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January 2021 Canada Poll - Mein Rezept
  Jan 17, 2021

Question #1
Canadian Federal Poll by Leader & Party: (Net) of Undecided:
Erin O’Toole & Conservatives    29.95 %
Justin Trudeau & Liberal    27.05 %
Jagmeet Singh & New Democrats    16.79 %
Yves-François Blanchet & Bloc Québécois    7.19 %
Elizabeth May & Green Party    3.64 %
Question #2
Statistical factoring of ALL to Decided:
Erin O’Toole & Conservatives    33.93 %
Justin Trudeau & Liberals    31.18 %
Jagmeet Singh & New Democrats    19.04 %
Yves-François Blanchet & Bloc Québécois    8.42 %
Elizabeth May & Green    4.12 %
Question #3
Is it time for a Federal General Election in Canada?
Yes    53.78 %
Question #4
Would you support a Federal flat tax of 10% on all personal income no exceptions or special write offs - to keep taxation more simple for Canadians?
Yes    57.88 %
Question #5
Would you support term limits of not more than 12 years appointment for Canadian Senators and Superior Court Judges including the Supreme Court of Canada?
Yes    63.79 %
Question #6
How would you rate the performance of your Provincial Governments - Good, Fair or Poor? (average by population)
Good    50 %
Fair    26 %
Poor    23 %
Question #7
In your opinion which country of those offered as choices is the best democracy?
Canada    84 %
United States    3 %
United Kingdom    8 %
None    5 %
Question #8
From March 2020 and over a period of many months the United States was engulfed in rioting, looting, and murders, including the execution of police officers. In order to ensure this doesn’t occur in Canada would support the Parliament of Canada declaring Antifa a terrorist organization?
Yes    59.42 %
Question #9
If your federal or provincial government(s) continue to place restrictions on your freedoms because of CoronaVirus - for an extended period of time, should it also provide Canada Recovery payments over an extended period as well?
Yes    59.17 %
Erin O'Toole, the new(er) Conservative Leader of Canada currently has support (17) basis points lower than former leader Andrew Scheer’s winning popular percentage in the 2019 Canadian Election. This calculation is based on the grossed up percentage of Decided support.
Scheer’s winning percentage failed to make him Prime Minister (most seats in the House of Commons).
“Herr O’Toole muss mit den weiBen Wahlern besser abschneider, um Kanadas nächster Premierminister zuwerden.”
Justin Trudeau holds a similar position in popular support now, as he did in 2019, just prior to the General Election that year. I would note that Trudeau made a last minute push then to earn {33.12%} of the Canadian vote (and the most seats) with some last minute support from a ROBBINS Poll trending him up (the Harper ‘Judges’ indebtedness).
Konservative ins Stocken geraten - und mit dem...des ehemaligen US-Prasditenten Barack Obama, der “in letzer Minute” uber liberale Minderheitenrechtsmedien stromte, um die Wahler zuden Liberalen and weg von den “neuen” Demokraten oder progressiven konservativen zutreiben, die Justin Trudeau PM fur eine zweite Amtszeit geben.
Jagmeet Singh is the Leader of the Canadian New Democrats, a party that has never won (federal) government. They had a shot at government with Leader Tom Mulcair in the 2015 Federal Election, but his party support plummeted in the final weeks of that election. (I believe there was some (‘media-trumpilization - orchestration to this’) --- though the Canadian Media would (not unreasonably) blame Mulcair).
The Federal New Democrats in my opinion are perpetually suffocated in mainstream polling particularly as election time comes near (see US President Donald Trump). Nevertheless they dropped nearly {4%} in electoral support from 2015 to 2019, returning to those 2019 totals according to this ROBBINS Poll.
“Die liberalen Medien (siehe Judische Menschenrechte) mogen Demokraten nicht mehr als Konservative - es sei denn, die Konservativen sind an der Macht.”
This is important, because although I have not checked recently, the mainstream media usually has the Federal New Democrats a few percentage points lower (Nationally) than I do. I find that the Province of British Columbia federal totals for the New Democrats are often underestimated by mainstream pollsters most of whom operate in Toronto and Montreal (Eastern Provinces). Jagmeet Singh the Leader of the Federal New Democratic Party has his constituency in Burnaby BC with an army of -Sikh & White- volunteers in support in the region.
“Diese Sikh and White Armee wird als Silk N White ausgesprochen. Die Sikh - Bevolderung in Kanada macht {1.5%} der Kanadaischen Bevolderung aus, versucht jedoch nicht, {70%} aller regulären under sozialen Medien zu besitzen. Mit dem Absturz der Parler Free Speech des Libertarianers Bobby/Becky Murcer (Jet Airline - Steve Miller Band) durch die meiner meinung nach vernünftigerweise erlarten judischen Aufstandischen & Apple and Google et al under der kommunication une medien der Vereinigten Stanten (Kanada) in einem gegenwartiger zustand Notfall - diese Frage muss gestellt werden.” “Das jüdische Rückkehrgesetz hat ungefähr 23 Millionen Einwohner - dies würde Menschen mit Nachnamen wie Robbins (Reuben) einschließen - die größtenteils in den Vereinigten Staaten bevölkert sind - kein Elternteil, aber ein Verwandter würde in dieser Zahl enthalten sein, da die Bevölkerung eiskalt ist Jüdisch ist weltweit etwa 14 Millionen. So wie nur Schwarze angeblich die Kontrolle über das Wort „N“ haben, kann ich die jüngsten weltweiten Torheiten jüdischer Milliardäre überall kommentieren.” “Wenn eine schwarze Person eine andere Person als Nazi bezeichnet, ist es dann zulässig, mit dem Wort „N“ zu antworten? Nach meiner Weisheit ist es. Ich möchte auch darauf hinweisen, dass der Twitter-Algorithmus den Verweis auf das Wort "Waschbär" ablehnt, das sowohl gegen Schwarze als auch gegen Weiße als "Bogen" bezeichnet wird. Da jedoch anscheinend nur Schwarze schlecht behandelt werden, wird der Bogen gegen Weiße nicht berücksichtigt.”
