13 %
American Business & Science Ingenuity    26 %
All three (3) of these    9 %
Undecided/Can’t Answer/All Other    6 %
Question #7
In October of this year, the U.S. The Supreme Court will hear arguments relating to complaints by Donald Trump and other persons as this involves allegations of voting irregularity and fraud occurring in the 2020 Election. In your capacity as a reasoned political thinker and speculator will the US Supreme Court ultimately determine there to be sufficient irregularities and fraud from 2020 to cause most Americans to not see the 2020 vote as credible? (Trump & Biden supporters).
Yes    45 %
No    37 %
Undecided/Can’t Answer/All Other    18 %
Question #8
Will you be supporting Joe Biden’s plan to raise taxes on US tax filers, across the Board? (Trump & Biden supporters).
Yes    21 %
No    77 %
Question #9
If you could vote again - for President (2020) who would you vote for based on your current support levels? (Trump & Biden supporters)
Trump    59 %
Biden    29 %
Neither    4 %
Undecided    8 %
Question #10
“Trump$upport” only: Would you characterize yourself more as Republican, Conservative, Independent, Democrat or None of These?
Republican    41 %
Conservative    43 %
Independent    11 %
Democrat    2 %
Question #11
In a contest for Donald Trump’s Vice President 2024 which of the following candidates would you support most based on your opinion today? (Conducted in 2 groups A & B {designated}). (Trump supporters from baseline only).
A-Florida Governor Ron DeSantis    26 %
A-Former Vice President Mike Pence (Indiana)    24 %
B-Kentucky Senator Rand Paul    24 %
A-Former US Energy Secretary Rick Perry (Texas)    22 %
A-Texas Senator Ted Cruz    22 %
B-South Carolina Senator Lyndsey Graham    18 %
B-South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem    16 %
B-US Senator Tom Cotton (Arkansas)    15 %
B-Former VP candidate 2008 Sarah Palin (Alaska)    8 %
A-US Senator Josh Hawley (Missouri)    6 %
From abc NEWS March 23, 2021 - headline “Migrant surge at border poses political threat to Biden”
‘When Joe Biden entered office, he listed what he called four historic crises: the coronavirus pandemic, the economy, a reckoning on race and climate change.’
‘Not among them was a predicament that, two months into his presidency, now poses a potent political threat’: the growing number of migrants and unaccompanied children showing up on the southern border and filling federal facilities many times over their capacity.’
This ROBBINS Poll commenced just days following the end of Trump’s attendance to CPAC (Conservative) February 28, 2021 affirms completely the issue raised by abc NEWS (though neither was aware of the others efforts).
In question 2 on the subject of the southern border - of Biden and Trump whose better to protect its a wipe out win for Trump. Less than one half of Biden’s voters in 2020 support Biden’s efforts on the southern border based on outcomes from these Trump$tates.
Our question 3 stitching together Black Lives Matter brand with Antifa brand and then glueing those brands to the concept of defunding the police --brings Biden’s reckoning on race to its beggar knees in these 3 Trump$tates. No even (1%) of Texans support this, seen by many to most as “dangerous”, “ridiculous”, and “not in their interests”.
But wait...there’s more to come!
The ‘accidental’ question on who should possess nuclear weapons as between Israel and Iran, by inference from the facts (that Israel actually has nuclear weapons and Iran does not) suggests Americans actually believe that Iran should have nuclear weapons.
Many Americans do not believe Israel has nuclear weapons and think Iran is aggressive in wanting to develop them to use against Israel who cannot defend itself. Israel does not advertise that it has nuclear weapons, but based on our polling questions on security: southern border, the police, energy security, nuclear weapons in the middle east (energy), health security (vaccine) and security of one’s pocketbook (taxes) and these polling outcomes - we can see that voters in these 3 major Trump$tates don’t or won’t feel secure under Biden.
When Iran reads this poll - they will bust a move on Biden. Trump and no one else who supports him owes Israel anything any longer. Will Biden permit Iran to have nuclear weapons? Following the release of this poll will Israel take some swift action to send Iran a message?
Donald Trump does not need to do anything for Israel - ever again. The Jews owe Donald J. Trump bigtime (criminal interest rates just to make them feel at home). Pay your bills!
