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September 20, 2020 British Columbia Election Results - Data
  Sep 26, 2020

Question #1
Which British Columbia Leader & Party do you currently support in the Province of British Columbia?
John Horgan & BC NDP    44.91 %
Andrew Wilkinson & BC Liberal    35.85 %
Sonia Furstenau & BC Green    12.75 %
Trevor Bolin & BC Conservative    5.14 %
Question #2
Which of the following political issues is most important to you right now?
BC Jobs/Economy    38 %
Dealing with Coronavirus    27 %
Global Warming    19 %
Law & Order    16 %
Question #3
Support for a BC ‘snap’ Election?
Yes    45 %
No    44 %
Question #4
Support for The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia moving to No Fault Insurance - with no access to the courts for injury damages but higher levels of income replacement and proactive medical care?
Yes    51 %
No    47 %
Question #5
In 2019 BC Assessment revealed that land values associated with BC residences had decreased from -8-10%-. When the 2020 BC Assessment is published do you believe it will reveal another similar drop in land values, or will it reveal an increase in land values?
It will reveal another drop in land values similar to 2019    48 %
It will reveal an increase in land values from 2019    29 %
I am indifferent or undecided about the question    23 %
Vancouver Island: City of Victoria, Saanich & Islands, Brentwood, Sydney, Chemainus, Duncan, Nanaimo, Campbell River = (47%). North Shore-City of Vancouver through the Vancouver Suburbs - Highway #1 to Surrey BC (also Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge (but not Mission BC), New Westminster & Mission plus Richmond & Tsawwassen) = (47%). Langley City & Langley Township, Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, Hope, Merritt, Kamloops, Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm, Osoyoos = (35%). Prince George (Northern BC City (University) and Kootenays (near border with Alberta) = (44%).
City of Victoria, Saanich & Islands, Brentwood, Sydney, Chemainus, Duncan, Nanaimo, Campbell River = (26%). North Shore-City of Vancouver through the Vancouver Suburbs - Highway #1 to Surrey BC (also Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge (but not Mission BC), New Westminster & Mission plus Richmond & Tsawwassen) = (35%). Langley City & Langley Township, Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, Hope, Merritt, Kamloops, Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon Arm, Osoyoos =(47%). Prince George (Northern BC City (University) and Kootenays (near border with Alberta) = (41%)
On September 4th, 2020 CBC News British Columbia published an article entitled “BC NDP leads polls, survey suggests, as speculation around fall election continues”.
The Survey by Angus Reid suggests the BC NDP would win an easy majority in a BC Election (if one were called), winning {48%} of the Vote.
This RSR ROBBINS Survey 15-20, 2020 suggests the BC NDP are barely under (45%), (3%) lower than the earlier Angus Reid Survey suggests. (The Concept of Margin of Error is erroneous to the comparison and misused by journalists (quid pro quo (lol)).
The Angus Reid Survey also suggests the BC Liberals were ‘just under {30%} of “decided and leaning voters”. This RSR ROBBINS Survey suggests that support percent now is (36%).
RSR ROBBINS places the BC Greens at (13%), (1%) lower than ‘Angus’.
This RSR ROBBINS Survey suggests the combined Horgan/BC NDP - Furstenau/BC Green support in the Province of BC - commenced just one week prior to the Election call is @ just < than (58%). In the 2017 BC Election those two parties combined for an Election Vote Total of -57%-.
Predicated on the 2017 British Columbia Vote Totals we can conclude that John Horgan & BC NDP Government prior to the dropping of the current Writ possessed -70%- of the power relationship with the BC Green Party, or in terms of conversion of that Total to a popular Vote percentage - -70%- of -57%- or (39.90%) basis points less than the BC NDP actually obtained in the 2017 Provincial Election.
On this basis alone after 3 years in government - and in the unique circumstances related to the China Virus (“CV”) in British Columbia and including matters relating to court battles concluding over pipeline matters with Alberta - based on the Angus Reid and my own data - and opinion - I deem it reasonable that John Horgan has called this provincial election. There is no more relevancy to the agreement between his government and the BC Greens. With the departure of Andrew Weaver as Leader - and the conclusion of finding his successor.
