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Nov 2020 US Election Do you have full faith and confidence in the 2020 US Election for President?
Stand Your Ground - written by Van Morrison performed by Eric Clapton due out Dec 1, 2020  Nov 30, 2020

Question #1
Respondent Base Persons who voted in the 2016 and 2020 U.S. Elections for President. (Random/Survey)
Trump    49 %
Clinton/Biden (2020)    47 %
Question #2
From the following list of political affiliations of types of political ideologies which BEST describes you?
Socialist-Democrat    12.49 %
Democrat    23.52 %
Republican    22.65 %
Conservative    15.69 %
Independent    14.81 %
Undecided/Affiliation Unknown    11 %
Question #3
Do you have full faith and confidence that the results of the recent U.S. Election for President are accurate?
Yes    43 %
No    49 %
Participating U.S. States: Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia.
Comments for Question 2:
Socialist/Democrat plus Democrat = (36%), Conservative Republican = (38%). Socialist percentage of the whole left Socialist/Democrat plus Democrat (%) = (36%). Conservative percentage of the whole right Conservative Republican (%) = (41%).
The Socialist// Democrat plus Democrat ‘whole left’ falls short of the Clinton/Biden 2016, 2020 baseline from question 1 requiring (42%) of Independents and all Others to compensate. Similarly, the Conservative Republican ‘whole right’ falls short of Trump 2016 2020 to the extent of Clinton/Biden's deficiency, also requiring (42%) of Independents and all Others to make up the shortfall.
Combined Vote totals for Democrats & Republicans U.S. Election 2016 considered accurate at {95%} of the whole Vote. Estimation of 2020 totals for Democrat plus Republican estimated at {99%) nearly a 4 percent increase Nationally. Our 2016 - 2020 fusion baseline attracts (96%) or tending toward 2016 (all things being considered as relatively equal).
Is it possible that the Election percentages through various States are overstated or overrepresented as reported in Media (mostly) (with much confusion among all voters about what is true and what isn’t true), or are Voters changing their minds after the fact, (mostly about Joe Biden) in the post election period?
See Electoral College and broken legs.
Those respondents who identify as Socialist/--Democrats have control of one third of the ‘whole left’ which suggests to me that the Democratic Party is just as ‘split’ as it was 2 years ago (and thereafter) when we polled around AOC, and once again suggests to me that the Democratic Party never really was united under a US Civic Plan most agreed on, other than getting rid of Donald Trump. I repeat, the political science of a Biden victory doesn’t add up.
That plan was also part of the apparent Media strategy as well. The best known plan for the Democratic Party is the New Green Deal. With Covid - Economic concerns, US self sufficiency energy under Trump.
What strength does the Socialist/Democrat --// Democrat//-- Green New Deal have today?
Did the U.S. Greens manage any candidates this year? In 2016 US Greens obtained about (.75%) of the entire U.S. Vote for President. If all the US Greens from 2016 voted for Joe Biden without any other factor than Clinton/Biden would be (49%) Nationally a couple of million more votes.
As our previous poll post Election surmised conjunctively with Exit Polls from major news we affirmed with our our polling, Trump added another (2%) Nationally among Visible Minorities which ‘fact’ produces a new National total for Trump at just less than (48.4%). Libertarians are reduced from over (3%) of the National Vote in 2016 to (1%) and less for 2020. So Libertarians were voting.
A poll of ours preceding this U.S Election suggested (70%) Libertarians from 2016 were voting for Trump/Pence. We estimate Libertarians are (90%) White persons but even they were at (70%), that leaves at worst I conjecture at least (1%) Libertarians from 2016, Voting For Trump in 2020 (or not voting at all - I doubt). I believe Trump/Pence obtained not less than (49%) of the 2020 Election Vote Nationally or about 3,300,000 more Nationally than is presently depicted in the chaos of the Vote by the Media.
I have one calculation with Biden less than 250,000 votes ahead of Trump Nationally @ 2020. Out of 150,000,000 pool.
If the 2020 US Election turns out to be another hoax - with media jackals front and centre piece it will strongly suggest that the US cannot hold a proper Election over 138,000,000. Imagine that asterisk on a history grid if you will. Illegitimate. Improper, disrespectful of the American people.
