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US Election State of California - Tim Draper's 3 State Solution, Best on Economy, Chinavirus, Big Tech
Dance the Night Away - Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen)  Nov 01, 2020

Question #1
Who did you vote for in 2016 (State of California)?
Donald Trump, Republican    33 %
Hillary Clinton    62 %
Question #2
If a Referendum were held throughout the State of California to determine whether or not California were to be divided into three (S)tates of equal population, namely Northern California, California and Southern California - in order to make Government more efficient and to more fairly distribute California’s 55 Electoral College Votes - which response BEST reflects how you would vote on this measure, as described?
I would vote to divide California into three separate & distinct States    48.58 %
I would vote to keep California as one State    48.62 %
Question #3
Which candidate for President do you believe is best for US Economy?
Donald Trump, Republican    48.40 %
Joe Biden, Democrat    46.34 %
Question #4
Democrats have accused President Trump of being responsible for over 200,000 American deaths owing they say to inaction and ineptitude on Coronavirus. President Trump says his actions cutting off travel from China and Europe early - and being called a racist by former Vice President for so doing - saved many more lives than that. Is President Trump directly personally responsible for the 200,000 plus American deaths due to Coronavirus?
Yes    9.4 %
No    81.8 %
Question #5
Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act was specifically made in order to shield Hi Tech Companies like Facebook, Twitter & Google from lawsuits for published works on their ‘so called’ platforms - outside their control the companies say, despite the evidence that these companies do exercise far more control over content than they admit to. Other ordinary publishers, television or radio content etc. is not similarly protected. In your opinion is this a fair law?
Yes    38.34 %
No    46.81 %
According to Wikipedia “In early 2014, (Venture Capitalist) Tim Draper filed a begin collecting signatures to divide California into six smaller States.” ‘...(O)n September 12, 2014 it was announced the plan fell short (of required signatures).”
“In April 2018 Draper announced collection of “about 600,000 signatures for a new petition to divide California, this time into three new States.” “By (sic) June 2018, the petition collected a sufficient number of signatures to qualify as an initiative in the 2018 general election.”
“On July 18, 2018 the day the ballots were set to print, the California Supreme Court blocked the measure from...the ballot.”
This RSR ROBBINS Poll suggests that one half of Californians support a measure to split the State into 3 smaller States of equivalent size. Southern California (61%) reflects the highest support (“Yes”) for a ‘3 State solution’, while Northern California is the lowest at (41%). The third proposed State - California supports the split at (46%).
According to CNN website July 18, 2018 “the California Supreme Court shut down the initiative writing that significant questions have been raised regarding the propositions validity”.
“We conclude that the potential harm in permitting the measure outweighs the potential harm in delaying the proposition to a future election.”
An incredulous Tim Draper criticized the courts’ decision saying “Apparently, the insiders are in cahoots and the establishment doesn’t want to find out how many people don’t like the way California is being governed”. Hard to not love a rich white guy like Tim Draper who loves democracy as much as cash.
In Hillary Clinton’s political kitchen - and where her husband former US President Bill Clinton’s administration coined the expression (Carville J.) “It’s the economy stupid” we are delighted to inform Readers that this 2020 Election for President In California we are witnessing the rebirth of ‘its the economy stupid 2’. Americans will vote Trump in on the economy. Money talks and bullshit walks - even in the State of California.
Southern California (sub State) attracts the highest percentage for Donald Trump on economy (61%), while (39%) in Northern California provides his lowest support. California (sub State) provides Biden with (50%) on the Economy.
The main arguments for the Joe Biden Democrat campaign against Donald J. Trump Republican re election 2020 are anchored in Coronavirus. Dozens of times they have claimed the President responsible for these American deaths. These accusations are advanced in conjunction with what we believe is ginned up polling information we don’t agree with, particular that Coronavirus is the number one issue to Americans.
Our Rising Tide Poll of October 19, 2020 provided this Nostradamus like prediction from Question 2: Who do your currently support for President? Donald Trump-(51.17321%), Joe Biden (48.36284%).
Keep in mind our prediction for 2016 winner Donald Trump @ (46.5%), our 2012 winning prediction (2 weeks out from Election Day) for Barack Obama (against the wind of mainstream polling predicting Romney), our 2008 prediction for Obama v Clinton (where mainstream had Clinton 12-20 pts ahead of Obama - our prediction that John McCain would win Republican nomination (when mainstream had him broke and last place), & our subsequent prediction of Obama over McCain. Last (but certainly)not least our national radio prediction (Canada) of George W. Bush beating John Kerry. (Maria, Blondie).
We are the least known - but the best pollsters in the World. Will this US Election bear this claim out again? (Against the Wind, Bob Seger). Walk softly and carry a big stick. (U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt).
Coronavirus is not America’s number 1 issue as represented by every media outlet (Cable) including Big Tech favouring Democrat Biden by 75-25. If Coronavirus is here to stay for awhile/or not, --- but Americans now know what to expect. In the beginning of the pandemic they did not. The information, the preparedness generally have Americans more comfortable - well informed taking Coronavirus right off the table I believe in terms of distillation of what decides this Election. To repeat Democratic strategist James Carville - “it’s the economy stupid”. (Tom Wait, Downtown Train)
These are not good percentages for Big Tech - many of whom have home offices situate in the State of California. Lower than the RSR ROBBINS provision from Tim Draper’s Trilateral State Concept (TSC) and hard work making it solid for the asking. Draper looks like a cool rich person who cares about his State, his country and democracy -- the Big Tech’s do not.
Draper wants to do good with this his wealth - advancing his cause for democracy and better government (or at least what he believes with become better government) in the Public Interest.
Big Tech seems intents on subverting the Public Interest. Section 230 was made available through the Bill Clinton presidency during the heady days of globalist growth.
President Trump and Tim Draper appear more intent on bringing government down to earth for the people where the value of the vote increases - not toward Corporate unilateralism and enhanced globalism where the value of the vote diminishes.
The highest “Yes” (is it fair) came from California (the sub State) at (54%), while the highest “No” came from Northern California @ (52%).
One thing I can see for certain is Trump will do much better in California with (42%) support in California with (3%) Other and (7%) Undecided. Using Trump’s current net support of (42%) added to Trump’s decided support in California of (45%) or (43.5%) with other constant at (3%) - RSR ROBBINS can project Biden support @ (53.5%) California. Using these current percentages to 2016 percentages all things otherwise equal this projects National support for Trump to (48%) and Biden projected support on this basis to (47%).
I submit (55%) {up from 45%} of Whites in California will vote Trump in 2020. 43% Hispanics {up nearly 20%}, (21%) Blacks up {13%}, and (42%) Asian {up 23%}.
If Tim Drapers concept of a more efficient 3 State California comes to fruition - based on these numbers, the Republican Party has just carved out (at least) another 18 EV College seats. It may do little do ameliorate the growing contempt for Big Tech companies in Silicon Valley and its interference in free speech and unfair protection under Bill Clinton’s Section 230 however.
A Not Random Survey of 5451 Californians who voted in the 2016 US Election and who intend to or have already voted 2020.
Commercial Value - from Best in the World $681,375 (U.S.)
778 951 4927

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