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Feb 2021 Exile in Trump States - Texas, Florida & Ohio (with special surprise)
  Feb 14, 2021

Question #1
Baseline Question (adjusted): Who did you vote for in the 2020 US Presidential Election? (U.S. States involved in this Poll Inquiry: Texas, Florida, & Ohio)
Donald Trump, Republican Party    52 %
Joe Biden, Democratic Party    45 %
Question #2
Do you support Joe Biden’s immigration policy to permit all illegal aliens along the US Southern Border including those known to be criminals to be released into the general population?
Yes    9.20 %
No    84.80 %
Question #3
Do you support Joe Biden’s transgender policy which permits (essentially) boys/men to use the girls/women’s washrooms and girls/women to use the boys/men washrooms?
Yes    5.11 %
No    93.57 %
Question #4
In your opinion does Israel have too much influence on Washington DC?
Yes    66.08 %
No    23.12 %
Indifferent to Question    3.09 %
Undecided/All Other    7.94 %
Question #5
(Push) For purposes of the following two questions, the term Zionist is used to describe Jewish persons who believe that Israel should be a recognized world state and who also believe that Israel is as important as the United States is. Further, former US President Donald Trump’s Jewish son in law Jared Kushner deems all US Jews to be Zionists. In current US President Joe Biden’s administration - the Secretary of Treasury, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Secretary of Homeland Security, Director of National Intelligence, Office of Science and Technology, and many important positions are (according to Kushner) Zionists (Jewish) with ‘close ties’ to Israel. Does this concern you, even somewhat?
Yes    69.71 %
No    9.48 %
Indifferent to Question    12.07 %
Undecided/Can’t Answer/all other    7.76 %
Question #6
(Push) For purposes of this question involving well known personalities and politicians we retain the description of Zionist from the previous question and add the following set of information. First, former first lady Melania Trump is able to speak five languages. Former US President Trump’s daughter from another marriage Ivanka is a Zionist (Jewish) but her hypothetical running mate Meghan McCain is not. In a hypothetical election which ticket/party would you support today?
Melania Trump (President), Ted Cruz (Vice President) (New) United States Patriot Party    33.13 %
Ivanka Trump (President), Meghan McCain (Vice President) US Zionist (Jewish) Conservative Party    3.57 %
Joe Biden (President), Kamala Harris (Vice President) US Democratic Party    31.34 %
Mitt Romney (President), Mitch McConnell (Vice President) US Republican Party    8.95 %
The United States Justice Party    4.17 %
None of These    14.33 %
Undecided    4.47 %
Repeat Rate    7 %
Question #7
(Push) In your opinion should Zionists (Jewish persons) representing 2.5 percent of the entire US population be permitted to own or control upwards of 90% of all major media in the United States including: CBS, Huffington Post, CNN, Buzzfeed, Facebook, Google etc.? (NB Elon Musk asks who owns the media?).
Yes    3 %
No    82 %
Indifferent to the Question    8 %
Undecided    7 %
Question #8
Do you believe that generally speaking some government corporation or other large entity has possession of your personal information without your permission?
Yes    49.07 %
No    23.67 %
Indifferent to Question    8.65 %
Undecided/Can’t Won’t Answer    18.11 %
Question #9
Are you disappointed that Donald Trump is no longer your President?
Yes    55.28 %
No    34.54 %
Undecided    8.09 %
Question #10
{Entertainment Question} On December 2020 Online Newspaper indicated that according to a former aide of Melania Trump - the former First Lady and her step daughter Ivanka Trump do not like one another, and that in an upcoming book Melania Trump refers to Jewish/Zionist Ivanka Trump and Ivanka’s husband Jewish/Zionist Jerod Kushner as “snakes” who will do anything to get what they want. In this Entertainment Question which of these two ladies do you believe is likely the ‘bigger snake’?
Melania Trump    8.11 %
Ivanka Trump    13.64 %
Both are likely “Snakes”    18.96 %
Neither are likely “Snakes”    26.44 %
Indifferent to the Question    23.88 %
Undecided/All Other    8.96 %
Question #11
Do you support “Antifa” being declared a terrorist group in the United States?
Yes    57.86 %
No    25.07 %
Undecided    16.76 %
Poll MOE Texas, Florida, & Ohio - 1.352%, Confidence 97%, Value $625,000 (Rounded) U.S. $. Late January to February 10, 2021
This RSR Poll follows our previous 8 post US Election Polls. In those U.S. Polls I have, for ‘good and welcome appropriate cause’, taken an adverse interest against the Media in the United States (Canada), and many U.S. Institutions (“The Swamp”), and of late, the conspicuous ownership and control of Media by persons who are Jewish. Herein, I tie the political concept of being Jewish with Zionism - prompted by Nobel Peace Prize nominee Jared Kushner, “US President in Exile” Donald Trump’s son in law, and to the appointment by Joe Biden of primarily Jewish persons to the most important positions in his government, in particularly National Security, CIA, and Secretary of State. I note that Kamala Harris’s husband is also Jewish.
Can you smell what ROBBINS “The Juultimate” is cooking? (“Bat Out of Hell” - Meatloaf - “And like a sinner before the gates of heaven I’ll come crawling on back to you”).
For context, my background as far as Israel is concerned - as this relates to my polling, has been largely favourable to that country insofar as my polls have promoted the idea of a ‘One State Solution’ with accommodation to the Palestinians. (Thankfully, it isn’t just another two Jews taking both sides of the argument (see Derschowitz v Chomsky). This differs from most (to all) alternative left or alternative right groups, which oppose Israel entirely, and more generally control of finance, media and politics by Jewish Elites in the United States (and elsewhere).(“Out of Time” - Rolling Stones “Your out of touch my baby - my poor discarded baby”....”your obsolete my baby”).
Given the historical authenticity of my professional actions in regard to Israel, including my own position that Israel move away from a two State solution model, to Israel as a primary power in the Middle East with accommodation to the Palestinians (which has now occurred), I thereafter also believe I am fairly grounded to follow up on what I believe were a series of “disastrous events” involving the 2020 US Election involving Major Media owned by Jewish persons, and from there, following Biden’s near all Jewish Cabinet, to fully scrutinize the realpolitik of current Jewish power in the United States - the evidence thereto, as conspicuous as my Canadian legal case Ita Robbins v Cambridge (and others) involving malfeasance & misfeasance of at least 3 Jewish lawyers & 4 Jewish Superior Court Judges involving easily identified claims of criminal rate interest charges (up until now fully protected by the State - BC/Canada) and fraudulent court filings leading up to both legal and political pressure for Compensation.