Oh Boy somebodies not going to look in the end. Either Biden or Trump - not going to look good for them. Nobody is accusing Trump of cheating. No one is accusing Trump of cheating. In a buzz saw of respondents no anecdote from this Poll that Trump is accused of cheating.
Biden is either guilty of cheating or he is not. To be guilty his campaign or campaign workers on the Democratic Team would have to be guilty of obstructed the vote, fraud including mail fraud, removing material evidence in cross border crime, that type of thing. So far Biden has not responded in any meaningful way to the court challenges and accusations of voter fraud being hurled at Democrats.
Or, alternatively, if one significant piece of evidence rising to a standard of probability that something unlawful event occurred which is Affirmed by the US Supreme Court with Order, which on its own or connected to other substantive evidence, that something substantially wrong occurred in the 2020 Vote, at State level or across State lines (see Bonny & Clyde), and most exceptionally if that substantial wrong occurred in one of the numerous States meaningful to the Electoral College debate including many of those States in this RSR POLL, its over for Biden I believe.
California here I come:
The National Vote Total presumptions that the influence that California has upon the universal (national) popular vote, a factor estimated @ (14%) of the entire U.S. Vote for President, becomes universally more meaningful when one considers that Republican House candidates beat a horde of incumbent Democrats in California. California Governor Newsome is looking to the U.S. Senate and a Republican Governor will most likely replace him.
It was certainly in play for House Republicans. Such a major shift to the clear benefit of Republicans in a State they normally don’t do as well in with no apparent change to Trump’s paltry share of the State Vote. Helter Skelter.
It isn't a new theory in this post Election period to suggest the percentages for Republican House & Senate candidates running in 2020 National Totals doesn’t jive with Trump’s National totals (hereinafter the coat tails) which last I saw construed at {48%} or less.
The agreement between myself and Mainstream Media US Exit polls (1) that Trump did better in 2020 with Visible Minorities, (2) the likelihood of my suggestion of the conservative factor of Libertarian transfer of Votes to Trump, and (3) the unlikely disparity of proclaimed popular support for House Republicans and Trump's proclaimed 2020 Vote Totals suggests that the US Election 2020 doesn’t add up on balance of probabilities (Civil Standard) even after factoring new U.S. Voters to 2020 or losing 2016 Vote Totals.
The Determination has to be clear. Democrats set their flag on getting rid of the College after 2016. This and adding a half a dozen Jewish lawyers 3 Blacks and 2 Hispanics plus One Chinese Judge at the US Supreme Court for a 21 Seat Court. How unclear would that be?
Either Trump or Biden must win (lose) a substantial case at the US Supreme Court with direct implications to particular States under protest. The decision must be 6-3, even 7-2 though 5-4 will do, but (politically) not if US Judge Roberts is the the deciding vote against Trump.
So, 6-3 US Supreme Court decision on subject matter of the recent 2020 US Election for President.
Simply partisan or informed Trump Voters smell a rat, or believe they smell a rat as the States of Ohio and Florida have reflected with distrust of the recent Election rising above election Totals Trump obtained in those winning States for him.
What is something substantive is found against Biden’s campaign or the Vote generally. First consider the States Trump won! They will be rising like a tide in a storm against Washington and behind Donald Trump like nothing this country have ever seen. C'mon man - use your imagination.
I recall trolling in the weeks preceding the November Election and saw some Washington journalists an such where some of the talk - implying they knew something the reader did not about the election (affirming proven ridiculous polls). Smug though not arrogant.
On its own but from your experience - when your sensitive to the statements of insiders and similar types - sometimes it strikes you in that way that says “Glennie Boy - keep an eye on this”.
The smell isn’t going away in these Trump States without some relief. The relief would likely come with a final court decision saying either Trump or Biden are full of it. More than a few Biden Voters are concerned it's the latter, given Trump’s reputation for pulling a rabbit out of the hat.
Comments for Question 3
Nearly one in two respondents in these Target U.S. States DO NOT have “full faith and confidence that the results of the recent U.S. Election for President are accurate” (“NO”). Better than 10 percent less @ (43%) DO ‘have full faith and confidence’.
Among the 4 States where there remains scrutiny or challenge of some type, namely Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia & Arizona (44%) (for this Polls usefulness) DO have “full faith and confidence”, while (47%) DO NOT do not. Statistically, I cannot see Biden or the Democrats rationalizing (50%) of the Vote in any of these 4 States. It always come short of that. That’s my opinion.