In any event, 2024 will mark the end of the ‘creep’ into power by Jewish interests in finance and media ownership and ownership control effectively ‘Pink Floyding’ free speech and expression during the 2020 Election - as well as top Cabinet and Executive positions. 2020 being the last hurrah for Israels’ interests superseding the rest of the nations.
Donald Trump will be expected to come out of the gate announcing 1. he is getting rid of the Federal Reserve - a line in the sand against Democrat spending and waste, 2. Section 230 protection for Jewish owned Facebook - and other Social Media will be rescinded to ensure freedom of speech is protected and not eviscerated as has been done.
If being responsible for the overall U.S. Security (our theme) includes the production of the Coronavirus vaccine, and the vaccine is considered to be a positive achievement (which by inference of my question outcome it likely is), then Donald Trump gets the Lion’s share of credit. American business and science gets double the credit to Joe Biden.
No more free political rides for Biden like occurred during 2020 (hereinafter “the year of the Fraud”). The roll out of the vaccine will determine whether he gets a real chunk of the glory, or Americans go to their begging knees for Donald Trump to return.
Donald Trump made the US Independent on energy, Joe Biden’s cancellation of Keystone XL foolishly reversed this course, signalling the US away from self reliance, and into the whimsical abyss of Middle East politics and dependence on alternative methods of energy production that won’t do the job.
On this subject, I see the Supreme Court of Canada has the ruled Justin Trudeau’s Liberal carbon tax “constitutional” declaring in the majority ruling by presumption that science on global warming is settled science (law), and that somehow because the court believes within the context of that presumption and the affiliated observation that carbon from Canadian produces knows no border, that accordingly, provinces should be compelled into the tax regime, suggests by consideration of Judicial Comity that perhaps the United States might be involved.
Will the State of Texas have something to say on the matter of Canada’s Supreme Court decision, as the State of California did by unilaterally reversing the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in Google v Equustek (36602), effectively making Canada’s Supreme Court a moot court to the United States.
Black Lives Matter/Antifa’s efforts to defund the police - is a major loser - one of the worst Polling outcomes I’ve ever witnessed. Yet, I recall magical mystical mainstream polling promoting these efforts at {50%} or better in the year preceding the 2020 (so called) Election.
I would suggest that the Ku Klux Klan would receive a better reception (bi partisan likely based on its history) than Black Lives Matter/Antifa/Defund the Police at this point, at least in these 3 Trump$tates.
New York Board rooms (everywhere) will be seeking out the Grand Wizard for his opinion on the subject.
I would also suggest targets for the New Improved MAGA journey for 2024 - producing support of NOT LESS 62 percent of White vote and 55 percent of all Hispanic vote to Trump et al, depending on whatever party name he finally decides to go with (including, of course, Republican). This initial objective should be achieved through these Trump$tates (Texas, Florida & Ohio). (I note that in my ROBBINS for Donald J. Trump list of candidates to become his VP that 2 of the top 4 candidates to win the coveted spot (likely to win in 2028 as President when Trump’s 2nd term has expired) are of Hispanic background. Ted Cruz the Senator from Texas, and Ron DeSantis the Governor of Florida.
From Columbus Business First: “Keystone pipeline opponents have blood on their hands”, ‘Ohio oil and gas leader says’. (Tom Knox - Reporter)
‘The president of Ohio’s oil and gas trade association wants his groups 3,000 plus members to fight back against what he sees as mass misinformation.’
“What I’m trying in (sic) to instill in our membership is that there is alot of misinformation, in my opinion, that is being shoved out into the public conversation - and we’re combating it”, said Ohio & Gas Association President David Hill.
‘In the June edition of OOGA’s monthly magazine, Hill wrote that President Obama’s refusal to allow the pipeline means fewer energy jobs and potentially more disaster for oil delivered by rail.’
“Opponents of the Keystone Pipeline have blood on their hands,” Hill wrote. “Canadian oil..will get to market somehow..”
“Referring to a speech by former President Ronald Reagan calling the U.S. a shining city on a hill, “Hill’s column makes clear that he thinks fossil fuels, not renewable energy, is the way of the future.” “This country will remain a ‘shining city on the hill,’ he wrote. “And you know what?” “It will not be shining because of windmills and solar panels.”
From wkyc studios ( January 27, 2021 (Author: Melissa Guz) entitled: VERIFY: “Yes, jobs lost from President Biden canceling Keystone XL Pipeline, but not as many as you think.” Jacksonville, Florida.