{BC Civil Forfeiture - indeed Civil Forfeiture in Canada appears to have a two sided problem. On one hand the concept is not considered to be acceptable to many lawyers who view the seizure of property without due process reprehensible no matter the apparent merits of the activity considered illegal activity under the Statue. On the other hand is the fact that victims generally are not receiving any of the monies. Essentially the police initiate the taking of property by way of Civil Forfeiture and then this money is directed back to the police for administration costs. People aren’t being compensated. It's another Made in British Columbia (Canada) fraud. And the evidence just keeps mounting}. {$10 million per year in unpaid civil fines). British Columbia is a very unwell province - Institutionally anyhow.
Should Lawyers, particularly Jewish lawyers and Judges continue to be given special protection from the State to keep them from accountability to the General Public - a most topical line of inquiry given the present political circumstances in the United States, just because they are Jewish. I don’t think that’s what the American or Canadian public want. (“Prize Fighter”-The Killers: “She’s a PIllar by Day, A Fire By Night. She’s a famous architect like Frank Lloyd Wright. When it comes to tightrope walking Shes world renowned….”and I heard she pitched for the Oakland A’s”). “I’m gonna be her prize fighter. I know she’s out my league.”
On my approach to the Legal Community in the Province of British Columbia & Canada I provide this - from Canadian actor Donald Sutherland in the movie entitled “The Undoing” provided in the Dutch language: “Vergis je niet, ik ben een Klootzak en ike bedoel dat niet in de zin van kleinering zoals het gewoonlijk wordt geïnterpreteerd. Nee, ik ben een ouderwetse Klootzak, de meer traditionele soort, het soort dat neulet over iedereen die mij pijn doet of een geliefde. U spreekt van lelijkheid. Je hebt nog niet lelijk ontmoet.”
And heading into this information I flag this headline provided to me February 10, 2021 during editing from “National Justice” website: “Prominent Left Wing Columnist Fired by The Guardian For Tweet criticizing Israel.”
For the record, those ‘disastrous events’ in the 2020 Presidential Election described earlier include: (1) Gross malfeasance of Major Media including extreme persistent bias against President Trump often without substance, as well as persistent promotion and promulgation of suffocation polls. (2) Interference by Big Tech Social Media in suffocating Free Speech in particular Conservative commentators. & (3) A national vote affected the unfair and prejudicial application of the US Constitution, including evidence of suspicious voting, notwithstanding the response of the US Supreme Court. (Cream (Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and badass drummer Ginger Baker) “Sunshine of your Love” (Live 2010): “It’s getting near dawn, when lights close their tired eyes. I’ll soon be with you my love, Give you my dawn surprise. I’ll be with you darling soon, I’ll be with you when the stars start falling.”
I have published hundreds of United States Polls over nearly two decades of polling there. I correctly picked George W Bush over John Kerry in 2004, picked Obama to beat Hillary Clinton (when Mrs. Clinton was 12-20 points ahead in the polls), picked Obama over McCain (also picking McCain - broke and at the bottom of polls for Republican nomination) in 2008, picked Obama over Romney getting Obama’s percentage within 120,000 of actual vote.
I also picked the 2016 President Donald Trump predicting his vote total by one tenth of one percent. In 2020 I picked Trump at (50%) and with Biden ‘bringing up the rear’ at (48%). (So, I admit I took the 2020 Election Outcome a little personally). Whether it's sour grapes or not, I have grave concerns about the veracity of that Election Outcome sufficient to add fuel to the aforementioned adverse interest.
From 2016 my Team & I documented near daily Cable News relating to US politics. I have published that I believed the bias (and it was awful) and over the top animus (unrelated to any body part-but neat anyhow) against ‘President in Exile’ Donald Trump was ‘beyond disturbing’ for democracy worldwide. From major Cable to Social Media suffocation of Free Speech, Major Media did not act in the public interests. In totality it was an unfair business practice. The percentages against Media increasing hand over fist - first 50 percent with no confidence - then 60 percent -- then 70 percent - 80 percent - now 90 percent in Texas, Florida and Ohio. Confidence in Media in the United States has officially collapsed. This type of thing has happened for 1,000 years. Always the same complaint, explained generally on Google as jealousy toward Jews.
Historically, I have written from the left and from the right. I am a fair arbiter. As a young street fighter growing up in Saanich BC and rock n roll bouncer in the best and wildest bars - biker and cowboy too, while attending University in Vancouver, British Columbia I KO’d bad guys with both my left and right hands (truthfully the left was always a better cutting tool), but only when this was required. Of late, I have come to realize with certainty the clear dominance of my right hand. Where and when I have advocated (which I did consistently for Donald Trump) it was from a sense of journalistic justice and realpolitik practices. (“Real politik” (German) “realistic”, “actual”).
In this ground breaking Poll I fairly link the term “Zionist” - to - “Judaism” and apply Zionist-Jewish Jerod Kushner’s statement that all Jewish people (including himself) are Zionists. (The Alt Right with unanimity cynically refers to Jerod Kushner as - ‘America’s 1st honest Jew’). (Of my canvass from Google search of “Jewish rock musicians” & the 149 pages of musicians in this category - I recognized only 12 names). (Apparently, we would not have many of our Christmas songs with Jewish help however).
From the British newspaper “The Guardian”, Tuesday July 11, 2000 entitled “The saddest story in rock”:
“Saul (little giveaway already) Zaentz sued John Fogerty (Creedence Clearwater) singer, lead guitarist songwriter “for sounding like himself.” Fogerty won the case but had to jump through hoops to win back 1.35 million dollars in court costs.” “While countless musicians, from George Michael to Spandau Ballet, have found themselves in litigation with managers, record companies or each other, they have eventually reached some sort of conclusion, even if they’ve not (been) very happy with it.” “But Fogerty seems doomed never to achieve the outcome he thinks he deserves. The problems date right back to Creedence Clearwater’s original contract with Fantasy (Saul) (the record label). “We were the only artists that mattered on the label. We were selling 99.9 % of the company’s records.” “Fantasy owned the songs and they’re supposed to pay me as the songwriter, but I’ve had to fight to get royalties from 1980...every year after that.” “Basically, to get paid I had to sue them”. Readers I give you for context of this Poll, my personal favourite song “Fortunate Son” (not a Jewish Christmas Song) -- from John Fogerty (a well known Jimmy Carter type Democrat): Fortunate Son was introduced during the VietNam War - intended to stop communism from coming into Asia. Look at what has happened now! “Some folks are born silver spoon in hand, Lord don’t they help themselves, (yeah). But when the taxman comes to the door, (Lord) The house looks like a rummage sale.”
