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Jan 2021 US National Poll (Ideology/Party/Ethnic), Tired/Tolerable China Virus, Trump/Biden on China, Russia, Iran & Israel - Trump/Sanders ticket?
  Jan 02, 2021

Question #1
Baseline: 2016 (*most recent valid US Election for President) Donald Trump, Republican v Hillary Clinton, Democrat). (Respondents that have not moved). THIS US National Poll (Survey).
Donald Trump, Republican (winner)    48 %
Hillary Clinton, Democrat    48 %
Question #2
Actual 2016 US Vote:
Hillary Clinton    48.2 %
Question #3
Composition of Respondents for Survey Presentation by Ideology/Part affiliation:
Democrat (Joe Biden, Kamala Harris)    28.2 %
Republican (Donald Trump, Mike Pence)    24.2 %
Conservative (Donald Trump)    15.1 %
Social Democrat (Bernie Sanders, AOC (full name)    11.4 %
Independent (no name provided)    10.8 %
(Undecided)    10 %
Question #4
Composition of Respondents for Survey By Ethnic Affiliation:
White only    57 %
Latino/Latina, Hispanic/Hispanic & White or Other Race    30 %
Black    11 %
Asian/All Other    2 %
Question #5
Which of the following two response choices BEST describes how you presently feel toward the situation where you live as this relates to the Corona Virus aka China Virus Covoid?
I am tired of restrictions and government mandates    44 %
Overall, the situation for me is tolerable    34 %
Question #6
Which Leader from the following two response choices BEST describes which one you believe would perform better versus China including on economic and military fronts and in dealing with compensation for US Citizens and the US Treasury related to negligence or perceived negligence of the Chinese government in relation to the transmission of the Covid Virus to the United States?
Donald Trump    54 %
Joe Biden    31 %
Question #7
Which, if any of the following countries do you believe will cause the United States the most problems going forward in 2021?
China    41 %
Russia    15 %
Iran    13 %
Israel    9 %
(All of these, None of These, Undecided)    21 %
Question #8
US President Donald Trump has brought numerous Peace Deals to the Middle East between Israel and multiple Arab countries. Should he receive the Nobel Prize for Peace?
Yes    63.83 %
No    17.05 %
Question #9
Unknown to many Americans is the possibility that a deal could be struck in Congress to decide the President and Vice President, owing to the suggestions in some media that the Election result was a fraud. Using your imagination - would you support the combination of Donald Trump (capitalist) for President and Bernie Sanders for Vice President (Social Democrat)?
Yes    24.65 %
No    60.35 %
American Voters (2016), which ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) is declaring the most recent valid US Election for President for purposes of Polling, Surveying (or Blacksmithing) herein, & on that basis, ascribe (40%) support to the Democrat or Social Democrat Ideology/Party Affiliation on the basis of political leaders provided. Republicans & Conservatives combine for (39%). Donald Trump is referenced in two response choices, while Joe Biden is not making this question bias as between those two Leaders, but likely not impacting outcomes too much. Independents represent nearly (12%) of Decided respondents.
In our most recent (Dec. 27th, 2020) Poll of U.S. States Texas, Ohio and Georgia we discovered Social Democrat @ (15%), Democrat @ (25%), Republican (25%), Conservatism (19%), Independent/All Other (15%) (Decided Respondents). Social Democrat/Democrat @ (40%), Republican/Conservative @ (44%).
At Decided levels Social/Democrat/Democrat through Texas, Ohio and Georgia we identify Social Democrats/Democrats @ (44%), and Republican Conservative @ (43%).
In that December 27, 2020 Poll President Donald Trump’s $2,000 per person, $4,000 per couple offer received (43.71%) support of the American Voter (2016), while Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi (Democrat) and Mitch McConnell’s $600 person attracted a paltry (21.84%).
With Republicans and Conservatives split on Trump’s offer the President’s Independent advantage came from that named Ideology as well as Social Democrats and some Democrats as well.
Also in that December 27, 2020 Poll respondents of Texas, Ohio and Georgia, nearly 6/10 Decided respondents were willing to support limited martial law in those reported States with dubious voting outcomes.
For that reason alone we found no reason to ask the question on a national basis. As indicated the Covid phenomenon supplemented by Blacks and Others robbing, looting and murdering for weeks upon weeks, makes the idea of limited martial law a majority idea among Americans including most noteworthy among Social Democrats and Independents.
"Tired/Tolerable" China Virus
By Ideology/Party Affiliation: “I am tired”: Conservatives (91%), Republicans (63%), Independents (54%), Social Democrats (52%), Democrats (47%). “(S)ituation is tolerable”: Social Democrats (48%), Democrats (45%), Independent (30%), Republican (30%), Conservative (7%).
Across the Board of Ideological lines and Party Affiliation, American Voters (2016) are “tired of restrictions and government mandates with only Democrats @ (47%) below (50%). Conservatives in super majority have had it with restrictions and government mandates while Republicans are over 6/10 “tired”.
