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Glen P. Robbins - Ita Robbins Letter to Canada's Attorney General, Speaker of Senate, National Judicial Institution, Speaker of House - John Horgan
  Oct 10, 2020

Note to Reader - this is the version of the letter due to delivery withing the next 10 days.
Also keep in mind on the BLM - only 5% of the small population of Blacks in Canada live west of Ontario (mostly from french speaking Haiti & Caribbean). Also in 1946 CBC reported on US President's diary, where as a war correspondent in Europe that Kennedy wrote Hitler will go down as a central figure in all of history and was the stuff legends are made of. History has already been shapeshifted. (Lol).
So complaint coming (unrelated to this matter) - against Black Lives Matter depicted as All Black Lives Matter on their website, Black Lives Matter United States major news (awful news) CTV, Global, Rogers - Facebook Instagram - BC Government - Government of Canada discrimination against me for Race ---and then Federal Court of Canada - no limit on damages and Federal Court of Rules provide one plaintiff for class action. See time limitations for filing in either jurisdiction in either Institution from this NOTICE.
There has never been a racist claim successfully to the Supreme Court of Canada. Never. Will the first be predicated on racism against a White male. That's an adverse intention then eh? (LOL). GPR
October 9, 2020
Glen P. Robbins Ita Robbins
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, David Lametti "Personal & Confidential" House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A OA6
Complaints to Canadian Judicial Council - Hinkson,Fenlon and others-No Judicial Independence.
Please find enclosed July 27, 2020 Complaint to the above captioned (CJC). The documents show we have these judges colluding and in breach of judicial independence. It requires immediate attention as it puts the reputation of Canada's justice system in the outhouse.
"Judicial Independence is a cornerstone of the Canadian judicial system. Judicial Independence guarantees that judges will be able to make decisions free of influence and based solely on fact and law. Nothing is more important to our justice system than having an independent judiciary."
"The phrase judicial accountability describes the view that judges should be held accountable in some way for their work. This could be public accountability getting approval from voters in elections - or accountability in another political body like a governor or legislature."
British Columbia's provincial court system that "If judges weren't independent our courts would be like hockey without a referee" (ED: LOL).
This is an apt description of the state of affairs in the BC Supreme Court (BC Court of Appeal) as a consequence of the actions of these two judges - and frankly other ones as well.
I note the July 27th letter says you were copied. You were not.
(Editors Note to letter draft not in submissions - let's get those dollars flowing to Glen & Ita Robbins for legal scam. You cheated - badly - got caught - pay the piper. A whole new world of free speech be coming your way).
Glen P. Robbins
Ita Robbins
Speaker of the Canadian Senate, The Senate of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canadian K1A OA4.
National Judicial Institute, 275 Slater Street, Suite 2000, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5H9, Canada.
Speaker of the House of Commons, House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1A OA6
John Horgan "In Personam" (3rd Service) #320-34 West 7th Ave., Vancouver, BC V5Y 1L6.
Kennedy Stewart, Mayor City of Vancouver and Head of the Vancouver Police force (where the lawyers committed the criminal fraud).

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