By inference of Kushner’s statement I take this to be interpreted that the condition of the State of Israel is as important to all Jews as is the United States. On its face this would tend to contradict the objectives of Donald Trump’s Make America Great - campaign. Does Israel hold with or has it simply harnessed American greatness for its own use first, taken Donald Trump’s brilliant work and absconded with it. As Fox talk show host Tucker Carlson might assert: “It's a fair question”. Jingles, comedy but where is the original thinking? China has the same problem. It's a major deficit.
I am not judging whether or not Jerod Kushner’s assessment of absolute unanimity between equal love and patriotism to Israel and America simultaneously is a correct thing or not a correct thing (particular for high ranking Jewish government officials presently circling Joe Biden’s {currently} warm body), and a Black woman VP - with Jewish 1st husband in the wings, I am instead provoking the imperative, that a discussion of the obvious is necessary. (I note the average IQ in Israel is lower than the American average by about 5 points). Think of me (here) as Prince Machiavelli - Henry Kissinger - and Gangs of New York Bill ‘The Butcher’ Cutting--combined.
Note that the President’s son in law was a primary player in negotiating exceptional peace agreements in the Middle East between Israel and many Arab countries. There are reports that Jerod Kushner is being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts producing these peace agreements, which conventionally would be attributed to the President of the United States who made it happen, in this instance current U.S. President in Exile Donald Trump.
I would note again that I differ from alternative (more extreme) left and right researchers-- (on balance ante Israel and suspicious of Jewish power)-- which I believe now represents (10%) of the US Voting population (15 million) and growing as we speak, believing myself that Israel should be recognized as a ‘bona fide’ State and be treated as such by International States. The alt left and alt right do not recognize this condition for Israel. The alt right is growing exponentially in the 25-40 demographic like the demand for Texas secession from the Union - (and that growing sentiment among at least two dozen States). The alt right and alt left do not trust Jews - do not trust Israel - of this assertion -- there is NO doubt.
In advancing this recognition to Israel (in part because of the ongoing annoyance and upheaval the Middle East causes in the daily lives of North Americans more frequently than not), I am also suggesting and promoting from these questions and response percentages the Jewish (“Insider”) influence on US Institutions might be reconsidered and summarily mitigated against. As this Poll suggests - Jewish influence in US Politics, Media and all Institutions in combination with the advent of Israeli hegemonic power in the Middle East, has created a new and very real danger to democracy in the United States (and to Canada as well), because it forces a political response and repercussions from those who do not like this “unique” situation-and who do not occupy the lemming like middle lanes occupied by many sleepy Americans and Canadians. “How come you never told us?” It occurs in a bubble - no one who wants to keep a job will speak about it and 95 percent of people are a little bit afraid of power. To wit: Spock and all his cousins have taken over the Enterprise.
Psychological studies suggest the average person will tell a lie for $150. What will they do for $1,500,000 per year? Or $150,000 per year? Or $50,000 per year? It’s an off balance situation, Spock was never intended to take Captain Kirk’s job. Like Tito, the only leader to successfully rule former Yugoslavia, his second was Jewish (and quiet about it - thankfully).
Why does this brazan ‘take over’ of the United States occur at this point in history? Was Covid the ultimate cover? Asian mask wearers happy, Muslim mask wearers happy - lockstep socialists happy - everyone looks like they are from Mars, health care costs and insurers happy. Now China can finish its business with Israel swapping intellectual property. China won’t bring up the Asian Holocaust of its citizens by Japanese forces-why make trouble, leaving Israel-Jewish Zionist America to cash in all of the ‘complaints’.
From AC/DC: “It’s a Long Way to the Top (If you Wanna Rock ‘N’ Roll): “Riden’ down the highway, Goin’ to a show, Stop in all the byways, Playin’ rock ‘n’ roll. Gettin’ robbed, Gettin’ stoned, Gettin’ beat up, Broker-boned. Gettin’ had, Gettin’ took, I tell you, folks, It’s harder than it looks.” I note with some additional concern that distributors like Amazon (also Jewish owned - same person who owns Washington Post - rainmaker antiTrumpism ‘newspaper’) began to ban the sale of books on Holocaust revisionism in the last year heading into the 2016 Election.
This poll represents the actual takeover of the United States of America communication and power structure by one Ethnic group of people possessing less than (3%) of the United States population. I assess this no less for Canada save and except for the ‘extreme wokeness’ evident in the sheer size of the Biden all Jewish Team (BaJT).
In my most recent Canadian poll - in English “My Recipe” translated from the German, I speak of the Jewish hooks in political actors going back to the early 1970’s (for certain) in Canada. (Currently our finance ministry is headed by a Jewish woman like the US). In British Columbia our finance minister is headed by a Jewish person (that’s a lot of faith in the rationale ‘they are good with math”). Do these Canadian Ministers take back Cabinet discussions to their Jewish masters with the approval of the Cabinet? Who is in charge of the government? It isn’t conspiracy anymore - that horse has left the ‘building’.
The Polling Questions: (States of Texas, Florida & Ohio (Trump States).
Questions 2 & 3 on Immigration and transgender washrooms (presented as boys/girls, women/men) are push questions to the extent they are designed to be factual but adverse to the way policy makers might prefer they are presented. Bidens immigration policy as presented in this RSR ROBBINS SCE Research (1998) Poll fails miserably. It's a disaster. His Made in American unisex (transgender) bathroom policy does no better. Biden Democrats do not support it. Put a mask on this and trouble starts. (The Porn industry may discover some new material if the Biden administration introduces Section 231 - no liability for filming public washrooms).
(When I first started my polling business in 1998 I provided copies of hundreds of poll responses each on 8x11 paper - (blacked out for privacy) to the media for viewing). Now I generally laugh at the press as it holds on for dear life for any shred of credibility. The point here is that the polling firm’s raison detre was to take the spin out of biased media (circa 1998). 23 years later - ROBBINS is strong, and gaining strength, while the Media is becoming weaker, more like a cartoon, less credible by the day.