“During his first day in office, President Joe Biden signed several executive duties, including the axing of the construction of the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline.” “Though it was seen as a win for climate control advocates, those who oppose Biden’s decision took to social media to express their frustration over how many people are going to lose their jobs as a result.”
‘…(T)here is discrepancy in how many jobs are being lost owing to the cancellation of Keystone XL’ ‘anywhere between 11,000 to 83,000 is (suggested by “social media”) with many including conservative rocker Ted Nugent’ ‘claiming (only)’ ‘12,000 are out of a job.’
“Including secondary support jobs, Biden is putting around 50,000 people on unemployment on his first day,” according to the NRA rock star - (who many want to see run for political office).
Says (Senator in waiting) Nugent “Build back better didn’t work out for these 50,000”.
Another evidence specimen of the author cites the entity “Share to Save America” suggesting on social media “Biden CANCELS Keystone Pipeline on - Day 1 83K jobs lost.”
The supporting headline suggests “Get ready for $4 Gas prices by summer.”
The article asserts that “TC Energy Corp, the Canadian company that owns the pipeline told PolitiFact that it estimates 1,000 people will be out of work as a direct result of Biden’s order.” “The company estimated that about 10,400 U.S. jobs and 3,800 Canadian jobs would be created throughout the pipeline’s construction…”
‘However, according to an October 28, 2020 news release when the company (TC) awarded more than $1.6 billion worth of contracts to six major union contractors in the U.S., the company said these contractors would be responsible for hiring 7,000 union workers in 2021. The release said with this addition, around 8,000 of the 11,000 projected hires would be union workers.’
‘The article asserts that “Biden hopes to create 10 million jobs through his clear energy plan.’
From Forbes Online (Alison Durkee) dated January 28, 2021 “Texas Governor Vows to Sue Biden Over Climate Change Orders”.
“Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the state is ready to sue the Biden administration over new environmental regulations signing an executive order against what he described as “regulatory overreach” by the federal government one day after President Joe Biden unveiled a sweeping order on climate change.”
I believe that most Americans do NOT know that Israel already has nuclear weapons and could reduce Iran to a parking lot - on any given day, no wonder Iran is in a state of panic. Although the response “Israel, not Iran should have a nuclear bomb” attracts four times the support that “Iran, not Israel should have a nuclear bomb”, the honest hypothesis from this is that (given Israel already has nuclear weapons) (therefore) ‘Iran should have a nuclear bomb.’
Effectively Americans are saying give both Israel or Iran both nuclear weapons or make sure neither country has them. America has spoken in this great question initiated by our Texas Researcher.
Trump: Texas (56%), Florida (60%) - Ohio (61%). Biden has lost (34%) from 2020: Texas (27%), Florida (31%) and Ohio (30%). Biden is clearly finished as President before he ever really got started (anyone else see this coming?)
In a more recent ROBBINS Poll - Conservatives attracted about 40 something percent of overall TrumpVote while Republicans had mid fifties. Now both brands are even. This Poll commenced just following Donald Trump’s triumphant engagement at CPAC.
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leads the pack of Vice Presidential hopefuls to join the candidate for President in 2024 -- Donald J. Trump, with a one in four chance of winning. Governor DeSantis numbers are supported by (45%) from his own State. Does Governor DeSantis know about plans to build Mar-a-Lago House, the 2nd Presidential House. Speculation is bubbling that if DeSantis becomes Donald Trump’s VP - two Floridians on the same presidential ticket - and they win a landslide in 2024 (already being speculated based on Biden’s performance to date) - that Mar-a-Lago will eventually become the (new) 1st House with the current White House turned into a museum.
Former Vice President with Donald Trump 2016-2020, Mike Pence, also comes in with a one in four chance of winning, securing support in the (20’s%) from all 3 States including (27%) support from the State of Ohio, (2%) overall behind Governor Desantis. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul comes in with a one in four chance of winning including a high (29%) in Texas. Rand Paul comes from Group B (which attracts ‘less support’ overall than Group A).
Just behind DeSantis, Pence & Paul, (sounds like a folk singing trio eh?) are former Texas US Energy Secretary Rick Perry and Senator Ted Cruz, placed at a better than one in five chance of winning the contest to become Donald Trump's VP. Ted Cruz finished 2nd behind Donald Trump in the Republican Party contest in 2016. Senator Cruz scores (31%) his highest in his home State Texas (The Canadian Province of Alberta is like a Texas north), followed by Rick Perry, with (30%) support from Texas.