Independents and Other have a combined “NO” at (68%) which combined with the high “NO” from combined (93%) Republicans Conservatives, tilts “NO” toward majority territory. (12%) of self described Democrats respond “NO” helping the cause of “NO” confidence.
From these numbers there is no doubt of that in Florida and Ohio two of the more popular States in the Union, Biden’s baseline (extrapolated for) is tumbling downward. He has a divided nation on day one, likely far more organically more strident than the more manufactured ones we witnessed over the summer with Black Lives Matter - commenced at or about the same time as Cable Television in the US promoted hours of visual showing looters robbers in the middle of a pandemic worry (Can you imagine? Pitiful, just pitiful-Jed Clampett US philosopher).
Voters non aligned to either prominent US political party or (Conservative/Socialist Democrat) BUT NOT including Independents and all Others are the ones tipping over this Election result with their non confidence vote.
Full faith and confidence is Constitutional/legalistic - the finger on the nickel of the deal as it were (lol). Its a perfect question and produces a perfect narrative right now.
I can see in my mind’s eye one third of California’s Electors choosing Trump at College following the anticipated US Supreme Court which I expect will prove Trump’s complaint about the Election to the extent to shock the whole of the nation.
California has 55 Electoral College Votes. SNAP. My poll of California just prior to Election Date spoke about splitting the State of California into Three Separate States. Newsome is talking Senate - 2022. I seldom say call me crazy expecting people to do just that, however I reiterate the success Republican congresspeople had this Cycle in the State of California is a play going unnoticed right now.
I can smell something up like a Wolverine might. Instincts and irony - again, Clinton squeals like a stuck pig over her loss over popular vote (which she won) but lost the College in 2016. Seems like a vulgar argument these days when measured about where this 2020 US Presidential Vote may be going.
How is that electoral base going to understand the Electoral College this time. If the College can’t do it, Article 12 sends the Presidential pick to the House - Some Dems will side with the new high calibre Republicans nearly at tie with Democrats in the House voting in Trump for President, the Senate won with two Georgia wins will vote in Mike Pence. The World’s head will explode.
How’s that civic lesson for you comrade?
U.S. President Donald Trump-elect is known to like the expression “No Games”. As I observe from my position high above Earth - I cannot see that he would ever want to be found out in a “Game”.
Cheapens the brand. High stakes politicals. But you can’t bluff so much on issues particularly at this point in time when Courts and Constitutions have the lights burning bright.
Republicans and Conservatives in high majority aren’t buying into the Election result. Democrats who are would say sour grapes at the loss, but there is a stink in the air and as I say many Democrats are nervous something will turn.
There is even anecdote from Biden Voters that maybe it would be better off if Trump won, to see the end of him and look forward to more activism in 2022 and 2024 in order for them to get two clear terms. Anything that makes the outcome of this Election, not simply lawsuits but any unusual step as I have said even if Biden still wins will hold for Trump voters to be unwilling to move on from it. Trump may have his cake or eat it too. Depends of course.
The alternative is a Trump win at the Electoral College which shifts the Democrats to being the victim or robbed as they were convinced they were by Hillary Clinton over the issue of popular vote versus the Electoral College.
No matter, US Election 2020 is amounting to a pox on both Democrat and Republican houses - as these parties are the exclusive beneficiaries of control of US historical Election outcomes by those US Voters who do not adhere to any loyalty to either. A real blow to democracy.
This will matter going forward particularly if confidence in the Election system pushes voters to the sidelines.
(54%) of Florida and Ohio respondents DO NOT have “full faith and confidence that the results of the recent US Election for President are accurate”, while (40%) of them DO.
When those respondents who responded “NO” (49%) are added to those respondents who did not make a selection (8%) that total is (57%) of Americans who voted in 2016 and 2020 who DO NOT have “full faith and confidence that the results of the recent U.S. Election for President are accurate.”?
An astounding percentage. Frankly, I don’t know how you realistically come back from this doubt without some Final Statement, it has to the full U.S. Supreme Court like an open hand slap to the country. A wake up call about the value of democracy. A challenging vote that promotes more disdain for the countries elites is not good. In or out Trump isn’t going away.