ROBBINS is the only publisher in the World unencumbered by the Jewish hook and with clean hands on the criticisms. The Billionaire owner of Parler cannot get his Free Speech site going - because he is dependent on Jewish owned Institutions to be up and running and providing him safe passage (lol). Not Bad Boy Robbins - Bombs Away! . First there was the Enola Gay - now its Glen P. Robbins. (Free (featuring the fabulous Paul Rogers) “All Right Now”: “There she stood in the street, Smiling from her head to her feet. I said hey, what is this? Now baby, maybe she’s in need of a kiss, I said hey, what’s your name baby. Maybe we can see things the same.”
These first two questions provided as adverse interest to the Biden administration are then followed by this RSR ROBBINS dissertation targets - Israel as influencer of U.S. policy and relative concern regarding most important positions of Cabinet being controlled by conspicuously Jewish persons. Israel having too much influence on Washington DC comes in at 7/10 respondents. This number increases to nearly 8/10 ‘decided’ in the State of Texas. That’s the math the Texas secessionists are after.
This From Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs July 19, 2021: “Israel is one of the most inclusive societies in the world for the lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. Today, Tel Aviv is considered the “Gay Capital of the Middle East.” (Muslims & Arabs must like this (not)).
Concern regarding all Jewish Joe Biden member Cabinet is slightly higher across the Board with nearly (¾) (75%) respondents concerned to one degree or another ‘decided’ with that number in excess of (80%) in secessionists in perpetuity - State of Texas. Question 6 introduces my list of leaders/party, party and other response choices. The only response choice that is not hypothetical is Biden/Harris and Democratic Party whose support is ground up like lean hamburger in the midst of other choices. (The Who - Baba O’riley: “Out here in the fields, I fight for my meals, I get my back into my living. I don’t need to fight, To prove I’m right, I don’t need to be forgiven.”
Of the 5 hypothetical and real response choices, exclusive of “None of these”, and “Undecided”, the only real response choice Biden/Harris and Democrats drops precipitously from baseline Texas, Florida & Ohio at (45%) to (31.34%) a loss of (13%) support through these 3 U.S. States. The Respondent hypothetical of former Republican candidate Mitt Romney and former Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to (9%) from (52%), a heart stopping drop in support of (43%) from ‘President in Exile’ Donald Trump & the (former) Republican Party’s (52%). The Republican Party is near a ‘corpse of a party’ without Donald Trump (President in Exile).
In a hypothetical US Election involving all of the leaders and parties in this RSR Poll, Biden/Harris would crush Romney/McConnell. Biden/Harris lose their support to other response choices as follows: (8%) to “None of These”, (2%) to the US Justice Party (former alt left party now in business as an alt right party), (1%) to “Undecided” and (1%) to MTrump/TCruz (“Raphael”) and (New) Patriot Party. Republican support gushes losses as follows: (32%) to MTrump/TCruz (“Raphael”) and (New) United States Patriot Party, (5%) to “None of These”, (3%) to ITrump/CMcCain and US Zionist (Jewish) Conservative Party, and (2%) to the alt right US Justice Party.
At Question 7 we ask a question regarding Media ownership (mainstream media and major cable news) in the United States (and in Canada). On this occasion we included the Kushner “Zionist is a Jew, Jew is a Zionist” “reality”. The Polling outcome is disastrous news for US Media with (90%) ‘decided’ respondents in Texas, Florida and Ohio in plain fact rejecting this domination of Media by one ethnic group. (Bob Dylan - “It's all over Baby Blue”).
I would note for context a mainstream poll from 2016 which suggested that the percentage of Americans who believed that Israel had too much influence on Washington DC was at {60%}. This percentage represented a National score. I would add to the fact that the preponderance of Jewish persons in the United States reside in New York, Florida, Washington DC and California, with but a smattering of them here and there throughout the country. (In middle America out of the room out of the game).
The average population of Jewish persons in these 3 TrumpStates polled by ROBBINS is below the National average. For further context I would note that Ivanka Trump and Meghan McCain and hypothetical Zionist (Jewish) US Conservatives attract nearly (7%) support in Florida and near zero in Texas, interesting to know should Ivanka Trump seek Marbo Rubio’s seat in that State at some later date. Also, across these three States my previous polling suggests the Conservative brand at an estimated (20%). The The US Zionist Jewish Conservative Party attracts about one quarter of that amount. Nationally I would assess from vote that Zionist Conservative Party support would be about three quarters of one percent.
After setting the stage with adverse interest policy questions relating to Joe Biden (NB CNN and MSNBC and others refused to refer to Donald Trump as President - turnabout is fair play) - our questions regarding the passive takeover of the US by Jewish (Zionist) interests - our hypothetical leaders and party question - combined to set the stage for the simple question of whether or not voters from TrumpStates were disappointed that Donald Trump was no longer their (sic) President. (Six in Ten) ‘decided’ voters in Texas, Florida and Ohio are “disappointed” that President in Exile Donald Trump is not President.
U.S. ‘President in Exile’ Donald J. Trump is a hot hot political commodity in TrumpStates like Texas, Florida and Ohio while Biden support is ‘drying up’ as Democrats go through ‘the change of life’ in more conservative States. In those same States, U.S. President in Exile Donald Trump is loved by Americans particularly in these TrumpStates.
Structurally, I believe the Biden/Harris White House is beginning a downward slope in support in larger TrumpStates. Now Wyoming, the most Conservative State in the Union has a Lesbian for its main leader. Not that there's anything wrong with that (Seinfeld). But it tells you something metaphorically. The Republican Party has become a ‘wee bit too gay’. If nothing changed in Democratic States like California and New York circa 2020, plus holding the vote totals from those States like Pennsylvania who clearly breached the US Constitution (and were not held accountable by the US Supreme Court), I would assess Joe Biden’s National support at or about (40-44%) sliding downward, and using a similar assessment place ‘President in Exile’ Donald Trump’s support at (52%) Nationally.
In our Entertainment Question “Biggersnakes” - we take an adverse interest against Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump attempting to discover which woman is the ‘bigger snake’ based on a book alleged to be on its way where Melania apparently refers to her step daughter Ivanka and her Nobel Prize nominee and Zionist husband Jerod Kushner as “snakes”. This question design is a type of set off for purposes of making estimates of support already employed against Joe Biden.
