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Nov 18, 2020 US Constitution, National Mask, Reparations to Blacks, Covid & Trump/Harris v Biden/Pence
Miss Atomic Bomb - Killers  Nov 18, 2020

Question #1
Total Votes by 2016 candidates Trump v Clinton for purposes of this Survey and reflective of Total Votes for each candidate as follows:
Donald J. Trump, Republican    48 %
Hillary Clinton    46 %
Question #2
(Push) Do you support Democrat candidate Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’s reported plan for a Federal - National face mask mandate across the nation - where Americans will not be able to leave their homes without wearing a mask over their face?
Yes    25 %
No    75 %
Question #3
(Push) How do you respond to this Statement: “I believe that now is time to compensate those African American descendants of American Slavery.” Do you agree or disagree with this Statement?
Agree    32 %
Disagree    65 %
Question #4
Do you support the U.S. Constitution as the Supreme Law of the United States?
Yes    77 %
No    17 %
Question #5
(Push) Do you support the right of all Americans to be armed so long as the possession of the weapon is absolutely lawful where they are?
Yes    56 %
No    42 %
Question #6
Which one of the following response choices BEST reflects your assessment of the current COVID-19 Coronavirus situation where you live?
(Push) Coronavirus is serious trouble    41 %
Coronavirus exists but its importance is greatly exaggerated    49 %
I don’t believe Coronavirus is serious at all    9 %
Question #7
(Push) It appears the United States will have a vaccine available to the American public very soon. Will you be getting a Coronavirus vaccine if it's readily available to you and FREE of charge?
Yes    68 %
No    25 %
Question #8
If fraud or gross malfeasance is discovered in ballots or voting connected to this most recent U.S.Election - in any State, would you support a full vote audit in all 50 States so long as it can be done well and with great speed?
Yes    49 %
No    48 %
Question #9
(Push) There are numerous bi partisan reports that one particular computer voting system has malfunctioned over numerous States. Would you support a hand count in any of the States that employed this machine?
Yes    51 %
No    46 %
Question #10
The 12th Amendment of the United States makes a situation possible where the House & Senate become involved in choosing the Presidential ticket. On a hypothetical basis alone which of the following tickets for President and Vice President would you be most likely to choose if you HAD to choose one?
Donald Trump & Kamala Harris    34 %
Joe Biden & Mike Pence    15 %
Question #11
If you ‘magically’ caste a vote ballot today to select the President and Vice President which would you choose?
Donald Trump/Mike Pence    47.94 %
Joe Biden/Kamala Harris    46.06 %
Question 1 (Baseline)
These are the baseline percentages to be compared I suggest to other percentages for Question and Response choices included - with note of push effort propelling some questions and response choices in a direction we believed would better flesh out the correct composite of the American Voter Post 2020 Election (not yet completed). The Survey is not “Random” (ED: random works for science (means of production lol) and in my opinion is likely more of a problem to accuracy in polling other than solution), but nevertheless is not statistically scientific.
The Survey does not include others who might have voted in the 2020 Election who did not vote in 2016. The ‘Push Questions and Response’ efforts are intended, & would scientifically render this Survey bias relative to the 2020 Election Vote that WE are Making a Declaration of Non Confidence in.
I peg the outcomes overall at 2% plus or minus as that ‘story’ goes in Major Media. Nevertheless, I believe my outcomes produce a more accurate view of what respondents who vote in the U.S. 2016 General Election on average feel regarding questions offered. I have 95% confidence that if other entities performed a similar poll through the period of November 13-17, 2020. RSR ROBBINS hold proprietary over various techniques used for establishment outcomes.
Question 2
The National Mask mandate promoted by the Biden Harris Team post election is a drop dead loser with the American Voter. Enough said. This “Yes” response looks similar to our poll numbers for Mueller, Impeachment, BLM and other Democratic (Media) Opposition tactics undertaken by the majority of the American Media to suppress U.S. President Donald Trump’s support and Vote totals with polling at 50 percent for all of these.
The “plastic” polling and media have both contributed to Americans on both sides of the aisle saying “something doesn’t feel right” {about the Election}.
Question 3
This is the third time I have polled this question in the past few years. Professionally speaking, there is no chance that Americans in the majority want to go down this path of compensation to African Americans who are descended from Slaves. In my professional opinion compensation from slavery will never be a majority issue or in the alternative will require a lot of political capital to achieve, and given what we now know about Election problems - the likelihood that only descendants would receive the compensation is slim to none.
Having said that, the Major Media could well inflate the numbers (in my opinion). 100% want it (lol).
Question 4
Eight in ten decided American 2016 Voters see the U.S. Constitution as “the Supreme Law of the United States”. Because of Media bias - doubt about the veracity and fairness of the 2020 Election puts the US Supreme Court as the possible/likely deciders of the Election. I say this because so many U.S. 2016 Voters who represented they voted in the 2020 Election are now tired - the 2020 Election was so close (and was promoted as no contest win for Joe Biden).