I cannot make too much fun of Sikh’s who have a similar worldwide population as Jewish people-because they haven’t done anything particularly worrisome for many decades. Also despite having a similar worldwide population base, Sikh’s have never had ambitions to control the world - as has occurred now.
Our Research Team’s Jewish psychiatrist reminds us that the highest form of defence mechanism is humour, while the crudest is denial. The Media may want to consider this going forward. “Ich kann nicht sehen, wie die jüdische Lobby in Jagmeet Singh ihre Haken haben kann. Wenn dies nicht der Fall ist - Jimmy muss nur im Fernsehen mit der Nase wackeln - (wie Elizabeth Montgomery bei Bewitched). (Alternativ, wenn der Haken in ihm ist, sollte er sich im Fernsehen nervös umsehen).”
Singh’s provincial counterpart - the current Provincial New Democrat Party led by Premier John Horgan has just won a general election (easily) and maintains steady high approval. Angus Reid Institute polls on Premiers in Canada ranks Premier Horgan among the highest in the country. We are working on who if anyone has their Hooks in Horgan (“HIH”). Horgan received (47%) of the vote in British Columbia’s recent October 2020 general election - very high for that Party in the Province of British Columbia. (Keep in mind in a 3 party race (unlike the duality of Democratic/Republican in the United States) forty to forty five percent is a vote total most Leaders would take delight in.
In Canada, only Liberals or Progressive Conservatives/Conservatives have been government. In British Columbia the circumstances are similar, the BC Liberals (now a ghost town of public support (whose late loser leader (“lll”) Andrew Wilkonson (White-making fun of a White guy here-is this racism?) was voted worst political leader in BC history in a tie with Ujjal Dosanjh (Hindi)) have but one rival, the provincial New Democrats, who are currently in government. The BC Conservatives never amounting to much at Election provincially.
The development of a test model alt right party in BC with staged rallies and mock journalists for political and (extreme) comedic relief - led by Glen P. will take another 5-15 percent off the center right parties ensuring the left of center New Democrats are in power for a decade or more (lol). (I know, how can anybody be this good?) (Whiskey in the JarO - Thin Lizzy). (LOL Goebbel News slightly muffled will sound like Globbal News). Citizen: Hey did you see that Fox on --- I thought they said GlooBall News? - asking the British Columbia White Party (clean slate NOT not so called racism). Leader Glen P. Robbins is asked a question on ante Sikhism.
“For the record - GPR is a supporter of Turban Day once per year at schools and across playgrounds and cities throughout British Columbia. Helps build Unity among students. Whites ask Sikh leaders if they might wear a type of colorful Turban not exactly like the religious ones worn - to help in the celebration. Colorful Turbans everywhere like Beach Umbrellas on Skaha Lake in Penticton B.C. in the summer time (before the Covid hit). Later GPR would apologize to Jews Blacks & Sikhs for being overly kind to Sikh’s. Jagmeet Singh would accept the apology - and the two would sing, dance and laugh out loud. Now that is accommodation”. The government funded Holocaust Museum in Winnipeg would thus invite the Sikh’s to be presented in their museum with no credit or finders fee to GPR.
In furtherance of point using International Comity in the US -- since the Election of John F Kennedy in 1960 (modern times), the Democrats and Republicans have averaged near equal popular vote {47% +} consuming {95%} of the Electorate. In Canada over the same period of time - that number might be {75%}.
One forgets, (laments) that Ronald Reagan was successful in 1980, in part due to a secondary tier Independent Party run by John Anderson who drew in {7%} of the US Electorate in that Race reducing President Jimmy Carter's totals. In the 1984 US Election Reagan acquired most of Anderson’s 1980 vote when the latter did not run again in that Election. (In the 1980’s - there was so much $$ my jonny - ‘Huey’ + I were pouring Champagne in our breakfast Wheaties--when you were a wee bit short of cash - always a thousand in some suit pocket lol). (BC’s Premier at the time stuck to his whiskey in cereal/jar-0).
The loser in that 1980 election - was Democrat Jimmy Carter - a one term President who got hung up with hostages in Iran (Canada played a role in saving Americans) - and lost re election. Jimmy Carter is one of few 100% good human beings. (Child in Time - Deep Purple). He pursued the objective of full and free elections in parts of the World with little respect for human life. He and his wife Rosalynn Carter are symbols of the goodness that can be produced by human beings. Jimmy Carter is not going to the Inauguration of Joe Biden - and- despite his age of 96 - he claims good health “still building houses” @ October 2020, but he won’t be attending Joe Biden’s election, the stench of US election dubiosity (and shame) thick as Canadian syrup - in the air. (Your the One - the Vogues)
Similarly, during the two term Clinton era of the 1990’s (Bill & Hillary Clinton, are Globalists and anti private property policy ‘types’) (with Bill Clinton providing Section 230 liability protection to the Big Tech Jewish Shape Shifting Social Media (2% of pop ownership) currently being speculated for massive class action suit ---- the third party Independent candidacy of Ross Perot achieved nearly {20%} of the Vote that year, while Republican George H.W. Bush, seeking a 2nd term as president, and 4th consecutive White House for his Party, achieved less than {40%} of the Vote and about {9%} under Modern Times vote outcome average for his Republican Party.
In the first Bill Clinton win in 1992 the former President achieved {43%} of the vote, well under the Democratic election average. Some pundits suggest that Clinton took away {4%} of the Republican vote from HW Bush, with many GOP States moving to light Blue (Ed Rollins - Reformer Republican - on FOX News).