Our spotlight Electoral Team (“ET”) is Melania Trump (President) and Ted Cruz (Vice President). Melania is now a US citizen and based on John McCain and other precedent is eligible to run for President going forward. One in ten U.S. Voters in Texas, Florida and Ohio believe that on her own Melania Trump is the ‘bigger snake’ while overall (30%) believe Melania Trump is a “snake”. I would predict a National snake score for Melania likely in the (35%) range (certainly not WhiteSnake however). The vast majority of Americans do not see Melania Trump as a snake. No one who IS disappointed that Donald Trump IS NOT President responds that Melania Trump IS a snake, but (15%) of those who are disappointed that Donald Trump is not President see Ivanka Trump as a snake.
Ivanka’s ‘Jewishness’ may help her in Florida, but it won’t help her father's New Patriot Party nearly as much despite the Conservative label attached to it. By the looks of it the Neo Patriot Party would appear to be predicated on the idea of freeing American from Jewish rule and control. All anyone else has to do is the balls like me (lol) to point out the obvious. A Revolutionary Party needs an ‘enemy’. Now there is oneBased on support for Melania Trump former 1st Lady for President at ‘decided’ (35%) or a 35/30 support to snake ratio (53.48%), and when added back to the aforementioned (35%) and then divided by two - provides us with an estimate of Melania Trump for President support at (44.24%) in Texas, Florida and Ohio - a percent translating to (41-42%) Nationally about (10%) higher than support for Oprah Winfrey in Entertainment polls I have conducted using her name.
I would suggest the hypothetical Melania Trump - Ted Cruz Team is currently tied with the Biden/Harris Team on a National percentage comparison, although I also believe Melania Trump and Ted Cruz could win every TrumpState from 2016 - 2020.
In our final question on Antifa seeing if Americans in these 3 TrumpStates want it declared a terrorist organization nearly (6/10) responses in these TrumpStates believe they should be declared a terrorist organization. In our recent Canadian poll on the subject of Antifa being a terrorist organization a similar raw support “Yes” was achieved as in these TrumpStates. (Canadians aren’t as liberal as you think). In that Canadian ROBBINS Poll dated January 17, 2021 we asked this legally bona fide question (though not scientific for the level of push “rioting, looting and murders”): “From March 2020 and over a period of many months the United States was engulfed in rioting, looting and murders, including the execution of police officers. In order to ensure this does not occur in Canada would (You) support the Parliament of Canada declaring Antifa a terrorist question?”
Canadian Response: “Yes” (59.42%). (“Canadian Summer” Dean Brody (my grandson’s favourite song - I like it too! “Lakeside Motel. At the Corner gas, you asked for my help, Standing by your van You’re barefoot in a snapback, Sippin’ on your Iced Capp...We’re high on Canadian summer.”
(88%) of MTrump and TCruz plus New United States Patriot Party believe Antifa should be declared a terrorist organization, while (64%) of Biden/Harris’s team say “No” to the proposition. (71%) of Romney-McConnell Republican supporters also support declaring Antifa a terrorist organization. (52%) of the Romney-McConnell Team support also is disappointed that Donald Trump is currently not the President.
On the Holocaust (generally & for context) - Introduction of Revision with the Intention of producing new (current) numbers.
Holocaust Revisionists in the late 1970’s and 1980’s were met with strident Holocaust denier labels in mainstream criticism who suggested through the media and public relations that they owned and controlled to a large degree, that these Revisionists never acknowledged any Jewish deaths. Indeed one of the revisionists entitled his book “Hoax” which on its face was enough to attract wholesale negation from Jewish leaders (as anticipated). This hyperbolic revisionist title - which wasn’t helpful, considering that author’s main dissertations in the book involved the credible idea that extermination and crematoriums (from train to incinerator a systematic procession of unbroken linkage never occurred without consideration of starvation and typhoid (causally related to causally inferred) - (a theory I agree with)), as well as the fact that migration of Jewish persons away from Europe (Mein Kampf-Hitler’s book was written in 1924) reduced the pool of Jewish persons in Central and Eastern Europe (Poland considered a Central European country) and overall made the 5.3 to 6 million number of deaths in the region unlikely (another theses I concur with), notwithstanding other circumstantial to direct information.
I note that Jewish demographer Linfield acknowledges the relatively massive influx of Jews to the US between the period of 1910 to 1935 from a World population then of 15 million. I also note in his 1929-1930 pre war numbers, many are derived from Jewish side sources, some of those pretty anecdotal. Like Jewish Hungarian Vancouver lawyer Ron Bakonyi in IRobbins v Cambridge who went to court during a period of stay of execution order(which he failed to file in the first place) and obtained orders from judges without opposing counsel (me) there. He had to believe he could do as he pleased! The point here is that the population demographics are anything but perfect pre War - or post War. Referring to this as a Hoax - never properly allowed for arguments on balance of higher likelihood to be made at the time in order to avoid the embarrassing circumstance which we are presented with today.
The mathematical assessment of total number of Jews in the European ‘pool’ of demographic, the (proactive) actions of Stalin to move many Jewish persons east (the high number of Jews were in Poland, Ukraine and Moscow at {8%}, {10%} and higher of population), and lower number in Germany (one half percent of pop), plus arguments asserting high number of Jewish murders in the Netherlands (110,000 Jews compared to 2.5 to 3.0 million in Poland for example) @ {70%} compared to the low number murdered in Vichy France (Jews were not killed to near the same degree as in Holland who fought back) and in Belgium - the 1.5 million Jewish soldiers - one million for Soviets and 500,000 for allies - the direct killings by Romanian, Hungarian, Lithuanian and Estonian governments or proxy death squads massacre of Jews nonetheless adds up (I believe) to a real reduction in numbers from the pledged 6 million number already reduced by many Holocaust advocates to lower 5 million to numbers likely less than that.
Revisionist O’Neil was criticized for his thesis that Hitler wasn’t responsible for 6 million deaths, using in part, arguments that Hitler wasn’t aware of them for a variety of reasons including - that he was pretty much a drug addict deep into the war -and wasn’t the most strident of his group advocating the intentional extermination of Jews, is moot - because the Nazi regime (which Hitler led), did intend to kill jewish people or otherwise obstruct with their freedom resulting in their ultimate demise and is thus responsible for the Lions share of the Democide, Genocide (call it what you will), perhaps not in the manner of the over stated Hanzel and Gretel like narrative (ovens) and very likely no where near 6 million or even the low score of 5.3 million dead - but Hitler’s Team had motive and intent and is responsible for much but CERTAINLY not all of the genocide that occurred against the Jews.
