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October 27, 2020 Poll of Canadian Issues - Leader/Party support, R Canadians Racist?, Taxation, Israel/Arab Peace, Cable-Media conflict?
Twilight Zone - Golden Earring  Oct 27, 2020

Question #1
If a Federal Election in Canada were called today, which Leader & Party would you support?
Erin O’Toole & Conservative Party of Canada    34.17 %
Justin Trudeau & Federal Liberal Party of Canada    28.81 %
Jagmeet Singh & Federal New Democratic Party of Canada    18.86 %
Yves-François Blanchet & Bloc Québécois Party    8.76 %
Annamie Paul & Green Party    5.06 %
Question #2
Do you believe that Canada is systemically racist and that many Canadians are prejudiced too?
Yes    21.6 %
No    70.8 %
Question #3
Which response choice best reflects how you want the government to approach taxation?
I expect to pay more taxes to help with costs related to Covid    15.97 %
I do not expect any more taxes than I am already paying    52.08 %
I want a tax cut - leave my money in my pocket    31.25 %
Question #4
Do you support the numerous peace deals between and among a number of important Arab nations and Israel in the Middle East - anticipated to be declared as one of the most important peace deals done in a generation?
Yes    73.61 %
No    22.45 %
Question #5
In your opinion is it in the public interest for large Cable conglomerates to also own large Media?
Yes    18 %
No    82 %
This RSR ROBBINS poll suggests Erin O’Toole is at or about the same position as former Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was at the end of the Canadian Federal Election 2019 - held one year ago, producing a Liberal minority government in Canada-- despite winning a higher percentage of the Vote for Conservatives.
Similar to what happened to Hillary Clinton in her (psychologically) crippling loss to US President Donald Trump in 2016 (see also 2020). (Ali Foreman - Zaire).
(I say) Justin Trudeau is at or about the same place public opinion polling had him prior near the end of that Election, under -30%- RSR ROBBINS - and no other pollster identified a later surge for Trudeau- (also predicted Trudeau PM ascent early (2012) - see National Post John Ivison) -which triggered an immediate 11th hour endorsement from former US President Barack Obama whose political and electoral success I also predicted (under much duress because he was Black -- both in Canada and US) for revealing the Black candidate (Obama) would beat Hillary Clinton, later John McCain and in 2012 Mitt Romney.
(The thanks I get is a criminal defamation from Black Lives/Facebook - not a very grateful bunch I say). Poll everyone out of office and start new I think.
Jagmeet Singh and his New Democratic Party, Yves-Francois Blanchet and Bloc Quebecois Party and Annamie Paul and Green Party account for about one in 3 Canadian voters, a higher aggregate total in support for these 3 parties than they achieved in the 2019 national election a little better than they received in aggregate from the Canadian public in that federal election on year ago.
The Bloc Quebecois Party only runs candidates in the Province of Quebec.
Prior to the recent rise of the Bloc Quebecois in the past few years - the New Democrats under former Leader the late (great) Jack Layton dominated Quebec - they do not however dominate anymore.
Where the NDP is strong now is in the Province of British Columbia, no doubt influenced upward by the avalanche of support heading the Provincial NDPfs way in the BC Provincial Election held tomorrow. (NB Horgan NDP do win landslide).
My September RSR ROBBINS polling prognostication at BC Election Call Date called for the Horgan NDP to (44.91%) he obtained 45% of the actual vote. (What if God were One of us-Joan Osborne). Oh yes I also predicted Wilkinson BC Liberal at 35.85% - he obtained -36%.
At Robbins - we are fairly good at numbers - see our recent Poll under US Polls including predictions for every State in the Union and of course for Trump/Pence @ over 50% - Nationally. Rasmussen, a longtime Republican pollster, followed in support.
If I pull this off - I will be the most influential Canadian in American politics.
(One wonders if President Trump will even recognize Canada as a nation). Why should he, of what benefit is Canada to his presidency?
Conservative Leader Erin OfToole garners predictably high support in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. The problem is that these two provinces represent less than 20 percent of the National population. The good news for the OfToole Conservatives is the (40%) support they attract in the Province of Ontario the largest Canadian province. Ontario Conservative Premier Doug Ford is currently at (44%) support in my books.
The Canadian Conservatives obtain their worst score in the Province of Quebec @ (18%).
Despite some success working with Premier Ford and Toronto Mayor John Tory - throwing away Canadian taxpayers dollars to Toronto and Montreal for his own benefit, advancing cover programs like BLM for his WE scandal is behind in Ontario at (38%). Trudeau Liberals score (26%) in Quebec. Trudeaufs lowest support percentages are in Saskatchewan and Alberta at (18%-19%) respectively. Same old story.