The dropping of the Writ invalidates the arrangement notwithstanding.
This RSR ROBBINS POLL suggests that power relationship is now (78%) of that combined BC NDP - BC Green coalition - in favour of John Horgan & the BC NDP or (45%) as a converted popular Vote percentage - in keeping with the percentages ascribed to Horgan/BC NDP support in this RSR ROBBINS poll.
For comparison purposes, the Angus Reid Survey/POLL suggests that the combined NDP/Green support is {62%}, and of that, the BC NDP control {77%} of that “Power Share” with the BC Greens - (pre introduction into the BC provincial political system of Ms. Furstenau as Leader of the BC Green Party). Ms. Furstenau was elected leader on September 14, 2020 just one day prior to the commencement of this RSR ROBBINS POll.
I note the Angus Reid Survey - or at least the Coles Notes version in the media does NOT specify the BC Conservative support, not unreasonable given that party’s weak efforts at the provincial election for so many decades. Keep in mind that the BC Conservative Party seldom obtains a vote outcome anywhere near its poll results. Conservative is a named brand - it's as cool as Chevrolet in the United States.
Some history (and 100 polls already done over the years) might provide better context:
The BC Liberal Party 1st reestablished itself as a presence in the BC Legislature under charismatic leader Gordon Wilson in the early 1990’s. Later Wilson fell from grace for becoming involved as a married man with a fellow MLA Judy Tyabji, herself married ‘ratted’ on by Gary Farrell Collins (later BC Finance Minister) - he was replaced by former Vancouver mayor Gordon Campbell who went on to become premier of BC for the better part of a decade.
Gordon Campbell’s leadership marked the beginning of a relationship between the BC Liberal Party and Federal Reform Party of Canada. The Federal Reformers rejected its provincial namesake in the province of BC - (the BC Reform Party) for the benefit of more high powered fundraising - with a party in power.
Later when the Reform Party of Canada converted to the Canadian Alliance Party of Canada through the turn of Century - (with multiple fabulous polls from ROBBINS covering the transition) under Leader Stockwell Day and then again with the Conservative Party of Canada under Stephen Harper - its current brand of conservatism in Canada - a similar relationship was maintained with the BC Liberals.
Conservatives & Liberals successfully stitched to one another in BC Politics.
The BC Reform Party (which had caused Campbell’s loss to the BC NDP in 1996 - Campbell’ first election) {along with the Democratic Alliance Party formed and led by Gordon Wilson} ---ultimately became a political party with barely a pulse (as did the Democratic Alliance Party). (No $$$$ - good luck making that happen).
In 2011, despite a wildly successful 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC - Gordon Campbell was forced out of office and replaced by Christy Clark who had left the party in 2005. She was selected by the Party despite being supported by only one Member of the BC Legislature from Gordon Campbell’s caucus.
The BC New Democrats (who had been wiped out of office under Premier Ujjal Dosanjh in 2001), built themselves back up from that near decimation - under current Finance Minister Carole James-the best of all the BC NDP leaders since the early 1970’s, but sadly, were never able to replace Gordon Campbell.
In that 2005 BC Election and subsequent election in 2009 involving Campbell v James -both elections were of the more competitive nature. In the 2005 BC Election Gordon Campbell won -46%- of the vote to Carole James -42%-. This produced an easy majority of seats for Gordon Campbell in the BC Legislature.
An important factor in that election was the relative success of the fledgling progressive BC Green Party which obtained just less than -10%- of the vote, regarding generally as a subtraction from the BC New Democrat column. There was no similar leverage coming at Campbell from the centre right.
The near exact same outcome occurred between Campbell’s BC Liberals and Carole James BC New Democrats in BC Election: BC Liberals -46%, BC NDP -42%- with BC Greens just under -9%- under new Leader Jane Sterk.
(An American example would be the Libertarian Party which took 3 percent off Donald Trump’s Final Vote @ -46.4%-. RSR ROBBINS published his prediction of (46.5%) one tenth of a basis point and better than the RSR ROBBINS was off 120,000 from a Total US Vote of 127,000,000 that year in RSR ROBBINS predictions for Barack Obama v Mitt Romney).