Hitler, drug addicted and his Nazi Party were responsible for the genocide of Jews in Europe during World War II, but no where near 6 million Jewish persons. What that number is more likely to be will be introduced following an exhaustive research. The documentary film(s) I have considered regarding the intentional and purposeful extermination of Jews because they were Jewish (without the reasons for the same) revealed Estonians and Lituanians in towns rounding up the Jewish population, troublemakers and homosexuals, shooting row upon row of Jews dead then kicking their dead bodies into fire pits below. (I have a claim published apparently from Dan Evon via Denver Post that appears to be fact checked as true that “In the Nazi death camps in Poland, Jews were killed by being masturbated to death with a masturbation machine, and then turned into soap by the SS” - Rated as “True”. Yet President Trump’s communication was cut off.
(Holocaust means “the burning” - likely triggered by these mass killings and not the crematoriums used for reasons related to Typhoid). The townspeople who fed and otherwise served the killers - spoke of them like workers - killing “slaughter horses” like it was a cull of coyotes not people. Viewing this genocide buckled my knees more than the Holocaust ‘legend’ ever did. In this horrid business where one such murder is awful - we speak however of only thousands or tens of thousands of Jews and other being murdered this way. The overall intent however was to murder Jews. The question as to why Jews were treated so badly - and have been for hundreds of years is another story to tell. It is safe to say that over the Century and better Jewish people have been the least trusted and least liked by a whole myriad of civilizations. Why? Humanists would respond “Is there ever a rationale for taking any life”. My Reply to that Response would be to say that such a statement should apply to the taking of any human life, any Democide or any Genocide. (Sarcasm with Emphasis).
Murder of people other than Jewish people on a large scale is as bad as murder of non Jewish people on a large or small scale. Any forward thinking publicist would see these numbers wouldn’t hold up as unique decades later like the Hitler and crematorium narrative. At the time of War ending the Red Cross was declaring about 300,000 Jewish persons murdered. In documentary footage circa 1947 the crematorium idea was not first and foremost in the minds of assessors. The systematic murder of Jews in Europe was denoted then at around 1,070,000. Following 1947 this number grew to 6,000,000 (like cumulative high interest).
The lazy researcher or journalist themselves occupied by psychological denial/negation might ask - what's the purpose of this inquiry by Glen P. Robbins anyhow? I would respond that given the situation in the United States, where like Canada, the Jewish control of Finance, Media and now the Government, particularly the Institutions regarding National Security must retrospectively consider which Ethnic group harmed during World War II has benefited the most in the years following World War 2?
Only the Jews. On Valentine's Day 2021 they control the United States of America and rule in the Middle East. Was it the ethnic Polish people who have a similar population to the Jews in the United States? The Poles lost {25-30%} of their total population. Was it the genocide too, of up to 10,000,000-15,000,000 non Chinese soldiers at the hands of the Japanese from 1937 to the end of World War 2 noted as “Democide” in the works of political scientist Rudolph Rummel?
Indeed, RJ Rummell (November 2000) writes this as well: “As the Red Army pounded the Wehrmacht back towards Germany’s Eastern territories in October 1944 some 4,000,000 to 5,000,000 fled...Thousands (of German citizens) were killed by Soviet artillery,,,machined gunned on the roads and run over by tanks. Overall...1,000,000 German civilians (20-25%) perished during this evacuation.” “For those Germans and those that found havens in the Eastern territories…, the “greatest forcible dislocation of persons in European history was yet to come.”
Not the Jewish, but the German citizens. Adds author Rummell “Within a few year of the wars end an incredible 15,000,000 Reichdeutsch and Ethnic German civilians would be thrown out of Poland, the Baltic States, Memel, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania (sic), Yugoslavia, and the Eastern areas of Germany”. “…(N)ear 2,000,000 (sic) of these people would die or be killed (13.33%) of the total.” I note for comparison that if the 5.5 million Jewish persons that Jewish sources say were killed, this amounts to (42.31%) of the proposed World population of Jews. If however this number were to say, fall to 2,500,000 this would equate to (16.666%) of Worldwide Jews, ironically close to the relative percentage of mostly Ethnic Germans also killed, a percentage not dissimilar to that of the number of Ethnic Poles murdered and killed.
(The use of the word “Democide” which means the intentional killing of an unarmed person (single person) by government agents, while “Genocide” means the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group). This is important when we consider that the systematic murder of Jews was a mass killing and depicted always as Genocide (Holocaust), the mass killing of Chinese and others clearly on a mass scale or genocide was something lesser but referred to as Democide, as if 15 Chinese million deaths were just one. On this standard of assessment it might appear the murder of innocent Chinese persons by the Japanese military - was close to the murder of Christ (“One”), a circumstance normally ignored by Jewish persons - who since have permitted people to celebrate Christmas and Easter openly. How long will it be before that is amended? I note the fact that Church attendance has been greatly reduced owing to Covid, with many reports of Synagogues staying open for business.
What you see is what you get - or will get.
The message here is clear - that Jewish people were/are more valuable than Asian people, Ethnic Polish people, Russians, Slavs generally as well as innocent Ethnic German people - and on and on. This is a humanitarian Hoax of linguistic proportion. Insanity spun like gold into reality. In following a path of fairness in assessment of realpolitik in design of questions reflecting the State of the U.S. Union on this account - it is essential that one consider more fully the selection by Joe Biden of mostly (nearly entirely) of Jewish persons to all important positions. I mean near a dozen of them to the very top positions.
It is generally understood by many of us higher end thinkers that the US is called the great Satan by its enemies particularly those like Iran (and others) not because it is a capitalist or to some an otherwise hedonistic immoral society, but rather because US enemies using realpolitik calculation have believed that the country is controlled by Jewish interests in both finance (and now) Media and that was impacting directly on events in the Middle East. Apparently, US Voters in Texas, Florida and Ohio - TrumpStates feel this - on their skin.
Jewish ownership and control of finance - in the United States the Federal Reserve, the stock market, banks, hedge funds and lobbying has always been known, but seldom discussed in those terms, and when it is, the term anti semite (common racism for everyone else) seems to pop up just as quickly. It is overly defensive in my opinion.