Unlike Perot, Trump has an unequivocally successful term and achieved (47%) (likely much better) of the vote in 2 US Elections on his record. One Canadian not a fan of Trump or Biden - says now that “Trump accomplished a lot - and having to deal with Covid”. Another fence sitting anecdote suggested - “Biden’s already had a turn.” (Hammer to Fall - Queen). I say this because no matter what ‘so called news’ says today - they are on their way out - requiring a massive transition to a new more standard and unbiased method of reporting news. Who and what fills in the vacuum is the next Question. His is sought to be removed is no longer a Question.
‘Donald Trumps politische Figur ist wie ein riesiger Gulliver gegen eine Schar von Zwergen (Ross Perot war ein nahezu legaler Zwerg). (Ich stelle hier für Leser, Humor, Sarkasmus und notwendigen aktuellen Spott fest, dass der durchschnittliche jüdische Mann 5 bis 5 Zoll groß ist, während der durchschnittliche kaukasische Mann fast 6 Fuß groß ist.) Das heißt: „Kontrollproblem“ ist wahrscheinlich psychologischer Natur. (Ich stelle auch fast die dreifache Anzahl von Homosexuellen in der jüdischen ethnischen Gruppe fest)’.
I am seriously not interested in a person's sexuality and do not judge their politics - save when it crosses into territory not belonging to it through propaganda misuse of government, courts etc. I explain my comments invoking the excellent NetFlix show “Line of Duty” - (Northern Ireland) & anti-corruption unit Boss Ted Hastings - who says his only job is to catch “bent coppers”.
(Bent indeed).
Similarly, my job is to catch bent media and politicians - the Jewish ownership thing just came up in the midst of the regular investigation and as you can see they are our prime suspects today. (Suspicious Minds - Dwight Yoakum version (sorry Elvis)).
The fact that most religions like Sikhism - a tolerant one which has only recently come to hear about gay Sikhs - (it isn’t referenced in religious literature) the fact that the high percentage of gay persons among the Jewish demographic would tend to place a high influence factor of ‘gayness’ upon mainstream and social media controlling at least {70%} and much less on the less than 2 percent of media Sikh’s own.
Thus the gay minority - the Black minority- both become effective guards for the Jewish minority singing the praises of human rights everywhere (but especially Jews). Ultimately - this over influence by a few minority demographics plays to the advantage of Jewish Elites in Media ownership - they can promote blocking criticism of other minorities and use that blocking for its own interests. In the pursuit of this ‘blocking’ we now find the Jewish Elites blocking free speech for everyone else. The United States and Canadian Media are now officially ‘bent’ like Clinton cartilage. I can imagine the overall feeling of the US Electorate - understanding this.
Sikh’s do not require this sorcery.
This detrimentally affected President Trump whose only fault was trying to be too mainstream-a Toe in the Swamp - his family wanting to be friends with more famous (infamous) Blacks, stupid polls suggesting blacks were flocking to Trump - his daughter and family with Jewish families - and this is fine, but politically very costly to him. These two demographics require $1.00 of love for a return of 5 cents to nothing to the Team Freedom basket, while the authentic love of others costs nothing but loyalty. Easy, common sense choices.
I have no quarrel with Conservative Jewish political writer Marc Levin. He is smart - entertaining with a five octave voice like Mariah Carey - but most importantly he is a U.S. constitutionalist. Every new political party in the Province of British Columbia, nation of Canada must include in its application - the Party Constitution. (Is this for information or editing purposes?) President Trump’s Jewish son in law Jared Kushner - another talented person, is nonetheless a Zionist (admits to it). He claims all Jews are Zionists. Fair enough, its likely more true than not. Can a Constitutionalist Jewish person like Marc Levin be a Zionist to equal measure at precisely the same time he is a US Constitutionalist?
‘Intellektuell wäre es unmöglich, beides zu sein. Wenn dieser Abzug akzeptiert wird, können nicht alle jüdischen Personen, die die US-Verfassung akzeptieren, Zionisten sein. Keine Person, die die Verfassung unterstützt, glaubt an das Ergebnis der US-Wahlen 2020. Wenn sie sagten, dass sie es taten, kennen sie die US-Verfassung nicht oder kümmern sich nicht darum. Es scheint Zweifel zu geben, dass sich die US-Gerichte auch um die US-Verfassung kümmern’.
If most Jewish US Constitutionalists - not Zionists, in a group, accept the current conduct and behaviour of Jewish publishers dominating effective ownership of all Media, and disregard the importance of the US Constitution, then the deduction made of Marc Levin ‘singularly’ must be true only for Marc Levin - who like Jesus (was) may be on his own right now. How can this be without organization and bent behaviour?
The largest demographic in both the United States is White. Jews are not White. Most recently, Jewish monopolized mainstream media promoted what I am certain was/is a racist agenda of Black Lives Matter (Blacks the first line of defence for their own interests as a ‘protected minority) as a minority right thing, but did so on the backs of Whites generally - promoting insufferable White privilege propaganda to ensure only their political voice was ‘heard’.
Better than 6/10 Canadians want the predominantly Black Antifa group declared a terrorist organization in Canada. “Dieser Unsinn wird ein Ende haben.”
As a consequence of this media saturated propaganda with common benefit advertising mutually owned and controlled major social media and regular media, is a fast accelerating discontent among the majority of Americans against both major US Parties - sick of the limited duality choice - with many more sick because of the Media control of those two parties. Trump -- (even if he isn’t President) - will control the political agenda in the United States over the next 4 years - so long as he does not pander to the Swamp. An entire communications system for the real people must be created - one which unreservedly promotes all free speech, even speech they do not like. “Jüdische & Schwarze (J & B) Organisationen können keine Kritik aufnehmen - na ja, --- versuchen, diese schwelenden Meinungen zu ersticken - sie sollten sie annehmen und versuchen, von ihnen zu lernen, um zum Standard einer sonst gewöhnlichen Gesellschaft aufzusteigen, die gezwungen ist, ihr Besonderes zu ertragen Behandlung. Wenn die Öffentlichkeit das Stereotyp von Verrat, Unehrlichkeit und Trägheit über Ihre beiden Gruppen glaubt, lassen Sie ihre Meinung zu. Schwarze können etwas härter arbeiten, um noch besser zu werden als alle anderen. "Arm, arm, erbärmlich, ich" (Linda Ronstadt) wird zu einem lästigen Refrain.”
