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Dec 13, 2020 - President Trump & The State of Texas
One Night One Time - Los Lobos  Dec 13, 2020

Question #1
Baseline: State of Texas - from County results most resembling the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential Election.
Donald J. Trump Republican    54 %
Hillary Clinton    44 %
Question #2
Based on what you know of the recent 2020 Election for United States President, are you satisfied that Joe Biden is a legitimate President?
Yes    28.59 %
Question #3
Would you support a law that would limit the number of persons placed in strategic government positions or in possession or control of major media to that demographic's percentage of ethnic background in the country. For instance, Whites would be limited to 65 percent ownership, Blacks and Hispanics 14 percent, Asian 3 percent, while Jewish persons would be permitted 2 percent of either strategic position or media ownership?
Yes    79.18 %
Question #4
Do you support the position of United States Conservative Icon Rush Limbaugh who believes that doubt in the accuracy and truthfulness in the National Election could compel many US States including the State of Texas to leave the Union and prevail as Independent States?
Yes    63.62 %
Question #5
Using your imagination - of these two response choices only, who do you believe would make the better US President?
Hillary Clinton    25.88 %
Joe Biden    19.76 %
Question #6
If Donald Trump were to leave the White House and then announce his candidacy for President in 2024 running as a Conservative - in a U.S. Conservative Party would you likely support him for President?
Yes    55.95 %
Question #7
Which Political Team did more to push for and finally achieve a Coronavirus for Americans?
Trump/Pence    74.24 %
Question #8
Which Political Team is most responsible for the Great American Economic Recovery Post Covid (“GAERPC”)?
Trump/Pence    76.23 %
Question #9
‘Anonymous Sources’ are suggesting that Donald Trump may sue in Civil Court for personal damages in the range of $50 Billion for perceived Electoral fraud. Civil courts have a lower standard for proof. However, the suggested lawsuit would likely relitigate the 2020 Election including the public exposure of Evidence in support of the President’s Statement of Claim. The basis of the lawsuit is that Donald Trump was illegally removed from the High Office by fraud and otherwise removed from Office of the President unlawfully. Would you be in support of this type of litigation from Donald Trump if this was what brought about truth and reconciliation relating to the recent dubious looking US Election?
Yes    62.03 %
I am forecasting that a Biden presidency will have support of less than (40%) of the American public, simply because Democrats in ‘Trump States’ like Texas will be dumping memberships overboard their Ship of State (“SOS”).. Add in dwindling support in States Biden is alleged to have won - he has a problem before he starts. Also, Biden has offered little in defence of the claims against him. The mainstream press is compelled to churn out so much buttermilk journalism everyday they cannot see what is coming at them down the road.
If Trump leaves he will be perceived as the President in Exile by a majority of the country, an overwhelming majority of them in Texas including Hillary Clinton supporters. The Nelson Mandella of America (as it were).
I recently polled a similarly structured question on strategic positions and media ownership like this one in the Province of British Columbia, a jurisdiction (where I reside) that politically is about {58%} left of center (Democrat), while Texas is about {55%} right of centre (Republican). 7/10 Progressive BC respondents took the equity bait and joined Conservatives in this bargain - which was sold to respondents smoothly and easily. There are 4 million British Columbians and 28 million Texans.
8/10 Texans (even) more easily grabbed onto the ethnic equity offer - deep into Hillary Clinton support. Remember about (6%) of the Democratic Party is likely alternative left and (8%) of the centre right likely alternative right. The mainstream press really has no idea of this reality or quite obviously covers up the reality that Cable News, East Coast papers Washington Post, New York Times, plus major Social Media like Facebook, Search Engine Google from which many political scams like Mueller and Impeachment were promoted are owned by Jewish Elites. I estimate the overall major influences from Overall News (“ON”) in the United States to be 75% Jewish Elite controlled. Most information online will tell you this is a false narrative, however I have dug out shareholder ownership (or it is readily available), and it is important to note that a person can possess far less than 51 percent ownership but have effective voting control.
The alt left and alt right are similar in that they have substantially negative opinions of wealthy Jewish Elites and Israel. Many conservatives accept Israel - understand that a two State solution is not going to happen, and accept Israel as the One State solution with accommodation to Palestine - but compel American Jewish Elites to a proportionate hold on strategic positions in government and in ownership of beneficial control of Major Media relative to their population.
I have actually identified majority ownership in Major Media including one parent company in Texas that owns anti Trump CNN - and inclusive of Facebook owner and other Tech owners I have determined as I said that 75% of Major Media as described is owned by Jewish persons.
Threatening to break up Facebook is meaningless if the new smaller parts are all owned by Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘cousins’.
Jewish control over finance and media in the United States will ultimately be its downfall. The information they provide is propaganda to their own interests, and seldom organic. The narratives never match how Americans actually see the country.
It's greedy and foolish to believe Jewish Elites maintain a One State Israel and also maintain effective control of the United States. It’s suffocating, reminding me of the Black Christmas horror movie. In one part of the movie taking place mostly in a sorority house for girls, one of the characters goes looking for a missing cat, following the sounds of the cat crying. (The cat sounds are being produced by a murderer in the house).
This character goes looking in the attic for ‘the cat’ and is horrified to see a number of missing persons in rocking chairs, their eyes open wide in the horror of death each body with a plastic bag wrapped around its head.