In the following BC Election in 2013 - Christy Clark had replaced Gordon Campbell as Leader (and as Premier) - who became even more unpopular over a tax policy disagreement (HST). Adrian Dix replaced Carole James for the BC NDP. Dix was widely expected to defeat Christy Clark on the basis that despite having a lot of charisma - Clark’s competence in the job was questioned by many Voters (relative to Campbell whose personality was more sour than most). Many British Columbians did not like her believing her rise to the top having little to do with merit.
Enough British Columbians apparently did like her. The 2013 BC Election was unanimously considered a surprise win - by all pundits and talking heads, produced another big win for the BC Liberals. Clark won -44%- of the vote - Dix - -39%-. Clark’s BC Liberal vote had decreased by only -2%-, while Dix had fallen by -3%-, this after an unattractive (high end stupid opportunism Vancouver vs Victoria NDP style) ‘in house’ NDP coup to replace Carole James.
The BC NDP were seen by many as incapable of winning a provincial election, particularly with the albatross of the BC Green vote split terrorizing them each time. Perennial BC Election Bowl Losers. Beyond that they were self sabotaging and appearing unable to accept ideas and concepts from outside influence, until John Horgan’s shared power agreement with the BC Greens that it.
In the 2013 BC Election much of the anticipation for an NDP victory occurred because the BC Conservative Party had a leader who had been a longtime Federal Reformer - a ‘Dutch fellow’ whose name escapes me. Polls showed the BC Conservatives at double digit support and better - a vote split equal to or greater the BC Green vote split leveraging the BC NDP. The ‘Dutch fellow’ had demanded that the penniless BC Conservative Party find $20,000 to pay him to run).
In the 2017 BC Election current BC NDP Premier John Horgan (having replaced Adrian Dix as Leader) ran against Premier Christy Clark. The BC Greens had a very competent Leader in Andrew Weaver - (replaced now by Furstenau) -In that election.
There were recycled threats of ambition from the BC Conservatives. All things considered the prospects at election did not look good for the BC NDP despite their lead in most polls. Greens were ‘movin on up’, Christy Clark was kind of pretty, and had a personality that apparently was attractive to many suburban moms - and Horgan was promoted as a hot head. Another BC NDP socialist lunatic detractors shouted.
(The reader should fully understand that the BC Liberals were really not well liked. They had been in government for 15-16 years). British Columbians were unhappy - sick of the BC Liberals and real doubters of the BC NDP long considered socialists - pathetic with money their detractors would say. Grifter government bureaucrats with no accountability and no sense of how to make a business successful.
In the BC Election 2017 the BC Green performed well with Andrew Weaver and Party improving to -17%- popular vote. Horgan performed exceptionally during the election including in debates and achieved -40%- of the vote, only -1%- better than Adrian Dix’s -39%- in 2013 but less than the -42%- score achieved by Carole James v Gordon Campbell in the 2005 and 2009 Elections.
The thing about the 2017 BC Election was that Christy Clark’s vote total fell -4%- to -40%- the same as the BC NDP’s. This was enough of a loss to create a close contest despite the increase in the BC Green election totals. BC Green’s were taking some BC Liberal support.
Nonetheless Christy Clark and the BC Liberal Party won the election by 2 seats. Andrew Weaver and BC Greens increased their seat total from 1 seat to 3 attaining party status which then triggered further resources for the party operation. When these seats were added to the BC NDP total - - John Horgan became Premier of BC.
The point to take away from this background information is that the BC NDP - the centre left has a history of experiencing electoral failure. They aren’t political winners. The BC Liberal centre right coalition base support (see predecessor Social Credit Party WAC Bennett, Bill Vander Zalm) has historically been -40%- or better - while the BC NDP core support is around 33-35%.
Because the NDP are historical losers at the polls - in part because of the BC Greens in the last two decades taking progressive voters - the 2013 abomination of a loss really pissed off some important people sick of Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark. (An IOU went on the books - right above the one related to Ujjal Dosanjh’s time in Office).