“Ich sehe keine historische Periode, in der die jüdischen Eliten eine Unterkunft zur Verfügung stellten. Hitler versuchte und scheiterte. Das ist die Wahrheit.” ‘Als Glen P. Robbins, Anwalt von Pure Unadulterated Free Speech ("PUFS"), auf der Parler Free Speech-Website vorschlug, nachdem Hi Tech Social Media die Konten von Präsident Trump niedergeschlagen hatte, und die US-Wahl 2020 eindeutig störte, dass die Eigentümer dieser "Plastik" Hi Tech Social Media-Sites mit beschissenem Algorithmus (Ausreden), dass die Eigentümer eingesperrt und Unternehmen beschlagnahmt werden sollten, wurde auf Parler vom Melania Trump Team, dem ehemaligen US-Botschafter Nikki Haley, Kid Rock und Kirstie Alley (lol) {moderates, rock bestätigt und Hollywood}’.
In Canadian politics I’m currently bullish on the Federal NDP because its Leader Jagmeet Singh is a charismatic and intelligent young leader. Also, there is a large vein of Reformer in the Canadian electorate today - territory historically known to the New Democrats. Their Party, one which former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau (Liberal) 3rd longest serving PM - (longest serving - McKenzie King (Liberal) (21 years-1921-1926, 1926-1930, 1935-1948 {like FDR}) was a member of, prior to joining the Liberal Party of Canada - came about for purposes of Reform.
For the record, Pierre Trudeau won his first majority government with the needle of junkie- jewish money and influence pumping in his political veins - HE became politically toxic and sick as a consequence, he then begged off this hook, was punished, and won (only) a minority next time out. His son Justin Trudeau picked up the original sickness of the father (ignored the “Southern Cross” - Crosby Stills Nash and Young) - won a surprise majority from Conservative PM Stephen Harper himself a frequenter of that ‘alley way’ of political addiction - with no sign of letting up on his dependency (and no chance at the Reform vote). There are no Reform Liberals in the world anymore, least not in North America.
(Canada’s 1st Prime Minister - le fabuleux John A. McDonald (Progressive Conservative) had 2nd highest tenure as Prime Minister 1867-1873, 1878-1891). John loved the booze. The Father of our country - a good Scot - liked a drink or two - while he built the Canada. Certainly nothing wrong with that.
In the early 1990’s the Reform Party of Canada originated - causing a split with the Progressive Conservative Party under two term success Prime Minister Brian Mulroney (whose daughter Caroline is currently a Province of Ontario Cabinet Minister {starting out as Attorney General then moved-(why?)} - - - with the Reform Party, a western alienation group grabbing nearly ⅔ of Conservative ‘types’ - sufficient to split the party to the Liberals advantage and Voila Jean Chretien is in Office for over a decade.
Donald Trump has a similar choice. In a 3 Party race where Random is 33.3333..% on balance of probability Trump’s ‘base support’ would win HIM office. Republicans would suffer the worst with Conservatives, Independents as Republicans and all others flocking to Trump 2.0 like starving folks to a baloney sandwich (with mustard). (Ramble On - Led Zeppelin). Trump’s worst case scenario is ruining the Republican Party for a period of time, appropriate political revenge for how that party treated him during the very bogus Mueller investigation and his 1st term in Office and at other times during his presidency. Ironically - the only political thing not plastic - was Donald Trump’s presidency. He owes that Party nothing. Huge US Poll Coming in behind this one.
If Erin O'Toole, current leader of the Conservative Party & who I think has a real shot at minority government in the next election, does not win, Caroline or Premier Doug Ford of Ontario politics will be the next conservative leader. Because Doug Ford will win the next Province of Ontario Election for another term as Premier - simple math leaves Caroline Mulroney the Conservative heir apparent should O’Toole fail in his mission. (The only thing that could seriously disrupt Erin O’Toole’s opportunity to become Prime Minister would be to fly himself and Cabinet Ministers to Israel).
So - the Reform Party of Canada acquired an estimated (28%) of the Vote back in the early 1990’s when Ross Perot was also a Reformer and while Progressive Conservatives had fallen flat on their back. (Roxanne - the Police).
In the early 2000’s some beautifully finessed strategic polling by ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) divided then long time Liberal PM Jean Chretien (Liberal) from his Finance Minister Paul Martin who wanted his job (and began knifing him in the back at the time as Martin’s numbers were polled upward) - while stitching together the Canadian Alliance Party with the Progressive Conservatives - and new leader Stockwell Day a charismatic reform Conservative. (Roll down the Highway - Bachman Turner Overdrive). Keep in mind many New Democrats, particularly in the Western Provinces supported the Reform Party back then, mostly because the Reform Party represented a protest against Ottawa (swamp politics to match Washington). In contemporary Canadian politics over the last 30 years, the west has never been happy with Ottawa. “Grass roots politics” all proclaimed.
Ask yourself - other than US President Donald Trump - name one honest to goodness grass roots politician in the United States. Jewish money doesn’t like grassroots politics - little room for embellishment in that causation. Anyhow, it took two elections and significant Polling resources to finally get Stephen Harper in - as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (unfortunately he was good on the uptick (33%) - but ‘weak and crazy’ in majority (39%). (A real waste of my resources - trust but verify eh?).
“Zu diesem Zeitpunkt hatte ich der Frage (Problem) nicht genügend Gewicht beigemessen. Dieses Problem hat sich jetzt für alle manifestiert, was meiner Meinung nach der Aufstand des politischen Systems der USA durch Medien ist, die Personen jüdischer Personen gehören und von diesen kontrolliert werden - (versteckt in Sichtweite).”