Perry achieves 2nd highest support to former VP Mike Pence in Ohio among both groups with (21%) followed in that State by Ted Cruz and Rand Paul @ (19%).
South Carolina Senator Lyndsey Graham comes in as just under one in five chance of winning the coveted Vice Presidential position, while South Dakota Governor Noem has a one in six chance of winning, with Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton not far behind the Governor. Lyndsey Graham scores (22%) in Texas, (18%) in Florida and (16%) in Ohio, while Tom Cotton scores (16%) in Texas, (10%) in Florida and (19%), and Governor Noem scores (14%) in Texas, (16%) in Florida, and (17%) in Ohio.
Holding the final two spots are former Republican candidate for Vice President Sarah Palin (John McCain) (with highest personal support in Texas @ (11%)), and Missouri Senator Josh Hawley (highest Florida @ (8%)), at better than one in twelve and one in sixteen odds to win (respectively). Palin is great because she always attracts attention - and because she was John McCain’s running mate - she will extinguish the tiny ember of anti Trump Rhinos for President to be in 2024 - Donald Trump.
Unsubstantiated rumours from Glen P. Robbins proposed Online Newspaper The Washington Beast & Bully ® suggest the Beauty Content for ‘Donald Trump’s VP for ‘24, will begin in early 2022 with 10 major Events and Contest plus a Final 11th involving Donald Trump’s decision to accept or reject America’s choice for his VP (with conditions for rejection).
These major events will feature candidates arriving to the televised events - and doing the red carpet a la the Oscars - (when Americans still watched those). The Oscars meet Big Brother - Survivor, only with plenty more glitz, spectacle and Super Power. The opening night of “America Picks Donald Trump’s Vice President for 24” will begin on a Saturday the night before the Oscars with the first full Event debate spectacle to occur the next night - to compete and crush Oscar night.
Picture this, former VP Mike Pence, one of our VP finalists here, arrives in a Black Escalade with his wife Karen for the Event ‘debate-spectacle’ (beauty pageant) - walks across red carpet while hosts Melania Trump and Candace Owens promote them, where there live, beautiful States, picture of their home, number of children (If any), professional background,university etc. Unique events occur such as freezing the moment - like flashing families Net Worth (shock and awe transparency) (lol)
(You heard me..the tax thing is so pedantic be done with it). Little arrows pop on the screen describing what the couple is wearing - suit, dress etc. and who made it. Approximate value to buy. A quick pop up perhaps. Melania Trump’s sweater, $20,000 by so and so.
Conservative actors will have quick interviews on each of the candidates - as well. Journalists along the red carpet will also quickly interview candidates as they come in. Dog the Bounty Hunter dressed to the nines -
Who will become Donald Trump’s Vice Presidential candidate and next VP of the United States in 2024?
This new political $pectacle can only be viewed by subscription - $55 for first 9 of 10 (The Final) (or 2 or even 1, if one subscribes later). The Final will be $75 for everyone and can be prepaid at the time of the original subscription, or $120.
Each ‘Event’ (following the 1st which introduces the candidates on the Saturday preceding the Sunday debate), but thereafter occurring on the subsequent Sunday evening for 3 hours including the first hour reflecting on goings on, strategies, potential alliances, cut outs on the politics, (lots of politicians in SUV’s talking about the contest to be VP on issues and always reinforcing the 2024 Election of Trump a likely outcome (presumed to be on the winning ticket with Donald Trump).
There will then be a half time review - by preferred pundits as selected by Donald J. Trump for Trump TV holding the Events.
- the second debate period is one hour for each group and at the end of the evening a la Dancing with the Stars - the audience can vote for the best performance that answers the question: Who will become Donald Trump’s VP nominee and next VP of the United States?
During the course of the subsequent week, all types of political interplay and intrigue will occur amongst and between the vice presidential candidates. Some cut outs from the interplay will be sent out as teasers - to friendly cable. Advertising will be pumped out. Following the final Event and debate, another week of intrigue focusing on the efforts of those two Finalists while America votes.
In the very final show, (the 11th) the America Votes will declare the overall ‘choice’ for Donald Trump’s running mate. Donald Trump will then be featured and will ultimately declare whether or not he accepts America’s choice, and if he rejects America’s choice, he will be forced by his own Rules to compete against that choice to be nominee for President through an orthodox party campaign.
