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Dec. 6, 2020 - State of Georgia: Trump v Obama, Trump v Biden, Section 230, Big Media, Senate run off
Bang a Gong - T Rex  Dec 06, 2020

Question #1
Baseline: State of Georgia 2016-2020 (Voters)
Donald Trump    48 %
Hillary Clinton    48 %
Question #2
In your opinion who is the Better U.S. President (State of Georgia)?
Donald Trump, Republican    44.21 %
Barack Obama, Democrat    44.63 %
Question #3
If an Election were re held in the State of Georgia for U.S. President today who would you vote for?
Donald Trump, Republican    44.90 %
Joe Biden, Democrat    43.53 %
Question #4
Would you support President Trump rescinding (removing) Section 230 protection for Social Media giants like Facebook and Twitter? Section 230 provided by former US President Bill Clinton protects these dominant Media giants from any liability for what they pick and choose to publish.
Yes    66.53 %
No    16.80 %
Question #5
In the State of Georgia in a political ‘runoff’ to determine 2 remaining Senate races.. Right Now, if choosing by Political Party which would you be inclined to Vote for?
The Republican candidate    40.44 %
The Democratic candidate    40.57 %
Question #6
Do you have full faith and confidence in the U.S. Cable & News Media including Social Media?
Yes    18.74 %
Its White voters versus Black voters in the State of Georgia - to determine who controls the World. Yeehaw!
By data and anecdote ‘Whites’, the largest population in Georgia but with a lower average population of Whites Nationally, do not support ‘Black’ politicians, and ‘Blacks’ do not support ‘White’ politicians.
There are always grey areas relating to race & vote, but I will defer to Major Media to explore those into the ground.
Trump scores his highest totals with Whites versus Biden at (66%) in Georgia. The President scores (64%) with Whites versus former US President Obama in ‘Best U.S. President’ question. Obama scores (30%) with Whites while Biden scores (31%).
Obama scores (85%) support with Blacks (with (5%) Undecided v Donald Trump, while Joe Biden scores (81%).
Trump v Obama and v Biden averages (12.5%) with Black voters, about what the recent Exit Polls suggested for Trump’s 2020 support among Blacks {12%}. (I had published (14%)).
It's important to note that Trump’s current support among Blacks is (15%) v Biden with (4%) Undecided. In furtherance of context for this notation is the massive Black population in the States of Georgia. Nearly {one in three} Georgians are Black (African American), with the National average about {14%}.
Based on outcomes by Race in the State of Georgia in Trump v Obama and Trump v Biden inclusive of Undecided I would assess Donald Trump’s Current National Support (“DTCNS”) @ (53%). I draw this Conclusion with a projection of a (1%) Margin of Error at (95%) confidence.
There is barely a statistical hint of support for Big Tech companies retaining Section 230 Liability Protection. Politicians can easily be unmasked through this issue now. (Two thirds) of American Voters (‘Georgia Universe’) want the liability protection removed, inclusive of (81%) Asians, (72%) Whites, (73%) Hispanics, (66%) Blacks. It's overwhelmingly against Section 230.
Americans do not have full faith and confidence in U.S Cable & News and Social Media -- which has now arrived at the Bottom of the Barrel (“BOB”) with only one in five American Voters (Georgia) having full faith and confidence, while (6/10) not having full faith and confidence.
This compares with our full faith and confidence in the US Elections poll immediately preceding this one, where we suggested only (43%) of Americans (over the States polled) had full faith and confidence in the 2020 Election. The State of Georgia was included in that particular Poll.
In that previous Poll, we also suggested (49%) did not have full faith and confidence in the 2020 Election. A major long time multi million dollar news pollster Rasmussen (richer than Elvis I hear) published {47%} of Americans as not having confidence. Adjustments for Undecided and Other would suggest some symbiosis between Rasmussen/Robbins on that Subject. (sounds good like Rasputin Robbins) {respectfully}.
It's over for Big and High Tech Social Media as their advertising projection multiple is reduced by (75%) to barely (2.5) Multiple in my opinion. (Double and better) the number of American Voters who have full faith in confidence in Major Media including Social Media - have faith and confidence in the 2020 Election. Americans are blaming Media including entities like Facebook and Twitter for the troubles with the US Election.
Clearly, Americans in the State of Georgia are blaming Major Media including Social Media for the Election. Media (and polling) 'unprofessionalism' - bias contributes to the sense of overall negligence of the Election anyhow. There is unequivocal bi partisan support for this Conclusion generally.
At this juncture it is clear that advertisers are paying a high premium to advertise with Big Box Media.
I sense that President Trump is (even) more popular now than he was on Election Day. He is virtually tied with Obama and Biden in Georgia. Based on adjustments from Georgia for a National Total Trump is near double digits ahead of both Obama & Biden Nationally.
Its become obvious to Americans I believe that Biden and Harris are a poor choice.
I note for some hyperbole in context to data herein, that 40,000,000 Americans regularly watch pornography. 60,000,000 in my professional opinion would support Support Alternative Ultimate and Extreme Free Speech sites and some would pay to advertise.
Drop Section 230. It's politically imperative to do this. Americans need more Free Speech no matter the content. Free Speech not a plastic speech will set everyone Free. (LOL).
Glen P. Robbins
778 951 4927

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