Case in point - John Horgan ran a near perfect campaign against an incumbent government the people were sick of - and a Premier who was nowhere near his class in bona fides for the job. And he only got (40%) of the Vote in BC Election 2017. In fact he lost. He would never have become Premier if the BC Greens had not propped him up. Horgan was given his opportunity to be Premier of the Province of British Columbia owing fully to a power sharing agreement with Andrew Weaver. There is no point in my assessing Horgan’s performance as capable, as more than a few Angus Reid polls revealed him the most popular Premier in the country.
Angus Reid’s numbers from the 1st week of September 2020 and ours obtained two weeks later clearly establish Horgan’s BC NDP as the front runner. This brings us to present day. Angus Reid then doubled down from his declaration that Horgan was the best premier in the country with its September 2020 poll declaring a huge BC NDP win - and devastating BC Liberal loss - if an election were called - and now one has been called. 2020 may finally be the time for a ‘big ass’ win for the BC NDP in the Province of British Columbia.
As the BC Conservative Party goes - at least relatively speaking - so goes new Conservative Party of Canada Leader Erin O’Toole and his new political army. If they achieve (10%) in this upcoming BC Provincial Election -then “Handsome John” Horgan (as he was known in high school)- wins the landslide predicted by Angus Reid -and supported by this subsequent RSR ROBBINS Poll, but O’Toole wins British Columbia in the Federal Election - and minority government in Canada as counter weight to Horgan New Democratic ‘types’. If the BC Conservatives flounder again or just go poof like in 2017 - purposefully tilting to the BC Liberals just disguised during polling - (with the blame for this still on ‘the books’ under Stephen Harper’s name) - then through theorizing of indirect causal inference I believe O’Toole’s Federal Conservative Party will flounder.
Protect brand, Reform Canada and Canadian Alliance both conservative parties attracted rural BC NDP voters with Stockwell Day grabbing up -48%- of the BC Federal Vote. When Harper left he was tilting to the low -30’s- percentile Vote Support in the Province of British Columbia.
Horgan and Trudeau are good chums right now. John Horgan is a lot NDP Orange/Brown, a little BC Green and little too much Justin Trudeau federal liberal. Half of Trudeau’s team helped Christy Clark (by pedigree a former Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin supporter). The Federal NDP which recently supported the BC Liberal minority Speech to the Throne (Budget) on the basis Leader Jagmeet Singh asserts is his ability to top up EI payments to some Canadians from $1,600 per month to the $2,000 standard other regular recipients would be guaranteed.
These are sweet support percentages for John Horgan from RSR ROBBINS - ironically in some ways better news from me than Angus. Angus’s percentages are post holiday BC - (Coronavirus or not), and despite the fact that these RSR ROBBINS reflect a slightly tighter race with the BC Liberals - our percentages nonetheless reveal that Horgan’s power numbers are growing because (we believe) a greater weakening of the BC Green Party is occurring with the loss of well known Leader and Builder Andrew Weaver - just recently replaced by Mademoiselle Furstenau, new Leader of the BC Green Party, who has not had the opportunity to develop her credentials for office to British Columbia voters in any meaningful way.
Getting to the early truth about Andrew Wilkinson’s real support is helpful to Horgan in that it helps him properly understand RSR ROBBINS message - which is yes, your support is high, but these are polls/surveys and one is mine but the BC Liberals will be no pushover and they run a far more efficient campaign than the BC New Democrats historically. Politics like Rock n Roll “is a vicious game”.
Question 2 of this Province of British Columbia RSR ROBBINS Survey provides 4 response choices similar to those WE have used in our fabulous US “We Pick the Presidents -- Platinum Polling” part of the Glen P. Robbins Private Reserve. (38%) of British Columbians see BC Jobs/Economy as ‘most important’, with Coronavirus a distant 2nd at (27%), Global Warming @ (19%) - and Law & Order (16%).