Whites are no longer whites - they are all cloaked in branding as White Supremacists. This is far worse a situation than the one that existed prior to World War 2. Realpolitik is way off balance in the United States (Canada too). US Florida Senator Marco Rubio wants a law stipulating that anyone ‘investigated’ of terrorism should have their guns taken - (makes one wonder about his donor base). The list of those investigated will take on the shape of those who have died from Coronavirus (lol). More Lists for Cash.
In context of my thesis as it relates to these polling outcomes, I provide this from Former Israeli Prime Minister Shulamit Aloni in “Democracy Now” circa August 14, 2002 on the subject of “Anti-Semitic” labelling. Mademoiselle Aloni asserted “Its a Trick - We Always Use It to Stifle Legitimate Criticism of Jews and Zionist Israel”.
Ms. Aloni goes on to say “When, from Europe, if someone is criticizing Israel, we bring up the Holocaust. When, in this country (USA), people are criticizing Israel then “they are anti-Semitic’. “And the organization is strong and has a lot of money and the ties between Israel and the American Jewish establishment are very strong and they are strong in this country…” I tie in for edification documentaries on the notorious Israeli Mossad Secret Police - admittedly staffed of spies and secret agents who admit their greatest skill is in acting. I don’t deny this attribute though I might suggest this question as it follows entertainment consideration.
When is the last time you have witnessed a funny Jewish comedian? Not since Jerry Seinfeld I say. Or alternatively Jerry Stiller (More moves than Wayne Gretsky). The takeover of the United States was put into full operation in the 1990’s when Globalist President Bill Clinton set the table for Bolshevism U.S. Style 2.0, by granting Jewish owners of Major Social Media (“MSM”) special publishing licenses whereby they were immune from lawsuits protected by special law Section 230. (When Israel was first created Britain provided them with large electrical and other contracts - and not the Palestines - giving Israel a big advantage). Property rights were not important to Clinton.
The takeover of the United States of American by Zionist interests is completed.
Deplorable and dangerous conduct of Big Tech in the most recent 2020 Election - all Jewish owned and controlled companies with special Section 230 Protection, (meaning that Large Jewish owned Hi Tech companies cannot be held liable for speech, based on the (false) premise that they provide unbiased platforms and thus are not publishers and should be permitted this special distinction because they promote Free Speech) -, followed by the disconnection of President Trump’s communication capacity whilst he remained in office -represents to any honest political writer of even modest acumen - in conjunction of the appointment of Jewish (Zionists to Nobel Peace Prize Kushner) cabinet officials -and with total control of national security of the United States of persons of Jewish ethnicity -, people with impeccable records on merit, in their mid 50’s (young), out of reach of dubiously equipped Joe Biden - produces an overall realpolitik picture of a much more perilous situation for the United States then 9-11 ever was in terms of being overtaken - by interests I do not believe are interested in the U.S. Constitution beyond what it means in Harvard or Yale classes. (Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes).
I call this political circumstance in the United States (Canada) and elsewhere “One-21”. The twisted irony here is the fact that Anti Semitism actually means to be against Middle East people generally- Arabs included - sold in America as specific to Jews alone. If there was ever a time for an authentic (peaceful) American Political Revolution (APR) based on real politik reassessment it was yesterday. (“Twilight Zone” Golden Earring: “Help I’m steppin’ into the twilight zone. The place is a madhouse, Feels like being cloned, My beacon’s been moved under moon and star. Where am I to go, now that I’ve gone too far.”
To be very clear for probing jaundiced eyes manipulators and real denialists - the author is anti violence, pro all free speech, and believes that harm to any person - who doesn’t aim to harm others is a tragedy - familial realpolitik.
The 2020 US Election proved that Big Tech does anything BUT promote Free Speech. In fact the contrary assertion can just as easily be made that Big Tech Social Media Intent is to suffocate Free Speech under the guise of promoting it. (Perfect Strangers - Deep Purple “Maybe we’re perfect strangers. Maybe it's not forever. Maybe the night will change us. Maybe we’ll stay together.”).
Here are some of Joe Biden’s selections along the realpolitik line of Inquiry of accusations of Jewish control in the face of rising hegemony of Israel in the Middle East: 1. Secretary of Treasury: Janet Yellen (Polish Jewish family), Secretary of State Antony J. Blinkson (Jewish parents Hungary), Attorney General (Merrick Garland), Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas (son of Jewish Cuban refugees), Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines (“identifies” with Jewish mother), Office of Science & Technology Eric Lander (born to Jewish parents).
In the Online ‘Jewish’ newspaper “Forward” in an article of January 18, 2021 written by Jacob Kornbluh: “Enough for a minyan A Jewish who’s who of Bidens Cabinet-to-Be” states: “As President-elect Joe Biden announced his picks for the Cabinet, the joke went around on Jewish Twitter that the West Wing would have a minyan.” (In Judaism, a minyan is the quorum of ten Jewish adults required for certain religious obligations). “The joke went around” - as I said not one funny Jewish person since Seinfeld.
‘It’s a “remarkable statement about the place of Jews in this society,” said Jason Isaacson, the American Jewish Committee’s chief policy and political affairs in Washington.’
“Amid the rise in antisemitism and its role underpinning the Capital siege on Jan 6, Isaacson added, the fact that so many well known and engaged Jews will serve in the highest levels of the administration and no one talks about that and it's not an issue, that says alot about how far American society has progressed.”
Mr. Isaacson’s comments regarding the appointment of Jewish persons to the very highest levels of government, including those pertaining to governing security and intelligence ‘a remarkable statement about the place of Jews in (American) society’ - provided on the one hand as a response to the “rise of antisemitism underpinning (sic) the protest” and “siege” in Washington DC, and THEN in the same breath referring back to the appointments of Jewish persons across the Board of Cabinet members as evidence of progress of American society is incredulous to say the least.
Based on Mr. Isaacson’s incongruent (“plastic” in my opinion) view of reality, articulated without review of the glaring inconsistency (admission by inference) in terms of context of explanations for the subject matter appointments - added to the fact that the entire institution of US Media doesn’t permit free speech about the issue, bans books on the subject is clear evidence that the United States, at least Institutionally, is in a State of collective Institutional denial. A very dangerous situation by any measure of realpolitik.