I believe from anecdotes of U.S. 2016 Voters who support Biden/Harris now, are more exhausted than those who support Trump/Biden, the latter fueled by rage. The former group was led to believe relief would be absolute on Election Day (but it might take many days to count all the ballots - doesn’t that refrain from the Media seem eerie now?).
The Media was so busy counting Election cash ad money - they could not keep their stories straight. Every poll repeated ad nauseam (On Fox particularly on the lower rated segments if compared to all other Cable added together and compared to higher rated shows like Hannity and Tucker Carlson), which on their face and based on the huge markups for Biden/Harris support in swing States - ought to have produced a clear winner (Biden) on Election Night.
Yet each segment that promoted these intended suffocation polls (of Trump) showing Biden despite little work on the campaign trail (political science) also stipulated that it might take days to count all of the votes. The conclusion an Officious Bystander would draw is that Biden would win easily but there wouldn’t be a final tally for some time, the second part barely relevant if the first part is true.
I also believe (20-30) percent of respondents would be happy at this point to pass this mess off to some other authority than State Election Commissions and such as they perceive the U.S. The Supreme Court is above politics and the now known to be grotesquely destructive divisive American SuperMedia.
American Voters don’t know what or whom to believe. I believe it's a sorrier state of affairs then is being admitted to.
In Canada where I reside the Media resembled CNN - MSNBC Washington Post, New York Times et al - (Canada CBC, CTV, Global) were 95% negative to Trump. I have said it before - I have heard reports (such as they are) of one million persons in Canada eligible to vote in the United States. That number is about .75 net one half percent of the number who likely total voted in the 2020 Election. Every Legal Vote Matters (“ELVM”) was a wee bit more important than Black Lives Matter (BLM) or in Canada the more passive aggressive (All Black Lives Matter). (again sarcasm is a literary tool used in writing often to make a point).
I believe it was at the point of the Covid/Black Lives Matter - Looting & Violence Expose occupying the news all of the time, (when it wasn’t defaming Donald Trump) and where a plan may have been hatched (if hatched at all) on the mail in ballot trouble. Some time not long after the Media began a concerted effort to present polling showing Trump getting wiped out - but mail in ballots may take some time to count. Clear winner why the caveat? Clear winner who cares about the caveat. But there it was with every polling story most frequently involving as the basis of the cause of the claim polls with 4% margin of error - and nearly as often oversampling of Democrats over Republicans - often as much as 14% difference in respondents to the favour of Democrats (known to register more often).
These are bandwagon polls. The percentage is sold as good as gold and in this case always favourable to Biden - when Biden was awful or not around. The details of the obvious deficiencies of the polls are infrequently dealt with if at all. Sometimes these polling deficiencies would be dealt with on another show later at night. On left wing Cable I never saw anything other than the promotion of these polls.
On the Fox Cable Shows that attracted a lesser viewing audience -43-% against -52%- say for CNN MSNBC many of these polls were promoted often with the alleged supporting anecdote that a large number of suburban women were going for Biden.
So called exit polls from some of the same suspects are NOW saying suburban women in fact voted for Trump - that fewer White Men voted for Trump @ 5 percent. Still other polls promoted at this Cable Network (now and then) that Donald Trump was going to get {31%} of the Black Vote (when he received 8% of that vote in the 2016 Election).
In fact some reports said Trump in fact performed better with White Women in the Election - by how much is not made clear.
I said (14%-17%) so called exit polls say {14%} of Black Vote for Trump/Pence 2020- represented as a National Total or in isolation an increase of {5-6%) of that Ethnic OR one half percent represented Nationally - three quarters of a percent factoring higher populated communities.
The alleged exit polling suggesting White Men - Trump’s most loyal demographic declined {5%} would mean a loss in National terms of better than {1.5%}.
Some of these less promoted polls (very infrequently) and not until later in the Election called for Trump to improve with Latinos. I had Latino support near (40%) +. The early exit polls suggested {36%}. I had all Visible Minority Voters from 2016 increasing from average (18%) for Trump 2016 to (30%) a National increase to 2016 totals of just less than (1.5%). Exit polling suggests this National increase for Trump was more like (1.2%), but a sharp increase among Visible Minorities nonetheless.
If we accept the early exit polls on demographics - and recent Trump’s White Male Vote to 2016 - his most loyal demographic by far - and include zero for the reported strong support from suburban momsie (believing I support that Biden was so good he took White Men - especially the older ones I’m sure changed their vote because of support for BLM (lol)) we are still approaching {48%} national support for Donald Trump.
At least one hundred Media and Associated Polls held Trump at {42%} consistently then Silicon Valley kicked in to finish the fraud by pulling many conservative publishing links, many connected to Fox News it would seem. I was ambushed in Canada through Facebook and Black Lives Matter and have reported that in my most recent poll.
(I know who the promoter behind the ambush is, and have indicated in other social matters under my own name or my non plumage that this ambush was promulgated by CTV, Global News, and other Major Media operating under Federal license in the Province of British Columbia.