In similar questions asked to American Voters, published by RSR ROBBINS September 14, 2020 - this was the result:
Which of the following response choice issues in your opinion is most central to your focus and concern for you, your family, and your country? Law & Order-Safe, Peaceful City Streets 34 % U.S. Economy - getting America to 1st place again 30 % Coronavirus- the health of the nation 23 % Global Warming-reducing fossil fuels to International standards 13 %
In the most powerful nation in the World - the United States - Law & Order and the U.S. Economy matter - while Coronavirus is sliding downward as concern - - (like Joe Biden’s chances to legitimately win the U.S. Election) in that historical RSR ROBBINS POLL entitled:
“Trump v Biden, Find out the Likely 2020 US Election Result Today”. “BIG -N- Bold” (™) - that’s RSR ROBBINS.
In that POLL we determined that Donald Trump support was at (53%) popular support among 2016 US Voters today (ED: with other internal applications to data to ‘modernize’ the outcome) - and Joe Biden support was at (46%) - a wipeout win for Trump while the Mainstream Media - and I mean everyone in that common class has the vote outcome exactly opposite.
Who knows?
BC’s Premier John Horgan read the writing on the wall in his scholarly study of that September 14, 2020 Study. Massive US RSR ROBBINS Survey (ED: the Word of the Lord LOL) a product of over (13,000) US 2016 Voter respondents - and made the decision - (based it would seem on the Angus Reid Survey) to go for it - and to call an election October 24, 2020.
The US Election is the first week of November, 2020. Horgan in his private moments - looking out the window of his Langford mansion - all alone -dreaming- that Super Political Actor Donald “U.S.” Trump will win- a wipeout win presidential win in November 2020-- and decided to get BC sorted out on its own smaller wave -- going forward --- prior to the Political Title Wave of the Trump landslide win to change that country Institutions and then spill over Canada’s borders with influence like spilled paint on canvas.
British Columbia Institutions fear populism/ however ‘the people’ like it. The evidence of this in Stockwell Day/Canadian Alliance federal vote totals in British Columbia at the Turn of the Century Federal Election Vote.
NDP voted for Stockwell Day - a social Conservative. The only other person to pull that off was WAC Bennett (1960’s-1970’s) British Columbia’s best all time Premier who negotiated the original pipeline deal. WAC Bennett like Stockwell Day were both very religious people.
Back then the mainstream media was owned and controlled by more traditional types of journalists. No one would have thought to agree (comply) with Michael Bloomberg’s assertion that ‘anyone can be a successful farmer’.
A Horgan majority might just be what ‘everybody’ wants. They may not have had time to know what other options were available.
However, if John Horgan cannot clearly distance himself from his long history in government prior to election and as a member of the BC Legislature - an institutionalized man - and articulate an original vision for the Province of BC - out of the Coronavirus problem - even a majority government won’t help the onslaught of criticism against him from free enterprises, socialists and greens take him apart from the outside for no valid notice of snap election call.
The Province of BC has never experienced an attractive BC NDP majority. For John Horgan the surprise election call may just be him playing to type.
Will 2020 John Horgan change this historical malaise for the BC NDP?
Law and Order and the Economy add up to (64%) “most important” in the United States POLL by RSR September 14, 2020, while Law & Order and Jobs/Economy score (54%) in British Columbia.
Global Warming - as an important issue - averages ((14%)) as between the entire United States (335,000,00 population) and the much smaller Province of British Columbia (4,300,000). Both that U.S. RSR ROBBINS POLL and this Made in British Columbia RSR ROBBINS POLL are offered @ less (1%) Margin of Error.
Coronavirus occupies more space in BC Voters minds than Global Warming. Many of the more ardent environmentalists in BC move easily to compliance under Coronavirus - but are focused on it and not Global Warming. Mother Earth is sick and the Coronavirus and others like it are evidence of the symptoms of that assertion they argue.
Walking around the streets wearing a mask to stop the spread of a pandemic virus is more practically considered important than the gas emissions to the ozone and China or Afghanistans part in that problem.
BC’s battle with Alberta over the pipeline - exhausted British Columbians - many of whom still drive automobiles - and pay through the nose for gas. I have never heard any mainstream news discussions relating to the original Federal order in the 1960’s where the pipeline was moved forward on the basis that in the public interests of British Columbia the pipeline would give BC Automobile driver's lower gas prices.