The millions and millions of young alt left and right people with common cause now claim their pedigree on the number of platforms they have been banned from for Free Speech. No writers or journalists of any quality choose the mainstream or larger social media publications anymore. Just people who need the job. Half baked opportunities are left for grovellers and grifters. A far far more precarious position exists in the United States (Canada) than when Donald Trump offered the United States His MAGA umbrella against the world's inclement political weather.
Moreover, a contrary position might be better offered that in fact Biden (or at least those more woke/awoke people around him) picked mostly Jews to top positions as part of the de facto take over of government, media communications and institutions. These actions might more accurately be depicted as a Neo Fascist ‘defensive’ consequence undertaken, but portrayed to more easily sway American lemmings in the middle of the ideological hemisphere as a progressive movement. One twenty one as it were.
What many alternative political persons are characterizing as the Bolshevik Movement 2.0. (Jewish persons do not like being depicted as communist revolutionaries). Here is the rub of this expose. Control financial institutions more or less - control Treasury - more or less- control media and the rest of it (absent less) including government - grow government - and have total control of everything while weak and afraid White baby boomers clutch their silver savings and pensions.
The table will next be set for taxing church properties and such - a concept initially put forward (again) by President Bill Clinton. Jews detest Catholicism - the concept of a person rising again after death not something their small worldwide numbers and belief system can easily digest. One can see why the shit hit the fan when Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 Election. Her job was to carry on her husband’s Global agenda, Trump simply got in the way and was better at the job than the others. Unforgivable merit.
The distance that 2021 takes from World War 2 (1939-1945) guarantees the end of lifetime for any remaining World War 2 Veterans - and as this occurs, thus beckons new perceptions of Holocaust events in Europe and elsewhere as this relates to what is broadly believed to be the intentional mass genocide of Jewish persons in Eastern (and to a lesser extent Central and Southern Europe over that period in history) - and when applied to other published public opinion polls suggesting that young people 20-40 are unaware or indifferent to the subject matter of “the Holocaust’ - and my extensive review of these events including population data and written material suggests to me - that Jewish interests understood the changing of this widely held belief to something other-making the ‘takeover’ of US interests the only hand Zionists had left to play.
As my Team works through the information on the War in Europe 1939-1945 and re estimate of deaths of various groups through what is more commonly known as genocide if your Polish ethnic (non Jewish) and Holocaust if you are Jewish - that there was also an Asian Holocaust - whereby Japan produced a genocide on innocent Chinese people to the tune of others than Rummel of nearly 14 million people. Jewish historians deny this as a Holocaust equivalent as their situation is more unique predicated on the intention in Europe circa 1940’s to wipe out all Jews. Special!
This information is well known to historians who understand that this information was never advanced in western media on account that Japanese people were held in concentration camps during WW 2 - the largest Japanese concentration camp existing in North America in my hometown Province of British Columbia/Canada. Innocent Japanese people died in these BC Concentration camps of starvation and illness too - is this a Made in British Columbia Holocaust?
I also note that the Japanese held millions of people in their own concentration camps. US Soldiers captured like Jewish people, Slavs and others held in European concentration camps starved. 83 million people died in World War - 2/3ds Russian or Chinese (though the range is from 70-85 million). To this I note from the Jewishvirtuallibrary on Post-war era Soviet Union: “Following World War II, Stalin continued his genocidal policies.” “More than 15 million Germans were removed from eastern Germany…” “Russian, Ukraine, Poles, Czech etc… (along with) Crimerian Tatars and Volga Germans…(where) (M)illions of German and Soviet POWs (sic) were sent to Gulags (concentration camps).
It should be noted from other material obtained from Jewish historians that approximately 10 million ethnic Polish citizens of a population total of 35 million (nearly 30%) were killed or murdered in World War 2.
Based on the 6 million Jews alleged (with modest emphasis) to have died as a direct result from crematoriums in Europe in World War (40%) of all worldwide Jews - it is clearly apparent that if that 6 million number were to be modified with revisionist reasoning to a number closer to 2 million (for sake of discussion only here-merely a stark (too many) hypothetical - point granted intentional genocide against Jewish persons in Eastern Europe and to a less extent than Central or Southern Europe) that would bring the intentional targeting and killing of Jews on a worldwide basis as genocide to (13%), far less stark than the murder of ethnic Poles.
(Before anyone from the response denial side of the ledger faints, let me be clear that the numbers relating to deaths by all groups including Jewish/Chinese/Polish from World War 2 Europe are ‘flexible’. They are quite uncertain - any honest assessment from a smart undergrad would determine this over a weekend and with some context of revisionist writers - most noteworthy in the late 1970’s and 1980’s. Those consequential additions have been added - these revisionist books and writings do not rise to the current American Media Experience branding of Holocaust Denier - clearly an offensive allegation - when the difference in World War deaths Total including Soldiers, Citizens, Genocide all the awful elements - ranges from 70 million to 85 million nearly a (25%) spread - even the pro Holocaust advocates take the 6,000,000 number and reflect it as a gross up of 5.3 million to 5.5 million).
I endeavoured to take my inquiry far beyond the pat dribble response of many baby boomers - “still a lot of people'' (Har de har har). (In one published legal document entitled Holocaust against Glen P. Robbins-intended for human rights sarcasm - democide - genocide manipulative language -”quid pro quo”) I describe the illegal activities of a lawyer and BC Human Rights Tribunal to obstruct justice and to intentionally cause the publishing of my name as a pedophile based on erroneous testimony of a woman employee who had accused me at staring at her every day for a year and one half). In light of what we NOW know - the intended sarcasm (my specialty) was most apt.
At this point in history the making of Jewish owned America (JoA) is akin to the fifth best poker hand - a straight. A formidable hand, but not the best. I note using Mr. Kornbluh’s standard of assessment - with this in mind that Adolf Hitler took to war with his military preparedness only 70 percent complete and failed. How will the Jewish (Zionists) perform now that they have been given their final opportunity to command the world, but on their heels already - with a response to the situation begging?
In this Poll of Texas, Florida and Ohio - the concerns as presented in the Push question prompted by Jerod Kushner’s realpolitik statement that all Jews are Zionists (Israel) is very high, with three in four ‘decided’ respondents willing to muster some concern of Mr. Isaacson’s interpretation of the current realities of US realpolitik as this time. In a market of bona fide free speech and in the context of Israel’s rise in power - I expect this concern would be in the majority. Again, perhaps the reason the appointments, the media control occurred in the first place.
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