As referenced Jagmeet Singh and New Democrats (35%) in BC with lowest scores in Alberta and Manitoba (17%). The mainstream press always low balls Federal NDP numbers, particularly in the Province of British Columbia.
The Bloc Quebecois are dominating in Quebec still with (46%) support. Once re elected -
President Trump should come to see the leader of the Bloc Quebecois -when he visits Canada in Quebec City (early deals if a future partnership arrangement is made between Canada and Quebec (lol)).
The Back of his hand to Trudeau and Canadian Media which treated him unfairly (99.99%) coverage to the 1 million American voters in Canada negative against him. The message I wish to convey is that actions anywhere anytime have consequences in the New World Order with the US at the top of the Globe, particularly knowing that Canadafs judiciary isnft independent, and judges change rulings of other judges all of the time (apparently) (see Hinkson CJ, Fenlon J BC Supreme Court). (NB also that Fenlon J.fs lower court decision in Google v Equustek - where GPR filed Intervenor status proving crooked dealings top to bottom in BCfs Justice system linked to the Supreme Court of Canada- was ultimately overturned by the State of California).
Incidentally, I see BC Supreme Court Judge Barry Davies, a judge implicated in my personal complaints against a couple of crooked judges in BC (likely innocently) made an Order giving an Asian woman running her townhouse as a rental for a dozen people 30 days to vacate following two - count em two contempt of court orders. The RCMP show up to the White guys house (me) with nothing - on orders obtained (including from Davies) by a fraud on the Court instigated by Shylock lawyer Ron Bakonyi-operating with Shylock LSBC lawyer Michael Kleisinger, after taking a good beating in court from me. No filing of Stay of Execution Order. The Chief Justice determines a case based on completely unrelated material of another case already decided at the Supreme Court of Canada--covering a 98.7% Mortgage.
Former Chief Justice Brennar got into it with Bad Boy Robbins - over his fraud on the court. Where is he these days? Little dirtnap methinks.
The State of California overturned a decision of the top court of a sovereign nation. That isnft Judicial Comity, it's more appropriately simple comedy/(tragedy).
No respect for Canadafs so called independent judiciary. Why should they? In my Intervenor application to Brown J. - outlining in great detail the Criminal Code breaches of his brothers and sisters - this application was served on Google.
The indirect funding through media promotion of others of Black Lives Matter aka All Black Lives Matter (eEvery Black Life Mattersf to come, eEvery Single Black Life Matters Better Matter to Everyone else or else we loot & boot, looting, burning, and murdering mattersf and so on) makes the Trudeau government complicit in de facto promoting the U.S. Democratic Party - interfering with the US Election. (Sarcasm, Fair Comment laws).
The $90 Million Black slush fund - for the 7 Entrepreneurs or so in the Country (Sarcasm, Fair Comment goes to perceived stereotype not yet disproved) - appears to me- to be funding Trudeau's two by elections in Toronto - home of most of Canadian Blacks with important lives - ones he won handily a year ago but barely won on Monday (yesterday). (Never going to end until you atone). (Sarcasm - see Fair Comment - its under Free Speech law).
Candidates for all parties in both by elections all eof colourf (Can White people say eof colourf or is this off limits is this permitted)? Ontariofs Conservative Premier Doug Ford liked Trudeaufs faux hand out, so did Progressive Conservative mayor John Tory - $$, but I didnft.
There is no evidence to refute this such as any demonstration that US President Donald Trump was treated with an even hand at any time by US Media or by its partners in Canada.
It has been reported that there are 1,000,000 US citizens residing in Canada eligible to vote in the United States. As the best political judge on the planet - gavel down guilty for Canada for interfering in the US election with biased Media coverage. Letfs dig a little deeper shall we?
Of the $90 million promised to promote Black entrepreneurship, I believe money or some type of benefit (tax credit?) flowed through major media (always complaining about lack of money and subsidy from tax payers).
Have you considered someone who can actually produce a better product and run a business? Or is it control of information and a great lost leader for lobbyists and consultants?
There were many commercials on radio particularly I heard promoting look at yourself if you see others as different type things. Community influence as it were. All types of hype of television. I believe the large media conglomerates benefited in the promotion of Black Lives Matter and All Black Lives Matter - and that this promotion was intended and was mutually beneficial to each group.