If O’toole doesn’t win government the Progressive Conservatives will demand ‘their choice’ become the Leader and that’s Caroline Mulroney daughter of the former two term Prime Minister. The problem for the Conservative Party then is if Justin Trudeau (Liberal) wins a third term - there will be a demand for a name change back to Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. I would run Caroline Mulroney federally as Attorney General for O’Tooles Conservative Party of Canada. Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s bench is so strong he can let (Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond) go and then benefit as he has with Trudeau during Covid - with Erin O’Toole as Prime Minister and his former Executive colleague Mulroney holding the progressive conservative Attorney General of Canada Office.
Minority Rights should not be the exclusive focus of Federal Attorney Generals. I would take Pierre Poilievre as Finance Minister. (I think he was first elected at age 12 or something), but with maturity and a lot of experience - a bona fide heavyweight now with knock out power in both hands.
The information in this Poll reflects a demand for Reforms - something new and different, things promised never attained - a narrative recycled by decades with no final solution (and not even a hint of progress in Canada really). Jagmeet Singh can pin that tail on the Reform donkey - O’Toole could lose a National percentage or two Singh - if he is too dull or too propped up by plastic public relations, inauthentic as it were, and set for target of immense push back by a much larger disenfranchised group of voters particularly out of the United States. Watch out!
“(Der Autor stellt eine Umfrage von 2018 unter jüdischen Personen in Kanada fest, in der {2%} national und insbesondere {48%} von ihnen in Toronto, {23%} in Montreal, {4%} in Winnipeg und {7%} in Kanada aufgeführt sind Vancouver), nicht allzu verschieden von der Bevölkerungsverteilung der Schwarzen in Kanada - 4 Prozent laufen zu 100%. Mainstream-Medien auf dem Rücken - Mainstream-Medien sind überwiegend in jüdischem Besitz - Lobby jüdisch dominiert. Wissen Sie.” The Opposite of grassroots politics is {70%} of the major media being owned by an ethnic group of about {2%} of the population. (“Shattered” - Rolling Stones - with the new band - Donald Trump - as Mick Jagger, anonymous guitarist Glen P. Robbins - as (appropriately) Kieth Richards, Lin Wood- as Ron Wood - with Mike Flynn - as Charlie Watts). (“Just my Imagination” Rolling Stones version - Temptations - original soul pop music). Freedom through rock n roll (change your agency though eh?). “Der jüdische Politiker und Milliardär Mike Bloomberg sagt, dass "jeder ein Bauer sein kann". (Die Sache mit der Basis - wie Wasser für die böse Hexe).”
The other big story from this ROBBINS Poll is the continuous rise of the Bloc Quebecois Party (which only runs candidates in the Province of Quebec). Their percentages have increased from {4.7%} in 2015, to {7.63%} in 2019, to a very impressive {8.42%} of Canada’s National Vote. “Depuis 1993, ce «Parti séparatiste» a atteint en moyenne {9,5%} sur une base nationale sur la base de certains totaux élevés dans les années 1990, dont près de {13%} en 1993. Les élections fédérales de 2015 ont été un point bas pour le Bloc québécois, mais notre soutien les chiffres du Bloc suggèrent que le soutien à ce parti dans la province de Québec a presque doublé depuis lors, une mauvaise nouvelle pour les libéraux et les néo-démocrates, mais peut-être une bonne nouvelle pour Erin O'Toole qui a besoin de son total de sièges de base au Québec, mais doit réussissent bien en Ontario tandis que les libéraux perdent au Québec.” Doug Ford, vastly popular now, can really help with that.
Conservatives are underperforming in British Columbia, where another 5-10% increase in vote in that Province could add a few more seats from that province to their House of Commons seat totals and make all the difference. Will Erin O’Toole be a ‘tool’ for the Question (Problem) or be a working straight shooter with Canadians seeking reform out of the Covid stupor?
US President Donald Trump is popular in the Province of Quebec (42%) many who still maintain a desire to be separate or distinct from Canada - who don’t fit in with Canada - who are distinct in culture and whose frustrations and complaints are well embodied in the insurrection of Donald Trump, an outsider candidate -for certain cheated out of Office, not just from (another) poorly conducted US Election but by 4 years of orchestrated antitrust media (including most egregiously CBC, CTV & Global Television) with these efforts now freely exposed at the end of his 1st term with Jewish owned Big Tech firms taking over communications systems in the United States. “Les républicains veulent parler ou se plaindre lorsque les démocrates les aveuglent, au lieu d'invoquer un petit Malcolm X - et de les emmener au centre-ville. (Bat hors de l'enfer - Pain de viande).”
Now the United States is like the 1945 Soviet Union controlled by the Question - and moving into the clutches of Socialism. “Ceci de l’auteur allemand «Joey» Goebbels vers 1945: «Il y a une loi en Union soviétique qui punit« l’antisémitisme »- ou en anglais simple, l’éducation du public sur la question juive - par la mort. Tout expert en la matière n’est en aucun cas surpris qu’un porte-parole du Kremlin ait déclaré au cours de la nouvelle année que l’Union soviétique ne se reposerait pas tant que cette loi n’aurait pas été valide dans le monde entier. En d'autres termes, l'ennemi dit clairement que son objectif dans cette guerre est de mettre la domination totale de la communauté juive sur les nations de la Terre sous protection juridique et d'utiliser la peine de mort pour menacer même une discussion sur cette tentative honteuse’. (Joey - Blonde concrète).”
I covered US politics and media with a fine tooth comb through thousands of hours of research, particularly in major news and cable and say again - between US and Canada biggest fake news campaign one could imagine. Serial manipulative language in reporting - always bias - mostly against Trump. On CBC, CTV and Global the disparaging language against Trump every single day was at (99%). This was shit not news and I am certain of it. Very smug indeed.