Where is the quid pro quo? Is it possible that our mainstream news in BC is dominated by media owners that live in Calgary Alberta with close friends owning the bigger newspapers in the Province. BC has little in the media to claim truly as its own.
I am simply not seeing any balance or symmetry from BC’s relationship with Alberta. To this point let me tell you a little story. Driving at night in La Quinta California - going out to a restaurant for a bite - the highways are paved real nice - “G”s big new Deluxe Ford Truck - cruising along-gliding on perfect asphalt.
Fast forward to driving through the lower mainland - construction everywhere you go--awful one lane from two, no lanes - it's awful. But when I put my move on Highway One going east - the highway has been repaved - heading toward Galardi Way (Galardi just coincidence but nice touch for the most esoterically gifted) - and it's perfect. The car just glides - 102.7 progressive rock from Whistler on the radio. Perfect.
But most roads and streets in this Province have been forsaken. As consideration for Alberta’s benefit - look at me Alberta - (in my eyes) - now you’re going to give BC something back by paving every road in the Province. This is the most important thing to me. Pave the roads - real nice - and beautiful lights. This is our tourism investment. If you want to be great - you have to show people that when the confusion of Covid dissipates - the best shows in each State and Province in adaptation will grab the tourist loot.
Beautifully paved roads. Ride British Columbia…. “When I pluck your body like a string”
Keep in mind that Roosevelt got the US going essentially by building fabulous roads around New York City. The Sunday drive in New York.
My father Douglas Robbins took me, my mother Rita (13 years Catholic private school Halifax, Nova Scotia back in the day-(see new US Supreme Court justice to be Amy Coney Barrett with as many children) and my six brothers and sisters for Sunday drives in Saanich, British Columbia. Fabulous. My father nodded his head to The Doors Light My Fire. (I am very grateful to my father and mother. It is the most noble thing to do raise and prepare children. Now I have my grandson...perfection).
For many years up is Salmon Arm with my best friends “H” & “G” - just incredibly fabulous times - travelling the Lake - up and down to Kelowna swimming off the boat to cool. Dreams come true. Summer in the Okanagan of British Columbia is a perfect thing. Penticton is fabulous. Would move there in a heartbeat. Vancouver Island where I was raised (Victoria BC) has hit a few bumps in the road here and there of late - but why do 80% of government workers in this Province apply to move there. It's fabulous. Victoria BC should fairly be regarded - in the smaller cities classification in the Top Ten. Having said that over a dozen years of polling and assessing BEST CITIES IN British Columbia--based on the criteria like economy, crime, parks - sensible things--Langley and Langley Township have come number 1 in at least one survey.
A lot of Langley’s success - only 2nd to retail space to Vancouver City - which is 5 times its population - everyone is going to Langley to live and work. This is Rich Coleman’s doing. He helped make Langley perfect. Port Moody and White Rock do very well in these studies. People love to live there.
Back to business - Once a majority percent of US Voters (48-51%) under Barack Obama in the United States, and higher in the more abundantly progressive left in Canada - where is Global Warming now?
BC Jobs & Economy in the Province of British Columbia tops Economy in the United States by better than (20%). I know John.. you called this BC Election and featured Coronavirus as the rationale for moving forward with it.
As a former national class - university class soccer goalkeeper I know a thing or two about being the last line of defence. You try defending a net that size (LOL). But one thing I never forgot was the knowledge that to win, someone has to put the ball in the opponent’s net, something that I might influence but not actually cause. That’s right Premier Horgan - you must go to Trump Warp to the extent you are able - and manage a conversation not only about defending the province - plenty of people are scared - some less so - it is these less so Voters that want to talk about your visions on jobs and the economy. Scare politics works - but not always and often the public just gets sick of it. “I have been around the World” “When you see the Southern Cross for the first time…”
By anecdote British Columbians psychologically believe the Coronavirus will eventually be managed - in fact I believe they are confident in it. The trouble here of course is the question of when it will be managed, and what managed means to one person or another. There is some anecdotal evidence of concern that so much time is spent on Coronavirus - that it has become a type of suffocating cover for other matters of concern. (ED: LOL - who taught them that trick?).