It can be shown that Black Americans vote Democrat (unless this US Election changes that) and ipso facto Trudeau was using Canadian tax dollars to help the Democrat Party as part repayment to Barack Obama winning the 2019 Election for him. Play the tape - lol.
American Blacks only 8% in 2016 when he won the presidency- and then he is re elected 2020 - good luck with much mattering after all that and your 8 percent. Think about it.
As I have repeated of late here or on social media - on its surface helping Black Entrepreneurs based simply on demographics and balance of possibilities with such a small group of the Canadian population means you're helping Toronto and Montreal the 1st and 3rd largest cities in Canada only where those populations are more meaningful.
What does this policy have to do with the amelioration of disadvantage for minorities from the Canadian Constitution? Nothing. It was a political stunt for the benefit of a few at the expense of the many, precisely what socialists are known to do.
Toronto Raptors basketball plays on Rogers SportsNet who also own the arena(s) and is a ehugef Cable enterprise. Global News is also a large media conglomerate extending across the country as well. Global is owned by ehugef Shaw Cable out of Calgary, Alberta.
Both the Shaw and Rogers families are Jewish (not that therefs anything wrong with that--see case precedent on Seinfelds for the truly humourless).
I won a court case at BC Supreme Court arguing that administration charges and penalties on charge cards - cable bills were legally part of the Annual Percentage Rate - and thus should be included in the calculation of the legal interest. (Some eFolksf got a little pissed with me I guess lol).
On a personal basis - family out a couple of million in property because Canadian Shylocks run a crooked game with Canadafs big banks on mortgages - and free speech push back attracts criminal defamation from social media Giant Facebook also Shylock owned - and All Black Lives Matter. Shylock + Blacks in Canada - barely 5% of the population. I belong to the population that equals 8/10 Canadians. Readers tell me what is wrong with this picture? (Hair of the Dog Nazareth).
Canadafs House of Commons has 338 seats of which the governing minority (indeed) Liberals have 154 where 170 is necessary for majority control. Conservatives have 121, Bloc 32, New Democrat 24, Green 3, Independent 2, with 2 Vacant (Source: Wikipedia). By law those vacant seats need to be filled.
Recently, Jagmeet Singh helped prop up the minority Liberals on a confidence vote - he shouldnft do that again. He should plan to strike, and turn out British Columbia full on orange at both senior levels of government. They ripped newly elected (congratulations) John Horgan and NDP for holding the election. It didnft matter.
Some people may bitch and moan in BC for example because an Election has just been held. Give them a couple of weeks - pre Christmas 2020 - start the New Year fresh- people who wonft vote for you anyhow may not vote at all. And how about the two Toronto by elections Trudeau squeaked through after tossing $90 at them? Those will turn. Get the picture? Look for appropriate ambush take a chance on an Election.
Ignore Canadafs plastic polls - always low balling Federal NDP numbers, get off the insanity of minority rights - help Canadafs First Nations get some drinking water - that type of thing. No these stunts designed for self serving re election campaigns from the minds of Socialists.
Singh should double down - the BC army gets a rest - prepare a list of demands for Trudeau - and provide them to Erin OfToole as well. But the BC winter is not like Moscow in the Winter.
If Singh can produce the type of gains I expect he can find in BC - along with Horgan safely in charge - then BC will be dominated by the NDP at both senior levels. A Conservative or Liberal senior minority government would be forced to give in to BC demands.
Only (3%)of Canadian Conservatives believe either Canadian Institutions or its people are racist/prejudiced. Clearly the spillover of US political public relations - found a good ally in Canadafs Liberal government. The problem is that these public relations exercises for minorities like so many other political occurrences - are often propped up and promoted by fake news - often possessing insufficient actual substantive support to matter.
In my opinion -no more than a meritless stunt, and in some instances already identified criminal defamation.
This is Trudeaufs announcement made during WE - scandal caused by the resignation of his Finance Minister designed to make some ethnic groups look bigger than they are (ie -3 percent- becomes 21%).
I would make a note that many of my US polls revealed much lower support (in the (20fs percentile)) than what US Media (see also Canadian Media) had for a number of well known political stunts (assessed in hindsight - common sense) assessed at 50% by the privileged class of media (LOL).
The self interest of the Liberals on this account is better understood by the (34%) of Trudeaufs support that sees Canadafs Institutions and people are racist.
As the reader can plainly see from a question from this recent US Poll - where final National Vote Outcome and final projections for every State in the Union are provided (and where US firms like Rasmussen and Trafalgar are following RSR ROBBINS - the majority of American Voters 2016 believe that the Black Lives Matter movement is primae facie discriminatory.
