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Dec 27, 2020 States of Texas, Ohio & Georgia: A JC Christmas, $2,000 or $600 - Limited Martial Law
Do You Believe in Magic? Lovin Spoonful  Dec 27, 2020

Question #1
Baseline by population adjusted through ROBBINS algorithm, for RSR ROBBINS survey in the States of Texas, Ohio & Georgia based on the last known valid US Election (2016). Baseline:
Donald Trump, Republican    52 %
Question #2
Do you consider December 25th on the calendar primarily as a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ?
Yes    70.80 %
No    18.82 %
Question #3
Which do you support more: Democrats Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi, and Republican Mitch McConnell’s China Virus Bill directing $600 to every American, or President Trump’s position that this payment ought to be $2,000 per American or $4,000 per American couple?
President Trump’s $2,000 per person or $4,000 per American couple package    43.71 %
Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell’s $600 per person bill    21.18 %
Question #4
In 1962 Democratic President John F. Kennedy invoked martial law in Mississippi to maintain public safety following violence that broke out relating to the admission of an African American student to the University of Mississippi. In June & September of 1964 Democratic President Lyndon Johnson invoked martial law to maintain public safety ahead of a Civil Rights march relating to African American Civil Rights. In light of these two modern era cases, would you accept Republican President Trump’s decision to invoke limited martial law in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Georgia to ensure the constitutional value of each legally valid vote is held equally for every American, and as in the Johnson invocation, to ensure that public safety is maintained against the possibility of riot caused by the perception of many Americans that recent US Election was not fair in many of those States thus devaluing the vote of other Americans?
Yes    57.19 %
No    42.81 %
Composition of respondents by Ideology/Political Brand (Texas, Ohio, Georgia): Social Democrat (15%), Democrat (25%), Republican (25%), Conservative (19%), Independent/All Other (15%).
From ROBBINS (November 30th, 2020) (Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, (Arizona)): Social Democrat (12.49%), Democrat (23.52%), Republican (22.65%), Conservative (15.69%), Independent (14.81%).
THIS Poll is interpreted to (100%). The November 30th, 2020 Poll presented as decided reflects as follows: Social Democrat (14.11%), Democrat (28.62%), Republican (25.40%), Conservative (21.31%) & Independent (not Independent/Other) (16.82%).
Question 1: December 25th “primarily...a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ”: Social Democrats (42%), Democrats (64%), Republican (88%), Conservative (92%), Independent/Other (57%). (“It’s a Long Way to the Top..if you want to Rock n Roll” - ACDC).
Question 2: Support for President Trump’s $2,000 per person, $4,000 per couple (Decided Values): Social Democrat (72%), Democrats (51%), Republicans (53%), Conservatives (48%), Independents (55%). (“Canadian Summer” - Dean Brody).
Question 3: Texas “Yes” to Martial Law (5,232,991), “No” (3,662,735) - “Yes” Texas (58.86%); Ohio “Yes” (3,130,751), “No” (2,237,092) “Yes” Ohio (58.32%); Georgia “Yes” (2,246,037), “No” (2,031,782) “Yes” Georgia (52.40%). (“Wild Thing” - The Troggs).
According to Wikipedia and an article as “part of a series on the Culture of the United States of America (2019)” - “Christians represent {65%} of the total adult population”.
In this RSR ROBBINS Poll of the U.S. States of Texas, Ohio & Georgia the 2nd, 7th, & 8th most populous States, seven in 10 Americans recognize December 25th, as the “birth of Jesus Christ”.
President Trump stunned those Americans (aware of the announcement) with his demand that relief for Americans due the Coronavirus caused by China be raised to $2,000 per person from $600 that Democrats Schumer, Pelosi and Republican McConnell deemed appropriate.
This $2,000 figure proposed by Donald Trump if enacted ensures that a Biden administration anticipated to be very weak on China, will not be able to deliver relief to the U.S. Treasury from China for its recklessness, something that a Trump 2nd term would be more likely to produce.
Social Democrats & Democrats avg (57%) for President Trump’s $2,000 (per person) to $4,000 (per couple) proposal, while (51%) average of Republicans & Conservatives support it (based on Decided respondents) (or 64.89% Decided).
Americans in Texas, Ohio & Georgia in the majority support limited martial law in a number of U.S. States which to the respondents in these States “failed to properly perform their duties in producing fair Election results”.
Most anecdotes in support of limited martial law in those States intended to identify actual voting outcomes in context of the whole of the question including preamble believe the vote for all Americans to be more sacrosanct than (even) Civil Rights for African Americans.
Other anecdotes suggest that if Americans are not provided with a more fulsome conclusion to the vote count question, then the credibility of the U.S. Election will remain in doubt.
On December 17, 2020 RSR ROBBINS asked Canadians in its 3 largest provinces if (sic) they ‘had full faith and confidence that only legally valid votes were counted in vote totals in the most recent United States Election for President’. (Two in three (Decided)) Canadians believed the U.S. Election counted only legally valid votes while (8.5/10) Canadians believed their own most recent Election was thus valid, discounting the veracity of the recent U.S. Election by over (20%) relative to Canada’s federal vote.
A fast rising tide of doubt about the quality of a Biden/Harris administration since Election Day, the coming onstream of a China Virus vaccine pledged by President Trump, and the renewed voice of America acknowledging Trump’s ability to deliver on big promises, catapults a limited martial law action in a number of offending States as the correct next course of action for the Trump administration.
The nearly cliched rationale that Americans don’t want to be ‘put through’ a martial law action is moot given what Americans have been through on Coronavirus - and looting through the summer - perceived by many Americans to be undertaken by predominantly anarchists “who received special treatment”. (Black Day in July - Gordon Lightfoot).
This RSR ROBBINS Poll to be treated with 98 percent confidence, with Margin of Error provided at (1.6%) plus/minus.
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