By contrast British Columbians know that Jobs and the Economy will matter for a much longer period of time than Coronavirus -- their actual lifetimes in fact - not the possible loss of life to Coronavirus affecting relatively speaking very few British Columbians. In other words - British Columbia contains more progressive type Voters on average than the United States which since 1960 -in the modern era of politics - Republicans and Democrats average about -47%--Voter support - -YET now are thirsting for Jobs and a good Economy to a comparatively higher extent than Amerians - more preoccupied with law and order than BC. The new fear for many is not whether a government program for cash is available and for how long, but rather - will there be a good job available to them when the world gets back to normal. The only certain thing to British Columbia Voters is money coming in from their own hand, not the ever changing promises of other Covid related citizen subsidies.
In a decent job the person has more control than a government subsidy - necessary or not. It's about the psychology of Independence. (ED: the Superior Court Judges in the Province can’t prove Constitutional Independence LOL - and governments are wishy washy sometimes - personal independence is the only thing a person can count on). This is why Jobs/Economy is so much higher than Coronavirus. However it is the latter which heavily occupies John Horgan’s mind- BC NDP would rather talk about health care than Jobs and the Economy.
We also know there are unpaid in the tens of millions owed to the BC Finance Minister and to taxpayers. These are the fines. What was the amount of the crimes then if the fines themselves are in the tens of millions of dollars? ‘Foreign’ owned media may not have been directly complicit with the delays in identifying the problems in real estate in British Columbia soon enough, but I do know Christy Clark and BC Liberals made a foolish mistake implementing policy that British Columbians could get a loan from government to buy a residence up to $700,000 or thereabouts - meaning a condo or townhouse in BC major cities. A house in smaller BC towns.
Now consider that real estate assessments in the lower mainland for Year 2019 reveal a -{10%} loss on the value of land. Overall this value may be lessened on a provincial basis because of (somewhat) lower land values east of Vancouver. However, from information I canvass of homes sold in the Okanagan (thanks to Heather “P” Okanagan Realtor) when high end homes are sold in places like Kelowna - they are not dissimilar to the prices for an equivalent product in most Vancouver Suburbs. If the complaint is lack of supply, why is it taking longer on average to sell a home. I see of late many instances here in the Lower Mainland an almost jackdaw bird style re organization of detached home list prices where homes were listed at 2.3 or even 2.5 million and are now listed under $2 million at $1,999,000 type thing. The point to this and to my earlier comments about Christy Clark’s BC Liberals subsidy (debt) to put a buttress on lower priced properties is to say that those falsely inflated values at the lower end are now locked in a collision course with decreasing land values ascribed to detached houses.
I see of late many instances here in the Lower Mainland an almost jackdaw bird style re organization of detached home list prices where homes were listed at 2.3 or even 2.5 million and are now listed under $2 million at $1,999,000 type thing. The point to this and to my earlier comments about Christy Clark’s BC Liberals subsidy (debt) to put a buttress on lower priced properties is to say that those falsely inflated values at the lower end are now locked in a collision course with decreasing land values ascribed to detached houses. BC Leaders can no longer rely on a false real estate market to keep the economy going. Yes there are big job deals going on in the North - but governments have their brand all over these - even if it's just tax incentives to other countries - the small and middle businesses have to take off.
To this end on matters relating to BC Real Estate and our RSR ROBBINS question. (51%) of New Democrats believe land values will go down, (23%) expect to go up and (26%) are Indifferent or Undecided. BC Liberals @ (36%) believe land values are going down, while (44%) take the more positive view of land values from the next BC Assessment, and (20%) are Indifferent/Undecided. BC Greens at (71%) say land values are going down, (17%) are saying they are going up and (12%) are Indifferent/Undecided. BC Conservative supports believe land values are going down at (56%), (23%) going up and (21%) Indifferent/Undecided.