What if former VP Mike Pence wins the contest for VP America’s choice? Would Donald Trump accept him, or battle him for top spot and right to choose his own VP? Would he want to?
Only subscribers who provide an address may vote. The person obtaining the information from the prospective ‘voter’ must be satisfied that the individual (at a minimum resides in the United States). Subscribers who are not accepted to vote or who do not want to pre pay the additional $55 for the right to choose America’s Vice President 2024.
Persons who want to vote on a particular night and not pre pay will be charged $9.95 for the right to vote (and pledge they are an eligible voter in the US). First 3 ‘Events’ all five from each group A & B compete - one hour each group. Try the mike cut idea.
Between the two elements of the Event, the reality show type format with plenty of posh and power, and the debate (like NFL halftime) specially selected political pundits will discuss what has transpired that they believe is important or has implications down the road toward the final selection. (Let Trump choose an anchor for half time). Melania Trump and Candace Owens (America’s Black Pearl) will take turns asking the questions to the candidates during the debate stage of the Event dressed to kill. Highlights supporting halftime commentary will include slow motion reactions of candidates - following getting ripped by another candidate or doing the ripping, as well as other reactions. Like a major sporting event.
At the end of the HalfTime Donald Trump will have a few comments to make and will see everyone at the end of the show for his 30 minutes press conference. Like Bob Belichick after a game.
Subscribers/Americans may only vote for one candidate per Event. The dollar amounts cast for each candidate will be announced at the subsequent Event. Of the 30 Million original subscribers (for example) -let’s say candidate Ted Cruz obtained the 5,000,000 ‘votes’ and ($30,000,000) in ‘voting dollars.’ After (3) such Events, all amounts of subscriber vote will be tallied and the candidates from each of Group A & B the lowest totals will be dropped.
Candidates will receive (5%) of the money Votes they obtain to continue with their self promotion, or as in the hypothetical described ($1,500,000) for Team Cruz.
As mentioned, at the end of each Event, Donald Trump will come out to a setting like a post football, baseball or basketball game to field questions from a specifically selected press to talk about the candidates to be his VP, how America is seeing the race etc. His comments and interview will go on for thirty minutes (the last word as it were). After 3 Events - number of candidates reduced by two from ten, to eight in total, four in each group. Two more Events (5 in total) will render candidates down to three for each group, six in total. Two more events (7 in total) will render candidates to two for each group, four in total.
The remaining four candidates will be amalgamated into just one and at eighth Event - the 4th place finisher with the least vote cash total will be dropped, at the ninth Event with 3 candidates remaining the 3rd place finisher will be removed - and then there will be two (see Agatha Christie). After a two week build up the Final will occur between the last two candidates to be Donald Trump’s VP..
The glue between the Events (not just debate after debate) will be the off screen interplay between and among candidates - discussing various VP positions - other candidates positions. This will enhance excitement for debates as we see in the early portion of the Event broadcast some of the intrigue ongoing in the race to be Donald Trump’s VP behind the scenes = then see how that translates to strategies at the Event. These behind the scene moments will occur commencing the 2nd overall Event and will form the 1st part of the Event showing, setting the stage for the debate to follow.
It will be the first time Americans have chosen a Vice President - the Final Night Audience with 140 Million viewers surpassing everything else and Robbins Juultimately earning upwards of $8 Billion.
Productions costs per episode will rise to on average $20 Million or $200 Million overall. More money will be made when these Events are edited down to a 3 hour movie extravaganza that can be purchased Online. The effort will rake in the cash. My favourite expression - so much cash that bending over to pick it up would be foolish. So much cash it requires a rake.
One more tasty wrinkle - the first 3 Events will occur in Texas, Florida and Ohio with big big Showcases for those Trump$tates with $2 Million of the Event $20 Million per Host City promotion and production. Subscribers - TV Voters will be required to name their State (and provide an address in the United States). The State that collects the most dollar amounts from voting -relative to that States population, will host the 4th Event and so on.
From Baba O’Riley - The Who: “Sally, take my hand, we’ll travel south cross land - Put out the fire And don’t look past my shoulder. The exodus is here.” As ED Sullivan would say - “it's going to be a really big shoe.”
Treat MOE @ 1.5% plus/minus
GPR 30 778 951 4927

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