“You got rats on the west side, bed bugs uptown. What a mess, this town’s in tatters, I’ve been shattered. My brains been battered, splattered all over Manhattan.”
Is it time for a Federal General Election in Canada? Yes-53.78% Highest for Federal Election by Party: 1. Bloc Quebecois (72%); 2. Conservative (68%); 3. New Democrats (56%); 4. All Other (45%); 5. Liberals (34%).
Would you support a Federal flat tax of 10% on all personal income no exceptions or special write offs - to keep taxation more simple for Canadians? Yes-57.88% Question 4: Highest for Flat Tax of 10% by Party: 1. New Democrats (73%); 2. Conservatives (72%); 3. Green (67%);, 4. Bloc Quebecois (43%); 5. Liberals (42%). There has been mention of a reformed Canada Revenue Agency - perhaps taking the submissions of T4’s T4A’s to their agency and unilaterally sending out assessment notices to Canadians who may appeal or add information to simplify matters and reduce administrative junk associated with tax collection.
Majority support for this concept of taxation plus a high Undecided and low negative make this an important taxation issue for Canadians.
Would you support term limits of not more than 12 years appointment for Canadian Senators and Superior Court Judges including the Supreme Court of Canada? Yes-63.79% Term Limits of 12 years Senators/Superior Court Judges highest “Yes”: 1. New Democrats (88%); 2. Conservatives (74%); Bloc Quebecois (74%); 4. Green (73%), Liberals (35%). The issue of term limits for the Senate (or no Senate at all) has been long standing in Canada. Term limits for Judges is big conversation in the United States today, with US Conservatives abandoning their US Supreme Court Republican majority completely.
Lifetime appointments to consequential positions in government and judiciary doesn’t play well with Canadians. Longstanding (and growing) doubts about the actual degree of democracy and freedom in Canada (now that the 1st fraud has been exposed in the US) provoke a desire among the electorate for clipping coattails of elected leaders and a more dynamic Senate and Judiciary kept ‘juicy’ by bona fide Reforms in Canada. Rather than a benefit to the public interest - Canadians perceive it be “The Life of Riley” (BB King version).
This “Yes” percentage on term limits was also accompanied by a low “No” percentage. It's a winning formula and opportunity for Jagmeet Singh Federal New Democrat as it highlights the misadventures of liberal democracy in Canada through inspection of Elite appointment. Unless of course - the hooks in.
The advantage (procrastination) from Canadian elites in response to the common person demand for yet unachieved accountability - is that Canadians don’t want to be like the United States, particularly because of Black violence and looting they witnessed for many months in the summer particularly noting the looting - murderous rampage involving apparently the Black Lives Matter ‘insurrection group’--Joe Biden’s ‘crew’. There are few Blacks in western Canada - one can only imagine what is being muttered under many Canadian breathes in those provinces (beyond a demand for sports & comedy). “Rogers est un conglomérat juif du câble, des médias et des sports. Les arénas de Vancouver à Edmonton en passant par Toronto portent la marque du nom. À Toronto, où les rapaces jouent au basketball et où la plupart des joueurs sont noirs - le lobby a demandé à Trudeau de financer 90 millions de dollars pour les entrepreneurs noirs - quelque chose que j'ai ridiculisé à juste titre auparavant - mais aucun conservateur n'était prêt à appeler des conneries parce que tant de Noirs vivent à Toronto. et acheter des marchandises liées à ce sport. À mon avis, Rogers et Shaw Cable "appartenant de la même manière" dans l’Ouest (Global TV) font pencher leur monopole grand public au profit de quelques-uns - faisant taire la grande majorité. (Combien de fois encore - Led Zeppelin).” “Je note que les commissaires de la NBA et de la LNH sont juifs. L'argent s'accompagne du contrôle des postes de haut niveau dans toutes les organisations et de l'éradication des valeurs fondamentales de la plupart des Canadiens ordinaires honnêtes sans se rendre compte (pour l'instant), de la maladie inhérente à la «conception» actuelle. Don Cherry me manque bien que je regarde rarement le hockey comme avant.”
Media made a mistake going so hard on Trump for the recent protest - gone overboard - because Canadians (Americans too) have seen nothing but this type of thing for months and months - on sets of empty streets due to Covid, when they were suffering restrictions and a loss of Freedom as a result of that disease, with no criticism levelled at Black leaders or persons responsible for 3 months of looting and murdering, particularly by Black activists. Canadian Media cannot survive a valid assessment of its value to the Public Interest. If it doesn’t adjust and quickly it will be run over by what is coming. A type of quicksand - the more they flail the more they will drown.
A majority of Canadians & Americans have heard the accountability debate, but have never experienced any all. (Just wait for the issue to pass - make distraction-rinse-repeat). The odd circumstances involving Donald Trump, once the relief of his leaving has dissipated from those who don’t like him, will return to a situation far worse than how they perceived Trump - and that will really incite anger about accountability issues - that government depending on their dealing with Covid will not have good footing to deal with. (At least) 75 Million Pissed Off Squirrels). “(Au moins) 75 millions d'écureuils en colère).” “(Mindestens) 75 Millionen angepisste Eichhörnchen).”
The exposure of Big Tech companies - and strategic ownership of media (mostly by one ethnic group with historical reputation for monopoly and in media lacking any authenticity) and other newspapers, cable and media in the United States will become front and center over the coming years (as it must) and will catch fire with Canadians (who can be nasty bastards if they come to boil). Canadian media is not strong enough with too small a loyal base to hold back more extreme free speech - and will crack, then falter, because of it. (She sells Sanctuary, The Cult live). What the media looks like thereafter will be interesting to see, but I foresee a large market for anonymous free speech and as people become more emboldened (enraged) an increase in connecting one's name to formerly private or suppressed opinion. (A truly large cat out of the bag). Tattoo parlours and motorcycle repairs are the first to advertise and as it grows more conventional advertising - after a period of squawking and screaming from financially affected stakeholders in plastic media. Instead of Video cams for naked dancing - free speech sites attracting their own markets of users.