ICBC is another story in political malfeasance. Average injury settlements going from $15,000 to $35,000 under the BC Liberals who should in fairness lose this 2020 Election for them alone on that account alone. BC Lawyers just raking in the contingency fee money. Something in the neighbourhood of 30%. Less than 1% of cases filed going to Court.
Well that’s over for certain if the BC NDP wins big this October Election. Today British Columbians who own real estate or a newer car are concerned about further downward real estate prices following a four to five year period of rampant fraud in that industry in the Province of British Columbia - and the dishonouring or avoidance of 1,000’s of valid warranties from automobile dealers and television sales costing British Columbian consumer thousands of dollars in wasted time, dissatisfaction and nuisance, with the BC Finance Ministry looking away while tens of thousands of British Columbians were ripped off.
Perhaps some limited access to the courts from personal injury should be expanded from those related to injury caused by drunk drivers and such (criminal) only. If the injury victim promises to buy real estate or a new car within 30 days of settlement - then they shall be permitted access to justice. (I like it, it's nearly as ridiculous as so many policies that come out of government). I know BC Finance Minister Carole James is leaving due to illness - but many other Ministers and other elected BC NDPers aren’t running for re election. Why not? Carole James makes sense (unless she’s seen running marathons in record time - miraculous recovery) has been trustworthy.
My cynical instinct is that she and other BC NDPers are overwhelmed by John Horgan’s ambition to please systemic icons in fact, to let the leagues of BC Liberal malfeasance go unpunished - (ED: were all colleagues let’s raise glass stolen from the legislature to us LOL) - without an ounce of Reform principles on his person. Horgan is dismissed out of hand by most Conservatives in the province particularly in Alberta of BC - beyond Merritt one way or the other. My practical political mind believes Horgan is simply saying - hey none of you knew me from Adam - I’ve had to manage a lot and every poll issued says British Columbians are coming to love me as their leader-- make a choice.
Sixty percent of John Horgan and BC NDP support, also supports an Election call, while BC Conservatives @ (58%) supports the Election call. (29%) of Andrew Wilsonson & BC Liberal Party support a provincial election while only (27%) of Furstenau BC Green Party supports one. In context and given the swiftness of the decision to ‘drop the Writ’ post Angus Reid polling (60%) is a pretty good number for Horgan’s BC NDP, however (70%) would have been much better. On this point, losing certainly isn’t an option for Mr. Horgan.
Overall, (38%) of total BC respondents who also support Horgan/BC NDP support the No Fault automobile insurance scheme, while overall (18%) do not. Overall, (10%) of national support which is also BC Liberal support also supports No Fault, while (23%) of equivalent (also) does not. Four percent of British Columbians who also support BC Greens also support No Fault while (9%) does not. Five percent of British Columbians who support No Fault while (1%) do not. The irony here is that in the Okanagan, and North where insurance rates are lower generally (81%) of BC Conservative support NO Fault - a big F U from BC Conservatives to the Trial Lawyers of BC and BC Liberal Party. How does BC Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson deal with this powerful difference - sufficient to break the Liberal Conservative coalition in the province wide open. However, through the Most Populous region of BC -where the BC NDP have higher support (only surpassed by Vancouver Island) ----- the Lower Mainland of BC from Vancouver City to Surrey BC (47%) support No Fault Insurance while (50%) do not.
To wit: Where John Horgan/BC NDP are least popular - the Fraser Valley Bible Belt, Okanagan, and North No Fault is most popular, and where Horgan/BC is most popular - No Fault is slightly less than the legal capacity to sue. One problem Horgan/BC NDP have with their new ICBC scheme is that they promised Covid precipitated refunds- and if not Covid related - some savings passed along to BC motorists particularly safe drivers in 2021 - when the public (aware of it) believed the next election to occur further down the road. Was this simply a snow job from BC Attorney General David Eby to evade refunding premiums to BC premium payers? Just about every other private insurer of automobile insurance in the western world has provided some type of fair refund to automobile drivers during Covid - instead ICBC charged its best drivers a little more.
This issue of No Fault access to the courts for personal injury from a car accident could hurt John Horgan/BC NDP the Election if it isn’t handled deftly.
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