Question #6 Do you agree or disagree with those voices in response to the gBlack Lives Matterh movement that its name alone-hBlack Lives Matterh is discriminatory against other races not Black - inferring the possibility that those races lives donft matter as much as Black Lives? Agree 56 % Disagree 27 %
Agree 56 % Disagree 27 % The reality is that some of these American-Canadian pro minority rights like the current one referenced in my United States and this Canadian Poll -are more promotional spectacles, clearly timely exercises in political distractions often bought and paid for with taxpayer money, or by those with an agenda advanced by such movements.
The net result is clearly not in the Public Interest. Canadian Conservatives - (including progressive ones) donft believe their Institutions and neither to the nationalistic Bloc Quebecois.. Anecdote within this wipeout message from Canadian Conservative & Nationalists (Bloc Quebec) is common sense, gYes it does happen sometimesh but it is no where near believing that racist - or whatever negative connotation used - racist -exists to the extent of a final conclusion regarding Systemic or Institutional racism - or that Canadians are racist.
Left or Right most Canadians are Libertarians - most just donft know it. It's a big big country - lots of room - thatfs Canadafs freedom. Canadians' freedom is narrowed by much media psychological propaganda - (you donft want the people feeling too free or too tall in the saddle).
Aboriginals donft have any water, - no clean water -yet $90 million goes to fund Canadian media, music - another Bob Marley it seems - aligned the clearly political American minority spectacle - Black Lives Matter for the benefit of people who live in Toronto (Ontario) and Montreal (Quebec). No one has the crotch to push back it seems, for fear of being called a racist.
Not on this Bad Boyfs Watch. Oh no - not going to happen. (LOL - another reason to swing my axe).
Only (one in five) New Democrats believe Canadafs Institutions and people are racist, with only (16%) of Greens now run by a Black Leader (who just lost in one of the Toronto by elections) believing Canada/Canadians to be racist.
The Bloc appears like the Federal Conservatives in response with only (5%) supporting the Canadians are racist claim.
As between the Conservatives and Bloc Quebecois exclusively, over (40%) of Canadians, barely one in twenty believe Canadian Institutions and Canadians are racist.
In terms of the Black Lives Matter aka All Black Lives Matter and in consideration of $90 million that Trudeaufs Liberal government pledged to Black entrepreneurs - 85 percent of Canadian Blacks reside in Ontario and Quebec - mostly originally from the Caribbean and Haiti - and in consideration of the percentages provided it is clear this pledge cannot in any way be considered a national application particularly in the Prairie Provinces where Conservatives dominate.
Canadian Blacks occupy 3% of the Canadian population, and that percent is likely inflated. Their promoters and benefactors of Jewish background (a well known historical arrangement) possess less than 2% of the countries population. 3 + 2 = 5, a small percentage.
Where is the list of the Black Entrepreneurs receiving the $90 million? Herbertfs Record Store? Amosfs Cookies Deli and Meats?
What arrangements were made with Canadian Media to promote Black Lives Matter or All Black Lives Matter - the latter entitlement featured upon the All Black Lives Matter Canadian e franchisef website ascribed to the promotion? Why was the website name gAll Black Lives Matterh never properly introduced into the Media. It's an Important question.
Clearly Americans find Black Lives Matter prejudicial to other races on its face. The Greens have a new leader who is Black yet only (16%) of people who support that party believe Institutional or individual person racist or prejudice exists. gIf so many people are racist wouldnft you think more people would be murdered everyday because of race?h
Good Question.
Also, the concept begs a free speech response on the same grounds. Indirect evidence of high violence (murder) year in and year out of Black person on another Black person (US) begs criticism along the lines that do Black Lives Matter (if your killing your own people). All Black Lives Matter (the website) would appear to be a conscious Canadian accommodation. It's an entirely different predicate than Black Lives Matter, but nevertheless shows primae facie the intent behind what I believe to be a colluded fraud on the Canadian public for the advantage of the Prime Ministerfs government.
(But) Black Lives Matter was what was being sold in the public domain in both the United States and Canada - not the All Black Lives Matter. It reminds me of the other ethnic group (Jewish) that refuse to accept any criticism. Ante Semite - Same design, same substantial fraud on the public as a public interest matter, when it is more aptly described as a political stunt. The Oprah type of set of Liberal White Women tend to find themselves rather magnanimous in these groups gIfve got mineh they all say.
Op Research informs me that US Black Lives Matter originators and leaders are Women who are are not only Black but Jewish and Lesbian as well.
Seems wefve got a problem. Thatfs not true, in fact seems youfve got a problem.
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