The space independent websites promoting real free speech in the universe of discourse subsequently acquired, and through amalgamation and technology will be posed to dominate search engines. Public relations and web tech firms will not be able to hold off negative comments about clients or political groups to page 33 on engine searches. This is the Kryptonite - the Question in “Mein Rezept”.
Keep in mind my legal standing as well. Google was able to have a Supreme Court of Canada decision overturned by a California State Supreme Court. No International Comity. No Rule of Law. (Also See US Election 2020). The BC Courts protecting a BC plaintiff whose intellectual property had been stolen - provided orders that Google take down websites promoting the sale of stolen property. Google was reluctant and ultimately was never held to account. “Ironischerweise ist es meine Meinung, dass Israel geistiges Eigentum durch die Hintertür an China verkauft - ein Großteil davon nicht in den US-Interessen.” (I used the opportunity to expose a bent bc judge or 2 in IRobbins v Cambridge BCSC H130330, Supreme Court of Canada 35772).
Keep in mind nowhere in US law is there anything referring to hate speech. The US Supreme Court says hate speech is free speech. Who defines what hate speech is. If it is not criminal it all free speech. The very First Amendment in the United States protects all speech. The only viable response to suffocation of free speech is the encouragement and financing of extreme lawful speech. (Perfect Strangers - Deep Purple).
The suffocation media needs to wave the White flag sooner than later now that Trump has exposed their true agenda for self benefit not in the national interests. (Both Donald J. Trump (US) and his anonymous lead guitarist Glen P. Robbins have exposed just how ‘bent’ the political and legal systems are in both countries - a hideous fraud on the public). The Tour continues - bigger and badder to come. (Bad Company - by Bad Company).
Covid has kept the population quiet for now - but it won’t be ‘around’ forever, and when it is gone, the demand for real Freedom however that concept manifests in each and every person will be much MUCH higher than provincial or federal governments have calibrated for, or maybe even imagined, because they exist and rationalize policy in a bubble and have no real concept of the person in the street. Thousands of individual free speech websites featuring alternative or extreme free speech will be the next popular thing, an aggressive response to break through the barrier and suffocation of speech. Americans and Canadians will expect that ownership of strategic assets like media or public service will be distributed according to ethnic background the jobs in the public service ought to be, something my polling has attracted high percentages in support of.
The fledgling US Justice Party includes a policy initiative directed at limited Jewish ownership of strategic positions, media and such to the (2%) population. When linguistically positioned this policy initiative can manifest around historical scholarly writings relating to populations in Public Service matching the Electoral totals. Nowhere in the United States, Canada, UK or Europe does the public believe that 2-3 percent of the population of a country should own or control 70-80% of primary political media. Leaving it as such is pure paranoia. The gig is up. Voters now see themselves being disenfranchised or their vote lacking substantive value while Elected Officials particularly in leadership have too much power with too little value dispersed to the public.
There is exponentially increasing anecdote from ordinary Canadians (and Americans) who believe that Elected people aren’t calling the shots, but who front for other anonymous (invisible) powers. The next few years will blow the lid right off this, and as I said, governments particularly passive ones like Canada will likely not be able to manage it predicated on the theory that those appearing to be in charge are in fact (not). Now when mainstream ‘Bubble Heads’ ® speak about conspiracy theory they have no idea that some of the average people are being insulted by this shiftless denigration of their beliefs. (The mainstream of people believe the game is rigged and their vote and any power is worthless). (It's a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll -ACDC).
Mainstream media appears tailored to ‘adult children’ types - not critical thinkers - for advertising, but their real advertising numbers (after discounting the check kiting amongst them (cash flow lol)) - are low or embellished for the stock price produced in my opinion - this isn’t where the market is going to survive. Like the United States, Canada’s Stock Exchange success is predicated (particularly) on the success of a nucleus of stocks - many to some of them using outrageous multiples (like those in the US Big Tech industry). ‘Was Menschen mit hohem IQ mit Sicherheit sagen, ist “Es sind die Juden”, mit niedrigerem IQ sagen sie mit Sicherheit “Seine Juden”, zu denen Menschen mit mittlerem IQ Ante-Semitismus nennen.’
In my opinion the threatening of the loss of Section 230 protection likely precipitated the decision to plan the Election fraud in November 2020. Inordinately and unhealthy control of major stocks (finance) and media -- owned and or controlled by the aforementioned {2%} ethnocentric minority. Owners of businesses will find customers and new business in strange new mediums including those extreme free speech sites - better outlets for frustrations and grievances of the population than the pablum producing media offers them so pedantic and predictable as to suggest indirect causal inference upon the increase in alcohol and drug use.
‘Was jüdische Medien jetzt als Bogen bezeichnen, wird als rechtliche Tatsache umfunktioniert. So wie Homosexualität von nicht normativem Verhalten zu rechtmäßigem Verhalten überging - mit einigen Umfragen um die Jahrhundertwende, als sich der Drang nach Homosexuellenrechten und Homo-Ehe verschärfte -, deutete dies darauf hin, dass {40%} aller Personen homosexuell waren. Du wünschst (lol)’. The bubble of self congratulation that exists in media - will disappear, replaced by individuals seeking their own free speech sites, or a connection to speech (news) that is less sanitized. (i.e. Pee Wee Herman wins ROBBINS Wanker Award for pulling comedy in the right direction).