Criminal defamation by a State Actor is big bucks compensation. The fact that Facebook was also involved (following some funny stuff on my account preceding this) gives me US jurisdiction. Judicial Comity would permit me to include the Canadian Media Corporations as defendants in the United States I believe).
There is already admissions coming from Twitter - Section 230 indemnity special citizen licence owner provided by Globalist Bill Clinton as President - more RICO Social Media.
The known facts related to Media stories emerging from anonymous sources usually through either the Washington Post or New York Times - Mueller, Cause for Impeachment -the RICO effort from Silicon Valley ‘on the Election (2020) that never was’, in full calculation rendered the Major Media and Silicon Valley complicit in a fraud on Electorate. It's circumstantial, but I follow thousands of hours of Political News - to me its obvious, not conspiracy.
It was an anti US Brexit it like departure from Globalism. No doubt about it.
By varied accounts that could be 145 million to 160 million (lol) voted in the US 2020 Election.
Is it possible that Donald Trump is destined to be the first In Personam to sue Media for Billions of dollars?
Post Election reports of an imminent Coronavirus vaccine have taken some of the pressure off the minds of many American Voters 2016 the majority of whom currently assess the Coronavirus situation as “greatly exaggerated”.
Media and Media pollsters had Coronavirus as more Important to American than the Economy.
MY polling firm easily (now) and without doubt the BEST in The World projected the Economy number one (and easily). The Dow Jones is now at 30,000 (it was 18,000 at the beginning of Coronavirus-near recession). In my opinion ungrateful Americans, many manipulated or frightened by complicit/crooked Media owe Donald Trump not only a debt of gratitude but 4 more years in office for his accomplishments including where that concerns the Economy.
One in ten American Voters 2016 (I'm the last fair Election (lol)) “don’t believe Coronavirus is serious at all”. A noteworthy share of anecdotes on this question from these minority respondents suggests that Coronavirus is a “Hoax” or otherwise subscribes to conspiracy theory. This theory will be easier to sell as an American Scientific Conclusion once a vaccine is in place and the rear view mirror of assessment makes the matter clearer.
My guess is Coronavirus was greatly exaggerated will become the narrative in some places in the nearer future.
Look for Dow Jones to drop off 4,000 to 6,000 points if Biden & Harris are “certified” (not declared winners by wishful thinking Media {what it has become} and Senate is Undecided (for short sellers). The Georgia Senate runoff is not scheduled to commence until the first week of January 2021. Republicans are guaranteed a tie at 50-48 with the 2 Georgia races outstanding.
In a tie the Vice President decides the question at the Senate level. Should that decision be made by Kamala Harris or Mike Pence if it is deemed necessary?
Biden Harris (25,000 to 27,000) with Republican Senate, (gridlock); 20,000 to 22,000 with Democratic Senate (Socialists perceived ‘in charge’). Trump Pence re election with Republican Senate 35,000 Dow Jones. You know I am correct on this.
These numbers reveal that even though (59%) of American Voters 2016 have questions regarding the veracity of the presentation of Coronavirus (and any other subject of that matter), better than 7/10 “will be getting a Coronavirus vaccine if its readily available to you and FREE of charge”. (Plastic Media would interpret the (41%) “Coronavirus is serious” with (70%) getting a vaccine or 111% divided by 2 for {55.5%} saying its most serious issue lol).
Quite clearly because of the low Undecided (1%), Americans have an opinion about fraud in the 2020 Election or at least are confused by what appears to be a plethora of problems (POP) with voting irregularities. The press hasn’t helped, by first picking sides in the contest, being quite wrong in polling which was used like anonymous sources against Trump/Pence. These RSR polling outcomes suggest the 2020 U.S. for President in the Doubting Thomas to Dubious column for many years to come.
The real anti Trumpers in my estimation are also the least knowledgeable about the electoral process, the Constitution - its demand for Electoral College certification - the involvement of the US Courts, (potentiality of involvement in the House and the Senate) the failure of the Media to discuss these more complicated subjects to a dwindling audience occurring because of mistrust will produce less and less trust from both sides of the aisle. If the situation were to turn Trump’s favour - the left establishment won’t have many to fight against Trump (unless they are ordering it - Skip the Law (Dishes), because they will perceive Biden Democrats & Media to blame for their own misfortune. Many will abandon politics altogether Trump got in - can’t take it (again).
Republicans more eager for President in the White House than Democrats are - most believe they already have it anyhow. However 11% of 2016 Clinton Democrats picked Trump Harris in part because they believe Trump would be taken out through other measures and like Harris better than Joe Biden. Only a handful of 2016 Republicans picked Biden Pence on the basis that Pence can run in 2024 in the case of a loss and don’t like Biden or Harris. Of the minority of Democrats choosing Biden/Pence may want the White House and don’t believe the VP Office matters so much.
One can see however that through the clutter and mess that the US Election 2020 produced the odd fellow tickets selection process gathered up (49%) of total 2020 voters from 2016.
778 951 4927

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