COVID and the subsequent mail in ballot arguments, problems that might occur or would expected to occur in the Election appear to have occurred to most American respondents in this RSR POLL including among Social/Democrats and Democrats.
Anecdote runs all over the place from respondents in these Six States. Some who support Biden/Harris (particularly) range from ‘Trump is wasting time’, ‘stalling against the inevitable’. to those respondents who don’t care if the Vote was accurate as long as Biden won, to those who believe something will be found out wrong. There is anecdotal evidence that some Biden supporters may be sitting on the fence now about Biden. There is fear that Trump Republicans, Conservatives, Independents and Others will be emboldened by the events, and one expression of affirmation (Courts) will be enough to ignite them. Even if there is none, the partisanship will be incredible.
I confess to seeing headlines of an unknown polling company suggesting 10 percent of Biden supporters had no idea about the Biden Hunter scandals (because, I presume one half of the media never reported on it). Post Election, these polls might mean more to accuracy of public opinion than the ones which preceded it. If I were permitted liberty to reflect upon that, I take that 10 and trim it up like a good and faithful butcher to 2.0% Nationally (at one half) it brings Biden down to (48%) if we assume that number wouldn’t have voted had they known. Trump must therefore benefit indirectly from this loss.
The math of this Election requires massaging. At least 3,000,000 votes worth (or better).
I watched at woman at recycling depot and bottle return who regularly brought in large bigs of bottles on trust they were full be called out for being out $1.60 out of I believe was about $100 of bottle returns. The Asian vendor did a hand count in order to trust but verify.
Look at the US Election from that perspective. I know, insanity right?
I reiterate that which I postulated in my previous poll that if any significant decision from the US Supreme Court materially changes any outcome or calls any outcome into any disrepute the building outrage will manifest over the entire country.
If Trump wins any reversal at US Supreme Court even if Biden could theoretically maintain Electoral College sufficiency of 270 seats there will likely be political moves at the States level to suck him dry of that and the dominos will go ahead of him. The Down Jones needs to at 37,000 to 40,000 over the next 3 or 4 years. Ask yourself after Covid - what do Biden and Harris have to bring to the table except Queen AOC - she’s Hispanic.
Hispanics are Catholic & buy and large and are not connected to the Jewish financial influence as Democratic Blacks and other Liberals are. Catholics and Jews do not honestly mix. The former citing God and then God’s Son who is also God. Jewish people have one monolithic God. Two Gods and One God can’t work together.
Trump inside the White House is one tough sitting duck but a sitting duck no matter. Trump fought back against Media and was the better in my opinion - most of the time. I say sitting duck only because at this point the only narrative that works for Trump is first from the Court and then from the Electoral College or through the 12th Amendment (keeping people watching the television during the Covid) (Am I right?). He wins that way tables turn and Democrats get cozy in the pocket assaulting and assailing Trump as they enjoyed for two years when Trump was first elected in 2016.
However, for Trump to win Biden and the Democratic Party must look bad. If that happens with Trump properly installed at President for a second term, the Democrats wont have much to say and Trump/Biden will drive up the street like Hitler driving that big Mercedes Benz through downtown Czechoslovakia.
If the Electoral Process turns Trump’s way good for him, but even if it didn’t he could run as an Independent and obtained (50%) of the vote in a 3 main party and Trump race. Particularly if he is vindicated to any degree on his legal complaints. Better to keep Trump in Office for his second term, turn the tables and electrify your own base - Trump Court, etc and evolve the Progressive Movement.
Sociaist Democrats could take 10 -15 of the US Vote. Conservatives and Republicans are on the same page generally and that page is Trump’s page.
The press on the right will never let Biden live it down (oh unless there is enough money in it). If Trump wins nothing and nothing changes (which I have to say I personally doubt) then the Georgia run off in January 2021 will determine the way forward for the House and the presidency. If Biden and Harris win the White House and a tie emerges from Georgia run off giving Harris the final vote at Senate then AOC is in clearly in charge of the country.
There is no doubt in that circumstance that with Bernie’s support, AOC who is 31 (President must be 35) may have a shot at running for US President as the US Socialist Party. That or she’s Speaker of the House.
The problem ROBBINS JUUltimately is that no matter what happens, there are simply too many Trump Voters who won’t believe any of it and Democrats will suffer the wrath of that indignation.
A real mess.
Recent - 1.25% Margin of Error
778 951 4927

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