This suffocating of Americans is what Major Media including high tech are doing to the American public. I note that Republicans are trying to scurry away from Donald Trump’s (apparent) desire to remove Section 230 Protection (no liability for what's printed), and get back in the Globalist bed with Israel. Party insiders in both Republican and Democrat parties don’t want Trump because he is anti Globalist. Even if they say not, both party insiders support plastic media and its domination.
The Republican Party is supposed to be the party of the Rule of Law. Too bad on that. Few in the United States buy into this Today. Should Trump be compelled to leave, Republicans will move on and attach themselves with a protest here and there (for phony affect) to the Plastic News.
Washington Insiders do not see the trouble coming down the road from a mountain of Americans who have figured it out.
In my opinion Fox News backdoored President Trump every sneaky opportunity they could in my professional opinion. Other media covered nothing important and abused their federal licenses to perpetuate obvious Election fraud on the Public.
The President’s own son in law says all Jews are Zionists. America is at the tipping point on that part of the Iceberg lying deceptively below the surface.
Hillary takes (10%) from Joe Biden (question 1) then adds another (16%) to get Democrat support stabilized in this Survey of 2016 Voters. The problem for these two Democrat leaders is that current Hillary Clinton supporters from this Survey believe that had Secretary Clinton been the Democrat candidate she would have beaten Trump by the big numbers the Mainstream Pushpollers were spouting.
Trump is a Texas brand now. There is almost a tone of apology from some respondents toward the President. Really Interesting where the public is going. In Texas the sense of it is, is that the US Election 2020 was Unfair to Donald Trump (Mike Pence). Dissatisfaction trends among respondents relating to no relief from a myriad of court challenges for Trump has Texans is skyward, including among respondents who support Hillary Clinton.
There is little defence to Trump’s myriad court challenges not because of Bush Gore 2000 (silly rabbits), its because many of today’s voters don’t necessarily remember that Election (if they deem it relevant at all), and they have never seen anything like the 2020 Election before where they simply don’t believe the results. A lot of respondents are confused about the ongoings at court, but are aware there are court challenges everywhere. They will concede the Election when Trump does simply because Trump is more popular now than on Election Day.
Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016 may have seemed unfair based on her winning the highest popular vote, but (at least) she can say there wasn’t any chaos like this. Hillary Clinton has to be careful here if these Texas results are a harbinger of where other Trump States are going with Trump support - onward and upward. She could run in 2024 against Trump - the Biden’s have replaced Clinton as the most perceived corrupt politicians in the minds of Conservatives.
But why not let Trump run a second term and then face Mike Pence in 2024?
At this point - most Insiders and Americans know Joe Biden can’t hold up and Kamala Harris is not the idea of the first woman President Hillary Clinton supporters had in mind.
You might be back in the game Hillary. Why not suggest holding up Electors to less than 270 for Biden and make the House of Representatives make the decision? The Democrats have the advantage there and that might help to solve this monster of a problem - of dissatisfied Americans well into the majority. There are many outstanding questions on the application of the Constitution and perceived abdication of responsibility of the Courts.
But if the House of Representatives were to choose the President (particularly if the Republican hold on the Senate is maintained which balance of probabilities suggests) then the Determination of the People would thus be resolved through the Constitution maintaining the wholeness of the country, even if some voters remain dissatisfied.
This is the top percentage for Trump/Pence, nearly (2%) more than the number that believe Trump/Pence “did more to push for and finally achieve a Coronavirus for Americans”. All kinds of Hillary Clinton supporters supporting Trump/Pence. In Texas, there is some clear intersection between and among Clinton supporters and Donald Trump supporters (2016). There is none for Joe Biden and Donald Trump in Texas.
Democrats will never have a chance in Texas for a long time to come, many Texans are taking the Election personally as if purposefully conducted as against them directly. I believe the threat of a communist New Green Deal in Texas is not going to help any Democrats cause in that State.
Remember Beto O’Rourke and Plastic American Media (“PAM”) promoting the narrative ad nauseam that Texas could turn Democrat.
Now Texas Republican Elites look more than a little sketchy, the Bush family and others not supporting Donald Trump. As long as Senators like Mitt Romney remain in the Republican Party, President Trump permits his future to be dictated by persons who should be friends but are actually foes, but foes without any cause other than they don’t think Trump doesn’t act presidential. Who cares about that except Insiders?
Trump’s (anonymous) lead guitarist Glen P. Robbins says - the Band needs a new name. Our previous poll revealed that a majority of Independents do not believe the Election was valid, Fox News produces a poll saying its one in four. Fox News is working for the Republican and Democratic duality for its own benefit and for the benefit of Plastic News insisting on narratives that trap Trump in the Republican Party’s vision as designed by Plastic News and not the Presidents.
Should there be a new political incarnation it will have to come in the form of Reformation, not the President kowtowing to the establishment. Under Protest as it were.
Some “N0” respondents are not against Trump suing, rather they are holding out hope for a changeover of the 2020 Election results (from whomsoever is producing the results these days (LOL)), or they are resisting Texas ‘paying’ for what other States have done. Also, many Texans in minority feel suing for money over Election results makes the country look bad (more cause for Trump I think).
Estimated Margin of Error (Unrandom Poll) 3.25% plus or minus.
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