Media is broken ($$) - as I indicated, suffocated by certain small population ethnic groups. There will be an unheard of massive backlash in the United States - ultimately it won’t be pretty, however seismic and necessary change does not come easily as history shows. The complacency and overall weakness of the status quo will make the changeover relatively speaking easy if not a little visibly painful. Free speech sites will overwhelm search engine listing, the market (demand for real freedoms) will alter media entirely going forward. Certain groups of people will do less well than others in this environment. ‘在这种过渡的某个时刻,中国可能会认真对待美国和加拿大。 Zài zhè zhǒng guòdù de mǒu gè shíkè, zhōngguó kěnéng huì rènzhēn duìdài měiguó hé jiānádà’.
Media is broken ($$) - as I indicated, suffocated by certain small population ethnic groups. There will be an unheard of massive backlash in the United States - ultimately it won’t be pretty, however seismic and necessary change does not come easily as history shows. The complacency and overall weakness of the status quo will make the changeover relatively speaking easy if not a little visibly painful. Free speech sites will overwhelm search engine listing, the market (demand for real freedoms) will alter media entirely going forward. Certain groups of people will do less well than others in this environment. ‘在这种过渡的某个时刻,中国可能会认真对待美国和加拿大。 Zài zhè zhǒng guòdù de mǒu gè shíkè, zhōngguó kěnéng huì rènzhēn duìdài měiguó hé jiānádà’.
How would you rate the performance of your Provincial Governments - Good, Fair or Poor? (average by population) Good-50% Fair-26% Poor-23% Highest Good(%): 1. Quebec & Saskatchewan (61%), 2. British Columbia (53%), 3. Atlantic Provinces (50%), 4. Ontario (49%). Highest Good/Fair(%): 1. Saskatchewan (90%), 2. Quebec (85%), 3. Atlantic Provinces (82%), 4. British Columbia (80%), 5. Ontario (75%). Lowest Poor(%): 1. Saskatchewan (10%), 2. Quebec (15%), 3. Atlantic Provinces (18%), 4. British Columbia (20%), 5. Ontario (25%).
These Scores for ALL Canadian Provinces “performances” are “Good”. Average “Poor” score is under 1 in four. That is excellent. Quebec and Saskatchewan percentages for performance are so good they could be their own country (ooops Quebec headed that way shhh). John Horgan in British Columbia just won a landslide provincial election - but could probably call another and win that too given the abject weakness of opposition parties in the province at this time. Although Manitoba and Alberta were shut out the ribbons - their Good/Poor ratios are nonetheless excellent at (57.69%) and (56.41%) respectively.
This good news only lasts for Covid - but the bursting of the Covid boil will be coming, and governments will be forced to be authentically imaginative and courageous. The silent majority still approve of the understanding that liberal democracies thrive best in a meritorious environment. The United States and Canada do not meet that standard today with a growing legion of voters either intellectually or instinctively understanding this to be true. The wrong people with too much power-friends of elected people who want to maintain political control of them, a recipe for watering down talent.
In your opinion which country of those offered as choices is the best democracy? Canada-84% United States-3% United Kingdom-8% None-5% Highest United States: 1. Alberta (10%); 2. Quebec (7%). Lowest United States: 1. British Columbia (1%). Highest United Kingdom: Ontario (11%). Lowest United Kingdom: Quebec (1%). Highest Canada: 1. Saskatchewan (94%); 2. Manitoba (92%); 3. British Columbia (91%); 4. Atlantic Provinces (89%).
I could probably ask the question on best democracy 95 times and get Canada at (60%) (low) to (70%) (moderate). Eight four percent is a good attainment similar to the number who currently believe Canada’s elections are ‘all good’ (relative to the United States), but Canadians have always had a certain smugness of their country relative to the United States (and why not), notwithstanding the fact that the US is a much smaller land mass with 10 times the population, however (3%) for the United States is a bottom for Biden- with as much or more criticism against him now in Canada as Trump. When I was growing up in the small town of Saanich BC on Vancouver Island - the idea of a trip to the US was tempered with the fear of Blacks - often seen on television rioting, looting & murdering - causing mayhem. So what’s changed?
Guess what? WHAT?? It's not all about Trump. As I have indicated in recent polls it was promised to never Trumpers that Biden would thump Trump and that objective ( relative to the sizzle, the steak never fully materialized), notwithstanding my opinion that without any doubt, a handful of US States circumvented the US Constitution, and changed laws for producing Electors illegally. Then US VP Mike Pence says he doesn’t know if he has constitutional authority to block certification of College - right in front of our eyes. That’s no rule of law - central to any so called Republic (liberal democracy). As Twitter and Google have suspended US President Trump’s rights without a hearing before a Court, my polling firm will take an adverse interest against the Biden administration. Biden, like Hillary Clinton isn’t that well liked by Canadians anyhow possessing the charisma and personality of an old potato.
Canadians just want to walk away from US politics. The power vacuum which will occur mainly on the account of a decided lack of charisma of the incoming US president, severe doubts about the integrity of US Elections - certainly not the first time for the US -will attract all types of resistance and problems, that the US political system and media will not be able to manage or control easily. Media in US and Canada promoting polls and narratives that don’t resonate with the population anymore and who have become uninteresting or lack authentic imagination will falter and collapse. Boycotts of countries, countries export products, more ethnic targeting as in many European countries will become the norm in Canadian debate as well.
From March 2020 and over a period of many months the United States was engulfed in rioting, lotting, and murders, including the execution of police officers. In order to ensure this doesn’t occur in Canada would support the Parliament of Canada declaring Antifa a terrorist organization? Yes-59.41% Conservatives (82%), Liberals (40%), New Democrats (53%), Bloc Quebecois (81%), Greens (45%) Other (71%). If your federal or provincial government(s) continue to place restrictions on your freedoms because of CoronaVirus - for an extended period of time, should it also provide Canada Recovery payments over an extended period as well? Yes-59.17% “Yes”: Conservatives (42%), Liberals (71%), NDP (84%), Bloc (63%), Green (8%), Other (38%).
A random poll of Canadians (telephone) with Margin of Error @ 2.14%
778 951 4927

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