Donald Trump’s promise of a vaccine in the New Year (his promise was kept before that), mocked and ridiculed by predominantly Jewish owned and controlled mainstream news, US Cable, New York Times and Washington Post, Facebook, Google etc. - came true (like most all other promises if dummies could get beyond personalities), and now American Voters (2016) demand more freedoms returned and government out of their lives.
Ultimately the Corona Virus (China Virus) will help Conservatism in American or Trump America 2.0, as it has introduced into the American experience what it is like to be smothered by government, and the people including the Communists don’t like it.
Just as it is ironic that Social Democrats are becoming tired of government mandates relating to Corona Virus - it is also ironic that one third of Republicans are tolerating the China Virus restrictions far more than the small minority of Conservatives as tolerant.
Best versus China: Trump or Biden?
Donald Trump performs better with China: Conservatives (97%), Republican (95%), Independent (71%), Social Democrat (54%), Democrat (13%). Joe Biden performs better with China: Democrat (76%), Social Democrat (36%), Independent (24%), Republican/Conservative (0%),
The responses to this Question and the one subsequent set a narrative that any Biden Harris administration is already doomed to fail. China is easily seen as the country that “will cause the United States the most problems... in 2021” @ (41%) (double Random). Joe Biden is not even in this contest with President Trump who attracts the support of 6/10 Americans including nearly perfect scores among Conservatives, Republicans, over 7/10 Independents and 6/10 (Decided) Social Democrats. Even one in seven (Decided) Democrats support Donald Trump on the question of China.
President Donald Trump for Nobel Peace Prize
“Yes” Nobel Prize for Donald Trump: Conservative (98%), Republican (97%), Independent (76%), Democrat (44%), Social Democrat (39%). “No”: Democrat (37%), Social Democrat (28%), Independent (18%), Republican (1%), Conservative (0%).
We asked this question - or a similar version of it to subject matter but not with this much success for Donald Trump. Once again, near perfect scores from Republicans and Conservatives united on this question as well, with a majority of Decided Democrats (many by anecdote giving Trump his due because they believe he is on the way out). Independent support already above (50%) to Trump’s benefit on other questions skyrocketing to nearly 8/10 on the Nobel Peace Prize.
Look at the Social Democrat number - still high support in minority for Trump but lower than in other questions, including lower than Democrat support for the president winning the award.
Trump/Sanders "Ticket"
“Yes” to Trump/Sanders ticket: Independent (75%), Social Democrat (56%), Conservative (24%), Republican (11%), Democrat (6%). “No”: Democrat (88%), Conservative (71%), Republican (58%), Social Democrat (34%), Independent (21%).
This question from our Jefferson Airplane Political Algorithm (“JAAP”) had to be tried, particularly with Social Democrats providing such flimsy support for Joe Biden and or Joe Biden Kamala Harris.
One of the reason I believe Jewish journalists in the day of social media including the abomination of reporting from known publishers including those publisher Facebook et al that receive special and particularly offensive advantage over other publishers is their weakness at political science.
To explain, I would suggest the managers and editors from this closed knit demographic take an approach to news, particularly how major newspapers anonymous sources - riddled like cancer through the body of American national politics, apply narratives often under the pretense of law, but speak to the issue at some centrifugal distance from actual fact of law and present as likely legal outcome or inference of outcome on every subject matter.
Jewish writers are weak at political science requiring more discipline. To this point I would assert the concept of the political vacuum. Donald Trump was able to fill the American national political system to (50%) with (70-80%) against him.
Since the Election, the perception that Donald Trump has lost, his spending less time holding up the media system he once propped up with his hard work and diligence, and the fact that the Jewish interests nearly all against him in Media were not able to see the post Election vacuum coming upon them with Biden Harris, despite knowing across the Board they had instigated the false promotion of a really weak candidate/ticket.
Now, one half of the Social Democrats don’t want Biden/Harris, and in know way find them attractive. Donald Trump’s brilliant political move of offering $2,000 per person when Americans desperately require it is all the excuse Social Democrats required to move over to Trump on issues, but more importantly away from Biden/Harris who have lost one half of that support.
Including Donald Trump with Bernie Sanders in a hypothetical/plausible ticket, and attracting nearly one in four Decided respondents to it - a capitalist and a socialist, the fact that US Socialists do not find China an attractive country - and the fact that a massive majority of American Voters have little confidence in Joe Biden, in conjunction with President Trump delivering on his promise of a vaccine for the China Virus - delivered - has a majority of American Voters wishing Trump was in for a second time.
What is required is the method by which Congress can make this happen - (that and removing Section 230 protection to predominantly Jewish Media Control (JMC)).
Republican Mitch McConnell and others is listed on our Watch List.
Treat Margin of Error at 95% Confidence, 2.007% Margin of Error - plus or minus
Glen P. Robbins
778 -951-4927

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